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Journal Article
The Art bulletin (New York, N.Y.), ISSN 0004-3079, 12/2012, Volume 94, Issue 4, p. 491
Journal Article
by Pfitzner, Hans and Berlioz, Hector and Blacher, Boris and Ronsperger, Edith and Bontemps, Arna and Streicher, Theodor and George, Stefan and Uhland, Johann Ludwig and Mahler, Gustav and Hoffmann von Fallersleben, August Heinrich and Beck, Conrad and Hafez and Wetzel, Justus Hermann and Mattiesen, Emil and Eisler, Hanns and Arnim, Achim von and Morgenstern, Christian and Rubinstein, Anton and Bartók, Béla and Rilke, Rainer Maria and Gautier, Theophile and Nordmann, Johannes and Eichendorff, Joseph von and Milhaud, Darius and Brecht, Bertolt and Schoeck, Othmar and Triepel, Gertrud and Webern, Anton and Krenek, Ernst and Franz, Robert and Dehmel, Richard and Weingartner, Felix and Greif, Martin and Gilm, Hermann von and Schoenberg, Arnold and Meyer, Conrad Ferdinand and Eulenburg, Ernst and Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von and Hughes, Langston and Geibel, Emanuel von and Scheurlin, Georg and Bürger, Gottfried August and Hart, Julius and Lenau, Nikolaus and Tiessen, Heinz and Mörike, Eduard and Schreker, Franz and Hiller, Ferdinand and Einem, Gottfried von and Kirchner, Theodor and Cornelius, Peter and Gleiman, Wanda and Raff, Joachim and Nietzsche, Friedrich and Ehrler, Hans Heinrich and Benn, Gottfried and Hindemith, Paul and Petofi, Sandor and Orleans, Charles d and Gombossy, Klara and Shakespeare, William and Reger, Max and Johst, Hanns and Ritter, Alexander and Strauss, Richard and Dessau, Paul and Grieg, Edvard and Chamisso, Adelbert von and Liszt, Franz and Fortner, Wolfgang and Bethge, Hans and Hauer, Josef Matthias and Apostel, Hans Erich and Wagner, Richard and Boddien, Gustav von and Schillings, Max von and Osterwald, Karl Wilhelm and Reutter, Hermann and Hölderlin, Friedrich and Evers, Franz and Liliencron, Detlev von and Krzyzanowski, Otfried and Rellstab, Ludwig and Debussy, Claude and Heine, Heinrich and Jensen, Adolf and Cohen, Albert and Klopstock, Friedrich Gottlieb
Naxos Music Library
Streaming Audio
Mikrochemie, ISSN 0369-0261, 12/1937, Volume 22, Issue 1, pp. 272 - 287
Journal Article
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