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Journal Article
by Richards, Stephen and Gibbs, Richard A and Gerardo, Nicole M and Moran, Nancy and Nakabachi, Atsushi and Stern, David and Tagu, Denis and Wilson, Alex C. C and Muzny, Donna and Kovar, Christie and Cree, Andy and Chacko, Joseph and Chandrabose, Mimi N and Dao, Marvin Diep and Dinh, Huyen H and Gabisi, Ramatu Ayiesha and Hines, Sandra and Hume, Jennifer and Jhangian, Shalini N and Joshi, Vandita and Lewis, Lora R and Liu, Yih-Shin and Lopez, John and Morgan, Margaret B and Nguyen, Ngoc Bich and Okwuonu, Geoffrey O and Ruiz, San Juana and Santibanez, Jireh and Wright, Rita A and Fowler, Gerald R and Hitchens, Matthew E and Lozado, Ryan J and Moen, Charles and Steffen, David and Warren, James T and Zhang, Jingkun and Nazareth, Lynne V and Chavez, Dean and Davis, Clay and Lee, Sandra L and Patel, Bella Mayurkumar and Pu, Ling-Ling and Bell, Stephanie N and Johnson, Angela Jolivet and Vattathil, Selina and Williams Jr, Rex L and Shigenobu, Shuji and Dang, Phat M and Morioka, Mizue and Fukatsu, Takema and Kudo, Toshiaki and Miyagishima, Shin-Ya and Jiang, Huaiyang and Worley, Kim C and Legeai, Fabrice and Gauthier, Jean-Pierre and Collin, Olivier and Zhang, Lan and Chen, Hsiu-Chuan and Ermolaeva, Olga and Hlavina, Wratko and Kapustin, Yuri and Kiryutin, Boris and Kitts, Paul and Maglott, Donna and Murphy, Terence and Pruitt, Kim and Sapojnikov, Victor and Souvorov, Alexandre and Thibaud-Nissen, Françoise and Câmara, Francisco and Guigó, Roderic and Stanke, Mario and Solovyev, Victor and Kosarev, Peter and Gilbert, Don and Gabaldón, Toni and Huerta-Cepas, Jaime and Marcet-Houben, Marina and Pignatelli, Miguel and Moya, Andrés and Rispe, Claude and Ollivier, Morgane and Quesneville, Hadi and Permal, Emmanuelle and Llorens, Carlos and Futami, Ricardo and Hedges, Dale and Robertson, Hugh M and Alioto, Tyler and Mariotti, Marco and Nikoh, Naruo and McCutcheon, John P and Burke, Gaelen and Kamins, Alexandra and Latorre, Amparo and Ashton, Peter and Calevro, Federica and Charles, Hubert and Colella, Stefano and ... and The International Aphid Genomics Consortium and Int Aphid Genomics Consortium and International Aphid Genomics Consortium
PLoS biology, ISSN 1545-7885, 2010, Volume 8, Issue 2, p. e1000313
Journal Article
Nucleic acids research, ISSN 1362-4962, 2016, Volume 44, Issue D1, pp. D733 - D745
Journal Article
by Richards, Stephen and Gibbs, Richard A and Weinstock, George M and Brown, Susan J and Denell, Robin and Beeman, Richard W and Gibbs, Richard and Bucher, Gregor and Friedrich, Markus and Grimmelikhuijzen, Cornelis J. P and Klingler, Martin and Lorenzen, Marce and Roth, Siegfried and Schröder, Reinhard and Tautz, Diethard and Zdobnov, Evgeny M and Muzny, Donna and Attaway, Tony and Bell, Stephanie and Buhay, Christian J and Chandrabose, Mimi N and Chavez, Dean and Clerk-Blankenburg, Kerstin P and Cree, Andrew and Dao, Marvin and Davis, Clay and Chacko, Joseph and Dinh, Huyen and Dugan-Rocha, Shannon and Fowler, Gerald and Garner, Toni T and Garnes, Jeffrey and Gnirke, Andreas and Hawes, Alica and Hernandez, Judith and Hines, Sandra and Holder, Michael and Hume, Jennifer and Jhangiani, Shalini N and Joshi, Vandita and Khan, Ziad Mohid and Jackson, Laronda and Kovar, Christie and Kowis, Andrea and Lee, Sandra and Lewis, Lora R and Margolis, Jon and Morgan, Margaret and Nazareth, Lynne V and Nguyen, Ngoc and Okwuonu, Geoffrey and Parker, David and Ruiz, San-Juana and Santibanez, Jireh and Savard, Joël and Scherer, Steven E and Schneider, Brian and Sodergren, Erica and Vattahil, Selina and Villasana, Donna and White, Courtney S and Wright, Rita and Park, Yoonseong and Lord, Jeff and Oppert, Brenda and Wang, Liangjiang and Weinstock, George and Liu, Yue and Worley, Kim and Elsik, Christine G and Reese, Justin T and Elhaik, Eran and Landan, Giddy and Graur, Dan and Arensburger, Peter and Atkinson, Peter and Beidler, Jim and Demuth, Jeffery P and Drury, Douglas W and Du, Yu-Zhou and Fujiwara, Haruhiko and Maselli, Vincenza and Osanai, Mizuko and Robertson, Hugh M and Tu, Zhijian and Wang, Jian-Jun and Wang, Suzhi and Song, Henry and Zhang, Lan and Werner, Doreen and Stanke, Mario and Morgenstern, Burkhard and Solovyev, Victor and Kosarev, Peter and Brown, Garth and Chen, Hsiu-Chuan and Ermolaeva, Olga and Hlavina, Wratko and Kapustin, Yuri and Kiryutin, Boris and ... and unav and Tribolium Genome Sequencing Consortium
Nature (London), ISSN 1476-4687, 2008, Volume 452, Issue 7190, pp. 949 - 955
Tribolium castaneum is a member of the most species-rich eukaryotic order, a powerful model organism for the study of generalized insect development, and an... 
SHORT-GERM INSECT | RED FLOUR BEETLE | GENE SUPERFAMILY | BOMBYX-MORI | PROTEIN | APIS-MELLIFERA | MESSENGER-RNA | DROSOPHILA-MELANOGASTER | MULTIDISCIPLINARY SCIENCES | SEGMENTATION | HONEY-BEE | Proteome - genetics | Genes, Insect - genetics | Humans | Phylogeny | Neurotransmitter Agents - genetics | RNA Interference | DNA Transposable Elements - genetics | Tribolium - physiology | Taste - genetics | Telomere - genetics | Insecticides - pharmacology | Repetitive Sequences, Nucleic Acid - genetics | Tribolium - classification | Genome, Insect - genetics | Oogenesis - genetics | Vision, Ocular - genetics | Animals | Base Composition | Tribolium - embryology | Receptors, Odorant - genetics | Cytochrome P-450 Enzyme System - genetics | Tribolium - genetics | Receptors, G-Protein-Coupled - genetics | Growth and Development - genetics | Body Patterning - genetics | Physiological aspects | Genetic aspects | Research | Nucleotide sequencing | Gene expression | Methods | Flour beetles | Evolutionary biology | Insects | Genes | Genomics | Genetics | RNA polymerase | Chemicals | Index Medicus | Environmental Sciences | Cytochrome P-450 Enzyme System/genetics | Genes, Insect/genetics | Genome, Insect/genetics | Telomere/genetics | DNA Transposable Elements/genetics | Vision, Ocular/genetics | Repetitive Sequences, Nucleic Acid/genetics | Receptors, G-Protein-Coupled/genetics | Body Patterning/genetics | Neurotransmitter Agents/genetics | Growth and Development/genetics | Insecticides/pharmacology | Proteome/genetics | Oogenesis/genetics | Receptors, Odorant/genetics | Tribolium/classification | Taste/genetics
Journal Article
Nucleic acids research, ISSN 1362-4962, 2017, Volume 45, Issue D1, pp. D12 - D17
The National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) provides a large suite of online resources for biological information and data, including the GenBank... 
Genome, Bacterial | National Library of Medicine (U.S.) | Sequence Alignment | Databases, Chemical | United States | Databases, Protein | Genomics | Systems Integration | Databases, Genetic | Drug Resistance, Microbial - genetics | PubMed | Database Issue
Journal Article
by Agarwala, Richa and Barrett, Tanya and Beck, Jeff and Benson, Dennis A and Bollin, Colleen and Bolton, Evan and Bourexis, Devon and Brister, J Rodney and Bryant, Stephen H and Canese, Kathi and Cavanaugh, Mark and Charowhas, Chad and Clark, Karen and Dondoshansky, Ilya and Feolo, Michael and Fitzpatrick, Lawrence and Funk, Kathryn and Geer, Lewis Y and Gorelenkov, Viatcheslav and Graeff, Alan and Hlavina, Wratko and Holmes, Brad and Johnson, Mark and Kattman, Brandi and Khotomlianski, Viatcheslav and Kimchi, Avi and Kimelman, Michael and Kimura, Masato and Kitts, Paul and Klimke, William and Kotliarov, Alex and Krasnov, Sergey and Kuznetsov, Anatoliy and Landrum, Melissa J and Landsman, David and Lathrop, Stacy and Lee, Jennifer M and Leubsdorf, Carl and Lu, Zhiyong and Madden, Thomas L and Marchler-Bauer, Aron and Malheiro, Adriana and Meric, Peter and Karsch-Mizrachi, Ilene and Mnev, Anatoly and Murphy, Terence and Orris, Rebecca and Ostell, James and O'Sullivan, Christopher and Palanigobu, Vasuki and Panchenko, Anna R and Phan, Lon and Pierov, Borys and Pruitt, Kim D and Rodarmer, Kurt and Sayers, Eric W and Schneider, Valerie and Schoch, Conrad L and Schuler, Gregory D and Sherry, Stephen T and Siyan, Karanjit and Soboleva, Alexandra and Soussov, Vladimir and Starchenko, Grigory and Tatusova, Tatiana A and Thibaud-Nissen, Francoise and Todorov, Kamen and Trawick, Bart W and Vakatov, Denis and Ward, Minghong and Yaschenko, Eugene and Zasypkin, Aleksandr and Zbicz, Kerry and NCBI Resource Coordinators
Nucleic acids research, ISSN 1362-4962, 2018, Volume 46, Issue D1, pp. D8 - D13
Abstract The National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) provides a large suite of online resources for biological information and data, including the... 
Journal Article
The expanding availability of on-line information sources, such as on-line documents, corpora, and the World Wide Web, introduces some challenges. Most... 
Information Science
PLoS biology, ISSN 1544-9173, 05/2009, Volume 7, Issue 5
The mouse (Mus musculus) is the premier animal model for understanding human disease and development. Here we show that a comprehensive understanding of mouse... 
Genomics | Genes | Rodents | Genetics | Biology
Journal Article
by Sodergren, Erica and Weinstock, George M and Davidson, Eric H and Cameron, RAndrew and Gibbs, Richard A and Angerer, Robert C and Angerer, Lynne M and Arnone, Maria Ina and Burgess, David R and Burke, Robert D and Coffman, James A and Dean, Michael and Elphick, Maurice R and Ettensohn, Charles A and Foltz, Kathy R and Hamdoun, Amro and Hynes, Richard O and Klein, William H and Marzluff, William and McClay, David R and Morris, Robert L and Mushegian, Arcady and Rast, Jonathan P and Smith, LCourtney and Thorndyke, Michael C and Vacquier, Victor D and Wessel, Gary M and Wray, Greg and Zhang, Lan and Elsik, Christine G and Ermolaeva, Olga and Hlavina, Wratko and Hofmann, Gretchen and Kitts, Paul and Landrum, Melissa J and Mackey, Aaron J and Maglott, Donna and Panopoulou, Georgia and Poustka, Albert J and Pruitt, Kim and Sapojnikov, Victor and Song, Xingzhi and Souvorov, Alexandre and Solovyev, Victor and Wei, Zheng and Whittaker, Charles A and Worley, Kim and Durbin, KJames and Shen, Yufeng and Fedrigo, Olivier and Garfield, David and Haygood, Ralph and Primus, Alexander and Satija, Rahul and Severson, Tonya and Gonzalez-Garay, Manuel L and Jackson, Andrew R and Milosavljevic, Aleksandar and Tong, Mark and Killian, Christopher E and Livingston, Brian T and Wilt, Fred H and Adams, Nikki and Belle, Robert and Carbonneau, Seth and Cheung, Rocky and Cormier, Patrick and Cosson, Bertrand and Croce, Jenifer and Fernandez-Guerra, Antonio and Geneviere, Anne-Marie and Goel, Manisha and Kelkar, Hemant and Morales, Julia and Mulner-Lorillon, Odile and Robertson, Anthony J and Goldstone, Jared V and Cole, Bryan and Epel, David and Gold, Bert and Hahn, Mark E and Howard-Ashby, Meredith and Scally, Mark and Stegeman, John J and Allgood, Erin L and Cool, Jonah and Judkins, Kyle M and McCafferty, Shawn S and Musante, Ashlan M and Obar, Robert A and Rawson, Amanda P and Rossetti, Blair J and Gibbons, Ian R and Hoffman, Matthew P and Leone, Andrew and Istrail, Sorin and Materna, Stefan C and Samanta, Manoj P and Stolc, Viktor and Tongprasit, Waraporn and ...
Science (American Association for the Advancement of Science), ISSN 0036-8075, 11/2006, Volume 314, Issue 5801, pp. 941 - 952
We report the sequence and analysis of the 814-megabase genome of the sea urchin Strongylocentrotus purpuratus, a model for developmental and systems biology.... 
Journal Article
by Sodergren, E and Weinstock, G and Davidson, E and Cameron, R and Gibbs, R and Angerer, R and Angerer, L and Arnone, M and Burgess, R and Burke, R and Coffman, J and Dean, M P M and Elphick, R and Ettensohn, C and Foltz, R and Hamdoun, A and Hynes, R and Klein, W and Marzluff, W and McClay, R and Morris, R and Mushegian, A and Rast, J and Smith, L and Thorndyke, M and Vacquier, D and Wessel, G and Wray, G and Zhang, L and Elsik, G and Ermolaeva, O and Hlavina, W and Hofmann, G and Kitts, P and Landrum, M and Mackey, J and Maglott, D and Panopoulou, G and Poustka, J and Pruitt, K and Sapojnikov, V and Song, X and Souvorov, A and Solovyev, V and Wei, Z and Whittaker, C and Worley, K and Durbin, J and Shen, Y and Fedrigo, O and GARFIELD, D and Haygood, R and Primus, A and Satija, R and Severson, T and Gonzalez-Garay, L and Jackson, R and Milosavljevic, A and Tong, M and Killian, E and Livingston, T and Wilt, F and Adams, N and Bellé, R and Carbonneau, S and Cheung, R and Cormier, P and Cosson, B and Croce, Jenifer C and Fernandez-Guerra, A and Geneviere, M and Goel, M and Kelkar, H and Morales, J and Mulner-Lorillon, O and Robertson, J and Goldstone, J and Cole, B and Epel, D and Gold, B and Hahn, E and Howard-Ashby, M and Scally, M and Stegeman, J and Allgood, E and Cool, J and Judkins, M and McCafferty, S and Musante, M and Obar, R and Rawson, A and Rossetti, J and Gibbons, R and Hoffman, M and Leone, A and Istrail, S and Materna, C and Samanta, M and Stolc, V and Tong, W and Sea Urchin Genome Sequencing Consortium
Science (American Association for the Advancement of Science), ISSN 0036-8075, 11/2006, Volume 314, Issue 5801, pp. 941 - 952
Journal Article