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2005, Proteases in biology and disease, ISBN 0387231005, Volume 3., xvi, 383
In all organs of the body, proteases have critical roles to play both in normal development and functioning and in disease states. The brain is no exception to... 
Brain | Brain chemistry | Pathophysiology | Proteinase | Clinical & internal medicine | Life Sciences | Biochemistry, general | Neurosciences
by Hollingworth, P and Harold, D and Sims, R and Gerrish, A and Lambert, J.C and Carrasquillo, M.M and Abraham, R and Hamshere, M.L and Pahwa, J.S and Moskvina, V and Dowzell, K and Jones, N and Stretton, A and Thomas, C and Richards, A and Ivanov, D and Widdowson, C and Chapman, J and Lovestone, S and Powell, J and Proitsi, P and Lupton, M.K and Brayne, C and Rubinsztein, D.C and Gill, M and Lawlor, B and Lynch, A and Brown, K.S and Passmore, P.A and Craig, D and McGuinness, B and Todd, S and Holmes, C and Mann, D and Smith, A.D and Beaumont, H and Warden, D and Wilcock, G and Love, S and Kehoe, P.G and Hooper, N.M and Vardy, E.R.L.C and Hardy, J and Mead, S and Fox, N.C and Rossor, M and Collinge, J and Maier, W and Jessen, F and Ruther, E and Schurmann, B and Heun, R and Kolsch, H and van den Bussche, H and Heuser, I and Kornhuber, J and Wiltfang, J and Dichgans, M and Frolich, L and Hampel, H and Gallacher, J and Hull, M and Rujescu, D and Giegling, I and Goate, A.M and Kauwe, J.S.K and Cruchaga, C and Nowotny, P and Morris, J.C and Mayo, K and Sleegers, K and Bettens, K and Engelborghs, S and de Deyn, P.P and Van Broeckhoven, C and Livingston, G and Bass, N.J and Gurling, H and McQuillin, A and Gwilliam, R and Deloukas, P and Al-Chalabi, A and Shaw, C.E and Tsolaki, M and Singleton, A.B and Guerreiro, R and Muhleisen, T. W and Nothen, M. M and Moebus, S and Jockel, K.H and Klopp, N and Wichmann, H. E and Pankratz, V.S and Sando, S.B and Aasly, J.O and Barcikowska, M and Wszolek, Z.K and Dickson, D.W and Graff-Radford, N.R. and others and Alzheimer's Dis Neuroimaging and EADI1 Consortium and CHARGE Consortium and Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging Initiative and EADI1 consortium and CHARGE consortium and the Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging Initiative
Nature Genetics, ISSN 1061-4036, 2011, Volume 43, Issue 5, pp. 429 - 435
Journal Article
by Powell, J. T and Sweeting, M. J and Ulug, P and Blankensteijn, J. D and Lederle, F. A and Becquemin, J.‐P and Greenhalgh, R. M and Greenhalgh, R. M and Beard, J. D and Buxton, M. J and Brown, L. C and Harris, P. L and Powell, J. T and Rose, J. D. G and Russell, I. T and Sculpher, M. J and Thompson, S. G and Lilford, R.J and Bell, P. R. F and Greenhalgh, R. M and Whitaker, S.C and Poole‐Wilson, the late P.A and Ruckley, C. V and Campbell, W. B and Dean, M. R. E and Ruttley, M. S. T and Coles, E. C and Powell, J. T and Halliday, A and Gibbs, S. J and Brown, L. C and Epstein, D and Sculpher, M. J and Thompson, S. G and Hannon, R. J and Johnston, L and Bradbury, A. W and Henderson, M. J and Parvin, S. D and Shepherd, D. F. C and Greenhalgh, R. M and Mitchell, A. W and Edwards, P. R and Abbott, G. T and Higman, D. J and Vohra, A and Ashley, S and Robottom, C and Wyatt, M. G and Rose, J. D. G and Byrne, D and Edwards, R and Leiberman, D. P and McCarter, D. H and Taylor, P. R and Reidy, J. F and Wilkinson, A. R and Ettles, D. F and Clason, A. E and Leen, G. L. S and Wilson, N. V and Downes, M and Walker, S. R and Lavelle, J. M and Gough, M. J and McPherson, S and Scott, D. J. A and Kessell, D. O and Naylor, R and Sayers, R and Fishwick, N. G and Harris, P. L and Gould, D. A and Walker, M. G and Chalmers, N. C and Garnham, A and Collins, M. A and Beard, J. D and Gaines, P. A and Ashour, M. Y and Uberoi, R and Braithwaite, B and Whitaker, S. C and Davies, J. N and Travis, S and Hamilton, G and Platts, A and Shandall, A and Sullivan, B. A and Sobeh, M and Matson, M and Fox, A. D and Orme, R and Yusef, W and Doyle, T and Horrocks, M and Hardman, J and Blair, P. H. B and Ellis, P. K and Morris, G and ... and EVAR-1 and OVER and ACE Trialists and DREAM and EVAR-1, DREAM, OVER and ACE Trialists and the EVAR-1, DREAM, OVER and ACE Trialists
British Journal of Surgery, ISSN 0007-1323, 02/2017, Volume 104, Issue 3, pp. 166 - 178
Journal Article
The New England Journal of Medicine, ISSN 0028-4793, 04/2018, Volume 378, Issue 14, pp. 1313 - 1322
Journal Article
Cell Death and Disease, 01/2014, Volume 5, Issue 12
Journal Article
Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology, ISSN 0926-9959, 09/2015, Volume 29, Issue 9, pp. 1856 - 1857
Journal Article
Current Medicinal Chemistry, ISSN 0929-8673, 2002, Volume 9, Issue 11, pp. 1107 - 1119
In the nonamyloidogenic processing pathway the Alzheimer's amyloid precursor protein (APP) is proteolytically cleaved by alpha-secretase. As this cleavage... 
Journal Article
Biochemical Society Transactions, ISSN 0300-5127, 10/2005, Volume 33, Issue 5, pp. 1123 - 1125
Journal Article
Molecular Psychiatry, ISSN 1359-4184, 11/2018, Volume 23, Issue 11, pp. 2156 - 2166
Schizophrenia is a neurodevelopmental disorder that affects up to 1% of the general population. Various genes show associations with schizophrenia and a very... 
GENE | PSYCHIATRY | BIOCHEMISTRY & MOLECULAR BIOLOGY | ANTIPSYCHOTIC-DRUGS | RISK | CLDN5 LOCUS | BLOOD-BRAIN-BARRIER | ASSOCIATION | NEUROSCIENCES | Phenotypes | Mental disorders | Memory | Schizophrenia | Viruses | Drug delivery | Gene deletion | Neurodevelopmental disorders | Drug development | Endothelial cells | Sensorimotor gating | Proteins | Psychosis | Learning | Clonal deletion | Blood-brain barrier | Deletion | Anxiety | Gating | Seizures
Journal Article
International Journal of Obesity, ISSN 0307-0565, 08/2011, Volume 35, Issue 8, pp. 1031 - 1040
Journal Article
Journal Article
by Abazov, V.M and Abbott, B and Abolins, M and Acharya, B.S and Adams, T and Adams, M and Adams, D.L and Agelou, M and Agram, J.-L and Ahmed, S.N and Ahn, S.H and Ahsan, M and Alexeev, G.D and Alkhazov, G and Alton, A and Alverson, G and Alves, G.A and Anastasoaie, M and Andeen, T and Anderson, J.T and Anderson, S and Andrieu, B and Angstadt, R and Anosov, V and Arnoud, Y and Arov, M and Askew, A and Åsman, B and Assis Jesus, A.C.S and Atramentov, O and Autermann, C and Avila, C and Babukhadia, L and Bacon, T.C and Badaud, F and Baden, A and Baffioni, S and Bagby, L and Baldin, B and Balm, P.W and Banerjee, S and Banerjee, P and Barberis, E and Bardon, O and Barg, W and Bargassa, P and Baringer, P and Barnes, C and Barreto, J and Bartlett, J.F and Bassler, U and Bhattacharjee, M and Baturitsky, M.A and Bauer, D and Bean, A and Baumbaugh, B and Beauceron, S and Begalli, M and Beaudette, F and Begel, M and Bellavance, A and Beri, S.B and Bernardi, G and Bernhard, R and Bertram, I and Besançon, M and Besson, A and Beuselinck, R and Beutel, D and Bezzubov, V.A and Bhat, P.C and Bhatnagar, V and Binder, M and Biscarat, C and Bishoff, A and Black, K.M and Blackler, I and Blazey, G and Blekman, F and Blessing, S and Bloch, D and Blumenschein, U and Bockenthien, E and Bodyagin, V and Boehnlein, A and Boeriu, O and Bolton, T.A and Bonamy, P and Bonifas, D and Borcherding, F and Borissov, G and Bos, K and Bose, T and Boswell, C and Bowden, M and Brandt, A and Briskin, G and Brock, R and Brooijmans, G and Bross, A and ... and DO Collaboration
Nuclear Inst. and Methods in Physics Research, A, ISSN 0168-9002, 2006, Volume 565, Issue 2, pp. 463 - 537
The DØ experiment enjoyed a very successful data-collection run at the Fermilab Tevatron collider between 1992 and 1996. Since then, the detector has been... 
Journal Article