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astrophysics (47) 47
physical sciences (44) 44
science & technology (41) 41
astronomy & astrophysics (40) 40
cosmology and extragalactic astrophysics (32) 32
galaxies (31) 31
galaxy astrophysics (31) 31
astronomy (28) 28
high energy astrophysical phenomena (25) 25
physics - cosmology and nongalactic astrophysics (22) 22
astrophysics, cosmology and astronomy (20) 20
luminosity (20) 20
physics - high energy astrophysical phenomena (19) 19
astrophysics - cosmology and nongalactic astrophysics (17) 17
stars (17) 17
galaxies: evolution (16) 16
physics - astrophysics of galaxies (16) 16
x-rays (15) 15
x-rays: galaxies (15) 15
x-rays: binaries (14) 14
physics - instrumentation and methods for astrophysics (13) 13
solar and stellar astrophysics (13) 13
exact sciences and technology (12) 12
physics - earth and planetary astrophysics (12) 12
physics - solar and stellar astrophysics (12) 12
astrophysics - astrophysics of galaxies (11) 11
astrophysics - high energy astrophysical phenomena (11) 11
earth and planetary astrophysics (11) 11
black holes (10) 10
earth, ocean, space (10) 10
emission (10) 10
galactic evolution (10) 10
galaxy clusters (9) 9
red shift (9) 9
x radiation (9) 9
color (7) 7
galaxies: clusters: individual (7) 7
mass (7) 7
neutron stars (7) 7
star formation (7) 7
universe (7) 7
galaxies: starburst (6) 6
kev range (6) 6
metallicity (6) 6
photometry (6) 6
star & galaxy formation (6) 6
stars & galaxies (6) 6
x-ray galaxies (6) 6
cosmic x-ray sources (5) 5
galaxies: interactions (5) 5
galaxies: photometry (5) 5
pulsars (5) 5
spectroscopy (5) 5
surveys (5) 5
telescopes (5) 5
ultraviolet radiation (5) 5
x ray sources (5) 5
xmm (5) 5
arrays (4) 4
electromagnetic radiation (4) 4
emission analysis (4) 4
fysik (4) 4
galaxies: clusters: general (4) 4
galaxies: individual (4) 4
galaxies: luminosity function, mass function (4) 4
galaxy nuclei (4) 4
hard x radiation (4) 4
milky way (4) 4
morphology (4) 4
natural sciences (4) 4
naturvetenskap (4) 4
neutrons (4) 4
optical properties (4) 4
physical properties (4) 4
physics (4) 4
radiations (4) 4
spectra (4) 4
x ray binaries (4) 4
x ray stars (4) 4
x-ray sources (4) 4
accretion (3) 3
astronomi, astrofysik och kosmologi (3) 3
astronomy, astrophysics and cosmology (3) 3
binary stars (3) 3
breaking (3) 3
communication, education, history, and philosophy (3) 3
comparative evaluations (3) 3
constraint modelling (3) 3
cosmic dust (3) 3
density (3) 3
dispersions (3) 3
evolution (3) 3
galaxies: clusters: individual: coma (3) 3
galaxies: dwarf (3) 3
galaxies: groups: general (3) 3
galaxies: high-redshift (3) 3
galaxies: star formation (3) 3
galaxies: statistics (3) 3
general (3) 3
general and miscellaneous//mathematics, computing, and information science (3) 3
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by Mitsuda, Kazuhisa and Kelley, Richard and Aharonian, Felix and Allen, Steve and Angelini, Lorella and Bamba, Aya and Bando, Nobutaka and Bautz, Mark and Blandford, Roger and Boyce, Kevin and Brown, Greg and Coppi, Paolo and Costantini, Elisa and DiPirro, Michael and Dotani, Tadayasu and Ebisawa, Ken and Enoto, Teruaki and Ezoe, Yuichiro and Fabian, Andrew and Fukazawa, Yasushi and Funk, Stefan and Furuzawa, Akihiro and Galeazzi, Massimiliano and Gandhi, Poshak and Gilmore, Kirk and Hughes, John and Hwang, Una and Iizuka, Ryo and Ishida, Manabu and Ishimura, Kosei and Ishisaki, Yoshitaka and Isobe, Naoki and Iwata, Naoko and Kaastra, Jelle and Kallman, Timothy and Kamae, Tuneyoshi and Katagiri, Hideaki and Kawaharada, Madoka and Kawai, Nobuyuki and Kawasaki, Shigeo and Khangaluyan, Dmitry and Kilbourne, Caroline and Kinugasa, Kenzo and Kitamoto, Shunji and Kitayama, Tetsu and Kohmura, Takayoshi and Kokubun, Motohide and Kosaka, Tatsuro and Koyama, Katsuji and Kunieda, Hideyo and Lebrun, François and Loewenstein, Michael and Madejski, Grzegorz and Maeda, Yoshitomo and Makishima, Kazuo and McCammon, Dan and Miyazawa, Takuya and Mukai, Koji and Mushotzky, Richard and Nakagawa, Yujin and Nakajima, Hiroshi and Namba, Yoshiharu and Nomachi, Masaharu and Ogawa, Hiroyuki and Ohashi, Takaya and Ota, Naomi and Ozaki, Masanobu and Paltani, Stéphane and Petre, Robert and Porter, Scott and Reynolds, Christopher and Sakai, Shin-Ichiro and Sato, Yoichi and Shinozaki, Keisuke and Shirron, Peter and Smith, Randall and Soong, Yang and Stawarz, Lukasz and Sugita, Hiroyuki and Szymkowiak, Andrew and Tajima, Hiroyasu and Takei, Yoh and Tamura, Keisuke and Tanaka, Yasuyuki and Terada, Yukikatsu and Tombesi, Francesco and Tomida, Hiroshi and Tozuka, Miyako and Tsunemi, Hiroshi and Tsuru, Takeshi and Uchiyama, Yasunobu and Uchiyama, Hideki and Uno, Shinichiro and Watanabe, Shin and Yamada, Takahiro and Yamaguchi, Hiroya and Yamasaki, Noriko and Yamauchi, Shigeo and Yonetoku, Daisuke and Yoshida, Atsumasa
Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering, ISSN 0277-786X, 2010, Volume 7732
Conference Proceeding
by Harrison, Fiona A and Craig, William W and Christensen, Finn E and Hailey, Charles J and Zhang, William W and Boggs, Steven E and Stern, Daniel and Cook, W. Rick and Forster, Karl and Giommi, Paolo and Grefenstette, Brian W and Kim, Yunjin and Kitaguchi, Takao and Koglin, Jason E and Madsen, Kristin K and Mao, Peter H and Miyasaka, Hiromasa and Mori, Kaya and Perri, Matteo and Pivovaroff, Michael J and Puccetti, Simonetta and Rana, Vikram R and Westergaard, Niels J and Willis, Jason and Zoglauer, Andreas and An, Hongjun and Bachetti, Matteo and Barrière, Nicolas M and Bellm, Eric C and Bhalerao, Varun and Brejnholt, Nicolai F and Fuerst, Felix and Liebe, Carl C and Markwardt, Craig B and Nynka, Melania and Vogel, Julia K and Walton, Dominic J and Wik, Daniel R and Alexander, David M and Cominsky, Lynn R and Hornschemeier, Ann E and Hornstrup, Allan and Kaspi, Victoria M and Madejski, Greg M and Matt, Giorgio and Molendi, Silvano and Smith, David M and Tomsick, John A and Ajello, Marco and Ballantyne, David R and Baloković, Mislav and Barret, Didier and Bauer, Franz E and Blandford, Roger D and Brandt, W. Niel and Brenneman, Laura W and Chiang, James and Chakrabarty, Deepto and Chenevez, Jerome and Comastri, Andrea and Dufour, Francois and Elvis, Martin and Fabian, Andrew C and Farrah, Duncan and Fryer, Chris L and Gotthelf, Eric V and Grindlay, Jonathan E and Helfand, David J and Krivonos, Roman and Meier, David L and Miller, Jon M and Natalucci, Lorenzo and Ogle, Patrick and Ofek, Eran O and Ptak, Andrew and Reynolds, Stephen P and Rigby, Jane R and Tagliaferri, Gianpiero and Thorsett, Stephen E and Treister, Ezequiel and Urry, C. Megan
The Astrophysical journal, ISSN 0004-637X, Volume 770, Issue 2, pp. 1 - 19
Journal Article