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humans (217) 217
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genetics & heredity (131) 131
genetics (128) 128
genome-wide association study (118) 118
genome-wide association (102) 102
polymorphism, single nucleotide (102) 102
genomes (96) 96
adult (90) 90
genetic aspects (82) 82
medicin och hälsovetenskap (81) 81
medical and health sciences (79) 79
heritability (70) 70
genomics (68) 68
research (68) 68
middle aged (64) 64
psychiatry (64) 64
genotype (57) 57
phenotype (57) 57
risk factors (56) 56
studies (56) 56
metaanalysis (55) 55
genetic predisposition to disease (54) 54
risk (52) 52
analysis (51) 51
adolescent (47) 47
biochemistry & molecular biology (47) 47
netherlands (47) 47
association (46) 46
loci (45) 45
meta-analysis (44) 44
aged (43) 43
multidisciplinary sciences (39) 39
epidemiology (38) 38
variants (38) 38
neurosciences (37) 37
twins (37) 37
cohort studies (36) 36
major depressive disorder (36) 36
child (34) 34
genes (33) 33
genome-wide association studies (33) 33
netherlands twin register (33) 33
polymorphism, single nucleotide - genetics (33) 33
population (33) 33
gene expression (31) 31
single-nucleotide polymorphism (31) 31
genetic variation (30) 30
medical genetics (30) 30
single nucleotide polymorphisms (30) 30
body mass index (29) 29
disease (29) 29
genetic research (29) 29
alleles (28) 28
european continental ancestry group - genetics (28) 28
expression (28) 28
age (27) 27
consortia (27) 27
health aspects (27) 27
klinisk medicin (27) 27
medicinsk genetik (27) 27
clinical medicine (26) 26
genome-wide association study - methods (26) 26
quantitative trait loci (26) 26
medicine (25) 25
mental disorders (25) 25
schizophrenia (25) 25
twin (25) 25
young adult (25) 25
aged, 80 and over (23) 23
basic medicine (23) 23
gene (23) 23
genetic variance (23) 23
medical research (23) 23
medicinska och farmaceutiska grundvetenskaper (23) 23
smoking (23) 23
common variants (22) 22
depressive disorder, major - genetics (22) 22
genetic loci (22) 22
models, genetic (22) 22
obstetrics & gynecology (22) 22
endocrinology and diabetes (21) 21
endokrinologi och diabetes (21) 21
genome, human (21) 21
gwas (21) 21
major depression (21) 21
psychiatry and mental health (21) 21
case-control studies (20) 20
biochemistry, genetics and molecular biology (19) 19
depression (19) 19
obesity (19) 19
genotype & phenotype (18) 18
linkage (18) 18
linkage disequilibrium (18) 18
public health (18) 18
child, preschool (17) 17
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Oscillatory activity is crucial for information processing in the brain, and has a long history as a biomarker for psychopathology. Variation in oscillatory... 
electroencephalography (EEG) | endophenotype | genetic correlation | brain expression pathway | Genome‐Wide Association Study (GWAS) | SNP heritability | Genome-Wide Association Study (GWAS) | COMMON VARIANTS | AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDERS | RESTING EEG | NEUROSCIENCES | NEUROIMAGING | PREFRONTAL CORTEX | INTERNEURON DYSFUNCTION | POWER SPECTRUM | ALPHA-ACTIVITY | NEURAL OSCILLATIONS | LD SCORE REGRESSION | RADIOLOGY, NUCLEAR MEDICINE & MEDICAL IMAGING | ALCOHOL DEPENDENCE | Gene Expression | Genetic Predisposition to Disease | Genome-Wide Association Study | Brain - physiopathology | Humans | Mental Disorders - metabolism | Middle Aged | Periodicity | Child, Preschool | Male | Electroencephalography | Young Adult | Mental Disorders - genetics | Rest | Adolescent | Adult | Female | Aged | Polymorphism, Single Nucleotide | Child | Cohort Studies | Genetic markers | Liability (Law) | Analysis | Genes | Epilepsy | Genomics | Schizophrenia | Genetic aspects | Single nucleotide polymorphisms | Brain | Mental disorders | γ-Aminobutyric acid A receptors | Oscillations | Association analysis | Bipolar disorder | Genomes | Single-nucleotide polymorphism | Alcohol use | Cortex (frontal) | Genetic analysis | Psychopathology | EEG | Data processing | Gene expression | Chromosome 3 | Genetic variance | Liability | Information processing | Alcoholic beverages | Biomarkers | Hippocampus
Journal Article