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by Crous, P.W and Wingfield, M.J and Burgess, T.I and Hardy, G.E.St.J and Crane, C and Barrett, S and Cano-Lira, J.F and Le Roux, J.J and Thangavel, R and Guarro, J and Stchigel, A.M and Martín, M.P and Alfredo, D.S and Barber, P.A and Barreto, R.W and Baseia, I.G and Cano-Canals, J and Cheewangkoon, R and Ferreira, R.J and Gené, J and Lechat, C and Moreno, G and Roets, F and Shivas, R.G and Sousa, J.O and Tan, Y.P and Wiederhold, N.P and Abell, S.E and Accioly, T and Albizu, J.L and Alves, J.L and Antoniolli, Z.I and Aplin, N and Araújo, J and Arzanlou, M and Bezerra, J.D.P and Bouchara, J.-P and Carlavilla, J.R and Castillo, A and Castroagudín, V.L and Ceresini, P.C and Claridge, G.F and Coelho, G and Coimbra, V.R.M and Costa, L.A and da Cunha, K.C and da Silva, S.S and Daniel, R and de Beer, Z.W and Dueñas, M and Edwards, J and Enwistle, P and Fiuza, P.O and Fournier, J and García, D and Gibertoni, T.B and Giraud, S and Guevara-Suarez, M and Gusmão, L.F.P and Haituk, S and Heykoop, M and Hirooka, Y and Hofmann, T.A and Houbraken, J and Hughes, D.P and Kautmanová, I and Koppel, O and Koukol, O and Larsson, E and Latha, K.P.D and Lee, D.H and Lisboa, D.O and Lisboa, W.S and López-Villalba, Á and Maciel, J.L.N and Manimohan, P and Manjón, J.L and Marincowitz, S and Marney, T.S and Meijer, M and Miller, A.N and Olariaga, I and Paiva, L.M and Piepenbring, M and Poveda-Molero, J.C and Raj, K.N.A and Raja, H.A and Rougeron, A and Salcedo, I and Samadi, R and Santos, T.A.B and Scarlett, K and Seifert, K.A and Shuttleworth, L.A and Silva, M and Siqueira, J.P.Z and Souza-Motta, C.M and Stephenson, S.L and Sutton, D.A and Tamakeaw, N and ... and Naturvetenskapliga fakulteten and Faculty of Sciences and Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences and Göteborgs universitet and Institutionen för biologi och miljövetenskap and Gothenburg University
Persoonia, ISSN 0031-5850, 12/2016, Volume 37, Issue 1, pp. 218 - 403
Journal Article
by Crous, P.W and Wingfield, M.J and Burgess, T.I and Carnegie, A.J and Hardy, G.E. St. J and Smith, D and Summerell, B.A and Cano-Lira, J.F and Guarro, J and Houbraken, J and Lombard, L and Martín, M.P and Sandoval-Denis, M and Alexandrova, A.V and Barnes, C.W and Baseia, I.G and Bezerra, J.D.P and Guarnaccia, V and May, T.W and Hernández-Restrepo, M and Stchige, A.M and Miller, A.N and Ordoñez, M.E and Abreu, V.P and Accioly, T and Agnello, C and Agustin Colmán, A and Albuquerque, C.C and Alfredo, D.S and Alvarado, P and Araújo-Magalhães, G.R and Arauzo, S and Atkinson, T and Barili, A and Barreto, R.W and Bezerra, J.L and Cabral, T.S and Camello Rodríguez, F.C and Cruz, R.H.S.F and Daniëls, P.P and Da Silva, B.D.B and De Almeida, D.A.C and De Carvalho, A.A and Decock, C.A and Delgat, L and Denman, S and Dimitrov, R.A and Edwards, J and Fedosova, A.G and Ferreira, R.J and Firmino, A.L and Flores, J.A and García, D and Gené, J and Giraldo, A and Góis, J.S and Gomes, A.A.M and Gonçalves, C.M and Gouliamova, D.E and Groenewald, M and Guéorguiev, B.V and Guevara-Suarez, M and Gusmão, L.F.P and Hosaka, K and Hubka, V and Huhndorf, S.M and Jadan, M and Jurjević, Ž and Kraak, B and Kučera, V and Kumar, T.K.A and Kušan, I and Lacerda, S.R and Lamlertthon, S and Lisboa, W.S and Loizides, M and Luangsa-Ard, J.J and Lysková, P and Mac Cormack, W.P and Macedo, D.M and Machado, A.R and Malysheva, E.F and Marinho, P and Matočec, N and Meijer, M and Mešić, A and Mongkolsamrit, S and Moreira, K.A and Morozova, O.V and Nair, K.U and Nakamura, N and Noisripoom, W and Olariaga, I and Oliveira, R.J.V and Paiva, L.M and Pawar, P and Pereira, O.L and Peterson, S.W and Prieto, M and Rodríguez-Andrade, E and ...
Persoonia, ISSN 0031-5850, 12/2017, Volume 39, Issue December, pp. 270 - 467
Journal Article
by Crous, P.W and Carnegie, A.J and Wingfield, M.J and Sharma, R and Mughini, G and Noordeloos, M.E and Santini, A and Shouche, Y.S and Bezerra, J.D.P and Dima, B and Guarnaccia, V and Imrefi, I and Jurjević, Ž and Knapp, D.G and Kovács, G.M and Magistà, D and Perrone, G and Rämä, T and Rebriev, Y.A and Shivas, R.G and Singh, S.M and Souza-Motta, C.M and Thangavel, R and Adhapure, N.N and Alexanova, A.V and Alfenas, A.C and Alfenas, R.F and Alvarado, P and Alves, A.L and Anade, D.A and Anade, J.P and Barbosa, R.N and Barili, A and Barnes, C.W and Baseia, I.G and Bellanger, J.-M and Berlanas, C and Bessette, A.E and Bessette, A.R and Biketova, A.Yu and Bomfim, F.S and Branud, T.E and Bransgrove, K and Brito, A.C.Q and Cano-Lira, J.F and Cantillo, T and Cavalcanti, A.D and Cheewangkoon, R and Chikowski, R.S and Conforto, C and Cordeiro, T.R.L and Craine, J.D and Cruz, R and Damm, U and de Oliveira, R.J.V and de Souza, J.T and de Souza, H.G and Dearnaley, J.D.W and Dimitrov, R.A and Dovana, F and Erhard, A and Esteve-Raventós, F and Félix, C.R and Ferisin, G and Fernandes, R.A and Ferreira, R.J and Ferro, L.O and Figueiredo, C.N and Frank, J.L and Freire, K.T.L.S and García, D and Gené, J and Gęsiorska, A and Gibertoni, T.B and Gona, R.A.G and Gouliamova, D.E and Gramaje, D and Guard, F and Gusmão, L.F.P and Haitook, S and Hirooka, Y and Houbraken, J and Hubka, V and Inamdar, A and Iturriaga, T and Iturrieta-González, I and Jadan, M and Jiang, N and Justo, A and Kachalkin, A.V and Kapitonov, V.I and Karadelev, M and Karakehian, J and Kasuya, T and Kautmanová, I and Kruse, J and Kušan, I and Kuznetsova, T.A and Landell, M.F and Larsson, K.-H and ...
Persoonia, ISSN 0031-5850, 07/2019, Volume 42, Issue 1, pp. 291 - 473
Journal Article
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences - PNAS, ISSN 0027-8424, 4/2012, Volume 109, Issue 16, pp. 6241 - 6246
Journal Article
by Schoch, Conrad L and Robbertse, Barbara and Robert, Vincent and Duong Vu, [No Value] and Cardinali, Gianluigi and Irinyi, Laszlo and Meyer, Wieland and Nilsson, R. Henrik and Hughes, Karen and Miller, Anew N and Kirk, Paul M and Abarenkov, Kessy and Aime, M. Catherine and Ariyawansa, Hiran A and Bidartondo, Martin and Boekhout, Teun and Buyck, Bart and Cai, Qing and Chen, Jie and Crespo, Ana and Crous, Peo W and Damm, Ulrike and De Beer, Z. Wilhelm and Dentinger, Bryn T. M and Divakar, Pradeep K and Duenas, Margarita and Feau, Nicolas and Fliegerova, Katerina and Garcia, Miguel A and Ge, Zai-Wei and Griffith, GarethW and Groenewald, Johannes Z and Groenewald, Marizeth and Grube, Martin and Gryzenhout, Marieka and Gueidan, Cecile and Guo, Liangdong and Hambleton, Sarah and Hamelin, Richard and Hansen, Karen and Hofstetter, Valerie and Hong, Seung-Beom and Houbraken, Jos and Hyde, Kevin D and Inderbitzin, Patrik and Johnston, Peter R and Karunarathna, Samantha C and Koljalg, Urmas and Kovacs, Gabor M and Kraichak, Ekaphan and Krizsan, Krisztina and Kurtzman, Cletus P and Larsson, Karl-Henrik and Leavitt, Steven and Letcher, Peter M and Liimatainen, Kare and Liu, Jian-Kui and Lodge, D. Jean and Luangsa-ard, Janet Jennifer and Lumbsch, H. Thorsten and Maharachchikumbura, Sajeewa S. N and Manamgoda, Dimuthu and Martin, Maria P and Minnis, Anew M and Moncalvo, Jean-Marc and Mule, Giuseppina and Nakasone, Karen K and Niskanen, Tuula and Olariaga, Ibai and Papp, Tamas and Petkovits, Tamas and Pino-Bodas, Raquel and Powell, Martha J and Raja, Huzefa A and Redecker, Dirk and Sarmiento-Ramirez, J. M and Seifert, Keith A and Shrestha, Bhushan and Stenroos, Soili and Stielow, B and Suh, Sung-Oui and Tanaka, Kazuaki and Tedersoo, Leho and Teresa Telleria, M and Udayanga, Dhanushka and Untereiner, Wendy A and Dieguez Uribeondo, Javier and Subbarao, Krishna V and Vagvoelgyi, Csaba and Visagie, Cobus and Voigt, Kerstin and Walker, Donald M and Weir, Bevan S and Weiss, Michael and Wijayawardene, Nalin N and Wingfield, Michael J and Xu, J. P and Yang, Zhu L and Zhang, Ning and Zhuang, Wen-Ying and ...
Database : the journal of biological databases and curation, ISSN 1758-0463, 06/2014, Volume 2014, pp. bau061 - bau061
Journal Article