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rumen - metabolism (49) 49
surgery (48) 48
dairy cow (47) 47
physics - cosmology and nongalactic astrophysics (47) 47
instrumentation and methods for astrophysics (46) 46
aged (44) 44
physics - earth and planetary astrophysics (44) 44
physics - astrophysics of galaxies (43) 43
physics - high energy astrophysical phenomena (43) 43
physics - solar and stellar astrophysics (43) 43
physiological aspects (43) 43
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high energy physics (33) 33
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general relativity and quantum cosmology (28) 28
high energy physics - theory (28) 28
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Library Location Library Location
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The journal of high energy physics, ISSN 1029-8479, 05/2020, Volume 2020, Issue 5
Journal Article
The journal of high energy physics, 06/2020, Volume 2020, Issue 6
Journal Article
by Ade, P A R and Aghanim, N and Ahmed, Z and Aikin, R W and Alexander, K D and Arnaud, M and Aumont, J and Baccigalupi, C and Banday, A J and Barkats, D and Barreiro, R B and Bartlett, J G and Bartolo, N and Battaner, E and Benabed, K and Benoît, A and Benoit-Lévy, A and Benton, S J and Bernard, J-P and Bersanelli, M and Bielewicz, P and Bischoff, C A and Bock, J J and Bonaldi, A and Bonavera, L and Bond, J R and Borrill, J and Bouchet, F R and Boulanger, F and Brevik, J A and Bucher, M and Buder, I and Bullock, E and Burigana, C and Butler, R C and Buza, V and Calabrese, E and Cardoso, J-F and Catalano, A and Challinor, A and Chary, R-R and Chiang, H C and Christensen, P R and Colombo, L P L and Combet, C and Connors, J and Couchot, F and Coulais, A and Crill, B P and Curto, A and Cuttaia, F and Danese, L and Davies, R D and Davis, R J and de Bernardis, P and de Rosa, A and de Zotti, G and Delabrouille, J and Delouis, J-M and Désert, F-X and Dickinson, C and Diego, J M and Dole, H and Donzelli, S and Doré, O and Douspis, M and Dowell, C D and Duband, L and Ducout, A and Dunkley, J and Dupac, X and Dvorkin, C and Efstathiou, G and Elsner, F and Enßlin, T A and Eriksen, H K and Falgarone, E and Filippini, J P and Finelli, F and Fliescher, S and Forni, O and Frailis, M and Fraisse, A A and Franceschi, E and Frejsel, A and Galeotta, S and Galli, S and Ganga, K and Ghosh, T and Giard, M and Gjerløw, E and Golwala, S R and González-Nuevo, J and Górski, K M and Gratton, S and Gregorio, A and Gruppuso, A and Gudmundsson, J E and Halpern, M and Hansen, F K and ... and BICEP2/Keck and Planck Collaborations
Physical review letters, 03/2015, Volume 114, Issue 10, p. 101301
Journal Article
The European physical journal. C, Particles and fields, ISSN 1434-6044, 10/2020, Volume 80, Issue 10
Journal Article
by Adamová D and Adler A and Aggarwal M M and Agnello M and Ahmad S and Ahn S U and Akindinov A and Alam S N and Aleksandrov D and Alfaro Molina R and Ali Y and Alkin A and Alme J and Alt T and Altenkamper L and Altsybeev I and Andrei C and Andreou D and Andrews H A and Andronic A and Anguelov V and Anson C and Antinori F and Antonioli P and Apadula N and Aphecetche L and Arnaldi R and Arratia M and Arsene I C and Arslandok M and Augustinus A and Aziz S and Baek Y W and Bagnasco S and Bailhache R and Ball M and Balouza S and Barbera R and Barioglio L and Bartalini P and Barth K and Bartsch E and Baruffaldi F and Bastid N and Batyunya B and Alba J L Bazo and Beattie C and Belikov I and Belyaev V and Bercuci A and Berdnikov Y and Berenyi D and Bertens R A and Berzano D and Besoiu M G and Betev L and Bhat I R and Bhattacharjee B and Bianchi A and Bianchi L and Bielčík J and Biro G and Blair J T and Blume C and Bogdanov A and Boldizsár L and Borel H and Bossi H and Botta E and Braun-Munzinger P and Bregant M and Bruna E and Bruno G E and Budnikov D and Buesching H and Buhler P and Buthelezi Z and Buxton J T and Bysiak S A and Caffarri D and Caliva A and Capon A A and Carnesecchi F and Caron R and Castillo Castellanos J and Castro A J and Casula E A R and Catalano F and Ceballos Sanchez C and Chakraborty P and Chartier M and Chibante Barroso V and Chinellato D D and Cho S and Christakoglou P and Christensen C H and Christiansen P and Cicalo C and Cleymans J and Colocci M and ... and ALICE Collaboration
The European physical journal. C, Particles and fields, ISSN 1434-6044, 08/2020, Volume 80, Issue 8
Journal Article
The European physical journal. C, Particles and fields, ISSN 1434-6044, 02/2020, Volume 80, Issue 2
Journal Article
by Griffin, M.J and Abergel, A and Abreu, A and Ade, P.A.R and André, P and Augueres, J.-L and Babbedge, T and Bae, Y and Baillie, T and Baluteau, J.-P and Barlow, M.J and Bendo, G and Benielli, D and Bock, J.J and Bonhomme, P and Brisbin, D and Brockley-Blatt, C and Caldwell, M and Cara, C and Castro-Rodriguez, N and Cerulli, R and Chanial, P and Chen, S and Clark, E and Clements, D.L and Clerc, L and Coker, J and Communal, D and Conversi, L and Cox, P and Crumb, D and Cunningham, C and Daly, F and Davis, G.R and DeAntoni, P and Delderfield, J and Devin, N and Di Giorgio, A and Didschuns, I and Dohlen, K and Donati, M and Dowell, A and Dowell, C.D and Duband, L and Dumaye, L and Emery, R.J and Ferlet, M and Ferrand, D and Fontignie, J and Fox, M and Franceschini, A and Frerking, M and Fulton, T and Garcia, J and Gastaud, R and K.Gear, W and Glenn, J and Goizel, A and Griffin, D.K and Grundy, T and Guest, S and Guillemet, L and Hargrave, P.C and Harwit, M and Hastings, P and Hatziminaoglou, E and Herman, M and Hinde, B and Hristov, V and Huang, M and Imhof, P and Isaak, K.J and Israelsson, U and Ivison, R.J and Jennings, D and Kiernan, B and King, K.J and Lange, A.E and Latter, W and Laurent, G and Laurent, P and Leeks, S.J and Lellouch, E and Levenson, L and Li, B and Li, J and Lilienthal, J and Lim, T and Liu, S.J and Lu, N and Madden, S and Mainetti, G and Marliani, P and McKay, D and Mercier, K and Molinari, S and Morris, H and Moseley, H and Mulder, J and Mur, M and ...
Astronomy and astrophysics (Berlin), ISSN 0004-6361, 2010, Volume 518, Issue 4
Journal Article