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by Altshuler, David M and Durbin, Richard M and Abecasis, Gonçalo R and Bentley, David R and Chakravarti, Aravinda and Clark, Andrew G and Donnelly, Peter and Eichler, Evan E and Flicek, Paul and Gabriel, Stacey B and Gibbs, Richard A and Green, Eric D and Hurles, Matthew E and Knoppers, Bartha M and Korbel, Jan O and Lander, Eric S and Lee, Charles and Lehrach, Hans and Mardis, Elaine R and Marth, Gabor T and McVean, Gil A and Nickerson, Deborah A and Schmidt, Jeanette P and Sherry, Stephen T and Wang, Jun and Wilson, Richard K and Dinh, Huyen and Kovar, Christie and Lee, Sandra and Lewis, Lora and Muzny, Donna and Reid, Jeff and Wang, Min and Fang, Xiaodong and Guo, Xiaosen and Jian, Min and Jiang, Hui and Jin, Xin and Li, Guoqing and Li, Jingxiang and Li, Yingrui and Li, Zhuo and Liu, Xiao and Lu, Yao and Ma, Xuedi and Su, Zhe and Tai, Shuaishuai and Tang, Meifang and Wang, Bo and Wang, Guangbiao and Wu, Honglong and Wu, Renhua and Yin, Ye and Zhang, Wenwei and Zhao, Jiao and Zhao, Meiru and Zheng, Xiaole and Zhou, Yan and Gupta, Namrata and Clarke, Laura and Leinonen, Rasko and Smith, Richard E and Zheng-Bradley, Xiangqun and Grocock, Russell and Humphray, Sean and James, Terena and Kingsbury, Zoya and Sudbrak, Ralf and Albrecht, Marcus W and Amstislavskiy, Vyacheslav S and Borodina, Tatiana A and Lienhard, Matthias and Mertes, Florian and Sultan, Marc and Timmermann, Bernd and Yaspo, Marie-Laure and Fulton, Lucinda and Fulton, Robert and Weinstock, George M and Balasubramaniam, Senduran and Burton, John and Danecek, Petr and Keane, Thomas M and Kolb-Kokocinski, Anja and McCarthy, Shane and Stalker, James and Quail, Michael and Davies, Christopher J and Gollub, Jeremy and Webster, Teresa and Wong, Brant and Zhan, Yiping and Auton, Adam and Yu, Fuli and Bainbridge, Matthew and Challis, Danny and Evani, Uday S and Lu, James and Nagaswamy, Uma and Sabo, Aniko and ... and The 1000 Genomes Project Consortium and 1000 Genomes Project Consortium
Nature (London), ISSN 1476-4687, 2012, Volume 491, Issue 7422, pp. 56 - 65
Journal Article
by Aihara, Hiroaki and Arimoto, Nobuo and Armstrong, Robert and Arnouts, Stéphane and Bahcall, Neta A and Bickerton, Steven and Bosch, James and Bundy, Kevin and Capak, Peter L and Chan, James H H and Chiba, Masashi and Coupon, Jean and Egami, Eiichi and Enoki, Motohiro and Finet, Francois and Fujimori, Hiroki and Fujimoto, Seiji and Furusawa, Hisanori and Furusawa, Junko and Goto, Tomotsugu and Goulding, Andy and Greco, Johnny P and Greene, Jenny E and Gunn, James E and Hamana, Takashi and Harikane, Yuichi and Hashimoto, Yasuhiro and Hattori, Takashi and Hayashi, Masao and Hayashi, Yusuke and Hełminiak, Krzysztof G and Higuchi, Ryo and Hikage, Chiaki and Ho, Paul T P and Hsieh, Bau-Ching and Huang, Kuiyun and Huang, Song and Ikeda, Hiroyuki and Imanishi, Masatoshi and Inoue, Akio K and Iwasawa, Kazushi and Iwata, Ikuru and Jaelani, Anton T and Jian, Hung-Yu and Kamata, Yukiko and Karoji, Hiroshi and Kashikawa, Nobunari and Katayama, Nobuhiko and Kawanomoto, Satoshi and Kayo, Issha and Koda, Jin and Koike, Michitaro and Kojima, Takashi and Komiyama, Yutaka and Konno, Akira and Koshida, Shintaro and Koyama, Yusei and Kusakabe, Haruka and Leauthaud, Alexie and Lee, Chien-Hsiu and Lin, Lihwai and Lin, Yen-Ting and Lupton, Robert H and Mandelbaum, Rachel and Matsuoka, Yoshiki and Medezinski, Elinor and Mineo, Sogo and Miyama, Shoken and Miyatake, Hironao and Miyazaki, Satoshi and Momose, Rieko and More, Anupreeta and More, Surhud and Moritani, Yuki and Moriya, Takashi J and Morokuma, Tomoki and Mukae, Shiro and Murata, Ryoma and Murayama, Hitoshi and Nagao, Tohru and Nakata, Fumiaki and Niida, Mana and Niikura, Hiroko and Nishizawa, Atsushi J and Obuchi, Yoshiyuki and Oguri, Masamune and Oishi, Yukie and Okabe, Nobuhiro and Okamoto, Sakurako and Okura, Yuki and Ono, Yoshiaki and Onodera, Masato and Onoue, Masafusa and Osato, Ken and Ouchi, Masami and Price, Paul A and Pyo, Tae-Soo and Sako, Masao and Sawicki, Marcin and Shibuya, Takatoshi and ...
Publications of the Astronomical Society of Japan, ISSN 0004-6264, 01/2018, Volume 70, Issue SP1
Abstract Hyper Suprime-Cam (HSC) is a wide-field imaging camera on the prime focus of the 8.2-m Subaru telescope on the summit of Mauna Kea in Hawaii. A team... 
Surveys | Cosmology: observations | Large-scale structure of universe | Galaxies: general | surveys | cosmology: observations | galaxies: general | SKY SURVEY | large-scale structure of universe | ASTRONOMY & ASTROPHYSICS | Physics - Instrumentation and Methods for Astrophysics | Cosmologia | Cosmology | Galàxies | Galaxies
Journal Article
by Lutz, James A and Furniss, Tucker J and Johnson, Daniel J and Davies, Stuart J and Allen, David and Alonso, Alfonso and Anderson-Teixeira, Kristina J and Andrade, Ana and Baltzer, Jennifer and Becker, Kendall M. L and Blomdahl, Erika M and Bourg, Norman A and Bunyavejchewin, Sarayudh and Burslem, David F. R. P and Cansler, C. Alina and Cao, Ke and Cao, Min and Cárdenas, Dairon and Chang, Li-Wan and Chao, Kuo-Jung and Chao, Wei-Chun and Chiang, Jyh-Min and Chu, Chengjin and Chuyong, George B and Clay, Keith and Condit, Richard and Cordell, Susan and Dattaraja, Handanakere S and Duque, Alvaro and Ewango, Corneille E. N and Fischer, Gunter A and Fletcher, Christine and Freund, James A and Giardina, Christian and Germain, Sara J and Gilbert, Gregory S and Hao, Zhanqing and Hart, Terese and Hau, Billy C. H and He, Fangliang and Hector, Andrew and Howe, Robert W and Hsieh, Chang-Fu and Hu, Yue-Hua and Hubbell, Stephen P and Inman-Narahari, Faith M and Itoh, Akira and Janík, David and Kassim, Abdul Rahman and Kenfack, David and Korte, Lisa and Král, Kamil and Larson, Andrew J and Li, YiDe and Lin, Yiching and Liu, Shirong and Lum, Shawn and Ma, Keping and Makana, Jean-Remy and Malhi, Yadvinder and McMahon, Sean M and McShea, William J and Memiaghe, Hervé R and Mi, Xiangcheng and Morecroft, Michael and Musili, Paul M and Myers, Jonathan A and Novotny, Vojtech and de Oliveira, Alexandre and Ong, Perry and Orwig, David A and Ostertag, Rebecca and Parker, Geoffrey G and Patankar, Rajit and Phillips, Richard P and Reynolds, Glen and Sack, Lawren and Song, Guo-Zhang M and Su, Sheng-Hsin and Sukumar, Raman and Sun, I-Fang and Suresh, Hebbalalu S and Swanson, Mark E and Tan, Sylvester and Thomas, Duncan W and Thompson, Jill and Uriarte, Maria and Valencia, Renato and Vicentini, Alberto and Vrška, Tomáš and Wang, Xugao and Weiblen, George D and Wolf, Amy and Wu, Shu-Hui and Xu, Han and Yamakura, Takuo and Yap, Sandra and Zimmerman, Jess K
Global ecology and biogeography, ISSN 1466-822X, 2018, Volume 27, Issue 7, pp. 849 - 864
Journal Article