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by Groenen, Martien A. M and Archibald, Alan L and Uenishi, Hirohide and Tuggle, Christopher K and Takeuchi, Yasuhiro and Rothschild, Max F and Rogel-Gaillard, Claire and Park, Chankyu and Milan, Denis and Megens, Hendrik-Jan and Li, Shengting and Larkin, Denis M and Kim, Heebal and Frantz, Laurent A. F and Caccamo, Mario and Ahn, Hyeonju and Aken, Bronwen L and Anselmo, Anna and Anthon, Christian and Auvil, Loretta and Badaoui, Bouabid and Beattie, Craig W and Bendixen, Christian and Berman, Daniel and Blecha, Frank and Blomberg, Jonas and Bolund, Lars and Bosse, Mirte and Botti, Sara and Bujie, Zhan and Bystrom, Megan and Capitanu, Boris and Carvalho-Silva, Denise and Chardon, Patrick and Chen, Celine and Cheng, Ryan and Choi, Sang-Haeng and Chow, William and Clark, Richard C and Clee, Christopher and Crooijmans, Richard P. M. A and Dawson, Harry D and Dehais, Patrice and De Sapio, Fioravante and Dibbits, Bert and Drou, Nizar and Du, Zhi-Qiang and Eversole, Kellye and Fadista, João and Fairley, Susan and Faraut, Thomas and Faulkner, Geoffrey J and Fowler, Katie E and Fredholm, Merete and Fritz, Eric and Gilbert, James G. R and Giuffra, Elisabetta and Gorodkin, Jan and Griffin, Darren K and Harrow, Jennifer L and Hayward, Alexander and Howe, Kerstin and Hu, Zhi-Liang and Humphray, Sean J and Hunt, Toby and Hornshøj, Henrik and Jeon, Jin-Tae and Jern, Patric and Jones, Matthew and Jurka, Jerzy and Kanamori, Hiroyuki and Kapetanovic, Ronan and Kim, Jaebum and Kim, Jae-Hwan and Kim, Kyu-Won and Kim, Tae-Hun and Larson, Greger and Lee, Kyooyeol and Lee, Kyung-Tai and Leggett, Richard and Lewin, Harris A and Li, Yingrui and Liu, Wansheng and Loveland, Jane E and Lu, Yao and Lunney, Joan K and Ma, Jian and Madsen, Ole and Mann, Katherine and Matthews, Lucy and McLaren, Stuart and Morozumi, Takeya and Murtaugh, Michael P and Narayan, Jitendra and Truong Nguyen, Dinh and Ni, Peixiang and Oh, Song-Jung and Onteru, Suneel and Panitz, Frank and Park, Eung-Woo and ...
Nature (London), ISSN 1476-4687, 2012, Volume 491, Issue 7424, pp. 393 - 398
For 10,000 years pigs and humans have shared a close and complex relationship. From domestication to modern breeding practices, humans have shaped the genomes... 
RECEPTOR | TASTE | GENE | MULTIDISCIPLINARY SCIENCES | SEQUENCE | Sus scrofa - genetics | Animals | Demography | Genome - genetics | Molecular Sequence Data | Models, Animal | Phylogeny | Sus scrofa - classification | Population Dynamics | Chromosome mapping | Genetic aspects | Genomes | Research | Identification and classification | Wild boar | Hogs | Genetics | Evolution | Genes | Genomics | Life Sciences | Animal biology
Journal Article
Journal Article
by Howe, Kerstin and Clark, Matthew D and Torroja, Carlos F and Torrance, James and Berthelot, Camille and Muffato, Matthieu and Collins, John E and Humphray, Sean and McLaren, Karen and Matthews, Lucy and McLaren, Stuart and Sealy, Ian and Caccamo, Mario and Churcher, Carol and Scott, Carol and Barrett, Jeffrey C and Koch, Romke and Rauch, Gerd-Jörg and White, Simon and Chow, William and Kilian, Britt and Quintais, Leonor T and Guerra-Assunção, José A and Zhou, Yi and Gu, Yong and Yen, Jennifer and Vogel, Jan-Hinnerk and Eyre, Tina and Redmond, Seth and Banerjee, Ruby and Chi, Jianxiang and Fu, Beiyuan and Langley, Elizabeth and Maguire, Sean F and Laird, Gavin K and Lloyd, David and Kenyon, Emma and Donaldson, Sarah and Sehra, Harminder and Almeida-King, Jeff and Loveland, Jane and Trevanion, Stephen and Jones, Matt and Quail, Mike and Willey, Dave and Hunt, Adrienne and Burton, John and Sims, Sarah and McLay, Kirsten and Plumb, Bob and Davis, Joy and Clee, Chris and Oliver, Karen and Clark, Richard and Riddle, Clare and Elliott, David and Threadgold, Glen and Harden, Glenn and Ware, Darren and Begum, Sharmin and Mortimore, Beverley and Kerry, Giselle and Heath, Paul and Phillimore, Benjamin and Tracey, Alan and Corby, Nicole and Dunn, Matthew and Johnson, Christopher and Wood, Jonathan and Clark, Susan and Pelan, Sarah and Griffiths, Guy and Smith, Michelle and Glithero, Rebecca and Howden, Philip and Barker, Nicholas and Lloyd, Christine and Stevens, Christopher and Harley, Joanna and Holt, Karen and Panagiotidis, Georgios and Lovell, Jamieson and Beasley, Helen and Henderson, Carl and Gordon, Daria and Auger, Katherine and Wright, Deborah and Collins, Joanna and Raisen, Claire and Dyer, Lauren and Leung, Kenric and Robertson, Lauren and Ambridge, Kirsty and Leongamornlert, Daniel and McGuire, Sarah and Gilderthorp, Ruth and Griffiths, Coline and Manthravadi, Deepa and Nichol, Sarah and Barker, Gary and ...
Nature (London), ISSN 1476-4687, 2013, Volume 496, Issue 7446, pp. 498 - 503
Journal Article
Nature communications, ISSN 2041-1723, 2015, Volume 6, Issue 1, p. 8760
... Kingsbury9, Sean Humphray9, David Bentley9, Sohrab P. Shah8, Matthew Wallis5,10, Nitzan Rosenfeld1,2,** & Carlos Caldas1,2,5,** Circulating tumour DNA analysis... 
HETEROGENEITY | ACTIVATION | VARIANTS | PATHWAY | MULTIDISCIPLINARY SCIENCES | KINASE | ACQUIRED-RESISTANCE | SEQUENCING DATA | Carcinoma, Ductal, Breast - genetics | Receptors, Estrogen - metabolism | Humans | Receptor, ErbB-2 - metabolism | Clonal Evolution - genetics | Tamoxifen - administration & dosage | Case-Control Studies | Breast Neoplasms - metabolism | Brain Neoplasms - secondary | Carcinoma, Ductal, Breast - drug therapy | Neoplasm Metastasis | Lung Neoplasms - secondary | Adult | Carcinoma, Ductal, Breast - pathology | Female | Quinazolines - administration & dosage | Lapatinib | Liver Neoplasms - secondary | Carcinoma, Ductal, Breast - metabolism | Lung Neoplasms - genetics | Liver Neoplasms - genetics | Deoxycytidine - administration & dosage | Brain Neoplasms - genetics | Trastuzumab - administration & dosage | Breast Neoplasms - drug therapy | Sequence Analysis, DNA | Spinal Neoplasms - secondary | Breast Neoplasms - genetics | Antineoplastic Combined Chemotherapy Protocols - therapeutic use | Breast Neoplasms - pathology | Spinal Neoplasms - genetics | Bayes Theorem | DNA, Neoplasm - genetics | Mutation | Deoxycytidine - analogs & derivatives | Biological evolution | Breast cancer | Genomes | Metastasis | ErbB-2 protein | Patients | Metastases | Heterogeneity | Biopsy | Evolution | Deoxyribonucleic acid--DNA | Cancer | Tumors
Journal Article
Nature (London), ISSN 1476-4687, 2009, Volume 463, Issue 7278, pp. 191 - 196
Journal Article
by Young, Nevin D and Debellé, Frédéric and Oldroyd, Giles E. D and Geurts, Rene and Cannon, Steven B and Udvardi, Michael K and Benedito, Vagner A and Mayer, Klaus F. X and Gouzy, Jérôme and Schoof, Heiko and Van de Peer, Yves and Proost, Sebastian and Cook, Douglas R and Meyers, Blake C and Spannagl, Manuel and Cheung, Foo and De Mita, Stéphane and Krishnakumar, Vivek and Gundlach, Heidrun and Zhou, Shiguo and Mudge, Joann and Bharti, Arvind K and Murray, Jeremy D and Naoumkina, Marina A and Rosen, Benjamin and Silverstein, Kevin A. T and Tang, Haibao and Rombauts, Stephane and Zhao, Patrick X and Zhou, Peng and Barbe, Valérie and Bardou, Philippe and Bechner, Michael and Bellec, Arnaud and Berger, Anne and Bergès, Hélène and Bidwell, Shelby and Bisseling, Ton and Choisne, Nathalie and Couloux, Arnaud and Denny, Roxanne and Deshpande, Shweta and Dai, Xinbin and Doyle, Jeff J and Dudez, Anne-Marie and Farmer, Andrew D and Fouteau, Stéphanie and Franken, Carolien and Gibelin, Chrystel and Gish, John and Goldstein, Steven and González, Alvaro J and Green, Pamela J and Hallab, Asis and Hartog, Marijke and Hua, Axin and Humphray, Sean J and Jeong, Dong-Hoon and Jing, Yi and Jöcker, Anika and Kenton, Steve M and Kim, Dong-Jin and Klee, Kathrin and Lai, Hongshing and Lang, Chunting and Lin, Shaoping and Macmil, Simone L and Magdelenat, Ghislaine and Matthews, Lucy and McCorrison, Jamison and Monaghan, Erin L and Mun, Jeong-Hwan and Najar, Fares Z and Nicholson, Christine and Noirot, Céline and O’Bleness, Majesta and Paule, Charles R and Poulain, Julie and Prion, Florent and Qin, Baifang and Qu, Chunmei and Retzel, Ernest F and Riddle, Claire and Sallet, Erika and Samain, Sylvie and Samson, Nicolas and Sanders, Iryna and Saurat, Olivier and Scarpelli, Claude and Schiex, Thomas and Segurens, Béatrice and Severin, Andrew J and Sherrier, D. Janine and Shi, Ruihua and Sims, Sarah and Singer, Susan R and Sinharoy, Senjuti and Sterck, Lieven and Viollet, Agnès and Wang, Bing-Bing and ...
Nature (London), ISSN 1476-4687, 2011, Volume 480, Issue 7378, pp. 520 - 524
Journal Article