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chemistry (72) 72
metallurgy (72) 72
beer (41) 41
biochemistry (41) 41
enzymology (41) 41
microbiology (41) 41
mutation or genetic engineering (41) 41
spirits (41) 41
vinegar (41) 41
wine (41) 41
compositions or test papers therefor (40) 40
condition-responsive control in microbiological orenzymological processes (40) 40
measuring or testing processes involving enzymes, nucleicacids or microorganisms (40) 40
processes of preparing such compositions (40) 40
physics (36) 36
measuring (35) 35
testing (35) 35
investigating or analysing materials by determining theirchemical or physical properties (34) 34
compositions thereof (29) 29
culture media (29) 29
microorganisms or enzymes (29) 29
propagating, preserving or maintaining microorganisms (29) 29
compositions based thereon (21) 21
compositions of macromolecular compounds (21) 21
organic macromolecular compounds (21) 21
their preparation or chemical working-up (21) 21
performing operations (16) 16
transporting (16) 16
humans (14) 14
index medicus (14) 14
general tagging of cross-sectional technologies spanning over several sections of the ipc (13) 13
general tagging of new technological developments (13) 13
technical subjects covered by former uspc cross-reference art collections [xracs] and digests (13) 13
use of inorganic or non-macromolecular organic substances ascompounding ingredients (13) 13
organic chemistry (11) 11
male (10) 10
technical subjects covered by former us classification (10) 10
technical subjects covered by former uspc (10) 10
apparatus for enzymology or microbiology (9) 9
adult (8) 8
basic electric elements (8) 8
electricity (8) 8
female (8) 8
heterocyclic compounds (7) 7
physiological aspects (7) 7
after-treatment not covered by subclasses c08b, c08c, c08f,c08g (6) 6
animals (6) 6
biochemistry & molecular biology (6) 6
general processes of compounding (6) 6
hydroxylation (6) 6
middle aged (6) 6
physical or chemical processes or apparatus in general (6) 6
working-up (6) 6
electric solid state devices not otherwise provided for (5) 5
fatty acids (5) 5
fixed constructions (5) 5
semiconductor devices (5) 5
surgery (5) 5
vehicles in general (5) 5
vehicles, vehicle fittings, or vehicle parts, not otherwiseprovided for (5) 5
after-treatment of the shaped products, e.g. repairing (4) 4
building (4) 4
buildings or like structures for particular purposes (4) 4
ceilings (4) 4
chemical or physical processes, e.g. catalysis or colloidchemistry (4) 4
derivatives thereof (4) 4
fencing (4) 4
floors (4) 4
general building constructions (4) 4
insulation or other protection of buildings (4) 4
life sciences (4) 4
masts (4) 4
nucleic acids (4) 4
nucleosides (4) 4
nucleotides (4) 4
rats (4) 4
regeneration (4) 4
research (4) 4
roofs (4) 4
shaping of material in a plastic state, not otherwise providedfor (4) 4
shaping or joining of plastics (4) 4
sugars (4) 4
swimming or splash baths or pools (4) 4
tents or canopies, in general (4) 4
their relevant apparatus (4) 4
walls, e.g. partitions (4) 4
working of plastics (4) 4
working of substances in a plastic state, in general (4) 4
adolescent (3) 3
amino acid sequence (3) 3
base sequence (3) 3
biochemistry, general (3) 3
bioorganic chemistry (3) 3
cardiac & cardiovascular systems (3) 3
care and treatment (3) 3
child (3) 3
development and progression (3) 3
enzymes (3) 3
further section (3) 3
gene (3) 3
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PLoS ONE, ISSN 1932-6203, 02/2017, Volume 12, Issue 2, p. e0171225
Journal Article
Journal Article
American Journal of Physiology - Renal Physiology, ISSN 1931-857X, 07/2012, Volume 303, Issue 1, pp. 130 - 138
Journal Article
Journal Article
European Respiratory Journal, ISSN 0903-1936, 09/2015, Volume 46, Issue suppl 59, p. PA4276
Journal Article
by Matsumura, Kyoka and Kawabata, Ayako and Wakebe, Hirokazu and Sugawara, Masanori and Shiratori, Akiko and Tashiro, Hiroyuki and Satoh, Tadashi and Yoshikawa, Yoko and Hara, Reiko and Sato, Hiroyuki and Ikema, Yasuko and Senoh, Akihiro and Yamazaki, Masaaki and Tanase, Tomo-o and Okitani, Rie and Nakamura, Yoshitaka and Kimura, Kouichi and Yamazaki, Makoto and Ono, Toshihide and Mizushima-Sugano, Junko and Sugiyama, Tomoyasu and Nishi, Tatsunari and Togiya, Sakae and Tanai, Hiroyuki and Goto, Yoshihiro and Ozaki, Kouichi and Shibahara, Toshikazu and Hishigaki, Haretsugu and Morinaga, Misato and Yasuda, Tomohiro and Kumagai, Ayako and Kawakami, Takuma and Iwayanagi, Takao and Sano, Sanae and Senba, Tadashi and Ohmori, Yoshihiro and Nishikawa, Tetsuo and Obayashi, Masaya and Fujimori, Kiyoshi and Takemoto, Makoto and Hayashi, Koji and Kikkawa, Emiko and Nagahari, Kenji and Abe, Kumi and Yamada, Katsue and Ninomiya, Ken and Itoh, Tomoko and Takahashi, Yukiko and Nomura, Nobuo and Okumura, Koji and Takami, Sachiko and Kawai, Yuri and Yamashita, Riu and Otsuki, Tetsuji and Wagatsuma, Masako and Terashima, Yuko and Nagai, Keiichi and Hata, Hiroko and Oyama, Masaaki and Hiraoka, Susumu and Hosoiri, Takehiko and Sugiyama, Akio and Sasaki, Masahide and Sudo, Hiroaki and Nakai, Kenta and Sekine, Mitsuo and Noguchi, Saori and Komatsu, Takami and Takeuchi, Kazuha and Watanabe, Susumu and Fujiwara, Tsutomu and Nakagawa, Satoshi and Komiyama, Megumi and Kaku, Yoshiko and Saito, Kaoru and Murakawa, Katsuji and Takiguchi, Sumiyo and Takahashi-Fujii, Asako and Tanigami, Akira and Isogai, Takao and Katsuta, Naoko and Arita, Miho and Nakamura, Yusuke and Aotsuka, Satoshi and Omura, Yuhi and Komai, Fukuyo and Shiohata, Namiko and Yuuki, Hisatsugu and Imose, Nobuyuki and Irie, Ryotaro and Suzuki, Osamu and Ohara, Osamu and Murakami, Katsuhiko and Yada, Tetsushi and Mizuno, Takae and Shimizu, Fumio and Watanabe, Takeshi and Musashino, Kaoru and Suzuki, Yutaka and Watanabe, Motoji and ...
Nature Genetics, ISSN 1061-4036, 01/2004, Volume 36, Issue 1, pp. 40 - 45
As a base for human transcriptome and functional genomics, we created the "full-length long Japan" (FLJ) collection of sequenced human cDNAs. We determined the... 
ORGANIZATION | MESSENGER-RNAS | HUMAN GENOME | GENE | DATABASE | DNA-SEQUENCE | PROGRAMS | MOUSE | GENETICS & HEREDITY | PROTEIN COMPLEXES | Humans | Open Reading Frames | Computational Biology | Chromosomes, Human, Pair 20 | RNA, Messenger | Sequence Analysis, DNA | Chromosomes, Human, 21-22 and Y | DNA, Complementary | Physiological aspects | Antisense DNA | Research | Nucleotide sequencing | transcriptomes
Journal Article
by Masuda, Hiroshi and Kobayashi, Tohru and Kobayashi, Tomio and Hachiya, Akira and Nakashima, Yasutaka and Shimizu, Hiroyuki and Nozawa, Tomo and Ogihara, Yoshihito and Ito, Shigeru and Ito, Shuichi and Takatsuki, Shinichi and Katsumata, Nobuyuki and Suzuki, Hiroshi and Suzuki, Yasuo and Takenaka, Satoshi and Hirono, Keiichi and Suganuma, Eisuke and Takahashi, Kei and Takahashi, Mayu and Saji, Tsutomu and Matsuzaki, Satoshi and Yamazaki, Kazuko and Yamazaki, Shoko and Ikeda, Kazuyuki and Hara, Ryoki and Hara, Takuma and Hara, Satoshi and Kanetaka, Taichi and Kizawa, Toshitaka and Kikuchi, Masako and Fujii, Kentaro and Sonoda, Kaori and Yoshihashi, Tomokuni and Imagawa, Tomoyuki and Imagawa, Kazuo and Ebato, Takasuke and Oana, Shinji and Murase, Ayako and Sakaki, Shinichiro and Fujimoto, Takeshi and Saito, Yoshihiko and Shirai, Ryota and Takeuchi, Ichiro and Naoi, Kazuyuki and Kenmotsu, Yasushi and Goto, Chiaki and Kise, Hiroaki and Okada, Seigo and Kishimoto, Sayuri and Oba, Utako and Ozawa, Sayaka and Seki, Mitsuru and Odagiri, Tesshu and Shiono, Junko and Nagumo, Kiyoshi and Kimura, Mitsuaki and Yoshibayashi, Muneo and Horita, Norihisa and Tsuboi, Tatsuo and Matsubara, Tomoyo and Ishii, Taku and Hosokawa, Susumu and Kishi, Takayuki and Kishi, Kanta and Fukazawa, Ryuji and Ogawa, Shunichi and Ohshima, Miho and Fukunaga, Hideo and Kouzan, Hiroko and Ichihara, Tomoko and Hashimoto, Kunio and Tokunaga, Hirohide and Iwashima, Satoru and Hamahira, Kiyoshi and Ishiguchi, Yukiko and Kajino, Mayumi and Nagai, Noriko and Ogino, Hirotaro and Amaya, Eriko and Doi, Hiraku and Waki, Kenji and Shiraishi, Taisuke and Iwai, Takashi and Sato, Tetsuji and Akimoto, Katsumi and Soga, Takashi and Naito, Takeshi and Naito, Hiroyuki and Aihara, Makiko and Fukuda, Yutaka and Shiba, Takeshi and Matsuki, Shigenobu and Miura, Masaru and Araki, Tooru and Furuyama, Hideto and Miyamoto, Tomoyuki and Comm Survey Infliximab Kawasaki D and Committee of Survey on Infliximab use for Kawasaki disease
The Journal of Pediatrics, ISSN 0022-3476, 04/2018, Volume 195, pp. 115 - 120.e3
To assess the safety and efficacy of infliximab (IFX) for the treatment of patients with Kawasaki disease (KD). This was a nationwide survey of 274 Japanese... 
coronary artery lesions | Kawasaki disease | intravenous immunoglobulin | infliximab | PEDIATRICS | POSTMARKETING SURVEILLANCE | SAFETY PROFILE | ARTHRITIS | STEROID PULSE THERAPY | Surveys | Care and treatment | Infliximab
Journal Article