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humans (68) 68
index medicus (56) 56
male (54) 54
female (50) 50
aged (33) 33
middle aged (33) 33
heart failure (27) 27
cardiac & cardiovascular systems (26) 26
adult (18) 18
mortality (17) 17
analysis (16) 16
internal medicine (14) 14
prognosis (14) 14
risk factors (14) 14
aged, 80 and over (13) 13
follow-up studies (11) 11
research (11) 11
cardiovascular (10) 10
heart failure - physiopathology (10) 10
italy (10) 10
retrospective studies (9) 9
time factors (9) 9
cohort studies (8) 8
disease (8) 8
genome-wide association study (8) 8
guidelines (8) 8
medicine, general & internal (8) 8
multivariate analysis (8) 8
oxygen consumption (8) 8
prospective studies (8) 8
research article (8) 8
animals (7) 7
care and treatment (7) 7
electrocardiography (7) 7
epidemiology (7) 7
genetics & heredity (7) 7
management (7) 7
outcomes (7) 7
severity of illness index (7) 7
stroke volume (7) 7
comorbidity (6) 6
diagnosis (6) 6
elderly (6) 6
european-society (6) 6
exercise test (6) 6
gene expression (6) 6
heart (6) 6
heart failure - diagnosis (6) 6
heart failure - therapy (6) 6
heart rate (6) 6
medicine (6) 6
polymorphism, single nucleotide (6) 6
population (6) 6
prevalence (6) 6
proportional hazards models (6) 6
risk (6) 6
surgery (6) 6
treatment outcome (6) 6
adolescent (5) 5
article (5) 5
cardiopulmonary exercise test (5) 5
child (5) 5
common variants (5) 5
congenital, hereditary, and neonatal diseases and abnormalities (5) 5
ejection fraction (5) 5
exercise (5) 5
genetic aspects (5) 5
genomes (5) 5
italy - epidemiology (5) 5
logistic models (5) 5
mice (5) 5
mutation (5) 5
phenotype (5) 5
protein (5) 5
registries (5) 5
young adult (5) 5
association (4) 4
atrial fibrillation (4) 4
beta-blockers (4) 4
biotechnology & applied microbiology (4) 4
cardiomyopathy, dilated - physiopathology (4) 4
case-control studies (4) 4
chronic heart-failure (4) 4
disease management (4) 4
disease progression (4) 4
echocardiography (4) 4
exercise test - methods (4) 4
gene expression profiling (4) 4
genetic predisposition to disease (4) 4
genotype (4) 4
health aspects (4) 4
heart diseases (4) 4
heart failure - mortality (4) 4
heart transplantation (4) 4
hospitalization (4) 4
hypertension (4) 4
index (4) 4
kaplan-meier estimate (4) 4
medicine & public health (4) 4
predictive value of tests (4) 4
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A better understanding of soil organic C (SOC) distribution in mountain soils is important for quantifying C emissions-removals involved in land use change... 
REGRESSION | MATTER | SOIL SCIENCE | QUALITY | MODELS | STABILITY | ALLOPHANE | CLAY | PREDICTION | Evaluation | Soil research | Geomorphology | Research | Land use | Soil sciences | Clay | Models | Minerals | Spectrum analysis
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