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International Journal of Integrated Care, ISSN 1568-4156, 08/2019, Volume 19, Issue 4, p. 641
Journal Article
The Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy, ISSN 0305-7453, 05/2014, Volume 69, Issue 5, p. 1390
  Ritonavir-boosted protease inhibitor monotherapy (PIMT) is a maintenance strategy that prevents nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor toxicity and... 
Antiretroviral drugs | Effectiveness | Human immunodeficiency virus--HIV | Clinical trials | Regression analysis | Clinical outcomes
Journal Article
The Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy, ISSN 0305-7453, 05/2010, Volume 65, Issue 5, p. 827
The introduction of combination antiretroviral therapy (cART) has substantially modified the natural history of HIV infection. At the beginning of the cART era... 
Disease prevention | Antiretroviral drugs | Acquired immune deficiency syndrome--AIDS | Human immunodeficiency virus--HIV | Pharmacology | Drug therapy
Journal Article
by Suárez-García, Inés and Ruiz-Algueró, Marta and García Yubero, Cristina and Moreno, Cristina and Belza, María José and Estébanez, Miriam and de los Santos, Ignacio and Masiá, Mar and Samperiz Abad, Gloria and Muñoz Sánchez, Josefa and Omar, Mohamed and Jarrín, Inma and Moreno, Santiago and Jarrín, Inma and Dalmau, David and Navarro, Maria Luisa and González, Maria Isabel and Garcia, Federico and Poveda, Eva and Iribarren, Jose Antonio and Gutiérrez, Félix and Rubio, Rafael and Vidal, Francesc and Berenguer, Juan and González, Juan and Muñoz-Fernández, M Ángeles and Jarrin, Inmaculada and Alejos, Belén and Moreno, Cristina and Iniesta, Carlos and Sousa, Luis Miguel Garcia and Perez, Nieves Sanz and Rava, Marta and Muñoz-Fernández, M’Ángeles and Fernández, Irene Consuegra and Merino, Esperanza and García, Gema and Portilla, Irene and Agea, Iván and Portilla, Joaquín and Sánchez-Payá, José and Rodríguez, Juan Carlos and Gimeno, Lina and Giner, Livia and Díez, Marcos and Carreres, Melissa and Reus, Sergio and Boix, Vicente and Torrús, Diego and Lirola, Ana López and García, Dácil and Díaz-Flores, Felicitas and Gómez, Juan Luis and del Mar Alonso, María and Pelazas, Ricardo and Hernández, Jehovana and Alemán, María Remedios and Hernández, María Inmaculada and Asensi, Víctor and Valle, Eulalia and Carmenado, María Eugenia Rivas and Secades, Tomás Suárez-Zarracina and Pérez Is, Laura and Pulido, Federico and Bisbal, Otilia and Hernando, Asunción and Domínguez, Lourdes and Crestelo, David Rial and Bermejo, Laura and Santacreu, Mireia and Iribarren, JoséAntonio and Arrizabalaga, Julio and Aramburu, María José and Camino, Xabier and Rodríguez-Arrondo, Francisco and von Wichmann, Miguel Ángel and Tomé, Lidia Pascual and Goenaga, Miguel Ángel and Bustinduy, Ma Jesús and Azkune, Harkaitz and Ibarguren, Maialen and Lizardi, Aitziber and Kortajarena, Xabier and Oyaga, Ma PilarCarmona and Igartua, Maitane Umerez and Masiá, Mar and Padilla, Sergio and Robledano, Catalina and Colomé, Joan Gregori and Adsuar, Araceli and Pascual, Rafael and Fernández, Marta and García, JoséAlberto and Barber, Xavier and Agullo Re, Vanessa and Abellán, Javier Garcia and Pérez, Reyes Pascual and Roca, María and Muga, Roberto and Sanvisens, Arantza and ... and the Cohort of the Spanish HIV/AIDS Research Network (CoRIS)
Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy, ISSN 0305-7453, 10/2019
Abstract Objectives To assess the attitudes and opinions about generic antiretroviral drugs (ARVs) and single-tablet regimen (STR) de-simplification among... 
Journal Article
PLOS ONE, ISSN 1932-6203, 08/2019, Volume 14, Issue 8, p. e0220459
Journal Article
Journal of Infection, ISSN 0163-4453, 2015, Volume 72, Issue 2, pp. 152 - 160
Journal Article
Revista Espanola de Cardiologia, ISSN 1885-5857, 07/2015, Volume 68, Issue 7, p. 638
Journal Article
Journal of the International AIDS Society, ISSN 1758-2652, 11/2014, Volume 17, Issue 4 Suppl 3, pp. 19656 - n/a
Introduction Due to their low CNS penetrance, there are concerns about the capacity of non‐conventional PI‐based ART (monotherapy and dual therapies) to... 
Journal Article
by Zegri-Reiriz, Isabel and de Alarcón, Arístides and Muñoz, Patricia and Martínez Sellés, Manuel and González-Ramallo, Victor and Miro, Jose M and Falces, Carles and Falces, Carlos and Gonzalez Rico, Claudia and Kortajarena Urkola, Xabier and Lepe, José Antonio and Rodriguez Alvarez, Regino and Reguera Iglesias, José Mª and Reguera Iglesias, Jose Maria and Navas, Enrique and Dominguez, Fernando and Garcia-Pavia, Pablo and Fernández Sánchez, Fernando and Noureddine, Mariam and Rosas, Gabriel and de la Torre Lima, Javier and Aramendi, José and Bereciartua, Elena and Blanco, Roberto and Blanco, María José and Blanco, José Ramón and Boado, María Victoria and Campaña Lázaro, Marta and Crespo, Alejandro and Goikoetxea, Josune and Iruretagoyena, José Ramón and Irurzun Zuazabal, Josu and López-Soria, Leire and Montejo, Miguel and Nieto, Javier and Rodrigo, David and Rodríguez, Regino and Rodríguez, David and Vitoria, Yolanda and Voces, Roberto and García López, María Victoria and Ivanova Georgieva, Radka and Ojeda, Guillermo and Rodríguez Bailón, Isabel and Ruiz Morales, Josefa and Cuende, Ana María and Echeverría, Tomás and Fuerte, Ana and Gaminde, Eduardo and Goenaga, Miguel Ángel and Idígoras, Pedro and Iribarren, José Antonio and Izaguirre Yarza, Alberto and Reviejo, Carlos and Carrasco, Rafael and Climent, Vicente and Llamas, Patricio and Merino, Esperanza and Plazas, Joaquín and Reus, Sergio and Álvarez, Nemesio and Bravo-Ferrer, José María and Castelo, Laura and Cuenca, José and Llinares, Pedro and Miguez Rey, Enrique and Rodríguez Mayo, María and Sánchez, Efrén and Sousa Regueiro, Dolores and Martínez, Francisco Javier and Martínez, Amparo and Alonso, María del Mar and Alonso, Ángel and Alonso, Luis Javier and Castro, Beatriz and García Rosado, Dácil and Durán, Mª del Carmen and Miguel Gómez, Mª Antonia and Lacalzada, Juan and Nassar, Ibrahim and Plata Ciezar, Antonio and Asensi Álvarez, Víctor and Costas, Carlos and de la Hera, Jesús and Fernández Suárez, Jonnathan and Iglesias Fraile, Lisardo and León Arguero, Víctor and López Menéndez, José and Mencia Bajo, Pilar and Morales, Carlos and Morales, Isabel and Moreno Torrico, Alfonso and Palomo, Carmen and Paya Martínez, Begoña and Rodríguez Esteban, Ángeles and Rodríguez García, Raquel and Telenti Asensio, Mauricio and Almela, Manuel and Ambrosioni, Juan and Azqueta, Manuel and ... and Spanish Collaboration Endocarditis and Spanish Collaboration on Endocarditis—Grupo de Apoyo al Manejo de la Endocarditis infecciosa en España (GAMES)
Journal of the American College of Cardiology, ISSN 0735-1097, 06/2018, Volume 71, Issue 24, pp. 2731 - 2740
Journal Article
International Journal of Integrated Care, 08/2019, Volume 19, Issue 4
Justificación del programa: Las personas mayores residentes en Plaentxia (Soraluze) suponen el 23% de la población total, cifra incluso superior a la prevista... 
participación social | envejecimiento activo | empoderamiento y comunidad
Journal Article
Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes, ISSN 1525-4135, 05/2009, Volume 51, Issue 1, p. 99
  To determine the introduction of HIV-1 genetic forms and to examine transmission clusters and resistance to antiretroviral inhibitors among newly diagnosed... 
Disease transmission | Heterosexuality | Human immunodeficiency virus--HIV | Men | Mutation | Medical diagnosis | Drug resistance | Public health
Journal Article
by Estrada, V and Monge, S and Gómez‐Garre, MD and Sobrino, P and Masiá, M and Berenguer, J and Portilla, J and Viladés, C and Martínez, E and Blanco, JR and Moreno, Santiago and Amo, Julia and Dalmau, David and Navarro, Maria Luisa and González, Maria Isabel and Garcia, Federico and Rubio, Rafael and Iribarren, Jose Antonio and Gutiérrez, Félix and Vidal, Francesc and González, Juan and Hernando, Victoria and Alejos, Belén and Álvarez, Débora and Jarrín, Inma and Rivero, Yaiza and González, Cristina and Ángeles Muñoz‐Fernández, M and García‐Merino, Isabel and Rico, Coral Gómez and Merino, Esperanza and Reus, Sergio and Boix, Vicente and Giner, Livia and Gadea, Carmen and Portilla, Irene and Pampliega, Maria and Díez, Marcos and Rodríguez, Juan Carlos and Sánchez‐Payá, Jose and Gutiérrez, Félix and Padilla, Sergio and Navarro, Andrés and Montolio, Fernando and Robledano, Catalina and Colomé, Joan Gregori and Adsuar, Araceli and Pascual, Rafael and Martinez, Maravillas and Quirós, Juan Carlos López Bernaldo and Miralles, Pilar and Gutiérrez, Isabel and Ramírez, Margarita and Padilla, Belén and Gijón, Paloma and Carrero, Ana and Aldamiz‐Echevarría, Teresa and Tejerina, Francisco and Parras, Francisco Jose and Balsalobre, Pascual and Diez, Cristina and Vidal, Francesc and Peraire, Joaquín and Veloso, Sergio and Vargas, Montserrat and López‐Dupla, Miguel and Olona, Montserrat and Aguilar, Alba and Sirvent, Joan Josep and Alba, Verónica and Calavia, Olga and González, Juan and Serna, Ignacio Bernardino and Arribas, José Ramón and Montes, María Luisa and Peña, Jose Mª and Arribas, Blanca and Castro, Juan Miguel and Zamora, Fco Javier and Pérez, Ignacio and Estébanez, Miriam and García, Silvia and Díaz, Marta and Alcáriz, Natalia Stella and Mingorance, Jesús and Montero, Dolores and González, Alicia and José, Maria Isabel and Hontañón, Victor and Casado, José Luis and Dronda, Fernando and Moreno, Ana and Elías, María Jesús Pérez and López, Dolores and Gutiérrez, Carolina and Hernández, Beatriz and Madrid, Nadia and Lamas, Angel and Martí, Paloma and Diaz, Alberto and ... and CoRIS HIV Biobank Integrated Spani and CoRIS and the HIV Biobank integrated in the Spanish AIDS Research Network
HIV Medicine, ISSN 1464-2662, 10/2016, Volume 17, Issue 9, pp. 653 - 661
Journal Article