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by Akimov, D and Albert, J.B and An, P and Awe, C and Barbeau, P.S and Becker, B and Belov, V and Brown, A and Bolozdynya, A and Cabrera-Palmer, B and Cervantes, M and Collar, J.I and Cooper, R.J and Cooper, R.L and Cuesta, C and Dean, D.J and Detwiler, J.A and Eberhardt, A and Efremenko, Y and Elliott, S.R and Erkela, E.M and Fabris, L and Febbraro, M and Fields, N.E and Fox, W and Fu, Z and Galindo-Uribarri, A and Green, M.P and Hai, M and Heath, M.R and Hedges, S and Hornback, D and Hossbach, T.W and Iverson, E.B and Kaufman, L.J and Ki, S and Klein, S.R and Khromov, A and Konovalov, A and Kremer, M and Kumpan, A and Leadbetter, C and Li, L and Lu, W and Mann, K and Markoff, D.M and Miller, K and Moreno, H and Mueller, P.E and Newby, J and Orrell, J.L and Overman, C.T and Parno, D.S and Penttila, S and Perumpilly, G and Ray, H and Raybern, J and Reyna, D and Rich, G.C and Rimal, D and Rudik, D and Scholberg, K and Scholz, B.J and Sinev, G and Snow, W.M and Sosnovtsev, V and Shakirov, A and Suchyta, S and Suh, B and Tayloe, R and Thornton, R.T and Tolstukhin, I and Vanderwerp, J and Varner, R.L and Virtue, C.J and Wan, Z and Yoo, J and Yu, C.-H and Zawada, A and Zettlemoyer, J and Zderic, A.M and COHERENT Collaboration and Los Alamos National Lab. (LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States) and Duke Univ., Durham, NC (United States) and Oak Ridge National Lab. (ORNL), Oak Ridge, TN (United States) and Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility (OLCF) and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. (LBNL), Berkeley, CA (United States) and Sandia National Lab. (SNL-NM), Albuquerque, NM (United States) and Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States)
Science, ISSN 0036-8075, 09/2017, Volume 357, Issue 6356, pp. 1123 - 1126
Journal Article
Journal of Applied Physics, ISSN 0021-8979, 09/2018, Volume 124, Issue 10
Optical pyrometry requires knowledge of both spectral radiance and spectral emissivity to accurately measure temperature. No reliable compendium of spectral... 
Spectral emissivity | Near infrared radiation | Surface finish | Finishes | Metal surfaces | Radiance | Diagnostic systems | Surface roughness | Infrared spectra | Pyrometry | Reflectance
Journal Article
Journal of Applied Physics, ISSN 0021-8979, 09/2018, Volume 124, Issue 10, p. 105107
Optical pyrometry requires knowledge of both spectral radiance and spectral emissivity to accurately measure temperature. No reliable compendium of spectral... 
Journal Article
by Buizert, Christo and Adrian, Betty and Ahn, Jinho and Albert, Mary and Alley, Richard B and Baggenstos, Daniel and Bauska, Thomas K and Bay, Ryan C and Bencivengo, Brian B and Bentley, Charles R and Brook, Edward J and Chellman, Nathan J and Clow, Gary D and Cole-Dai, Jihong and Conway, Howard and Cravens, Eric and Cuffey, Kurt M and Dunbar, Nelia W and Edwards, Jon S and Fegyveresi, John M and Ferris, Dave G and Fitzpatrick, Joan J and Fudge, T.J and Gibson, Chris J and Gkinis, Vasileios and Goetz, Joshua J and Gregory, Stephanie and Hargreaves, Geoffrey M and Iverson, Nels and Johnson, Jay A and Jones, Tyler R and Kalk, Michael L and Kippenhan, Matthew J and Koffman, Bess G and Kreutz, Karl and Kuhl, Tanner W and Lebar, Donald A and Lee, James E and Marcott, Shaun A and Markle, Bradley R and Maselli, Olivia J and McConnell, Joseph R and McGwire, Kenneth C and Mitchell, Logan E and Mortensen, Nicolai B and Neff, Peter D and Nishiizumi, Kunihiko and Nunn, Richard M and Orsi, Anais J and Pasteris, Daniel R and Pedro, Joel B and Pettit, Erin C and Price, P. Buford and Priscu, John C and Rhodes, Rachael H and Rosen, Julia L and Schauer, Andrew J and Schoenemann, Spruce W and Sendelbach, Paul J and Severinghaus, Jeffrey P and Shturmakov, Alexander J and Sigl, Michael and Slawny, Kristina R and Souney, Joseph M and Sowers, Todd A and Spencer, Matthew K and Steig, Eric J and Taylor, Kendrick C and Twickler, Mark S and Vaughn, Bruce H and Voigt, Donald E and Waddington, Edwin D and Welten, Kees C and Wendricks, Anthony W and White, James W. C and Winstrup, Mai and Wong, Gifford J and Woodruff, Thomas E and WAIS Divide Project Members
Nature, ISSN 0028-0836, 04/2015, Volume 520, Issue 7549, pp. 661 - 665
The last glacial period exhibited abrupt Dansgaard-Oeschger climatic oscillations, evidence of which is preserved in a variety of Northern Hemisphere... 
CORE RECORD | ANTARCTIC ICE | ATMOSPHERIC CO2 | GLACIAL PERIOD | WAIS DIVIDE | MULTIDISCIPLINARY SCIENCES | GREENLAND | BIPOLAR SEESAW | OCEAN MODEL | CHRONOLOGY AICC2012 | POLAR ICE | Climate change | Heat | Propagation | Ice age | Continental interfaces, environment | Sciences of the Universe | Ocean, Atmosphere
Journal Article
by Böhm, Monika and Collen, Ben and Baillie, Jonathan E.M and Bowles, Philip and Chanson, Janice and Cox, Neil and Hammerson, Geoffrey and Hoffmann, Michael and Livingstone, Suzanne R and Ram, Mala and Rhodin, Anders G.J and Stuart, Simon N and van Dijk, Peter Paul and Young, Bruce E and Afuang, Leticia E and Aghasyan, Aram and García, Andrés and Aguilar, César and Ajtic, Rastko and Akarsu, Ferdi and Alencar, Laura R.V and Allison, Allen and Ananjeva, Natalia and Anderson, Steve and Andrén, Claes and Ariano-Sánchez, Daniel and Arredondo, Juan Camilo and Auliya, Mark and Austin, Christopher C and Avci, Aziz and Baker, Patrick J and Barreto-Lima, André F and Barrio-Amorós, César L and Basu, Dhruvayothi and Bates, Michael F and Batistella, Alexandre and Bauer, Aaron and Bennett, Daniel and Böhme, Wolfgang and Broadley, Don and Brown, Rafe and Burgess, Joseph and Captain, Ashok and Carreira, Santiago and Castañeda, Maria del Rosario and Castro, Fernando and Catenazzi, Alessandro and Cedeño-Vázquez, José R and Chapple, David G and Cheylan, Marc and Cisneros-Heredia, Diego F and Cogalniceanu, Dan and Cogger, Hal and Corti, Claudia and Costa, Gabriel C and Couper, Patrick J and Courtney, Tony and Crnobrnja-Isailovic, Jelka and Crochet, Pierre-André and Crother, Brian and Cruz, Felix and Daltry, Jennifer C and Daniels, R.J. Ranjit and Das, Indraneil and de Silva, Anslem and Diesmos, Arvin C and Dirksen, Lutz and Doan, Tiffany M and Dodd, C. Kenneth and Doody, J. Sean and Dorcas, Michael E and Duarte de Barros Filho, Jose and Egan, Vincent T and El Mouden, El Hassan and Embert, Dirk and Espinoza, Robert E and Fallabrino, Alejandro and Feng, Xie and Feng, Zhao-Jun and Fitzgerald, Lee and Flores-Villela, Oscar and França, Frederico G.R and Frost, Darrell and Gadsden, Hector and Gamble, Tony and Ganesh, S.R and Garcia, Miguel A and García-Pérez, Juan E and Gatus, Joey and Gaulke, Maren and Geniez, Philippe and Georges, Arthur and Gerlach, Justin and Goldberg, Stephen and Gonzalez, Juan-Carlos T and Gower, David J and Grant, Tandora and Greenbaum, Eli and Grieco, Cristina and Guo, Peng and ...
Biological Conservation, ISSN 0006-3207, 01/2013, Volume 157, pp. 372 - 385
Effective and targeted conservation action requires detailed information about species, their distribution, systematics and ecology as well as the distribution... 
Journal Article
Archives of Clinical Neuropsychology, ISSN 1873-5843, 07/2019, Volume 34, Issue 5, pp. 754 - 754
Abstract Purpose This systematic review examined clinical outcomes (i.e., prognosis) following a sport-related concussion in athletes who have a pre-injury... 
Journal Article
by Karp, Daniel S and Chaplin-Kramer, Rebecca and Meehan, Timothy D and Martin, Emily A and DeClerck, Fabrice and Grab, Heather and Gratton, Claudio and Hunt, Lauren and Larsen, Ashley E and Martínez-Salinas, Alejana and O'Rourke, Megan E and Rusch, Aien and Poveda, Katja and Jonsson, Mattias and Rosenheim, Jay A and Schellhorn, Nancy A and Tscharntke, Teja and Wratten, Stephen D and Zhang, Wei and Iverson, Aaron L and Adler, Lynn S and Albrecht, Matthias and Alignier, Auey and Angelella, Gina M and Zubair Anjum, Muhammad and Avelino, Jacques and Batáry, Péter and Baveco, Johannes M and Bianchi, Felix J J A and Birkhofer, Klaus and Bohnenblust, Eric W and Bommarco, Riccardo and Brewer, Michael J and Caballero-López, Berta and Carrière, Yves and Carvalheiro, Luísa G and Cayuela, Luis and Centrella, Mary and Ćetković, Aleksandar and Henri, Dominic Charles and Chabert, Ariane and Costamagna, Alejano C and De la Mora, Aldo and de Kraker, Joop and Desneux, Nicolas and Diehl, Eva and Diekötter, Tim and Dormann, Carsten F and Eckberg, James O and Entling, Martin H and Fiedler, Daniela and Franck, Pierre and Frank van Veen, F J and Frank, Thomas and Gagic, Vesna and Garratt, Michael P D and Getachew, Awraris and Gonthier, David J and Goodell, Peter B and Graziosi, Ignazio and Groves, Russell L and Gurr, Geoff M and Hajian-Forooshani, Zachary and Heimpel, George E and Herrmann, John D and Huseth, Anders S and Inclán, Diego J and Ingrao, Adam J and Iv, Phirun and Jacot, Katja and Johnson, Gregg A and Jones, Laura and Kaiser, Marina and Kaser, Joe M and Keasar, Tamar and Kim, Tania N and Kishinevsky, Miriam and Landis, Douglas A and Lavandero, Blas and Lavigne, Claire and Le Ralec, Anne and Lemessa, Debissa and Letourneau, Deborah K and Liere, Heidi and Lu, Yanhui and Lubin, Yael and Luttermoser, Tim and Maas, Bea and Mace, Kevi and Madeira, Filipe and Mader, Viktoria and Cortesero, Anne Marie and Marini, Lorenzo and Martinez, Eliana and Martinson, Holly M and Menozzi, Philippe and Mitchell, Matthew G E and Miyashita, Tadashi and Molina, Gonzalo A R and Molina-Montenegro, Marco A and ... and Biodiversitet and Lund University and Centrum för miljö- och klimatforskning (CEC) and Biodiversity and et al and Lund university sustainability forum and Lunds universitets hållbarhetsforum and Centre for Environmental and Climate Research (CEC) and Lunds universitet and BECC - Biodiversity and Ecosystem services in a Changing Climate
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, ISSN 0027-8424, 08/2018, Volume 115, Issue 33, pp. E7863 - E7870
Journal Article
Journal of Applied Physics, ISSN 0021-8979, 01/2019, Volume 125, Issue 2
Dynamic compaction of granular materials is a complex process wherein the material response at the continuum scale arises from fracture, comminution, and... 
Journal Article
by Bevan, A J and Golob, B and Mannel, Th and Prell, S and Yabsley, B D and Aihara, H and Anulli, F and Arnaud, N and Aushev, T and Beneke, M and Beringer, J and Bianchi, F and Bigi, I I and Bona, M and Brambilla, N and Brodzicka, J and Chang, P and Charles, M J and Cheng, C H and Cheng, H.-Y and Chistov, R and Colangelo, P and Coleman, J P and Drutskoy, A and Druzhinin, V P and Eidelman, S and Eigen, G and Eisner, A M and Faccini, R and Flood, K T and Gambino, P and Gaz, A and Gradl, W and Hayashii, H and Higuchi, T and Hulsbergen, W D and Hurth, T and Iijima, T and Itoh, R and Jackson, P D and Kass, R and Kolomensky, Yu G and Kou, E and Križan, P and Kronfeld, A and Kumano, S and Kwon, Y J and Latham, T E and Leith, D W. G. S and Lüth, V and Martinez-Vidal, F and Meadows, B T and Mussa, R and Nakao, M and Nishida, S and Ocariz, J and Olsen, S L and Pakhlov, P and Pakhlova, G and Palano, A and Pich, A and Playfer, S and Poluektov, A and Porter, F C and Robertson, S H and Roney, J M and Roodman, A and Sakai, Y and Schwanda, C and Schwartz, A J and Seidl, R and Sekula, S J and Steinhauser, M and Sumisawa, K and Swanson, E S and Tackmann, F and Trabelsi, K and Uehara, S and Uno, S and van de Water, R and Vasseur, G and Verkerke, W and Waldi, R and Wang, M Z and Wilson, F F and Zupan, J and Zupanc, A and Adachi, I and Albert, J and Banerjee, Sw and Bellis, M and Ben-Haim, E and Biassoni, P and Cahn, R N and Cartaro, C and Chauveau, J and Chen, C and Chiang, C C and Cowan, R and Dalseno, J and ... and Fermi National Accelerator Lab. (FNAL), Batavia, IL (United States) and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. (LBNL), Berkeley, CA (United States)
The European Physical Journal C, ISSN 1434-6044, 11/2014, Volume 74, Issue 11, pp. 1 - 928
Journal Article