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by Bujko, K and Wyrwicz, L and Rutkowski, A and Malinowska, M and Pietrzak, L and Kryński, J and Michalski, W and Oledzki, J and Kuśnierz, J and Zajac, L and Bednarczyk, M and Szczepkowski, M and Tarnowski, W and Kosakowska, E and Zwoliński, J and Winiarek, M and Wiśniowska, K and Partycki, M and Beczkowska, K and Polkowski, W and Styliński, R and Wierzbicki, R and Bury, P and Jankiewicz, M and Paprota, K and Lewicka, M and Ciseł, B and Skórzewska, M and Mielko, J and Bebenek, M and Maciejczyk, A and Kapturkiewicz, B and Dybko, A and Hajac, Ł and Wojnar, A and Leśniak, T and Zygulska, J and Jantner, D and Chudyba, E and Zegarski, W and Las-Jankowska, M and Jankowski, M and Kołodziejski, L and Radkowski, A and Zelazowska-Omiotek, U and Czeremszyńska, B and Kepka, L and Kolb-Sielecki, J and Toczko, Z and Fedorowicz, Z and Dziki, A and Danek, A and Nawrocki, G and Sopyło, R and Markiewicz, W and Kedzierawski, P and Wydmański, J and Albinski, J and Banaś, R and Chmielowska, E and Bal, W and Baszczyk-Mnich, J and Bialas, M and Borowiec, T and Bujko, M and Cencelewicz, A and Chomik, K and Chwalinski, M and Ciepela, I and Dupla, D and Florek, A and Górnicki, A and Jeziorski, K and Józwickil, W and Kobiela, J and Koda, M and Kolodziej, P and Kruszewski, P and Kryj, M and Kuciel-Lisiecka, G and Kwiatkowski, R and Lachowski, A and Liszka-Dalecki, P and Majewski, A and Majewski, W and Majsak, T and Maka, D and Malka, M and Mazurkiewicz, A and Morawiec, J and Nogal, E and Olejniczak, M and Olkowski, D and Ostrowska-Cichocka, K and Pietruszka, M and Piotrkowski, G and Plewicka, M and Porzuczek-Zuziak, D and Reszke, J and Rychter, A and ... and Polish Colorectal Study Group
Annals of Oncology, ISSN 0923-7534, 05/2016, Volume 27, Issue 5, pp. 834 - 842
Journal Article
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