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Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, ISSN 0146-1672, 03/2010, Volume 36, Issue 3, pp. 309 - 325
Journal Article
by Vignoles, Vivian L and Owe, Ellinor and Becker, Maja and Smith, Peter B and Easterbrook, Matthew J and Brown, Rupert and González, Roberto and Didier, Nicolas and Carrasco, Diego and Cadena, Maria Paz and Lay, Siugmin and Schwartz, Seth J and Des Rosiers, Sabrina E and Villamar, Juan A and Gavreliuc, Alin and Zinkeng, Martina and Kreuzbauer, Robert and Baguma, Peter and Martin, Mariana and Tatarko, Alexander and Herman, Ginette and de Sauvage, Isabelle and Courtois, Marie and Gardarsdóttir, Ragna B and Harb, Charles and Gallo, Inge Schweiger and Gil, Paula Prieto and Clemares, Raquel Lorente and Campara, Gabriella and Nizharadze, George and Macapagal, Ma. Elizabeth J and Jalal, Baland and Bourguignon, David and Zhang, Jianxin and Lv, Shaobo and Chybicka, Aneta and Yuki, Masaki and Zhang, Xiao and Espinosa, Agustín and Valk, Aune and Abuhamdeh, Sami and Amponsah, Benjamin and Özgen, Emre and Guner, E. Ülkü and Yamakoglu, Nil and Chobthamkit, Phatthanakit and Pyszczynski, Tom and Kesebir, Pelin and Trujillo, Elvia Vargas and Balanta, Paola and Ayala, Boris Cendales and Koller, Silvia H and Jaafar, Jas Laile and Gausel, Nicolay and Fischer, Ronald and Milfont, Taciano L and Kusdil, Ersin and Çağlar, Selinay and Aldhafri, Said and Ferreira, M. Cristina and Mekonnen, Kassahun Habtamu and Wang, Qian and Fülöp, Márta and Torres, Ana and Camino, Leoncio and Lemos, Flavia Cristina Silveira and Fritsche, Immo and Möller, Bettina and Regalia, Camillo and Manzi, Claudia and Brambilla, Maria and Bond, Michael Harris
Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, ISSN 0096-3445, 08/2016, Volume 145, Issue 8, pp. 966 - 1000
Journal Article
by Conroy-Beam, D and Buss, DM and Asao, K and Sorokowska, A and Sorokowski, P and Aavik, T and Akello, G and Alhabahba, MM and Alm, C and Amjad, N and Anjum, A and Atama, CS and Duyar, DA and Ayebare, R and Batres, C and Bendixen, M and Bensafia, A and Bizumic, B and Boussena, M and Butovskaya, M and Can, S and Cantarero, K and Carrier, A and Cetinkaya, H and Croy, I and Cueto, RM and Czub, M and Dronova, D and Dural, S and Duyar, I and Ertugrul, B and Espinosa, A and Estevan, I and Esteves, CS and Fang, LX and Frackowiak, T and Garduno, JC and Gonzalez, KU and Guemaz, F and Gyuris, P and Halamova, M and Herak, I and Horvat, M and Hromatko, I and Hui, CM and Jaafar, JL and Jiang, F and Kafetsios, K and Kavcic, T and Kennair, LEO and Kervyn, N and Ha, TTK and Khilji, IA and Kobis, NC and Lan, HM and Lang, A and Lennard, GR and Leon, E and Lindholm, T and Linh, TT and Lopez, G and Van Luot, NV and Mailhos, A and Manesi, Z and Martinez, R and McKerchar, SL and Mesko, N and Misra, G and Monaghan, C and Mora, EC and Moya-Garofano, A and Musil, B and Natividade, JC and Niemczyk, A and Nizharadze, G and Oberzaucher, E and Oleszkiewicz, A and Omar-Fauzee, MS and Onyishi, IE and Ozener, B and Pagani, AF and Pakalniskiene, V and Parise, M and Pazhoohi, F and Pisanski, A and Pisanski, K and Ponciano, E and Popa, C and Prokop, P and Rizwan, M and Sainz, M and Salkicevic, S and Sargautyte, R and Sarmany-Schuller, I and Schmehl, S and Sharad, S and Siddiqui, RS and Simonetti, F and Stoyanova, SY and Tadinac, M and ... and Stockholms universitet and Personlighets-, social- och utvecklingspsykologi and Samhällsvetenskapliga fakulteten and Psykologiska institutionen
SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, ISSN 2045-2322, 11/2019, Volume 9, Issue 1, pp. 1 - 13
Humans express a wide array of ideal mate preferences. Around the world, people desire romantic partners who are intelligent, healthy, kind, physically... 
CHOICE | MULTIDISCIPLINARY SCIENCES | INVESTMENT | Mating | Integration | Computer applications | Information processing | Mathematical models | Mate selection | Preferences | Index Medicus | Samhällsvetenskap | Social Sciences | Psychology | Psykologi | human behaviour | sexual selection
Journal Article
by Owe, Ellinor and Vignoles, Vivian L and Becker, Maja and Brown, Rupert and Smith, Peter B and Lee, Spike W. S and Easterbrook, Matt and Gadre, Tanuja and Zhang, Xiao and Gheorghiu, Mirona and Baguma, Peter and Tatarko, Alexander and Aldhafri, Said and Zinkeng, Martina and Schwartz, Seth J and Des Rosiers, Sabrina E and Villamar, Juan A and Mekonnen, Kassahun Habtamu and Regalia, Camillo and Manzi, Claudia and Brambilla, Maria and Kusdil, Ersin and Çağ lar, Selinay and Gavreliuc, Alin and Martin, Mariana and Jianxin, Zhang and Lv, Shaobo and Fischer, Ronald and Milfont, Taciano L and Torres, Ana and Camino, Leoncio and Kreuzbauer, Robert and Gausel, Nicolay and Buitendach, Johanna H and Lemos, Flávia Cristina Silveira and Fritsche, Immo and Möller, Bettina and Harb, Charles and Valk, Aune and Espinosa, Agustín and Jaafar, Jas Laile and Yuki, Masaki and Ferreira, M. Cristina and Chobthamkit, Phatthanakit and Fülöp, Márta and Chybicka, Aneta and Wang, Qian and Bond, Michael Harris and González, Roberto and Didier, Nicolas and Carrasco, Diego and Cadena, Maria Paz and Lay, Siugmin and Garðarsdóttir, Ragna B and Nizharadze, George and Pyszczynski, Tom and Kesebir, Pelin and Herman, Ginette and de Sauvage, Isabelle and Courtois, Marie and Bourguignon, David and Özgen, Emre and Güner, Ülku E and Yamakoğlu, Nil and Abuhamdeh, Sami and Mogaji, Andrew and Macapagal, Ma. Elizabeth J and Koller, Silvia H and Amponsah, Benjamin and Misra, Girishwar and Kapur, Preeti and Vargas Trujillo, Elvia and Balanta, Paola and Cendales Ayala, Boris and Schweiger Gallo, Inge and Prieto Gil, Paula and Clemares, Raquel Lorente and Campara, Gabriella and Jalal, Baland
Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, ISSN 0022-0221, 1/2013, Volume 44, Issue 1, pp. 24 - 45
Journal Article
International journal of psychology, ISSN 0020-7594, 2016, Volume 51, Issue 6, pp. 453 - 463
Journal Article
by Conroy-Beam, Daniel and Roney, James R and Lukaszewski, Aaron W and Buss, David M and Asao, Kelly and Sorokowska, Agnieszka and Sorokowski, Piotr and Aavik, Toivo and Akello, Grace and Alhabahba, Mohammad Madallh and Alm, Charlotte and Amjad, Naumana and Anjum, Afifa and Atama, Chiemezie S and Atamtürk Duyar, Derya and Ayebare, Richard and Batres, Carlota and Bendixen, Mons and Bensafia, Aicha and Bertoni, Anna and Bizumic, Boris and Boussena, Mahmoud and Butovskaya, Marina and Can, Seda and Cantarero, Katarzyna and Carrier, Antonin and Cetinkaya, Hakan and Croy, Ilona and Cueto, Rosa María and Czub, Marcin and Donato, Silvia and Dronova, Daria and Dural, Seda and Duyar, Izzet and Ertugrul, Berna and Espinosa, Agustín and Estevan, Ignacio and Esteves, Carla Sofia and Fang, Luxi and Frackowiak, Tomasz and Contreras Garduño, Jorge and González, Karina Ugalde and Guemaz, Farida and Gyuris, Petra and Halamová, Mária and Herak, Iskra and Horvat, Marina and Hromatko, Ivana and Hui, Chin-Ming and Iafrate, Raffaella and Jaafar, Jas Laile and Jiang, Feng and Kafetsios, Konstantinos and Kavčič, Tina and Kennair, Leif Edward Ottesen and Kervyn, Nicolas and Ha, Truong Thi Khanh and Khilji, Imran Ahmed and Köbis, Nils C and Lan, Hoang Moc and Láng, András and Lennard, Georgina R and León, Ernesto and Lindholm, Torun and Linh, Trinh Thi and Lopez, Giulia and Van Luot, Nguyen and Mailhos, Alvaro and Manesi, Zoi and Martinez, Rocio and McKerchar, Sarah L and Meskó, Norbert and Misra, Girishwar and Monaghan, Conal and Mora, Emanuel C and Moya-Garófano, Alba and Musil, Bojan and Natividade, Jean Carlos and Niemczyk, Agnieszka and Nizharadze, George and Oberzaucher, Elisabeth and Oleszkiewicz, Anna and Omar-Fauzee, Mohd Sofian and Onyishi, Ike E and Özener, Baris and Pagani, Ariela Francesca and Pakalniskiene, Vilmante and Parise, Miriam and Pazhoohi, Farid and Pisanski, Katarzyna and Pisanski, Annette and Ponciano, Edna and Popa, Camelia and Prokop, Pavol and Rizwan, Muhammad and Sainz, Mario and Salkičević, Svjetlana and Sargautyte, Ruta and Sarmány-Schuller, Ivan and Schmehl, Susanne and ... and Stockholms universitet and Personlighets-, social- och utvecklingspsykologi and Samhällsvetenskapliga fakulteten and Psykologiska institutionen
Evolution and Human Behavior, ISSN 1090-5138, 09/2019, Volume 40, Issue 5, pp. 479 - 491
Journal Article
Asia‐Pacific Psychiatry, ISSN 1758-5864, 03/2018, Volume 10, Issue 1, pp. e12293 - n/a
Introduction The Schizotypal Personality Questionnaire (SPQ) is a widely used self‐report measurement instrument for the assessment of schizotypal personality... 
confirmatory factor analysis | Schizotypal Personality Questionnaire | schizotypy | measurement invariance | CRITERIA | FIT INDEXES | PSYCHIATRY | UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS | SCHIZOPHRENIA | CONFIRMATORY FACTOR-ANALYSIS | 3-FACTOR MODEL | GENDER | CONSTRUCT-VALIDITY | TRAITS | COVARIANCE | Surveys | Multiculturalism | Adults | Measuring instruments
Journal Article
Self and Identity, ISSN 1529-8868, 05/2018, Volume 17, Issue 3, pp. 276 - 293
Self-continuity - the sense that one's past, present, and future are meaningfully connected - is considered a defining feature of personal identity. However,... 
mindset | personhood beliefs | mutability | Identity | self-continuity | culture | PSYCHOLOGY, SOCIAL | INDIVIDUALISM | FUTURE | ESSENTIALISM | IMPLICIT THEORIES | BELIEFS | MOTIVES | Psychology | Humanities and Social Sciences | Cognitive science
Journal Article
Journal Article
Journal Article
Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences, ISSN 1877-0428, 12/2012, Volume 65, pp. 549 - 556
The purpose of the present study is to explore the happiness indicators of the Malaysians and Indonesians. Although there have been many studies investigating... 
Happiness indicators | Malaysia | Indonesia
Journal Article