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by Klyczek, Karen K and Bonilla, J. Alfred and Jacobs-Sera, Deborah and Adair, Tamarah L and Afram, Patricia and Allen, Katherine G and Archambault, Megan L and Aziz, Rahat M and Bagnasco, Filippa G and Ball, Sarah L and Barrett, Natalie A and Benjamin, Robert C and Blasi, Christopher J and Borst, Katherine and Braun, Mary A and Broomell, Haley and Brown, Conner B and Brynell, Zachary S and Bue, Ashley B and Burke, Sydney O and Casazza, William and Cautela, Julia A and Chen, Kevin and Chimalakonda, Nitish S and Chudoff, Dylan and Connor, Jade A and Cross, Trevor S and Curtis, Kyra N and Dahlke, Jessica A and Deaton, Bethany M and Degroote, Sarah J and Denigris, Danielle M and Deruff, Katherine C and Dolan, Milan and Dunbar, David and Egan, Marisa S and Evans, Daniel R and Fahnestock, Abby K and Farooq, Amal and Finn, Garrett and Fratus, Christopher R and Gaffney, Bobby L and Garlena, Rebecca A and Garrigan, Kelly E and Gibbon, Bryan C and Goedde, Michael A and Guerrero Bustamante, Carlos A and Harrison, Melinda and Hartwell, Megan C and Heckman, Emily L and Huang, Jennifer and Hughes, Lee E and Hyduchak, Kathryn M and Jacob, Aswathi E and Kaku, Machika and Karstens, Allen W and Kenna, Margaret A and Khetarpal, Susheel and King, Rodney A and Kobokovich, Amanda L and Kolev, Hannah and Konde, Sai A and Kriese, Elizabeth and Lamey, Morgan E and Lantz, Carter N and Lapin, Jonathan S and Lawson, Temiloluwa O and Lee, In Young and Lee, Scott M and Lee-Soety, Julia Y and Lehmann, Emily M and London, Shawn C and Lopez, A. Javier and Lynch, Kelly C and Mageeney, Catherine M and Martynyuk, Tetyana and Mathew, Kevin J and Mavrich, Travis N and McDaniel, Christopher M and McDonald, Hannah and McManus, C. Joel and Medrano, Jessica E and Mele, Francis E and Menninger, Jennifer E and Miller, Sierra N and Minick, Josephine E and Nabua, Courtney T and Napoli, Caroline K and Nkangabwa, Martha and Oates, Elizabeth A and Ott, Cassandra T and Pellerino, Sarah K and Pinamont, William J and Pirnie, Ross T and Pizzorno, Marie C and Plautz, Emilee J and Pope, Welkin H and Pruett, Katelyn M and Rickstrew, Gabbi and Rimple, Patrick A and ...
PLoS ONE, ISSN 1932-6203, 07/2017, Volume 12, Issue 7, p. e0180517
Journal Article
by Fehlings, Michael G and Ye, Hui and Wang, Jian and Zhang, Liang and Fehlings, Michael and Fisher, Daniel and Xing, Bin and Li, Hui and Hoang, Hai and Cannon, Steve and Longo, Frank and Sheng, Morgan and Silver, Jerry and Coyle, Matthew and Shanmugalingam, Ushananthini and Westwick, Harrison and Cao, Xudong and Grill, Raymond and Bullock, Ross and Okonkwo, David and Okonkwo, David and Okonkwo, David and Murray, Lilian and Murray, Gordon and Fabricius, Martin and Maas, Andrew and Woitzik, Johannes and Sakowitz, Oliver and Mathern, Bruce and Roozenbeek, Bob and Lingsma, Hester and Dreier, Jens and Puccio, Ava and Puccio, Ava and Shutter, Lori and Pahl, Clemens and Strong, Anthony and Pattany, Pradip and Cruz-Almeida, Yenisel and Felix, Elizabeth and Martinez-Arizala, Alberto and Martinez-Arizala, Alberto and Cardenas, Diana and Perez, Salome and Wilde, Elisabeth and Merkley, Tricia and Bigler, Erin and McCauley, Stephen and Ayoub, Kareem and Chu, Zili and Hunter, Jill and Li, Xiaoqi and Hanten, Gerri and Levin, Harvey and Armonda, Rocco and Tigno, Teodoro and Hochheimer, Sven and Stephens, Frederick and Bell, Randy and Vo, Alexander and Meryl, Severson and Ecker, Robert and Lewis, Lawrence and Falk, Jay and Demery, Jason and Brophy, Gretchen and Liu, Ming-Cheng and Mo, Jixiang and Mondello, Stefania and Schmid, Kara and Robertson, Claudia and Tortella, Frank and Hayes, Ronald and Wang, Kevin K.W and Zhang, Jimmy and Khuman, Jugta and Mannix, Rebekah and Whalen, Michael and Badaut, Jerome and Ajao, David and Kamper, Joel and Pop, Viorela and Ashwal, Stephen and Hartman, Richard and Zhang, Jimmy and Park, Juyeon and Whalen, Michael and Zygun, David and Atkins, Kristal D and Khoutorova, Larissa and Eady, Tiffany N and Davidoff, Allen W and Bazan, Nicolas G and Riley, John and Yarovoi, Serge and Cines, Douglas and Smith, Douglas and Higazi, Abd and Elkin, Benjamin and Effgen, Gwen and ...
Journal of Neurotrauma, ISSN 0897-7151, 06/2011, Volume 28, Issue 6, pp. A-1 - A-134
Journal Article
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