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by Riera-Mestre, A and Mora-Lujan, JM and Trujillo-Santos, J and Del Toro, J and Nieto, JA and Pedrajas, JM and Lopez-Reyes, R and Soler, S and Ballaz, A and Cerda, P and Monreal, M and Prandoni, P and Brenner, B and Farge-Bancel, D and Barba, R and Di Micco, P and Bertoletti, L and Schellong, S and Tzoran, I and Reis, A and Bosevski, M and Bounameaux, H and Maly, R and Verhamme, P and Caprini, JA and Bui, HM and Adarraga, MD and Agud, M and Aibar, MA and Alcalde-Manero, M and Alfonso, J and Amado, C and Arcelus, JI and Barbagelata, C and Barron, M and Barron-Andres, B and Blanco-Molina, A and Camon, AM and Canas, I and Castro, J and de Miguel, J and del Toro, J and Demelo, P and Diaz-Pedroche, C and Diaz-Peromingo, JA and Dominguez, I and Escribano, JC and Falga, C and Fernandez-Capitan, C and Fernandez-Criado, MC and Fidalgo, MA and Flores, K and Font, C and Font, L and Furest, I and Garcia, MA and Garcia-Bragado, F and Garcia-Raso, A and Gavin-Bianco, O and Gavin-Sebastian, O and Gil-Diaz, A and Godoy-Diaz, D and Gomez, V and Gomez-Cuelvo, C and Gonzalez-Martinez, J and Grau, E and Guirado, L and Gutierrez, J and Hernandez-Blasco, LM and Jara-Palomares, L and Jaras, MJ and Jimenez, D and Joya, MD and Jou, I and Lalueza, A and Lecumberri, R and Lima, J and Llamas, P and Lobo, JL and Lopez-Jimenez, L and Lopez-Meseguer, M and Lopez-Miguel, P and Lopez-Nunez, JJ and Lopez-Saez, JB and Lorente, MA and Loring, M and Lumbierres, M and Madridano, O and Maestre, A and Marchena, PJ and Martin-Martos, F and Martinez-Baquerizo, C and Martinez-Garcia, MA and Mellado, M and Moises, J and Morales, MV and Munoz-Bianco, A and Nunez, MJ and Olivares, MC and Olivera, PE and ... and RIETE Investigators and the RIETE Investigators
ORPHANET JOURNAL OF RARE DISEASES, ISSN 1750-1172, 08/2019, Volume 14, Issue 1, pp. 196 - 8
Journal Article
Sensors (Switzerland), ISSN 1424-8220, 05/2013, Volume 13, Issue 5, pp. 6687 - 6712
Sensors utilize a large number of heterogeneous technologies for a varied set of application environments. The sheer number of devices involved requires that... 
Internet of things | 6LoWPAN | Legacy technologies | Naming | IPv6 | Addressing | ELECTROCHEMISTRY | addressing | CHEMISTRY, ANALYTICAL | INSTRUMENTS & INSTRUMENTATION | internet of things | WEB | legacy technologies | naming | ARCHITECTURE | AUTOMATION
Journal Article
by Shi, Ting and McAllister, David A and O'Brien, Katherine L and Simoes, Eric A F and Madhi, Shabir A and Gessner, Bradford D and Polack, Fernando P and Balsells, Evelyn and Acacio, Sozinho and Aguayo, Claudia and Alassani, Issifou and Ali, Asad and Antonio, Martin and Awasthi, Shally and Awori, Juliet O and Azziz-Baumgartner, Eduardo and Baggett, Henry C and Baillie, Vicky L and Balmaseda, Angel and Barahona, Alfredo and Basnet, Sudha and Bassat, Quique and Basualdo, Wilma and Bigogo, Godfrey and Bont, Louis and Breiman, Robert F and Brooks, W Abdullah and Broor, Shobha and Bruce, Nigel and Bruden, Dana and Buchy, Philippe and Campbell, Stuart and Carosone-Link, Phyllis and Chadha, Mandeep and Chipeta, James and Chou, Monidarin and Clara, Wilfrido and Cohen, Cheryl and de Cuellar, Elizabeth and Dang, Duc-Anh and Dash-yandag, Budragchaagiin and Deloria-Knoll, Maria and Dherani, Mukesh and Eap, Tekchheng and Ebruke, Bernard E and Echavarria, Marcela and de Freitas Lázaro Emediato, Carla Cecília and Fasce, Rodrigo A and Feikin, Daniel R and Feng, Luzhao and Gentile, Angela and Gordon, Aubree and Goswami, Doli and Goyet, Sophie and Groome, Michelle and Halasa, Natasha and Hirve, Siddhivinayak and Homaira, Nusrat and Howie, Stephen R C and Jara, Jorge and Jroundi, Imane and Kartasasmita, Cissy B and Khuri-Bulos, Najwa and Kotloff, Karen L and Krishnan, Anand and Libster, Romina and Lopez, Olga and Lucero, Marilla G and Lucion, Florencia and Lupisan, Socorro P and Marcone, Debora N and McCracken, John P and Mejia, Mario and Moisi, Jennifer C and Montgomery, Joel M and Moore, David P and Moraleda, Cinta and Moyes, Jocelyn and Munywoki, Patrick and Mutyara, Kuswandewi and Nicol, Mark P and Nokes, D James and Nymadawa, Pagbajabyn and da Costa Oliveira, Maria Tereza and Oshitani, Histoshi and Pandey, Nitin and Paranhos-Baccalà, Gláucia and Phillips, Lia N and Picot, Valentina Sanchez and Rahman, Mustafizur and Rakoto-Andrianarivelo, Mala and Rasmussen, Zeba A and Rath, Barbara A and Robinson, Annick and Romero, Candice and Russomando, Graciela and Salimi, Vahid and Sawatwong, Pongpun and Scheltema, Nienke and Schweiger, Brunhilde and ... and RSV Global Epidemiology Network
The Lancet, ISSN 0140-6736, 09/2017, Volume 390, Issue 10098, pp. 946 - 958
We have previously estimated that respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) was associated with 22% of all episodes of (severe) acute lower respiratory infection... 
Medicine(all) | MORTALITY | MEDICINE, GENERAL & INTERNAL | COST | RISK-FACTORS | METAANALYSIS | MANAGEMENT | RSV | INFANTS | PNEUMONIA | Medicine, Experimental | Medical research | Models | Lung diseases | Analysis | Virologia mèdica | Infeccions respiratòries | Medical virology | Respiratory infections
Journal Article
by Jara-Palomares, L and Alfonso, M and Maestre, A and Jimenez, D and Garcia-Bragado, F and Font, C and Reyes, RL and Blasco, LH and Vidal, G and Otero, R and Monreal, M and Adarraga, MD and Aibar, MA and Aibar, J and Amado, C and Arcelus, JI and Ballaz, A and Barba, R and Barron, M and Barron-Andres, B and Bascunana, J and Blanco-Molina, A and Camon, AM and Canas, I and Carrasco, C and Castro, J and de Ancos, C and Del Toro, J and Demelo, P and Diaz-Peromingo, JA and Diaz-Simon, R and Falga, C and Farfan, AI and Fernandez-Capitan, C and Fernandez-Criado, MD and Fernandez-Nunez, S and Fidalgo, A and Font, L and Garcia, MA and Garcia-Morillo, M and Garcia-Raso, A and Gavin-Sebastian, O and Gayol, MD and Gil-Diaz, A and Gomez, V and Gomez-Cuervo, C and Gonzalez-Martinez, J and Grau, E and Gutierrez, J and Gutierrez-Gonzalez, S and Iglesias, M and Jaras, MJ and Jou, I and Joya, MD and Lalueza, A and Lima, J and Llamas, P and Lobo, JL and Lopez-Jimenez, L and Lopez-Miguel, P and Lopez-Nunez, JJ and Lopez-Saez, JB and Lorente, MA and Lorenzo, A and Loring, M and Madridano, O and Marchena, PJ and Martin, JM and Mellado, M and Morales, MD and Nieto, ML and Nieto, JA and Nunez, MJ and Olivares, MC and Pedrajas, JM and Pellejero, G and Prez-Rus, G and Peris, ML and Porras, JA and Rivas, A and Rodriguez-Davila, MA and Rodriguez-Hernandez, AA and Rubio, CM and Ruiz-Artacho, P and Ruiz-Ruiz, J and Ruiz-Sada, P and Sahuquillo, JC and Salazar, V and Samperiz, A and Munoz-Torrero, JFS and Sancho, T and Soler, S and Surinach, JM and Tapia, E and Tolosa, C and Torres, MI and Trujillo-Santos, J and Uresandi, F and Valle, R and Villares, P and ... and RIETE Investigators and The RIETE investigators
SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, ISSN 2045-2322, 12/2019, Volume 9, Issue 1, pp. 1 - 10
In young patients with acute pulmonary embolism (PE), the predictive value of currently available prognostic tools has not been evaluated. Our objective was to... 
Journal Article
Chungará (Arica), ISSN 0717-7356, 2015, Volume 47, Issue 1, pp. 167 - 178
Con todos sus niveles, estratos o subsuelos de sentidos, el territorio es un escorzo de mundos articulados y situados en una cultura. Así, cuando el hombre... 
Journal Article
SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, ISSN 2045-2322, 12/2019, Volume 9, Issue 1, pp. 1 - 12
The debate about surgical resection of primary tumor (PT) in de novo metastatic breast cancer (MBC) patients persists. We explored this approach's outcomes in... 
SURGERY | INTACT PRIMARY | MULTIDISCIPLINARY SCIENCES | GUIDELINES | IMPROVES | EXCISION | SURGICAL REMOVAL | TRENDS | CHEMOTHERAPY | Statistical analysis | Surgery | Viscera | Clinical trials | Breast cancer | Bone tumors | Metastasis | Bone surgery | Survival | Metastases
Journal Article
The Lancet Infectious Diseases, ISSN 1473-3099, 11/2017, Volume 17, Issue 11, pp. 1133 - 1161
Journal Article
by Álvarez‐Ossorio, M. J and Sarmento e Castro, R and Granados, R and Macías, J and Morano‐Amado, L. E and Ríos, M. J and Merino, D and Álvarez, E. N and Collado, A and Pérez‐Pérez, M and Téllez, F and Martín, J. M and Méndez, J and Pineda, J. A and Neukam, K and Alados‐Arboledas, Juan Carlos and Albendín, Helena and Alemán, María Remedios and Alonso, María del Mar and Asensi, Victor and Blanco, María José and Cabo, Rebeca and Camacho, Ángela and Casas, Mario Frías and Castro, Ángeles and Cervantes, Manuel and Cucurull, Josep and Cuéllar, Sandra and Cuenca, Francisca and Delgado, Marcial and Domínguez, Lara and Dueñas, Carlos and Fernández, Elisa and Galera, Carlos and Gálvez, María Carmen and García, Dácil and Martínez, Paloma Geijo and Gómez, Ana and Gómez, Juan Luis and Gutiérrez, Félix and Hernández, José and Hernández, Jehovana and Llenas‐García, Jara and Márquez, Manuel and Martínez, Lorena and Martínez‐Álvarez, Rosa and Madrid, Onofre Martínez and Masiá, María del Mar and Merchante, Nicolás and Mínguez, Carlos and Montero‐Alonso, Marta and Omar, Mohamed and Ortega, Enrique and Padilla, Sergio and Robledano, Catarina and Pelazas, Ricardo and Pérez‐Camacho, Inés and Pernas, Berta and Portilla, Joaquín and Portu, José Joaquín and Raffo, Miguel and Real, Luis Miguel and Reina, Gabriel and Reus, Sergio and Rincón, Pilar and Rivero, Antonio and Rivero‐Juárez, Antonio and Romero‐Palacios, Alberto and Rubio, Purificación and Ryan‐Murua, Pablo and Saíz de la Hoya, Pablo and de los Santos‐Gil, Ignacio and Santos, Jesús and Saussol, Fernando and Serrano, Miriam and Toyas, Carla and Vera‐Méndez, Francisco Jesús and Hernández, Marina Villalobos and García, David Vinuesa and HEPAVIR-DAA Stu and RIS-HEP07 Study and RIS-HEP13 Study G and GEHEP-MONO Stu and HEPAVIR-DAA, GEHEP-MONO, RIS-HEP07 and RIS-HEP13 Study Groups and the HEPAVIR-DAA, GEHEP-MONO, RIS-HEP07 and RIS-HEP13 Study Groups
Journal of Viral Hepatitis, ISSN 1352-0504, 06/2018, Volume 25, Issue 6, pp. 699 - 706
Journal Article
PLoS Genetics, ISSN 1553-7390, 06/2013, Volume 9, Issue 6, p. e1003531
Journal Article
by Martin, Miguel and Holmes, Frankie A and Ejlertsen, Bent and Delaloge, Suzette and Moy, Beverly and Iwata, Hiroji and Chia, Stephen K L and Šeparović, Robert and Gokmen, Erhan and Bashford, Anna and Kim, Sung-Bae and Jakobsen, Erik Hugger and Ciceniene, Audrone and Inoue, Kenichi and Overkamp, Friedrich and Heijns, Joan B and Armstrong, Anne C and Link, John S and Joy, Anil Abraham and Wong, Alvin and Moran, Susan and Yao, Bin and Xu, Feng and Auerbach, Alan and Buyse, Marc and Chan, Arlene and Harvey, Vernon and Tomek, Rudolf and Robert, Nicholas J and Gore, Ira and Smith, John W and Masuda, Norikazu and Di Sean Kendall, S and Harker, William Graydon and Petrakova, Katarina and Guerrero Zotano, Angel and Simon, Amparo Ruiz and Konstantinovic, Zora Neskovic and Iannotti, Nicholas O and Tassone, Pierfrancesco and Rodriguez, Gladys I and Jáñez Martinez, Noelia and Crespo Massieu, Carmen and Smickoska, Snezana and Somali, Isil and Yilmaz, Ugur and Alonso, Mirta Garcia and Rosales, Adolfo Murias and Cold, Soeren and Knoop, Ann Soegaard and Patt, Debra and Hellerstedt, Beth A and Mayer, Ingrid A and Means-Powell, Julie Ann and Senecal, Francis M and De Boer, Richard Hendry and Shen, Zhenzhou and Luczak, Adam Andrzej and Chui, Joanna W.Y and Tsang, Janice Wing-hang and Lang, Istvan and Rai, Yoshiaki and Hozumi, Yasuo and Ten Tije, Albert J and Ohtani, Shoichiro and Higaki, Kenji and Taguchi, Kazunori and Takahashi, Masato and Filipovic, Sladjana and Rao, Vijayarama Phooshkooru and Gupta, Manish and Petrov, Petar and Coudert, Bruno and Vojnovic, Zeljko and Polya, Zsofia and Miyaki, Toshiko and Yamamoto, Naohito and Brincat, Stephen and Lesniewski-Kmak, Krzysztof and Chmielowska, Ewa and Birhiray, Ruemu E and Citron, Marc L and Papish, Steven William and Berry, William R and Langkjer, Sven Tyge and Garcia Sáenz, José Angel and Arance, Ana Maria and Efrat, Noa and Sarosiek, Tomasz and Grzeda, Lukasz and Manalo, Yvonne and Smith, Julie C and Healey, Tabitha and Dingle, Brian and Franco, Sandra and Sorensen, Peter Grundtvig and Khan, Sarah and Fountzilas, George and Aogi, Kenjiro and Shimizu, Satoru and ... and ExteNET Study Group and ExteNET Study Grp
The Lancet Oncology, ISSN 1470-2045, 12/2017, Volume 18, Issue 12, pp. 1688 - 1700
Journal Article