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by Thomas, HS and Weiser, TG and Drake, TM and Knight, SR and Fairfield, C and Ademuyiwa, AO and Aguilera, ML and Alexander, P and Al-Saqqa, SW and Borda-Luque, G and Costas-Chavarri, A and Ntirenganya, F and Fitzgerald, JE and Fergusson, SJ and Glasbey, J and Ingabire, JA and Ismail, L and Salem, HK and Kojo, ATT and Lapitan, MC and Lilford, R and Mihaljevic, AL and Morton, D and Mutabazi, AZ and Nepogodiev, D and Adisa, AO and Ots, R and Pata, F and Pinkney, T and Poskus, T and Qureshi, AU and Ramos-De La Medina, A and Rayne, S and Shaw, CA and Shu, S and Spence, R and Smart, N and Tabiri, S and Bhangu, A and Harrison, EM and Verjee, A and Runigamugabo, E and Altamini, A and Cornick, J and Jaffry, Z and Khatri, C and Kirby, A and Mohan, M and Ramos-De la Medina, A and Recinos, G and Soreide, K and Bhang, A and Gobin, N and Freitas, AV and Hall, N and Kim, SH and Negida, A and Khairy, H and Chapman, SJ and Arnaud, AP and Manipal, CE and Amandito, R and Shawki, M and Hanrahan, M and Zilinskas, J and Roslani, AC and Goh, CC and Irwin, G and Luque, L and Shiwani, H and Altamimi, A and Alsaggaf, MU and Jeyakumar, J and Cengiz, Y and Raptis, DA and Glasbey, JC and Modolo, MM and Iyer, D and King, S and Arthur, T and Nahar, SN and Waterman, A and Walsh, M and Agarwal, A and Zani, A and Firdouse, M and Rouse, T and Liu, QY and Correa, JC and Talving, P and Worku, M and Arnaud, A and Kalles, V and Kumar, B and Kumar, S and Quek, R and Ansaloni, L and Altibi, A and Venskutonis, D and Whitaker, J and ...
The British journal of surgery, ISSN 1365-2168, 2019, Volume 106, Issue 2, p. E103
Journal Article
by Bhangu, Aneel and Ademuyiwa, Adesoji O and Aguilera, Maria Lorena and Alexander, Philip and Al-Saqqa, Sara W and Borda-Luque, Giuliano and Costas-Chavarri, Ainhoa and Drake, Thomas M and Ntirenganya, Faustin and Fitzgerald, J Edward and Fergusson, Stuart J and Glasbey, James and Ingabire, JC Allen and Ismaïl, Lawani and Salem, Hosni Khairy and Kojo, Anyomih Theophilus Teddy and Lapitan, Marie Carmela and Lilford, Richard and Mihaljevic, Andre L and Morton, Dion and Mutabazi, Alphonse Zeta and Nepogodiev, Dmitri and Adisa, Adewale O and Ots, Riinu and Pata, Francesco and Pinkney, Thomas and Poškus, Tomas and Qureshi, Ahmad Uzair and Ramos-De la Medina, Antonio and Rayne, Sarah and Shaw, Catherine A and Shu, Sebastian and Spence, Richard and Smart, Neil and Tabiri, Stephen and Harrison, Ewen M and Khatri, Chetan and Mohan, Midhun and Jaffry, Zahra and Altamini, Afnan and Kirby, Andrew and Søreide, Kjetil and Recinos, Gustavo and Cornick, Jen and Modolo, Maria Marta and Iyer, Dushyant and King, Sebastian and Arthur, Tom and Nahar, Sayeda Nazmum and Waterman, Ade and Walsh, Michael and Agarwal, Arnav and Zani, Augusto and Firdouse, Mohammed and Rouse, Tyler and Liu, Qinyang and Correa, Juan Camilo and Talving, Peep and Worku, Mengistu and Arnaud, Alexis and Kalles, Vassilis and Kumar, Basant and Kumar, Sunil and Amandito, Radhian and Quek, Roy and Ansaloni, Luca and Altibi, Ahmed and Venskutonis, Donatas and Zilinskas, Justas and Poskus, Tomas and Whitaker, John and Msosa, Vanessa and Tew, Yong Yong and Farrugia, Alexia and Borg, Elaine and Bentounsi, Zineb and Gala, Tanzeela and Al-Slaibi, Ibrahim and Tahboub, Haya and Alser, Osaid H and Romani, Diego and Shu, Sebestian and Major, Piotr and Mironescu, Aurel and Bratu, Matei and Kourdouli, Amar and Ndajiwo, Aliyu and Altwijri, Abdulaziz and Alsaggaf, Mohammed Ubaid and Gudal, Ahmad and Jubran, Al Faifi and Seisay, Sam and Lieske, Bettina and Ortega, Irene and Jeyakumar, Jenifa and Senanayake, Kithsiri J and Abdulbagi, Omar and Cengiz, Yucel and Raptis, Dmitri and Altinel, Yuksel and ... and GlobalSurg Collaborative
The Lancet Infectious Diseases, ISSN 1473-3099, 05/2018, Volume 18, Issue 5, pp. 516 - 525
Journal Article
by Palevsky, Paul M and Zhang, Jane Hongyuan and O'Connor, Theresa Z and Chertow, Glenn M and Crowley, Susan T and Choudhury, Devasmita and Finkel, Kevin and Kellum, John A and Paganini, Emil and Schein, Roland M. H and Smith, Mark W and Swanson, Kathleen M and Thompson, B. Taylor and Vijayan, Anitha and Watnick, Suzanne and Star, Robert A and Peduzzi, Peter and Young, E and Fissel, R and Fissel, W and Patel, U and Belanger, K and Raine, A and Ricci, N and Lohr, J and Arora, P and Cloen, D and Wassel, D and Yohe, L and Amanzadeh, J and Penfield, J and Hussain, M and Katneni, R and Sajgure, A and Swann, A and Dolson, G and Ramanathan, V and Tasby, G and Bacallao, R and Jaradat, M and Graves, K and Li, Q and Krause, M and Shaver, M and Alam, M and Morris, K and Bland, T and Satter, E and Kraut, J and Felsenfeld, A and Levine, B and Nagami, G and Vaghaiwalla, B and Duffney, J and Moore, J and Cely, C and Jaimes, E and Kett, D and Quartin, A and Arcia, M and Barchi-Chung, A and Batuman, V and Alper, A and Dreisbach, A and Simon, E and Kulivan, C and Aslam, N and Ramkumar, M and Grum, E and Rogers, P and Weisbord, S and Geffel, C and Wahba, I and Kelly, D and Walczyk, J and Feldman, G and Mogyorosi, A and Viol, G and Halverson, M and Schmid, S and Totten, H and Gabbai, F and Mullaney, S and Smith, R and Dingsdale, J and Woods, S and Johansen, K and Lovett, D and O'Hare, A and McCarthy, J and Rosado-Rodriguez, C and Galera, A and Rodriguez-Vega, G and Rodriguez, W and Vilchez, C and Young, B and Andress, D and Lindner, A and Galvin, G and Gourley, N and ... and The VA/NIH Acute Renal Failure Trial Network and VA NIH Acute Renal Failure Trial and VA/NIH Acute Renal Failure Trial Network
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Journal Article
by Hacker, M and Jakobs, T and Matthiesen, F and Vollmar, C and Nikolaou, K and Becker, C and Knez, A and Pfluger, T and Tiling, R and Hahn, K and Iwanochko, RM and Petrovici, R and Lee, DS and Husain, M and Woo, A and Siu, S and Masry, HZ El and Jaradat, Z and Khan, BR and Kalaria, VG and Mahenthiran, J and Raiesdana, A and Sawada, SG and Shah, DP and Virnich, DE and Ward, RP and Gundeck, EL and Williams, KA and Spencer, KT and Lang, RM and Akutsu, Y and Gewirtz, H and Gregory, SA and Zervos, GD and Thomas, GS and Yasuda, T and Duvall, WL and Croft, LB and Pungoti, C and Henzlova, MJ and Hage, FG and Heo, J and Iskandrian, AE and Johnson, NP and Leonard, SM and Kansal, P and Wu, E and Holly, TA and Michelena, HI and Stepnowski, D and Frain, V and Dempsey, DT and Kowalski, C and Van Decker, WA and Smanio, P and Rodrigues, F and Meneghelo, R and Mastrocolla, L and Thorn, A and Piegas, L and Beraldo, P and Mello, R and Tebexreni, S and ten Cate, TJF and Visser, FC and Panhuyzen-Goedkoop, NM and Verzijlbergen, JF and van Hemel, NM and Thompsen, J and Athar, H and Sainani, V and O’Sullivan, D and Leka, I and Heller, GV and Jansen, M and Grasman, M and Stier, A and Konnann, O and Silva, JA and Vitola, JV and Cunha, C and Cerci, MS and Ribeiro, OF and Jansen, MHA and Grasman, ME and Zukovski, T and Mickevicz, C and Visser, F and Snyder, K and Polepalle, D and Nichols, KJ and Dim, U and Akinboboye, OO and Vijay Anand, D and Lim, E and Nagar, K and Raval, U and Lahiri, A and Elhendy, A and Huurman, A and ...
Journal of Nuclear Cardiology, ISSN 1071-3581, 7/2005, Volume 12, Issue 4, pp. S100 - S126
Journal Article
Nonlinear Dynamics, ISSN 0924-090X, 12/2017, Volume 90, Issue 4, pp. 2525 - 2529
In this article, the solution of the time-fractional Phi-4 equation is investigated. We implement the residual power series method to approximate the solution... 
Engineering | Vibration, Dynamical Systems, Control | RPS | Caputo derivative | Classical Mechanics | Time-fractional Phi-4 equation | Automotive Engineering | Taylor series | Mechanical Engineering | MECHANICS | ENGINEERING, MECHANICAL | Power series | Exact solutions
Journal Article