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echocardiography (14) 14
humans (12) 12
cardiac & cardiovascular systems (9) 9
radiology, nuclear medicine & medical imaging (9) 9
strain (9) 9
adult (7) 7
male (7) 7
middle aged (7) 7
reproducibility of results (7) 7
aged (6) 6
heart (6) 6
image interpretation, computer-assisted - methods (6) 6
sensitivity and specificity (6) 6
ultrasonic imaging (6) 6
algorithms (5) 5
animals (5) 5
elastic registration (5) 5
female (5) 5
myocardium (5) 5
predictive value of tests (5) 5
biomechanical phenomena (4) 4
crystals (4) 4
image enhancement - methods (4) 4
infarction (4) 4
sonomicrometry (4) 4
strain rate (4) 4
stress, mechanical (4) 4
surgery (4) 4
2-dimensional strain (3) 3
acoustics (3) 3
cardiac motion (3) 3
cardiovascular (3) 3
case-control studies (3) 3
computer science, interdisciplinary applications (3) 3
correlation (3) 3
echocardiography, three-dimensional - methods (3) 3
elasticity imaging techniques - methods (3) 3
engineering, biomedical (3) 3
heart ventricles - diagnostic imaging (3) 3
methods (3) 3
myocardial contraction (3) 3
observer variation (3) 3
pattern recognition, automated - methods (3) 3
prognosis (3) 3
time factors (3) 3
tracking (3) 3
ventricular dysfunction, left - diagnostic imaging (3) 3
ventricular dysfunction, left - physiopathology (3) 3
ventricular function, left - physiology (3) 3
young adult (3) 3
3-dimensional echocardiography (2) 2
[ spi.signal ] engineering sciences [physics]/signal and image processing (2) 2
active contour (2) 2
aged, 80 and over (2) 2
cardiac imaging (2) 2
cardiac strain assessment (2) 2
cardiology (2) 2
cardiology and cardiovascular medicine (2) 2
contractility (2) 2
diagnosis (2) 2
disease models, animal (2) 2
dobutamine - pharmacology (2) 2
echocardiography - methods (2) 2
echocardiography, doppler (2) 2
echocardiography, doppler - methods (2) 2
echocardiography, three-dimensional (2) 2
ejection fraction (2) 2
engineering sciences (2) 2
engineering, electrical & electronic (2) 2
estimation (2) 2
heart diseases - diagnostic imaging (2) 2
heart ventricles - physiopathology (2) 2
image interpretation, computer-assisted (2) 2
image segmentation (2) 2
imaging science & photographic technology (2) 2
immunology (2) 2
in-vivo setup (2) 2
medicine & public health (2) 2
mice (2) 2
mice, inbred c57bl (2) 2
model (2) 2
myocardial contraction - drug effects (2) 2
myocardial deformation imaging (2) 2
myocardial infarction - diagnostic imaging (2) 2
myocardial infarction - physiopathology (2) 2
nonrigid registration (2) 2
patient positioning (2) 2
pattern recognition, automated (2) 2
peripheral vascular disease (2) 2
radiology (2) 2
research (2) 2
segmentation (2) 2
severity of illness index (2) 2
sheep (2) 2
signal and image processing (2) 2
speckle tracking (2) 2
strain estimation (2) 2
stroke volume (2) 2
systole (2) 2
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by Muraru, D and Veronesi, F and Corsi, C and Mor-Avi, V and Yamat, M and Weinert, L and Lang, R and Badano, L and Faita, F and Di Lascio, N and Bianchini, E and Ghiadoni, L and Angelis, A and Ageli, K and Ioakimidis, N and Chrysohoou, C and Agelakas, A and Felekos, I and Vaina, S and Vlachopoulos, C and Nemes, A and Szolnoky, G and Gonczy, A and Kemeny, L and Forster, T and Placido, R and Marta, L and Cortez Dias, N and Martins, S and Almeida, A and Pinto, F and Nunes Diogo, A and Enache, R and Popescu, B and Nastase, O and Ghiorghiu, I and Rosca, M and Beladan, C and Ginghina, C and Grapsa, J and Cabrita, I and O'regan, D and Dawson, D and Nihoyannopoulos, P and Kallvikbacka-Bennett, A and Zhang, J and Lukaschuk, E and Joseph, A and Bourantas, C and Bragadeesh, T and Cleland, J and Lomax, S and Putzu, P and Diercx, R and Parsons, S and Dicken, B and Vered, Z and Adirevitz, L and Dragu, R and Blatt, A and Marek, D and Berkova, M and Cihalik, C and Taborsky, M and Lindqvist, P and Soderberg, S and Gonzales, M and Gustavsson, S and Henein, M and Sonne, C and Bott-Fluegel, L and Wolf, P and Kolb, C and Pellegrino, M and Donghi, V and Alfonzetti, E and Menicanti, L and Guazzi, M and Buchyte, S and Rinkuniene, D and Jurkevicius, R and Jaxa-Chamiec, T and Budaj, A and Federico Alvino, F and Giovanni Antonelli, G and Roberta Molle, R and Matteo Bertini, M and Stefano Lunghetti, S and Sergio Mondillo, S and Dulgheru, R and Voilliot, D and Kou, S and Pierard, L and Lancellotti, P and Szulik, M and Kalinowski, M and Sliwinska, A and Szymala, M and Lenarczyk, R and Kalarus, Z and ... and Cassa di Risparmio di Puglia foundation and Division of Cardiology, St. Marianna University School of Medicine and King's BHF Centre of Excellence, Cardiovascular Division and TRUST CRT Investigators and Heart Muscle Disease Study Group
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Journal Article
by Ojaghi-Haghighi, Z and Mostafavi, A and Moladoust, H and Maleki, M and Esmaeilzadeh, M and Hosseini, S and Jasaityte, R and Teske, A and D'hooge, J and Zacharaki, A and Kalogerakis, A and Parthenakis, F and Vardas, P and Skjoerten, I and Humerfelt, S and Melsom, M and Hisdal, J and Ippolito, R and Gripari, P and Muraru, D and Esposito, R and Tamborini, G and Galderisi, M and Maffessanti, F and Badano, L and Pepi, M and Yurdakul, S and Oner, F and Sahin, T and Tayyareci, Y and Direskeneli, H and Aytekin, S and Jedaida, B and Lahidheb, D and Gommidh, M and Mahfoudhi, H and Hajlaoui, N and Dahmani, R and Fehri, W and Haouala, H and Andova, V and Gardinger, Y and Ola Bjorgell, O and Liao, M.-T and Tsai, C.-T and Luczak, K and Maciejewski, M and Komorowski, J and Jankiewicz-Wika, J and Drozdz, J and Alasfar, A and Elassal, M and El-Sayed, S and Dobrowolski, P and Klisiewicz, A and Florczak, E and Prejbisz, A and Szwench, E and Rybicka, J and Hoffman, P and Nogueira, K and Rodrigues, A. C and Carvalho, F and Silva, M and Lira-Filho, E and Pinheiro, J and Andrade, J. L and Mohammed, M and Zito, C and Cusma-Piccione, M and Di Bella, G and Taha, N and Oteri, A and Carerj, S and Obremska, O and Poczatek, P and Zon, Z and Magott, M and Klinger, K and Szenczi, O and Szelid, Z and Soos, P and Bagyura, Z and Jozan, P and Merkely, B and Ahn, J and Kim, D and Jeon, D and Kim, I and Baeza Garzon, F and Mesa, D and Ruiz, M and De Lezo, J. S and Pan, M and Leon, C and Castillo, F and Morenate, M and Zhong, L and Lim, E and Shanmugam, N and ...
European Heart Journal - Cardiovascular Imaging, ISSN 2047-2404, 12/2012, Volume 13, Issue suppl 1, pp. i50 - i72
Journal Article
by Cikes, M and Tong, L and Hamilton, J and Sutherland, G and D'hooge, J and Yurdakul, S and Oner, F and Sahin, S and Direskeneli, H and Aytekin, S and Fang, F and Chan, A and Zhang, Q and Kwong, J and Yu, C and Zaidi, A and Raju, H and Ghani, S and Gati, S and Cox, A and Sheikh, N and Sharma, R and Sharma, S and Kottam, A and Padiyath, A and Gao, S and Drvol, L and Lof, J and Li, L and Rangamani, S and Danford, D and Kuehne, T and Rosner, A and Avenarius, D and Malm, S and Iqbal, A and Baltabaeva, A and Schirmer, H and Myrmel, T and Magalhaes, A and Silva Marques, J and Martins, S and Carrilho Ferreira, P and Jorge, C and Silva, D and Placido, R and Almeida, A and Nunes Diogo, A and Poulidakis, E and Aggeli, C and Dilaveris, P and Gatzoulis, K and Felekos, I and Sfendouraki, E and Roussakis, G and Stefanadis, C and Gao, R and Feng, Y and Liu, X and Sheng, W and Liu, F and Ozeren, M and Gurgul, S and Rodriguez Lopez, A and Garcia Cuenllas, L and Medrano, C and Granja, S and Marin, C and Maroto, E and Ballesteros, F and Camino, M and Centeno, M and Alraies, M and Aljaroudi, W and Halley, C and Rodriguez, L and Grimm, R and Thomas, J and Jaber, W and Knight, D and Coghlan, J and Muthurangu, V and Grasso, A and Toumpanakis, C and Caplin, M and Taylor, A and Davar, J and Halvorsen, C and Hallberg, J and Sjoberg, G and Norman, M and Cameli, M and Lisi, M and Natali, B and Massoni, A and Maccherini, M and Chiavarelli, M and Massetti, M and Mondillo, S and Sljivic, A and ... and GECAME and British Heart Foundation and OxVALVE: a valvular heart disease population cohort study and PARACHUTE Investigators and The University of Aberdeen
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Journal Article
by Bergerot, C and Thibault, H and Aussoleil, A and Skuldadt Davidsen, E and Barthelet, M and Derumeaux, G. A and Grapsa, J and Zimbarra Cabrita, I and Afilalo, J and Paschou, S and Dawson, D and Durighel, G and O'regan, D and Howard, L and Gibbs, J and Morenate Navio, M and Mesa Rubio, M and Ortega, M. D and Ruiz Ortiz, M and Castillo Bernal, F and Del Pino, C. L and Toledano, F and Alvarez-Ossorio, M. P and Ojeda Pineda, S and Lezo Cruz-Conde, J. S. D and Jasaityte, R and Claus, P and Teske, A and Herbots, L and Verheyden, B and Rademakers, F and D'hooge, J and Tocchetti, C. G and Coppola, C and Rea, D and Quintavalle, C and Guarino, L and Castaldo, N and De Lorenzo, C and Condorelli, G and Arra, C and Maurea, N and Voilliot, D and Huttin, O and Djaballah, W and Zinzius, P and Sellal, J and Angioi, M and Juilliere, Y and Selton-Suty, C and Dobrowolski, P and Florczak, E and Prejbisz, A and Szwench, E and Rybicka, J and Januszewicz, A and Hoffman, P and Jurado Roman, A and De Nicolas, J. M. M and Diaz Anton, B and Rubio Alonso, B and Martin Asenjo, R and Mayordomo Gomez, S and Villagraz Tecedor, L and Blazquez, L and De Meneses, R. T and Bernard, A and Hernandez, A. I and Reynaud, A and Lerclercq, C and Daubert, J and Lim, S and Azman, W and Almeida, M and Cardim, N and Fonseca, V and Carmelo, V and Santos, S and Santos, T and Toste, J and Kosmala, W and Orda, A and Karolko, B and Mysiak, A and Przewlocka-Kosmala, M and Farsalinos, K and Tsiapras, D and Kyrzopoulos, S and Avramidou, E and Vassilopoulou, D and Hayrapetyan, H and Montero Cabezas, J and Granda Nistal, C and Sanchez Sanchez, V and Sestito, A and Lamendola, P and Di Franco, A and Lauria, C and Lanza, G and Kukucka, M and ...
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Journal Article
by Nieminen, Markku S and Brutsaert, Dirk and Dickstein, Kenneth and Drexler, Helmut and Follath, Ferenc and Harjola, Veli-Pekka and Hochadel, Matthias and Komajda, Michel and Lassus, Johan and Lopez-Sendon, Jose Luis and Ponikowski, Piotr and Tavazzi, Luigi and Manini, Malika and Bramley, Claire and Laforest, Valerie and Taylor, Charles and Hochadel, M and Huber, Kurt and De Backer, Guy and Sirakova, Vera and Cerbak, Roman and Thayssen, Per and Abdel Aziz, Osama and Tammam, Khalid and Lehto, Seppo and Delahaye, François and Kobulia, Bondo and Zeymer, Uwe and Cokkinos, Dennis and Krematisnos, Dimitrios and Karlocai, Kristof and Shelley, Emer and Behar, Shlomo and Maggioni, Aldo and Grabauskiene, Virginija and Deckers, Jaap and Asmussen, Inger and Stepinska, Janina and Gonçalves, Lino and Mareev, Vyacheslav and Vasilijevic, Zonara and Riecansky, Igor and Kenda, Miran F and Rosengren, Annika and Buser, Peter and Okay, Tugrul and Sychov, Oleg and Schofield, Peter and Gitt, Anselm and Tavazzi, L and Seabra Gomes, R and Marrugat De La Iglesia, J and Wallentin, L and Kearney, P and Boyle, R and Simoons, M.I and Tumasyan, Liana and Nargizyan, Armen and Astvatsatryan, Arman and Margazyan, Kristine and Ohanyan, Alina and Jakl, Gabriele and Convens, Carl and Naydenov Naydenov, Stefan and Goudev, Assen Rachev and Koleva, Kalina and Petrov, Valentin and Petrov, Asen and Tisheva, Snejana and Jordanova, Virginia and Stancheva, Nadia and Peychev, Yavor and Glavas, Duska and Raos, Vjekoslava and Ivanac, Irena and Vitovec, Jiri and Pavelcikova, Hana and Kautzner, J and Malek, Ivan and Jandova, Ruzena and Zajicek, Petr and Rosolova, Hana and Zdenek, Hess and Spinar, Jindrich and Sepsi, Milan and Al Khashab, Khalid Ahmed and Saad, Aly and Farouk, Heba and Reinmets, Julia and Marandi, Toomas and Savolainen, Kirsti and Pietila, Mervi and Marco, Jean and Petit, Frederic and Jourdain, Patrick and Danchin, Nicolas and Marinier, Sylvie and Delahaye, Armelle and Galley, Daniel and Beltra, Christine and ... and EuroHeart Survey Investigators and Heart Failure Association, European Society of Cardiology and on behalf of the EuroHeart Survey Investigators
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Journal Article
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Journal Article
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Journal Article
Journal Article
European Heart Journal, ISSN 0195-668X, 08/2013, Volume 34, Issue suppl 1, pp. P3855 - P3855
Journal Article
European Heart Journal, ISSN 0195-668X, 08/2013, Volume 34, Issue suppl 1, pp. P1101 - P1101
Journal Article
Journal Article
The International Journal of Cardiovascular Imaging, ISSN 1569-5794, 8/2017, Volume 33, Issue 8, pp. 1159 - 1167
The aim of this study was to analyze the whole temporal profiles of the segmental deformation curves of the left ventricle (LV) and describe their... 
Spatio-temporal modeling of LV function | Automatic classification | Medicine & Public Health | Echocardiographic deformation curves | Cardiology | Imaging / Radiology | Cardiac Imaging | Computer-aided diagnosis | Principal component analysis | TESTS | LEFT-VENTRICULAR DYSSYNCHRONY | CARDIAC & CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEMS | TISSUE DOPPLER | STRAIN | RADIOLOGY, NUCLEAR MEDICINE & MEDICAL IMAGING | Myocardial Contraction | Severity of Illness Index | Predictive Value of Tests | Automation | Reproducibility of Results | Myocardial Infarction - classification | Ventricular Function, Left | Humans | Image Interpretation, Computer-Assisted - methods | Myocardial Infarction - diagnostic imaging | Echocardiography, Doppler, Color - methods | Machine Learning | Case-Control Studies | Magnetic Resonance Imaging | Biomechanical Phenomena | Time Factors | Diagnosis, Computer-Assisted - methods | Myocardial Infarction - physiopathology | Pattern Recognition, Automated | Principal Component Analysis | Observer Variation | Machine learning | Electric properties | Myocardial infarction | Heart | Deformation | Temporal discrimination learning | Methodology | Principal components analysis | Classification systems | Learning | Learning algorithms | Spatial distribution | Magnetic resonance imaging | Classification | Automatic control | Infarction | Temporal variations | Ventricle | Artificial intelligence | Heart diseases | Strain rate | Clinical Medicine | Medical and Health Sciences | Radiologi och bildbehandling | Medicin och hälsovetenskap | Echocardiographic deformation curves; Computer-aided diagnosis; Principal component analysis; Spatio-temporal modeling of LV function; Automatic classification | Radiology, Nuclear Medicine and Medical Imaging | Klinisk medicin
Journal Article