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Journal Article
by Heathfield, S and Parker, B and Zeef, L and Bruce, I and Alexander, Y and Collins, F and Stone, M and Wang, E and Williams, A. S and Wright, H. L and Thomas, H. B and Moots, R. J and Edwards, S. W and Bullock, C and Chapman, V and Walsh, D. A and Mobasheri, A and Kendall, D and Kelly, S and Bayley, R and Buckley, C. D and Young, S. P and Rump-Goodrich, L and Middleton, J and Chen, L and Fisher, R and Kollnberger, S and Shastri, N and Kessler, B. M and Bowness, P and Nazeer Moideen, A and Evans, L and Osgood, L and Jones, S. A and Nowell, M. A and Mahadik, Y and Young, S and Morgan, M and Gordon, C and Harper, L and Giles, J. L and Paul Morgan, B and Harris, C. L and Rysnik, O. J and McHugh, K and Payeli, S and Marroquin, O and Shaw, J and Renner, C and Nayar, S and Cloake, T and Bombardieri, M and Pitzalis, C and Buckley, C and Barone, F and Lane, P and Coles, M and Williams, E. L and Edwards, C. J and Cooper, C and Oreffo, R. O and Dunn, S and Crawford, A and Wilkinson, M and Le Maitre, C and Bunning, R and Daniels, J and Phillips, K. L. E and Chiverton, N and Le Maitre, C. L and Ridley, A and Wong-Baeza, I and Keidel, S and Chan, A and Gullick, N. J and Abozaid, H. S and Jayaraj, D. M and Evans, H. G and Scott, D. L and Choy, E. H and Taams, L. S and Hickling, M and Golor, G and Jullion, A and Shaw, S and Kretsos, K and Bari, S. F and Rhys-Dillon, B and Amos, N and Siebert, S and Bunning, R. D and Haddock, G and Cross, A. K and Kate, I and Phillips, E and Cross, A and Bunning, R. A. D and Ceeraz, S and Spencer, J and Choy, E and ... and BSRBR Control Centre Consortium and On Behalf of the BSRBR
Rheumatology, ISSN 1462-0324, 05/2012, Volume 51, Issue suppl 3, pp. iii140 - iii184
Journal Article
TAIWANIA, ISSN 0372-333X, 12/2015, Volume 60, Issue 4, pp. 183 - 193
In India, Rhizophora hybrids have been recorded in Pichavaram (Tamil Nadu) and in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands (ANI). Rhizophora hybrids in Pichavaram... 
Rhizophora | TSCI | Scopus | Andaman and Nicobar Islands | Mangroves | R. × annamalayana | R. × lamarckii | SCIE | hybrids | India | Hybrids
Journal Article
British Journal of Dermatology, ISSN 0007-0963, 03/2016, Volume 174, Issue 3, pp. 594 - 601
Journal Article
by Achille, Marie and Agarwal, Gaurav and Albert, Martin and Amarelli, Cristiano and Baran, David A and Blosser, Christopher and Brown, Kim and Bucuvalas, John and Butler, Catherine R and Caicedo, J.C and Caulfield, Tim and Cendales, Linda C and Chadban, Steve and Cooper, Matthew and Dalal, Pranav and Danovitch, Gabriel and Delos Santos, Rowena and Denu, Ryan A and Devuni, Deepika and Foley, David P and Formica, Richard N and Forsythe, John and Fortin, Marie-Chantal and Foster, Bethany J and Fowler, Kevin J and Friedewald, John and Friedman, Barry and Gentry, Sommer and Gill, John S and Gill, Jagbir and Glazier, Alexandra and Goldberg, David and Gołębiewska, Justyna E and Gordon, Elisa J and Greenwald, Melissa A and Gross, Jed Adam and Halazun, Karim J and Hammel, Laura and Hays, Rebecca A and Heimbach, Julie and Hippen, Benjamin and Hsu, Evelyn K and Husain, S. Ali and Jadlowiec, Caroline C and Jevnikar, Anthony and Jhajj, Gaganpreet and Johnson, Maryl and Kamoun, Malek and Kapnadak, Siddhartha G and Karp, Seth J and Kayler, Liise and Khush, Kiran K and Kinkhabwala, Milan and Kulkarni, Sanjay and Kute, Vivek and Kwong, Allison J and La Muraglia II, G. Michael and Lai, Jennifer C and Lavee, Jacob and Lentine, Krista and Levitsky, Josh and Lynch, Raymond and Mahdavi-Mazdeh, Mitra and Manonelles, Anna and Mansard, Magnus Jayaraj and Mathur, Amit K and McEvoy, Caitriona and McIntosh, Christine M and Mohan, Sumit and Muller, Elmi and Mulvihill, Michael S and Newell, Ken and Ogdon, Jackie and Orlowski, Jeffrey and Parajuli, Sandesh and Patel, Jignesh K and Patzer, Rachel and Peradejordi, Margarita and Rahmel, Axel and Riella, Leo and Roll, Garrett R and Ruff, Suzanne F and Samuel, Undine and Sawinski, Deirdre and Schaffer, Randolph L and Schmidt, Lana and Schold, Jesse and Shaffer, Ashton A and Shah, Rushi A and Sharma, Pratima and Shawar, Saed and Sholkamy, Amany and Snyder, Jon and Solez, Kim and Sosa, Rebecca A and Stehlik, Josef and Sweet, Stuart and Taner, Timucin and Thomas, Alvin G and Treleaven, Darin and ... and Amer Journal Transplantation and By the Contributors to the C4 Article (Appendix 1)
American Journal of Transplantation, ISSN 1600-6135, 11/2018, Volume 18, Issue 11, pp. 2625 - 2634
Journal Article
by Restrepo, Marcos I and Babu, Bettina L and Reyes, Luis F and Chalmers, James D and Soni, Nilam J and Sibila, Oriol and Faverio, Paola and Cilloniz, Catia and Rodriguez-Cintron, William and Aliberti, Stefano and Aruj, P.K and Attorri, S and Barimboim, E and Caeiro, J.P and Garzón, M.I and Cambursano, V.H and Ceccato, A and Chertcoff, J and Lascar, F and Di Tulio, F and Díaz, A.C and de Vedia, L and Ganaha, M.C and Lambert, S and Lopardo, G and Luna, C.M and Malberti, A.G and Morcillo, N and Tartara, S and Pensotti, C and Pereyra, B and Scapellato, P.G and Stagnaro, J.P and Shah, S and Lötsch, F and Thalhammer, F and Anseeuw, K and Francois, C.A and Van Braeckel, E and Vincent, J.L and Djimon, M.Z and Bashi, J and Dodo, R and Nouér, S.A and Chipev, P and Encheva, M and Miteva, D and Petkova, D and Dodo Balkissou, A and Pefura Yone, E.W and Mbatchou Ngahane, B.H and Shen, N and Xu, J.F and Bustamante Rico, C.A and Buitrago, R and Pereira Paternina, F.J and Kayembe Ntumba, J.M and Carevic, V.V and Jakopovic, M and Jankovic, M and Matkovic, Z and Mitrecic, I and Bouchy Jacobsson, M.L and Bro Christensen, A and Heitmann Bødtger, U.C and Niels Meyer, C and Vestergaard Jensen, A and Baunbæk-Knudsen, G and Petersen, P.T and Andersen, S and Abd El-Wahhab, I.E and Elsayed Morsy, N and Shafiek, H and Sobh, E and Abdella Abdulsemed, K and Bertrand, F and Brun-Buisson, C and de Montmollin, E and Fartoukh, M and Messika, J and Tattevin, P and Khoury, A and Ebruke, B and Dreher, M and Kolditz, M and Meisinger, M and Pletz, M.W and Hagel, S and Rupp, J and Schaberg, T and Spielmanns, M and Creutz, P and Suttorp, N and Siaw-Lartey, B and Dimakou, K and Papapetrou, D and Tsigou, E and Ampazis, D and Kaimakamis, E and Bhatia, M and ...
European Respiratory Journal, ISSN 0903-1936, 08/2018, Volume 52, Issue 2
Pseudornonas aeruginosa is a challenging bacterium to treat due to its intrinsic resistance to the antibiotics used most frequently in patients with... 
Journal Article
by Innes Asher, M and Stewart, Alistair W and Mallol, Javier and Montefort, Stephen and Lai, Christopher K.W and Aït-Khaled, Nadia and Odhiambo, Joseph and Anabwani, G and Anderson, H.R and Asher, M.I and Clayton, T.O and Ellwood, P and Mitchell, E.A and Beasley, R and Björkstén, B and Burr, M.L and Crane, J and Keil, U and Martinez, F and Pearce, N and Robertson, C.F and Shah, J.R and Sibbald, B and Strachan, D.P and von Mutius, E and Weiland, S.K and Williams, H.C and Bezzaoucha, A and Melaku, K and Seyoum, B and Esamai, F.O and Onadeko, B.O and Nelson, H and Chen, Y.-Z and Chen, K.-H and Zhong, N.-S and Bao-Shan, M and Xiao, M.-L and Lau, Y.L and Baratawidjaja, K and Nishima, S and Teh, K.H and Yeong, L.W and de Bruyne, J and Quah, B.S and Chum, K.W and Cua-Lim, F and Lee, S.-I and Lee, B.-W and Hsieh, K.-H and Vichyanond, P and Trakultivakorn, M and Masjedi, M.-R and al-Momen, J.A and Ramadan, F.M and Al Riyami, B.M.S and Bouayad, Z and Bennis, A and Bhutta, Z.A and Salmun, N and Rosário, N and Stein, R and Bezerra, P.G.M and deFreitas Souza, L and Solé, D and Sanchez, I and Amarales, L and Cortez, E and Calvo, M.A and Soto-Quirós, C and Romieu, I and Cukier, G and Guggiari-Chase, J.A and Chiarella, P and Holgado, D and Sears, M.R and Taylor, B and Persky, V and Redding, G.J and Jeffs, D and Grainger, C.R and Priftanji, A and Riikjärv, M.-A and Kajosaari, M and Pekkanen, J and Soininen, L and Koivikko, T.A and Khetsuriani, N and Gamkrelidze, A and Leja, M and Lis, G and Brêborowicz, A and Dumitrascu, D and Khaitov, R.M and Kjellman, N.-I and Foucard, T and Aripova, T and Kennedy, D and Landau, L and Peat, J and ... and ISAAC Phase One Study Grp and ISAAC Phase One Study Group and The ISAAC Phase One Study Group
Respiratory Research, ISSN 1465-9921, 01/2010, Volume 11, Issue 1, pp. 8 - 8
Journal Article
Anaesthesia, ISSN 0003-2409, 11/2019, Volume 74, Issue 11, pp. 1473 - 1474
Journal Article
Journal of Applied Physics, ISSN 0021-8979, 07/2006, Volume 100, Issue 1, pp. 014302 - 014302-6
Silicon nanoparticles were prepared by off axis pulsed laser deposition (PLD) technique. The optical properties of Si nanoparticles grown on quartz substrate... 
POROUS SILICON | SI NANOCRYSTALS | BLUE LUMINESCENCE | PHYSICS, APPLIED | AMORPHOUS-SILICON | OPTICAL-PROPERTIES | DOTS | QUANTUM CONFINEMENT | VISIBLE PHOTOLUMINESCENCE | EMISSION | CRYSTALLINE SILICON | Nanoparticles | Transmission electron microscopes | Analysis | Optical properties | Photoluminescence | Silicon | Spectra | Observations | Raman spectroscopy
Journal Article