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2007, Di 1 ban., ISBN 9787308039291, 156
2005, Di 1 ban., Zhongguo shou cang jian shang cong shu, ISBN 7308039307, 121
by Patrick S. Schnable and Doreen Ware and Robert S. Fulton and Joshua C. Stein and Fusheng Wei and Shiran Pasternak and Chengzhi Liang and Jianwei Zhang and Lucinda Fulton and Tina A. Graves and Patrick Minx and Amy Denise Reily and Laura Courtney and Scott S. Kruchowski and Chad Tomlinson and Cindy Strong and Kim Delehaunty and Catrina Fronick and Bill Courtney and Susan M. Rock and Eddie Belter and Feiyu Du and Kyung Kim and Rachel M. Abbott and Marc Cotton and Andy Levy and Pamela Marchetto and Kerri Ochoa and Stephanie M. Jackson and Barbara Gillam and Weizu Chen and Le Yan and Jamey Higginbotham and Marco Cardenas and Jason Waligorski and Elizabeth Applebaum and Lindsey Phelps and Jason Falcone and Krishna Kanchi and Thynn Thane and Adam Scimone and Nay Thane and Jessica Henke and Tom Wang and Jessica Ruppert and Neha Shah and Kelsi Rotter and Jennifer Hodges and Elizabeth Ingenthron and Matt Cordes and Sara Kohlberg and Jennifer Sgro and Brandon Delgado and Kelly Mead and Asif Chinwalla and Shawn Leonard and Kevin Crouse and Kristi Collura and Dave Kudrna and Jennifer Currie and Ruifeng He and Angelina Angelova and Shanmugam Rajasekar and Teri Mueller and Rene Lomeli and Gabriel Scara and Ara Ko and Krista Delaney and Marina Wissotski and Georgina Lopez and David Campos and Michele Braidotti and Elizabeth Ashley and Wolfgang Golser and HyeRan Kim and Seunghee Lee and Jinke Lin and Zeljko Dujmic and Woojin Kim and Jayson Talag and Andrea Zuccolo and Chuanzhu Fan and Aswathy Sebastian and Melissa Kramer and Lori Spiegel and Lidia Nascimento and Theresa Zutavern and Beth Miller and Claude Ambroise and Stephanie Muller and Will Spooner and Apurva Narechania and Liya Ren and Sharon Wei and Sunita Kumari and Ben Faga and Michael J. Levy and Linda McMahan and Peter Van Buren and Matthew W. Vaughn and ...
Science, ISSN 0036-8075, 11/2009, Volume 326, Issue 5956, pp. 1112 - 1115
We report an improved draft nucleotide sequence of the 2.3-gigabase genome of maize, an important crop plant and model for biological research. Over 32,000... 
Genes | Genomics | Centromeres | Corn | Sorghum | Reports | Genomes | Plants | Chromosomes | Research universities | Rice | PLANT | ARABIDOPSIS-THALIANA | METHYLATION | EVOLUTION | ZEA-MAYS | GENETICS | MULTIDISCIPLINARY SCIENCES | GENES | TRANSPOSABLE ELEMENTS | RETROTRANSPOSONS | DIVERGENCE | Zea mays - genetics | Genes, Plant | Retroelements | Molecular Sequence Data | Chromosome Mapping | Genome, Plant | RNA, Plant - genetics | Sequence Analysis, DNA | DNA Transposable Elements | DNA Copy Number Variations | Genetic Variation | DNA Methylation | Centromere - genetics | Recombination, Genetic | Base Sequence | Ploidies | Inbreeding | Crops, Agricultural - genetics | MicroRNAs - genetics | Chromosomes, Plant - genetics | DNA, Plant - genetics | Genetic aspects | Research | Nucleotide sequencing | Methods | Evolutionary biology | Genetic recombination | Biological diversity | Index Medicus | Populations and Evolution | Biodiversity | Cellular Biology | DNA, Plant | Life Sciences | Computer Science | Biomolecules | Genetics | Crops, Agricultural | Vegetal Biology | Bioinformatics | Plants genetics | RNA, Plant | Zea mays | Quantitative Methods | Biochemistry, Molecular Biology | Chromosomes, Plant | Systematics, Phylogenetics and taxonomy | Plant breeding | Centromere | MicroRNAs | Molecular biology | Molecular Networks
Journal Article
01/2010, Springer Series in Statistics Ser., ISBN 128086589X
Annotation This book covers two major classes of mixed effects models, linear mixed models and generalized linear mixed models, and it presents an up-to-date... 
Web Resource
09/2017, 1, Chapman & Hall/CRC Monographs on Statistics & Applied Probability, ISBN 9781498700443, 272
Large sample techniques are fundamental to all fields of statistics. Mixed effects models, including linear mixed models, generalized linear mixed models,... 
Statistical Theory & Methods | Statistics for the Biological Sciences | Bioinformatics | Multilevel models (Statistics) | Mathematical models | Correlation (Statistics) | Mathematical statistics
2010, Springer texts in statistics, ISBN 9781441968265
Web Resource
2010, Springer texts in statistics, ISBN 144196827X
Web Resource
by Jiang, Ning and Murray, Jan E and Burroughs, A. Max and dePamphilis, Claude W and Torres, Manuel J and Nagarajan, Niranjan and Salzberg, Steven L and Neupane, Kabi and Lyons, Eric and Luo, Ming-Cheng and Shippen, Dorothy E and Irikura, Beth and Hou, Shaobin and Jones, Meghan R and Alam, Maqsudul and Eustice, Moriah and Skelton, Rachel L and Michael, Todd P and Du, Peng and Mount, Stephen M and Friedman, Vikki and Shen, Junguo and Paidi, Maya and Bowers, John E and Shakirov, Eugene V and Ackerman, Christine M and Christopher, David A and Qian, Wubin and Ren, Yan and Feng, Yun and Lewis, Kanako L. T and Sugimura, Tak and Freeling, Michael and Wei, Hairong and Navajas-Pérez, Rafael and Wang, Lei and Blas, Andrea and Chen, Cuixia and Dionne-Laporte, Alexandre and Schuler, Mary A and Haas, Brian and Acob, Ricelle A and Paull, Robert E and Presting, Gernot and Tong, Eric and Zhu, Yun J and Jiang, Jiming and Schatz, Michael and Paterson, Andrew H and Feltus, F. Alex and Wall, Kerr and Tripathi, Savarni and Thimmapuram, Jyothi and Nelson, David and Senin, Pavel and Feng, Lu and Palmer, Jeffrey D and Mitchell-Olds, Thomas and Wai, Ching Man and Gonsalves, Dennis and Liu, Chao and Tang, Haibao and Wang, Ming-Li and Delcher, Arthur L and Wang, Jianping and Gschwend, Andrea R and Wang, Jianmei and Wang, Wei and Yu, Qingyi and Moore, Paul H and Na, Jong-Kuk and Li, Yingjun and Albert, Henrik and Ly, Benjamin V and Guan, Peizhu and Windsor, Aaron and Saw, Jimmy H and Ming, Ray and Zhang, Wenli and Liu, Lei and Rice, Danny W and Wang, Xiyin and Suzuki, Jon Y and Singh, Ratnesh and Porter, Brad
Nature, ISSN 0028-0836, 04/2008, Volume 452, Issue 7190, pp. 991 - 996
Journal Article
by Tado, Masahiro and Maeda, Takeshi and Tahara, Junichi and Fukushima, Masamichi and Mori, Tatsuro and Katayama, Yoichi and Figaji, Anthony and Rohlwink, Ursula and Padayachy, Llewellyn and Fieggen, Graham and Yang, Wentao and Kuang, Yongqin and Cheng, Jingmin and Gu, Jianwen and Yong-Qin, Kuang and Jian-Wen, Gu and Jing-Min, Cheng and Xiaofeng, Shi and Xilong, Yin and Zhisong, Jiu and Yutthakasemsunt, Surakrant and Kittiwattanagul, Warawut and Piyavechvirat, Parnumas and Phuenpathom, Nakornchai and Thinkhamrop, Bandit and Lumbiganon, Pisake and Tenedieva, Valeriya and Sichev, Alexander and Alexandrova, Evgenia and Trubina, Inna and Tenedieva, Nina and Shamaeva, Hedy and Zaharova, Natalia and Voronina, Irina and Potapov, Alexander and Wang, Xiaoliang and de Rivero Vaccari, Juan Pablo and Wang, Handong and Keane, Robert W and Mao, Lei and Liao, Hong and Zhao, Xianzhong and Tian, Lei and Xu, Jianya and Hellewell, Sarah and Yan, Edwin and Bye, Nicole and Morganti-Kossmann, Cristina and Jing-Min, Cheng and Jian-Wen, Gu and Popovich, Phillip and Kigerl, Kristina A and Gensel, John C and Minoru, Shigemori and Shigemori, Minoru and Cooper, D.J and Rosenfeld, J.V and Murray, L and Arabi, Y and Davies, A and D'Urso, P and Kossmann, T and Ponsford, J and Reilly, P and Seppelt, I and Wolfe, and the DECRA Trial Investigators, the ANZICS Clinical Trials Group, and the Neurosurgical Society of Australia, R and Xin-Yan, Zhang and Shigemori, Yutaka and Uchida, Ryo and Ooshiro, Shinya and Inoue, Toru and Ham, T and Bonnelle, V and Barber, T and Leech, R and Kinnunen, K.M and Beckmann, C.F and De Boissezon, X and Greenwood, R.J and Sharp, D.J and Mondello, Stefania and Bullock, Ross and Buki, Andras and Jeromin, Andreas and Papa, Linda and Tortella, Frank and Schmidt, Kara and Wang, Kevin K and Hayes, Ronald L and Gabrielli, Andrea and Catani, Sheila and D'Ippolito, Mariagrazia and Hayes, Ronald L and Formisano, Rita and Moore, Elizabeth and Bellomo, Rinaldo and Nichol, Alistair and Harley, Nerina and MacIsaac, Christopher and Cooper, D. James and ...
Journal of Neurotrauma, ISSN 0897-7151, 05/2011, Volume 28, Issue 5, pp. A-1 - A-96
Journal Article
2007, Springer series in statistics, ISBN 0387479465
Web Resource
2007, Springer series in statistics, ISBN 0387479465
Web Resource
Journal Article
02/2010, Springer Series in Statistics Ser., ISBN 1441923683
Annotation This book covers two major classes of mixed effects models, linear mixed models and generalized linear mixed models. It presents an up-to-date... 
Mathematics | Linear Models (Statistics)
Web Resource
02/2010, Springer Series in Statistics Ser., ISBN 1441923683
Annotation This book covers two major classes of mixed effects models, linear mixed models and generalized linear mixed models. It presents an up-to-date... 
Mathematics | Linear Models (Statistics)
Web Resource