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adult; age of onset; ctla-4 antigen; case-control studies; female; gene frequency; genotype; hla-dq alpha-chains; humans; male; middle aged; myasthenia gravis; polymorphism, single nucleotide; united states; genetic predisposition to disease; genome-wide association study; arts and humanities; neurology (1) 1
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care and treatment (1) 1
case-control studies (1) 1
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common variants (1) 1
corticoids (1) 1
corticosteroids (1) 1
ctla-4 (1) 1
ctla-4 antigen - genetics (1) 1
delivery of health care, integrated - methods (1) 1
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female (1) 1
gene frequency (1) 1
general medicine (1) 1
genetic predisposition to disease (1) 1
genetic-variation (1) 1
genetics (1) 1
genome-wide association study (1) 1
genotype (1) 1
heritability (1) 1
hla-dq alpha-chains - genetics (1) 1
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index medicus (1) 1
long-term effects (1) 1
male (1) 1
medicine, general & internal (1) 1
middle aged (1) 1
motivation (1) 1
multiple sclerosis - nursing (1) 1
myasthenia (1) 1
myasthenia gravis (1) 1
myasthenia gravis - genetics (1) 1
neurological diseases (1) 1
neuromuscular diseases (1) 1
neuromuscular junctions (1) 1
parkinsons-disease (1) 1
patients (1) 1
phase-iii (1) 1
polymorphism (1) 1
polymorphism, single nucleotide - genetics (1) 1
prednisone (1) 1
quality-of-life (1) 1
rheumatoid-arthritis (1) 1
risk (1) 1
steroids (1) 1
stroke (1) 1
studies (1) 1
theme features: general medicine (1) 1
thymectomy (1) 1
transcription factors (1) 1
united states (1) 1
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by Wolfe, Gil I and Wolfe, Gil and Kaminski, Henry and Kaminski, Henry J and Aban, Inmaculada B and Aban, Inmaculada and Minisman, Greg and Kuo, Hui-Chien and Marx, Alexander and Ströbel, Philipp and Mazia, Claudio and Oger, Joel and Cea, Gabriel and Cea, J Gabriel and Heckmann, Jeannine M and Heckmann, Jeannine and Evoli, Amelia and Nix, Wilfred and Ciafaloni, Emma and Antonini, Giovanni and Witoonpanich, Rawiphan and King, John and King, John O and Beydoun, Said and Beydoun, Said R and Chalk, Colin and Chalk, Colin H and Barboi, Alexandru C and Barboi, Alexandru and Amato, Anthony A and Amato, Anthony and Shaibani, Aziz I and Shaibani, Aziz and Katirji, Bashar and Lecky, Bryan R F and Lecky, Bryan and Buckley, Camilla and Vincent, Angela and Dias-Tosta, Elza and Yoshikawa, Hiroaki and Waddington-Cruz, Márcia and Pulley, Michael T and Pulley, Michael and Rivner, Michael H and Rivner, Michael and Kostera-Pruszczyk, Anne and Kostera-Pruszczyk, Anna and Pascuzzi, Robert M and Pascuzzi, Robert and Jackson, Carlayne E and Jackson, Carlayne and Verschuuren, Jan and Verschuuren, Jan J G M and Massey, Janice M and Massey, Janice and Kissel, John T and Kissel, John and Werneck, Lineu C and Werneck, Lineu and Benatar, Michael and Barohn, Richard and Barohn, Richard J and Tandan, Rup and Mozaffar, Tahseen and Silvestri, Nicholas J and Conwit, Robin and Sonett, Joshua R and Sonett, Joshua and Jaretzki, Alfred and Newsom-Davis, John and Cutter, Gary and Cutter, Gary R and Feese, Michelle and Saluto, Valeria and Rosenberg, Moises and Alvarez, Valeria and Rey, Lisa and Butzkueven, Helmut and Goldblatt, John and Carey, John and Pollard, John and Reddel, Stephen and Handel, Nicholas and McCaughan, Brian and Pallot, Linda and Novis, Ricardo and Boasquevisque, Carlos and Morato-Fernandez, Rubens and Ximenes, Manoel and Scola, Rosana and Soltoski, Paulo and Moore, Fraser and Mulder, David and Wadup, Lisa and Mezei, Michele and Evans, Kenneth and Jiwa, Theresa and Schaffar, Anne and White, Chris and Toth, Cory and ... and MGTX Study Grp and MGTX Study Group
The Lancet Neurology, ISSN 1474-4422, 03/2019, Volume 18, Issue 3, pp. 259 - 268
The Thymectomy Trial in Non-Thymomatous Myasthenia Gravis Patients Receiving Prednisone (MGTX) showed that thymectomy combined with prednisone was superior to... 
CLINICAL NEUROLOGY | QUALITY-OF-LIFE | Care and treatment | Prednisone | Corticosteroids | Myasthenia gravis | Analysis | Steroids | Corticoids | Immunoglobulins | Stroke | Patients | Studies | Neurological diseases | Thymectomy | Motivation | Neuromuscular junctions | Myasthenia | EMG | Long-term effects
Journal Article
JAMA Neurology, ISSN 2168-6149, 04/2015, Volume 72, Issue 4, pp. 396 - 404
Journal Article
International MS Journal, ISSN 1352-8963, 09/2004, Volume 11, Issue 2, p. 35
Journal Article
CANADIAN FAMILY PHYSICIAN, ISSN 0008-350X, 10/1991, Volume 37, pp. 2179 - 2183
Successful management of patients with multiple sclerosis depends upon the involvement of the family physician. All contacts with either a multiple sclerosis... 
Journal Article
The Province, 09/2004
Guards who testified at the disciplinary hearing said they intervened two years ago when they spotted [Theresa Olson] and [Sebastian Burns] in a sexual... 
Newspaper Article
The Province, 07/2003
July 31, 1995: Two years and two weeks after the [Atif Rafay] murders, the RCMP arrest [Glen Sebastian Burns] and Rafay in Victoria on warrants for the U.S.... 
Newspaper Article
The Province, 09/2004
- King County has filed a lawsuit against the public defender's office, alleging misconduct by [Theresa Olson] and seeking reimbursement for thousands of... 
Newspaper Article
Calgary Herald, ISSN 0828-1815, 09/2004
  Guards, who testified at the disciplinary hearing, said they interrupted a meeting between [Theresa Olson] and [Sebastian Burns] when they allegedly spied... 
Newspaper Article
The Windsor Star, 09/2004
  Guards, who testified at the disciplinary hearing, said they interrupted a meeting between [Theresa Olson] and [Sebastian Burns] when they allegedly spied... 
Newspaper Article
CanWest News, 09/2004, p. 1
Theresa Olson, billed as a top Seattle public defender, is fighting allegations from the Washington Bar Association that she was caught having sex with... 
Newspaper Article
Times - Colonist, 09/2004
Theresa Olson, billed as a top Seattle public defender, is fighting allegations from the Washington Bar Association that she was caught having sex with... 
Newspaper Article
The Province, 05/2004
RCMP intercepted 4,400 hours of phone conversations between [Atif Rafay] and Burns and videotaped their meetings with undercover cops who posed as thugs able... 
Newspaper Article
The Province, 05/1990
"It's a real irony," Atlin RCMP Cpl. Doug Hewins said yesterday as rescuers recovered the three bodies from Longhorn Mountain, 55 kilometres southeast of... 
Newspaper Article
The Province, 06/1998
Ryan Gill, 3, and his 17-month-old sister Hanna perished in their rooms while their mom, Theresa, stumbled out helplessly in a trailer home parked at... 
Newspaper Article
The Ottawa Citizen, ISSN 0839-3222, 11/2003
  Atif Rafay and Sebastian Burns are charged with aggravated first- degree murder in the July 1994 deaths of Mr. Rafay's parents, Tariq and Sultana, both 56,... 
Newspaper Article
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