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Aquaculture International, ISSN 0967-6120, 06/2010, Volume 18, Issue 4, pp. 711 - 712
Journal Article
by Kondrashova, Olga and Topp, Monique and Nesic, Ksenija and Lieschke, Elizabeth and Ho, Gwo-Yaw and Harrell, Maria I and Zapparoli, Giada V and Hadley, Alison and Holian, Robert and Boehm, Emma and Heong, Valerie and Sanij, Elaine and Pearson, Richard B and Krais, John J and Johnson, Neil and McNally, Orla and Ananda, Sumitra and Alsop, Kathryn and Hutt, Karla J and Kaufmann, Scott H and Lin, Kevin K and Harding, Thomas C and Traficante, Nadia and Chenevix-Trench, G and Green, A and Webb, P and Gertig, D and Fereday, S and Moore, S and Hung, J and Harrap, K and Sadkowsky, T and Pandeya, N and Malt, M and Mellon, A and Robertson, R and Vanden Bergh, T and Jones, M and Mackenzie, P and Maidens, J and Nattress, K and Chiew, Y.E and Stenlake, A and Sullivan, H and Alexander, B and Ashover, P and Brown, S and Corrish, T and Green, L and Jackman, L and Ferguson, K and Martin, K and Martyn, A and Ranieri, B and White, J and Jayde, V and Mamers, P and Bowes, L and Galletta, L and Giles, D and Hendley, J and Schmidt, T and Shirley, H and Ball, C and Young, C and Viduka, S and Tran, H and Bilic, S and Glavinas, L and Brooks, J and Stuart-Harris, R and Kirsten, F and Rutovitz, J and Clingan, P and Glasgow, A and Proietto, A and Braye, S and Otton, G and Shannon, J and Bonaventura, T and Stewart, J and Begbie, S and Friedlander, M and Bell, D and Baron-Hay, S and Ferrier, A and Gard, G and Nevell, D and Pavlakis, N and Valmadre, S and Young, B and Camaris, C and Crouch, R and Edwards, L and Hacker, N and Marsden, D and Robertson, G and Beale, P and Beith, J and Carter, J and ... and Australian Ovarian Cancer Study (AOCS)
Nature Communications, ISSN 2041-1723, 12/2018, Volume 9, Issue 1, pp. 3970 - 16
Journal Article
by Ballantyne, Kaye and Ralf, Arwin and Aboukhalid, Rachid and Achakzai, Niaz and Anjos, Tania and Ayub, Qasim and Balažic, Jože and Ballantyne, Jack and Ballard, David and Berger, Burkhard and Bobillo, Cecilia and Bouabdellah, Mehdi and Burri, Helen and Capal, Tomas and Caratti, Stefano and Cárdenas, Jorge and Cartault, François and Carvalho, Elizeu and Carvalho, Margarete and Cheng, Baowen and Coble, Michael and Comas, David and Corach, Daniel and D'Amato, Mauro and Davison, Sean and Knijff, Peter and Ungria, Maria Corazon and Decorte, Ronny and Dobosz, Tadeusz and Dupuy, Berit and Elmrghni, Samir and Gliwiński, Mateusz and Gomes, Sara and Grol, Laurens and Haas, Cordula and Hanson, Erin and Henke, Jürgen and Henke, Lotte and Herrera-Roíguez, Fabiola and Hill, Carolyn and Holmlund, Gunilla and Honda, Katsuya and Immel, Uta-Dorothee and Inokuchi, Shota and Jobling, R and Kaddura, Mahmoud and Kim, Jong and Kim, Soon and Kim, Wook and King, Turi and Klausriegler, Eva and Kling, Daniel and Kovačević, Lejla and Kovatsi, Leda and Krajewski, Paweł and Kravchenko, Sergey and Larmuseau, Maarten and Lee, Eun Young and Lessig, Rüdiger and Livshits, Ludmila and Marjanović, Damir and Minarik, Marek and Mizuno, Natsuko and Moreira, Helena and Morling, Niels and Mukherjee, Meeta and Munier, Patrick and Nagaraju, Javaregowda and Neuhuber, Franz and Nie, Shengjie and Nilasitsataporn, Premlaphat and Nishi, Takeki and Oh, Hye and Olofsson, Sylvia and Onofri, Valerio and Palo, Jukka and Pamjav, Horolma and Parson, Walther and Petlach, Michal and Phillips, Christopher and Ploski, Rafal and Prasad, Samayamantri P and Primorac, gan and Purnomo, Gludhug and Purps, Josephine and Rangel-Villalobos, Hector and Reogonekbała, Krzysztof and Rerkamnuaychoke, Budsaba and Gonzalez, Danel Rey and Robino, Carlo and Roewer, Lutz and Rosa, Anna and Sajantila, Antti and Sala, Anea and Salvador, Jazelyn and Sanz, Paula and Schmitt, Christian and Sharma, Anisha K and Silva, Dayse and Shin, Kyoung-Jin and ... and Linköpings universitet and Institutionen för klinisk och experimentell medicin and Hälsouniversitetet and Avdelningen för mikrobiologi och molekylär medicin
Human Mutation, ISSN 1059-7794, 01/2014, Volume 35, Issue 8, pp. 1021 - 1032
Journal Article
npj Genomic Medicine, ISSN 2056-7944, 01/2016, Volume 1, Issue 1, pp. 15012 - 15012
The standard of care for first-tier clinical investigation of the aetiology of congenital malformations and neurodevelopmental disorders is chromosome... 
Journal Article
Aquaculture International, ISSN 0967-6120, 06/2010, Volume 18, Issue 4, pp. 711 - 712
Journal Article
Genetics in Medicine, ISSN 1098-3600, 04/2018, Volume 20, Issue 4, pp. 435 - 443
Journal Article
by Block, Matthew S and Vierkant, Robert A and Rambau, Peter F and Winham, Stacey J and Wagner, Philipp and Traficante, Nadia and Traficante, N and Tołoczko, Aleksandra and Tiezzi, Daniel G and Taran, Florin Andrei and Sinn, Peter and Sieh, Weiva and Sharma, R and Sharma, Raghwa and Rothstein, Joseph H and Ramón y Cajal, Teresa and Paz-Ares, Luis and Oszurek, Oleg and Orsulic, Sandra and Ness, Roberta B and Nelson, Gregg and Modugno, Francesmary and Menkiszak, Janusz and McGuire, Valerie and McCauley, Bryan M and Mack, Marie and Lubiński, Jan and Longacre, Teri A and Li, Zheng and Lester, Jenny and Kennedy, Catherine J and Kalli, Kimberly R and Jung, Audrey Y and Johnatty, Sharon E and Jimenez-Linan, Mercedes and Jensen, Allan and Intermaggio, Maria P and Hung, J and Hung, Jillian and Herpel, Esther and Hernandez, Brenda Y and Hartkopf, Andreas D and Harnett, P and Harnett, Paul R and Ghatage, Prafull and García-Bueno, José M and Gao, Bo and Fereday, Sian and Fereday, S and Eilber, Ursula and Edwards, L and Edwards, Robert P and de Sousa, Christiani B and de Andrade, Jurandyr M and Chudecka-Głaz, Anita and Chenevix-Trench, G and Chenevix-Trench, Georgia and Cazorla, Alicia and Brucker, Sara Y and Bowtell, David D and Bowtell, D and Green, L and Green, A and Webb, P and DeFazio, A and Gertig, D and Moore, S and Harrap, K and Sadkowsky, T and Pandeya, N and Malt, M and Mellon, A and Robertson, R and Robertson, G and Vanden Bergh, T and Jones, M and Mackenzie, P and Maidens, J and Nattress, K and Chiew, Y.E and Stenlake, A and Sullivan, H and Alexander, B and Ashover, P and Brown, S and Brown, B and Corrish, T and Jackman, L and Ferguson, K and Martin, K and Martyn, A and Ranieri, B and White, J and Jayde, V and Mamers, P and Bowes, L and Galletta, L and Giles, D and Hendley, J and Alsop, K and ... and Australian Ovarian Canc Study Grp and Australian Ovarian Cancer Study Group
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Journal Article
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, ISSN 0027-8424, 05/2014, Volume 111, Issue 18, pp. E1924 - E1932
Journal Article
International Journal of Disability, Development and Education, ISSN 1034-912X, 09/2012, Volume 59, Issue 3, pp. 231 - 242
Journal Article
by Adema, Coen M and Hillier, LaDeana W and Jones, Catherine S and Loker, Eric S and Knight, Matty and Minx, Patrick and Oliveira, Guilherme and Raghavan, Nithya and Shedlock, Anew and do Amaral, Laurence Roigues and Arican-Goktas, Halime D and Assis, Juliana G and Baba, Elio Hideo and Baron, Olga L and Bayne, Christopher J and Bickham-Wright, Utibe and Biggar, Kyle K and Blouin, Michael and Bonning, Bryony C and Botka, Chris and Bridger, Joanna M and Buckley, Katherine M and Buddenborg, Sarah K and Lima Caldeira, Roberta and Carleton, Julia and Carvalho, Omar S and Castillo, Maria G and Chalmers, Iain W and Christensens, Mikkel and Clifton, Sana and Cosseau, Celine and Coustau, Christine and Cripps, Richard M and Cuesta-Astroz, Yesid and Cummins, Scott F and di Stephano, Leon and Dinguirard, Nathalie and Duval, David and Emrich, Scott and Feschotte, Céic and Feyereisen, Rene and FitzGerald, Peter and Fronick, Catrina and Fulton, Lucinda and Galinier, Richard and Gava, Sana G and Geusz, Michael and Geyer, Kathrin K and Giraldo-Calderón, Gloria I and de Souza Gomes, Matheus and Gordy, Michelle A and Gourbal, Benjamin and Grunau, Christoph and Hanington, Patrick C and Hoffmann, Karl F and Hughes, Daniel and Humphries, Judith and Jackson, Daniel J and Jannotti-Passos, Liana K and de Jesus Jeremias, Wander and Jobling, Susan and Kamel, Bishoy and Kapusta, Aurélie and Kaur, Satwant and Koene, Joris M and Kohn, Anea B and Lawson, Dan and Lawton, Scott P and Liang, D.C and Limpanont, Yanin and Liu, Sijun and Lockyer, Anne E and Lovato, TyAnna L and Ludolf, Fernanda and Magrini, Vince and McManus, Donald P and Medina, Monica and Misra, Milind and Mitta, Guillaume and Mkoji, Gerald M and Montague, Michael J and Montelongo, Cesar and Moroz, Leonid L and Munoz-Torres, Monica C and Niazi, Umar and Noble, Leslie R and Oliveira, Francislon S and Pais, Fabiano S and Papenfuss, Anthony T and Peace, Rob and Pena, Janeth J and Pila, Emmanuel A and Quelais, Titouan and Raney, Brian J and Rast, Jonathan P and Rollinson, David and Rosse, Izinara C and Rotgans, Bronwyn and Routledge, Edwin J and Ryan, Kathryn M and ...
Nature Communications, ISSN 2041-1723, 05/2017, Volume 8, p. 15451
Journal Article