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by Tefferi, Ayalew, MD and Kantarjian, Hagop, MD and Rajkumar, S. Vincent, MD and Baker, Lawrence H., DO and Adamson, John W., MD and Advani, Ranjana Hira, MD and Allison, James, MD and Antman, Karen H., MD and Bast, Robert C., MD and Bennett, John M., MD and Benz, Edward J., MD and Berliner, Nancy, MD and Bhatia, Ravi, MD and Bhatia, Smita, MD and Bhojwani, Deepa, MD and Blanke, Charles D., MD and Bloomfield, Clara D., MD and Bosserman, Linda, MD and Byrd, John C., MD and Cabanillas, Fernando, MD and Canellos, George Peter, MD and Chabner, Bruce A., MD and Chanan-Khan, Asher, MD and Cheson, Bruce, MD and Cohn, Susan L., MD and Colon-Otero, Gerardo, MD and Cortes, Jorge, MD and Coutre, Steven, MD and Cristofanilli, Massimo, MD and Curran, Walter J., MD and Daley, George Q., MD, PhD and DeAngelo, Daniel J., MD, PhD and Deeg, H. Joachim, MD and Einhorn, Lawrence H., MD and Erba, Harry P., MD, PhD and Esteva, Francisco J., MD, PhD and Estey, Elihu, MD and Fidler, Isaiah J., DVM, PhD and Foran, James, MD and Forman, Stephen, MD and Freireich, Emil, MD and Fuchs, Charles, MD, MPH and George, James N., MD and Gertz, Morie A., MD and Golomb, Harvey, MD and Greenberg, Peter, MD and Gutterman, Jordan, MD and Handin, Robert I., MD and Hoff, Paulo Marcelo, MD and Hoffman, Ronald, MD and Horowitz, Mary, MD, MS and Hortobagyi, Gabriel N., MD and Hudis, Clifford, MD and Issa, Jean Pierre, MD and Kantoff, Philip W., MD and Kaushansky, Kenneth, MD and Khayat, David, MD, PhD and Kipps, Thomas J., MD, PhD and Kripke, Margaret, PhD and Kyle, Robert A., MD and Larson, Richard A., MD and Lawrence, Theodore S., MD, PhD and Link, Michael P., MD and Lippman, Scott M., MD and Lonial, Sagar, MD and Lyman, Gary H., MD, MPH and Markman, Maurie, MD and Messinger, Yoav, MD and Mulvey, Therese M., MD and Perez-Soler, Roman, MD and Pollock, Raphael, MD, PhD and Prchal, Josef, MD and Press, Oliver, MD, PhD and Radich, Jerald, MD and Rai, Kanti, MD and Rosenberg, Saul A., MD and Rugo, Hope, MD and Runowicz, Carolyn D., MD and Sandmaier, Brenda M., MD and Saven, Alan, MD and Schafer, Andrew I., MD and Schiffer, Charles, MD and Sekeres, Mikkael A., MD, MS and Silver, Richard T., MD and Siu, Lillian L., MD and Steensma, David P., MD and Stewart, F. Marc, MD and Stock, Wendy, MD, MA and Stone, Richard, MD and Storb, Rainer, MD and Strong, Louise C., MD and Tallman, Martin S., MD and Thompson, Michael, MD, PhD and Ueno, Naoto T., MD, PhD and Van Etten, Richard A., MD, PhD and Vose, Julie M., MD, MBA and Wiernik, Peter H., MD and Younes, Anas, MD and Zelenetz, Andrew D., MD, PhD and LeMaistre, Charles A., MD
Mayo Clinic proceedings, ISSN 0025-6196, 2015, Volume 90, Issue 8, pp. 996 - 1000
Journal Article
Journal Article
by Renton, Alan E and Majounie, Elisa and Waite, Adrian and Simón-Sánchez, Javier and Rollinson, Sara and Gibbs, J. Raphael and Schymick, Jennifer C and Laaksovirta, Hannu and van Swieten, John C and Myllykangas, Liisa and Kalimo, Hannu and Paetau, Anders and Abramzon, Yevgeniya and Remes, Anne M and Kaganovich, Alice and Scholz, Sonja W and Duckworth, Jamie and Ding, Jinhui and Harmer, Daniel W and Hernandez, Dena G and Johnson, Janel O and Mok, Kin and Ryten, Mina and Trabzuni, Danyah and Guerreiro, Rita J and Orrell, Richard W and Neal, James and Murray, Alex and Pearson, Justin and Jansen, Iris E and Sondervan, David and Seelaar, Harro and Blake, Derek and Young, Kate and Halliwell, Nicola and Callister, Janis Bennion and Toulson, Greg and Richardson, Anna and Gerhard, Alex and Snowden, Julie and Mann, David and Neary, David and Nalls, Michael A and Peuralinna, Terhi and Jansson, Lilja and Isoviita, Veli-Matti and Kaivorinne, Anna-Lotta and Hölttä-Vuori, Maarit and Ikonen, Elina and Sulkava, Raimo and Benatar, Michael and Wuu, Joanne and Chiò, Adriano and Restagno, Gabriella and Borghero, Giuseppe and Sabatelli, Mario and Heckerman, David and Rogaeva, Ekaterina and Zinman, Lorne and Rothstein, Jeffrey D and Sendtner, Michael and Drepper, Carsten and Eichler, Evan E and Alkan, Can and Abdullaev, Ziedulla and Pack, Svetlana D and Dutra, Amalia and Pak, Evgenia and Hardy, John and Singleton, Andrew and Williams, Nigel M and Heutink, Peter and Pickering-Brown, Stuart and Morris, Huw R and Tienari, Pentti J and Traynor, Bryan J and The ITALSGEN Consortium and ITALSGEN Consortium
Neuron (Cambridge, Mass.), ISSN 0896-6273, 10/2011, Volume 72, Issue 2, pp. 257 - 268
Journal Article
The American heart journal, ISSN 0002-8703, 2008, Volume 156, Issue 2, pp. 277 - 283
Journal Article
Science (American Association for the Advancement of Science), ISSN 0036-8075, 01/2021, Volume 371, Issue 6528, p. eaax2656
Journal Article
by Giri, Veda N and Knudsen, Karen E and Kelly, William K and Cheng, Heather H and Cooney, Kathleen A and Cookson, Michael S and Dahut, William and Weissman, Scott and Soule, Howard R and Petrylak, Daniel P and Dicker, Adam P and AlDubayan, Saud H and Toland, Amanda E and Pritchard, Colin C and Pettaway, Curtis A and Daly, Mary B and Mohler, James L and Parsons, J. Kellogg and Carroll, Peter R and Pilarski, Robert and Blanco, Amie and Woodson, Ashley and Rahm, Alanna and Taplin, Mary-Ellen and Polascik, Thomas J and Helfand, Brian T and Hyatt, Colette and Morgans, Alicia K and Feng, Felix and Mullane, Michael and Powers, Jacqueline and Concepcion, Raoul and Lin, Daniel W and Wender, Richard and Mark, James Ryan and Costello, Anthony and Burnett, Arthur L and Sartor, Oliver and Isaacs, William B and Xu, Jianfeng and Weitzel, Jeffrey and Andriole, Gerald L and Beltran, Himisha and Briganti, Alberto and Byrne, Lindsey and Calvaresi, Anne and Chandrasekar, Thenappan and Chen, David Y. T and Den, Robert B and Dobi, Albert and Crawford, E. David and Eastham, James and Eggener, Scott and Freedman, Matthew L and Garnick, Marc and Gomella, Patrick T and Handley, Nathan and Hurwitz, Mark D and Izes, Joseph and Karnes, R. Jeffrey and Lallas, Costas and Languino, Lucia and Loeb, Stacy and Lopez, Ana Maria and Loughlin, Kevin R and Lu-Yao, Grace and Malkowicz, S. Bruce and Mann, Mark and Mille, Patrick and Miner, Martin M and Morgan, Todd and Moreno, Jose and Mucci, Lorelei and Myers, Ronald E and Nielsen, Sarah M and O'Neil, Brock and Pinover, Wayne and Pinto, Peter and Poage, Wendy and Raj, Ganesh and Rebbeck, Timothy R and Ryan, Charles and Sandler, Howard and Schiewer, Matthew and Scott, E. Michael D and Szymaniak, Brittany and Tester, William and Trabulsi, Edouard J and Vapiwala, Neha and Yu, Evan Y and Zeigler-Johnson, Charnita and Gomella, Leonard G
Journal of clinical oncology, ISSN 0732-183X, 08/2020, Volume 38, Issue 24, pp. 2798 - 2811
Journal Article
Journal Article