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by Al-Qamachi, Laith and Amarasinghe, Hemantha K and Andersen, Peter E and Arce, Kevin and Arya, Varun and Avraham, Tomer and Bakst, Richard L and Basile, Lauren E and Beckler, Andrew D and Bell, R. Bryan and Bhuta, Sandeep and Bifulco, Carlo B and Bittermann, Gido and Blackwell, Keith E and Blanco, Angel and Bobinskas, Alexander M and Brammer, Caroline and Brecht, Lawrence E and Brown, James and Butterworth, Chris J and Carlson, Eric R and Chadwick, Keith A and Chandra, Srinivasa R and Cheng, Allen and Claiborne, Scott and Clayburgh, Daniel R and Crittenden, Marka R and Curti, Brendan D and Dafydd, Derfel ap and Dagan, Roi and Dawson, Camilla and Dierks, Eric J and Dillon, Jasjit K and Dyalram, Donita and Edwards, Sean P and Elliott, David A and Evans, Mererid and Fagin, Adam P and Fakhry, Carole and Faries, Mark B and Feng, Zipei and Fernandes, Rui P and Ferrell, Jay K and Fox, Bernard A and Fuller, Clifton D and Ghali, G.E and Gleysteen, John P and Gold, Kathryn A and Good, James and Grandis, Jennifer R and Graville, Donna J and Gross, Neil D and Grossberg, Aaron and Guo, Shan and Hamilton, Bronwyn and Hansen, Eric K and Hansen, Heidi J and Haughey, Bruce H and Hayden, Richard E and Helman, Joseph I and Hirsch, David L and Holland, John M and Hutcheson, Katherine A and Hyers, Megan J and Idle, Matthew and Jackson, James E and Jalisi, Scharukh and Johnson, Newell W and Jones, Terry M and Kademani, Deepak and Kelley, Joseph R and Kerawala, Cyrus and Kim, Dongsoo David and Kotz, Tamar A and Kuno, Hirofumi and Kuriakose, Moni Abraham and Langmore, Susan E and Leidner, Rom and Levine, Jamie P and Loh, Christopher and Lohiya, Sapna and Lubek, Joshua E and Lyons, Andrew J and Marruffo, Joann and Marx, Robert E and Matos, Marco and Mattox, Austin and Mehrotra, Avanti and Melville, James C and Metzger, Marc C and Miles, Brett A and Misiukiewicz, Krzysztof J and Mohamed, Abdallah S.R and Monaco, Casian and Murphy, James and Nabavizadeh, Nima and Nadershah, Mohammed and Nagel, Thomas H and Newbold, Kate and Nikolarakos, Dimitrios and ...
2018, ISBN 9780323265720
Book Chapter
by Abdou, Nabih I and Ahmad, Nazia and Aliniazee, Muddassir and Alvi, Sarah and Amatniek, Joan and Anderson, David E and Aranoff, Gaya S and Bachmann, Gloria and Balaram, Sandhya K and Barbieri, Elizabeth and Bartlik, Barbara D and Bassuk, Shari S and Bateman, David and Bauman, Kristy A and Bell, Jennifer J and Bilello, Kathryn and Blasberg, Justin D and Blumenthal, Roger S and Bockow, Tamara and Boyle, Karen Elizabeth and Burnett, Arthur L and Burrows, Lara J and Byne, William and Chapman, Kenneth R and Chesney, Margaret A and Chew, Debra and Chung, Pak H and Chung, Doreen E and Chung, Wendy K and Clark, Christine A and Cutolo, Maurizio and Davidson, Nancy E and Deveci, Serkan and Dobs, Adrian and Doty, Nora J and Dubeau, Catherine E and El-maouche, Diala and Feisullin, Karen and Frey, Lauren and Garvin, James H and Gaynor, Katya and Gearhart, Susan L and Ghanem, Khalil G and Glassberg, Marilyn K and Golden, Sherita Hill and Goldstein, Marc and Goldstein, Andrew T and Gottesman, Rebecca F and Gur, Raquel E and Gur, Ruben C and Han, Meilan K and Harris, Mary L and Hauser, W. Allen and Hillis, Argye E and Hodder, Sally L and Holley, Aaron and Jacobs, Diane and Jan De Beur, Suzanne M and Johnson, Paula A and Kashyap, Sonya and Kaufman, David M and Kim, Howard H and Kim, Matthew and Kobzik, Lester and Kolzet, Julie A and Koteish, Ayman and Krok, Karen and Lahita, Robert G and Lanatra, Nicole and Laskin, Carl A and Lazarus, George M and Lee, Linda A and Legato, Marianne J and Leghe, Jaswinder K and Lewin, Sharon and Lim, Robert H and Manson, Joann E and Mccarthy, Margaret and Mehrani, Taraneh and Metzl, Jordan D and Moores, Lisa and Moseley, Kendall F and Mulhall, John P and Mullin, Gerald and Munsell, Melissa and Murin, Susan and Nagy, Christian D and Omene, Coral and Parkman, Henry P and Parveen, Tahmina and Petri, Michelle and Pickett-Blakely, Octavia and Polsky, Bruce and Powell, Charles A and Rendel, Michael and Rider, Virginia and Romanzi, Lauri J and Rompalo, Anne M and Rosen, Tove S and Sanfey, Hilary and ...
2010, ISBN 0123742714
Book Chapter
by Abbas, Ghulam and Adamowicz, Piotr and Adan, Ana and Agay, Nirit and Al-Halabí, S and Altun, Hatice and Amini, Maryam and Andersen, Monica L and Andreassen, Cecilie Schou and Anthony, James C and Ardakani, Yalda Hosseinzadeh and Aromatario, Mariarosaria and Arun, Priti and Atik, Anzari and Atti, Anna Rita and Baird, Alison L and Balconi, Michela and Ballóková, Anna Lukačišinová and Bascarán, M.T and Battagliese, Gemma and Benaiges, Irina and Bergen-Cico, Dessa and Berrettini, Wade H and Berro, Laís F and Bertol, Elisabetta and Bian, Jin-Song and Bobes-Bascarán, M.T and Bobes, J and Bocarsly, Miriam E and Bocca, Marie-Laure and Bonafede, Roberta and Borroto-Escuela, Dasiel O and Bottoni, Edoardo and Bousoño, M and Bowen, Michael T and Bramanti, Placido and Buck, Kari J and Buisman-Pijlman, Femke T.A and Büttner, Andreas and Calabrò, Rocco S and Çamsari, Ulaş M and Cappelletti, Simone and Carbo-Gas, María and Casadio, Paola and Casadó-Anguera, Verònica and Casadó, Vicent and Ceccanti, Mauro and Chang, Yong-Yuan and Chang, Young-Tae and Chiu, Nan-Ying and Chiu, Meng-Chun and Cho, Zang-Hee and Chung, Yemina and Ciallella, Costantino and Cinosi, Eduardo and Conigrave, Katherine M and Coogan, Andrew N and Coppola, Maurizio and Cortés, Antoni and Costa, Giulia and Cox, Stephen and Dafny, Nachum and Das, Subhash and Davis, Jonathan M and De Matteo, Robert and Demetrovics, Zsolt and Demirkol, Apo and Denovan-Wright, Eileen M and di Giannantonio, Massimo and Edgunlu, Tuba and Elliott, Simon and Enman, Nicole M and Ensafi, Ali A and Faccini, Marco and Falls, Brian A and Fang, Chiu-Ping and Fan, Lir-Wan and Farooq, Ahsana Dar and Feingold, Daniel and Ferraro, Luca and Fialová, Daniela and Filip, Malgorzata and Findikli, Ebru and Finocchiaro, Roberta and Fiore, Paola A and Font-Mayolas, Sílvia and Fox, Jonah and Fragou, Domniki and Fu, Qiang and Fuxe, Kjell and Gahr, Maximilian and García-Portilla, M.P and George, Preeta and Gil-Miravet, Isis and Gorwood, Philip and Gras, Maria Eugènia and Gravielle, María Clara and Griffiths, Mark D and Haber, Paul S and Hadad, Natalie A and ...
2016, ISBN 9780128006344
Book Chapter
by Abusief, Mary E and Acevedo-Garcia, Dolores and Albert, Christine and Lee Alekel, D and Alemany, Laia and Allen, Kelli D and Anderson, Lauren M and Apelberg, Benjamin J and Atrash, Hani K and Baird, Donna Day and Merz, C. Noel Bairey and Merz, Noel Bairey C and Baldwin, Carol M and Barbieri, Robert L and Baron, Shirley R and Bassuk, Shari S and Bates, Lisa M and Beasley, Jeannette M and Bell, Iris R and Bergeman, C.S and Berkman, Lisa F and Bernstein, Leslie and Bernstein, Jonine L and Bertone-Johnson, Elizabeth R and Beth Thomeer, Mieke and Bisconti, Toni L and Blair, Janet and Bonifas, Robin P and Bosch, Xavier F and Bradford, Judith and Bray, Freddie and Brooks, Jennifer D and Bromberger, Joyce and Brown, Joelle M and Bruni, Laia and Bulik, Cynthia M and Burkman, Ronald T and Burstein, Marcy and Bushnell, Cheryl and Buss, Mary K and Cauley, Jane A and Celum, Connie L and Chen, Xinhua and Chevarie-Davis, Myriam and Chiuve, Stephanie and Chocano-Bedoya, Patricia O and Chowdhary, Harjinder and Christiani, David C and Chung, Nadia T and Clancy, Carolyn M and Clark, Cari Jo and Conen, David and Costenbader, K.H and Devlin, Amy and Diaz, Mireia and Douwes, Jeroen and Drangsholt, Mark and Driscoll, Ira and DuBeau, Catherine E and Edwards, Emmeline and Ehrenstein, Vera and Escalante, Agustín and Espeland, Mark A and Fitzgerald, Kathryn C and Foxman, Betsy and Franco, Eduardo and Fraser, William D and Fredriksen-Goldsen, Karen I and Freeman, Ellen E and Friesen, Melissa C and Gadermann, Anne M and Gaudet, Mia M and Gavrilidis, Emmy and Gaydos, Charlotte A and Geronimo, Kimberly and Geronimus, Arline T and Gillespie, Robin Mary and Giovannucci, Edward and Glanz, Karen and Glynn, Robert J and Gold, Ellen and Goldfarb, Shari and Goldman, Marlene B and Gower, Emily W and Grainger, David A and Green, Adèle C and Haggerty, Catherine L and Hardy, Rebecca and Harlow, Bernard L and Harlow, Siobán D and Hartge, Patricia and Haskin, Christine and Herbert, Robin and Holt, Victoria L and Hoover, Robert N and Houtchens, Maria K and Husten, Corinne G and Hwang, Loris Y and Hynes, Noreen A and James, Peter and ...
2013, ISBN 9780123849786
Book Chapter
by Abdala, Ana P.L and Adams, David H and Alvarenga, Marlies and Arnold, Amy C and Axelrod, Felicia B and Barbic, Franca and Barnes, Peter J and Bauer, Deborah and Bell, Christopher and Benarroch, Eduardo E and Berry-Kravis, Elizabeth M and Bernardi, Luciano and Biaggioni, Italo and Birder, Lori and Brooks, Virginia L and Heller Brown, Joan and Burnstock, Geoffrey and Camilleri, Michael and Campbell, J.Preston and Carey, Robert M and Caron, Marc G and Carter, Calvin and Cassaglia, Priscila A and Castillo, Javier G and Chapleau, Mark W and Charkoudian, Nisha and David Charles, P and Chelimsky, Thomas and Chelimsky, Gisela and Cheng, Pei-Wen and Clément, Gilles and Cortelli, Pietro and Cowley, Allen W and Crews, Leslie and Davis, Thomas L and Davis, Stephen N and de Groat, William C and DeMarco, Vincent G and Diedrich, André and DiPette, Donald J and Diz, Debra I and Drake, Marcus J and Drew, Rachel C and Dütsch, Matthias and Eisenhofer, Graeme and Elefteriou, Florent and Elijovich, Fernando and English, Brett A and Esler, Murray and Fang, John Y and Fealey, Robert D and Fernandez, Stanley and Fink, Gregory D and Floras, John S and Freeman, Roy and Fu, Liang-Wu and Fu, Qi and Furlan, Raffaello and Gamboa, Alfredo and Garland, Emily M and Gibbons, Christopher H and Gilbey, Michael P and Gilden, Janice L and Gilman, Sid and Goldstein, David S and Golombek, Diego A and Graham, Robert M and Grassi, Guido and Grier, Mark D and Groothuis, Jan T and Grubb, Blair P and Hahn, Maureen K and Halcox, Julian P.J and Hamill, Robert W and Hande, Kenneth R and Harati, Yadollah and Harrison, David G and Hart, Emma C and Hastings, Jacqui and Henderson, Luke A and Hilz, Max J and Hoeldtke, Robert and Ho, Shung Tai and Hunter, Peter and Hyland, Lauren and Hyland, Keith and Izadyar, Shahram and Izzo, Joseph L and Jackson, Edwin K and Jacob, Giris and Jänig, Wilfrid and Johnson, Megan S and Jones, James F.X and Jones, Carrie K and Joos, Karen M and Jordan, Jens and Joyner, Michael J and Kaler, Stephen G and Kasparov, Sergey and Kaufmann, Horacio and ...
2012, ISBN 9780123865250
Book Chapter
2015, Advances in mental health research series, ISBN 1138781428, Volume 4, xviii, 221
While film and video has long been used within psychological practice, researchers and practitioners have only just begun to explore the benefits of film and... 
Production and direction | Motion Pictures as Topic | Methodology | methods | Psychotherapy | Video Recording | Sensory Art Therapies | Motion pictures | Film Production | Psychoanalysis in Film Studies | Art Therapy | Trauma Studies | Integrative Psychotherapy | Counseling Techniques - Arts & Play Therapy | Cinematography | Art therapy | Methods
2010, 1, ISBN 0520258894, 458
"Interrupted Life" is a gripping collection of writings by and about imprisoned women in the United States, a country that jails a larger percentage of its... 
Women prisoners | Services for | Family relationships | United States | Sociology | Abuse of | Female offenders | Children of women prisoners
by Nauth, Aaron and Creek, Aaron T and Zellar, Abby and Lawendy, Abdel-Rahman and Dowrick, Adam and Gupta, Ajay and Dadi, Akhil and van Kampen, Albert and Yee, Albert and de Vries, Mark R and de Vries, Jean Paul P.M and de Vries, Alexander C and de Mol van Otterloo, Alexander and Garibaldi, Alisha and Liew, Susan and Liew, Allen and McIntyre, Allison W and Prasad, Amal Shankar and Romero, Amanda W and Rangan, Amar and Oatt, Amber and Sanghavi, Amir and Foley, Amy L and Karlsten, Anders and Dolenc, Andrea and Bucknill, Andrew and Chia, Andrew and Evans, Andrew and Evans, Simone and Gong, Andrew and Schmidt, G. Ben and Schmidt, Andrew H and Marcantonio, Andrew J and Jennings, Andrew and Ward, Angela and Khanna, Angshuman and Rai, Anil and Rai, B. Sachidananda and Rai, Kamal and Smits, Anke B and Horan, Annamarie D and Brekke, Anne Christine and Flynn, Annette and Duraikannan, Aravin and Stødle, Are and van Vugt, Arie B and Luther, Arlene and Zurcher, Arthur W and Jain, Arvind and Jain, Neeraj and Amundsen, Asgeir and Moaveni, Ash and Carr, Ashley and Sharma, Gaurav and Sharma, Ateet and Hill, Austin D and Trommer, Axel and Hileman, Barbara and Schreurs, Bart and Verhoeven, Bart and Barden, Benjamin B and Flatøy, Bernhard and Cleffken, Berry I and Bøe, Berthe and Perey, Bertrand and Hanusch, Birgit C and Weening, Brad and Fioole, Bram and Rijbroek, Bram and Crist, Brett D and Halliday, Brett and Peterson, Brett and Mullis, Brian and Richardson, C. Glen and Richardson, Martin and Clark, Callum and Sagebien, Carlos A and van der Pol, Carmen C and Bowler, Carol and Humphrey, Catherine A and Coady, Catherine and Koppert, Cees L and Coles, Chad and Tannoury, Chadi and DePaolo, Charles J and Gayton, Chris and Herriott, Chris and Reeves, Christina and Tieszer, Christina and Dobb, Christine and Anderson, Linda K and Anderson, Christopher G and Anderson, Sarah A and Sage, Claire and Cuento, Claudine and Jones, Vicki and Jones, Clifford B and Bosman, Coks H.R and Linehan, Colleen and van der Hart, Cor P and ... and Fixation using Alternative Implants for the Treatment of Hip fractures (FAITH) Investigators
Lancet, The, ISSN 0140-6736, 2017, Volume 389, Issue 10078, pp. 1519 - 1527
Journal Article