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American Journal of Preventive Medicine, ISSN 0749-3797, 2015, Volume 49, Issue 3, pp. 409 - 413
Journal Article
by DuPont, Andrew W and Mummadi, Rajasekhara and Castro, Timothy and Jones, Micahel P and Bratten, Jason and Keefer, Laurie and Crowell, Michael D and Pimentel, Mark and Morales, Walter and Lezcano, Sheila and Dai, Sun-Chuan and Low, Kimberly and Khoshini, Reza and Yang, Janet and Sheila, Lezcano and Kimberly, Low and Brenner, Darren M and Moeller, Matthew and Chey, William D and Schoenfeld, Philip and Har, Aileen F and Steffen, Rita and Kaplan, Barbara and Mahajan, Lori and Kim, Beom Jin and Rhee, Poong-Lyul and Son, Hee Jung and Kim, Young-Ho and Chang, Dong Kyung and Kim, Jae J and Rhee, Jong Chul and Lee, Hyuk and Gorla, Kirin and Banez, Gerard and Jones, Michael P and Sayuk, Greg and Wessinger, Sarah and Levy, Rona L and Palsson, Olafur and Quigley, Eamonn M and Devane, John and Young, David and Butler, Jackie and Pare, Pierre and Balshaw, Robert and Heisel, Olaf and Liu, Rose and Barbeau, Martin and Mittal, Sahil and Xu, Guang Yin and Winston, John and Shenoy, Mohan and Pasricha, Pankaj J and Sweetser, Seth and Camilleri, Michael and Zinsmeister, Alan R and Low, Phillip A and McKinzie, Sanna and Jung, Hye-kyung and Locke, G. Richard and Schleck, Cathy D and Talley, Nicholas J and Chang, Joseph Y and Locke, Giles R and Clark, Suzanne and Cerulli, Annamaria and Marehbian, Josh and Kahler, Kristijan H and Shetzline, Michael A and Wessinger, Sarah B and Harris, Lucinda A and DiBaise, John K and Crowell, Michael and Brown, Phil and Jackson, Jessica and Frazier, Kenny and Turner, Alex and Liu, Jim and Weiser, Kirsten T
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1036Predictors of Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth in Patients with Irritable Bowel Syndrome Andrew W. DuPont, MD * , Rajasekhara Mummadi, MD * , Timothy... 
Journal Article
The American Journal of Gastroenterology, ISSN 0002-9270, 09/2007, Volume 102, Issue s2, pp. S458 - S498
926Beclomethasone Diproprionate + Mesalamine Enemas for Refractory Ulcerative Proctitis. A Retrospective Analysis Mario Guslandi, MD, FACG * , Patrizia Giollo,... 
Journal Article
by Al-Aghbar, Mohamed N.A and Sharma, Sumit and Agrawal, Preeti and Garon, Jack and Verma, Arun and Uppalapati, Sesha S and Boylan, James D and Stoltzfus, Jill and Gaeta, Matthew D and Kilgore, Todd and Phillips, Jeffrey O and Bragg, Jack and Marshall, John B and Grahama, David Y and Lu, Hong and Yamaoka, Yoshio and Dhirmalani, Rajesh and Tang, Dengda and Brelvi, Zamir and Bianchi, Laura K and Bennett, Ana E and Lopez, Rocio and Hasson, Hennie and Burke, Carol A and Osama, Hiroyoshi and Kuno, Sachiko and Roerig, Birgit and Ueno, Ryuji and Salcedo, Manuel and Toro, Doris H and Pou, Javier and Torres, Carol L and Okada, Takayuki and Hori, Kazutoshi and Nakajima, Kazuhiko and Miwa, Hiroto and Brijbassie, Alan and Bisbal, Oswaldo and Bagi, Preet and Crowell, Michael D and Talley, Nicholas J and Jones, Michael P and Kim, Byung Wook and Maeng, Lee-So and Kim, Kyoung-Mee and Chung, In-Sik and Nagri, SriKrishna and Anand, Sury and Arya, Yashpal and Kashyap, Purna C and Mittal, Sahil and Hawari, Rami and Rodriguez-Stanley, Sheila and Riley, Susan and Miner, Philip B and Young, Benjamin and Roper, Jatin and Mourad, Michelle and Olivares de Perez, Asalia Z and Perez-Perez, Guillermo I and Pei, Zhiheng and Blaser, Martin J and Francois, Fritz and Kasturi, Krishna S and Mummadi, Rajasekhara R and Zhao, Qing and Tang, Wendell and Xiao, Shu-Yuan and Cuppoletti, John and Mende, Katrin and Malinowska, Danuta H and Puli, Srinivas R and Reddy, Jyotsna Batapati Krishna and Bechtold, Matthew L and Antillon, Mainor R and Ibdah, Jamal A and Yuan, Yuhong and Wang, Changcheng and Hunt, Richard H and Simadibrata, Marcellus and Abdullah, Murdani and Syam, Ari Fahrial and Fauzi, Ahmad and Makmun, Dadang and Manan, Chudahman and Rani, Aziz and Rahajeng, Eko and Rezailashkajani, Mohammadreza and Roshandel, Delnaz
The American Journal of Gastroenterology, ISSN 0002-9270, 09/2007, Volume 102, Issue s2, pp. S156 - S174
Journal Article
by Chambers, Stephen T and Murdoch, David and Morris, Arthur and Holland, David and Pappas, Paul and Almela, Manel and Fernández-Hidalgo, Nuria and Almirante, Benito and Bouza, Emilio and Forno, Davide and Rio, Ana del and Hannan, Margaret M and Harkness, John and Kanafani, Zeina A and Lalani, Tahaniyat and Lang, Selwyn and Raymond, Nigel and Read, Kerry and Vinogradova, Tatiana and Woods, Christopher W and Wray, Dannah and Corey, G. Ralph and Chu, Vivian H and Clara, Liliana and Sanchez, Marisa and Nacinovich, Francisco and Oses, Pablo Fernandez and Ronderos, Ricardo and Sucari, Adriana and Thierer, Jorge and Casabé, José and Cortes, Claudia and Altclas, Javier and Silvia Kogan, Sanatorio and Spelman, Denis and Athan, Eugene and Harris, Owen and Kennedy, Karina and Tan, Ren and Gordon, David and Papanicolas, Lito and Eisen, Damon and Grigg, Leeanne and Street, Alan and Korman, Tony and Kotsanas, Despina and Dever, Robyn and Jones, Phillip and Konecny, Pam and Lawrence, Richard and Rees, David and Ryan, Suzanne and Feneley, Michael P and Harkness, John and Jones, Phillip and Ryan, Suzanne and Jones, Phillip and Ryan, Suzanne and Jones, Phillip and Post, Jeffrey and Reinbott, Porl and Ryan, Suzanne and Gattringer, Rainer and Wiesbauer, Franz and Andrade, Adriana Ribas and de Brito, Ana Cláudia Passos and Guimarães, Armenio Costa and Grinberg, Max and Mansur, Alfredo José and Siciliano, Rinaldo Focaccia and Strabelli, Tania Mara Varejao and Vieira, Marcelo Luiz Campos and de Medeiros Tranchesi, Regina Aparecida and Paiva, Marcelo Goulart and Fortes, Claudio Querido and de Oliveira Ramos, Auristela and Ferraiuoli, Giovanna and Golebiovski, Wilma and Lamas, Cristiane and Santos, Marisa and Weksler, Clara and Karlowsky, James A and Keynan, Yoav and Morris, Andrew M and Rubinstein, Ethan and Jones, Sandra Braun and Garcia, Patricia and Cereceda, M and Fica, Alberto and Mella, Rodrigo Montagna and Barsic, Bruno and Bukovski, Suzana and Krajinovic, Vladimir and Pangercic, Ana and Rudez, Igor and Vincelj, Josip and Freiberger, Tomas and Pol, Jiri and Zaloudikova, Barbora and Ashour, Zainab and ... and Int Collaboration Endocarditis Pro and International Collaboration on Endocarditis Prospective Cohort Study Investigators and International Collaboration on Endocarditis Prospective Cohort Study (ICE-PCS) Investigators
PLoS ONE, ISSN 1932-6203, 05/2013, Volume 8, Issue 5, pp. e63181 - e63181
Journal Article
American Journal of Public Health, ISSN 0090-0036, 03/2017, Volume 107, Issue 3, pp. 430 - 432
Journal Article
Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, ISSN 0002-8614, 05/2015, Volume 63, Issue 5, pp. 843 - 852
Journal Article