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by Chauhan, Ganesh and Adams, Hieab H.H and Satizabal, Claudia L and Bis, Joshua C and Teumer, Alexander and Sargurupremraj, Muralidharan and Hofer, Edith and Trompet, Stella and Hilal, Saima and Smith, Albert Vernon and Jian, Xueqiu and Malik, Rainer and Traylor, Matthew and Pulit, Sara L and Amouyel, Philippe and Mazoyer, Bernard and Zhu, Yi-Cheng and Kaffashian, Sara and Schilling, Sabrina and Beecham, Gary W and Montine, Thomas J and Schellenberg, Gerard D and Kjartansson, Olafur and Guðnason, Vilmundur and Knopman, David S and Griswold, Michael E and Windham, B Gwen and Gottesman, Rebecca F and Mosley, Thomas H and Schmidt, Reinhold and Saba, Yasaman and Schmidt, Helena and Takeuchi, Fumihiko and Yamaguchi, Shuhei and Nabika, Toru and Kato, Norihiro and Rajan, Kumar B and Aggarwal, Neelum T and De Jager, Philip L and Evans, Denis A and Psaty, Bruce M and Rotter, Jerome I and Rice, Kenneth and Lopez, Oscar L and Liao, Jiemin and Chen, Christopher and Cheng, Ching-Yu and Wong, Tien Y and Ikram, Mohammad K and van der Lee, Sven J and Amin, Najaf and Chouraki, Vincent and DeStefano, Anita L and Aparicio, Hugo J and Romero, Jose R and Maillard, Pauline and DeCarli, Charles and Wardlaw, Joanna M and Hernández, Maria del C Valdés and Luciano, Michelle and Liewald, David and Deary, Ian J and Starr, John M and Bastin, Mark E and Muñoz Maniega, Susana and Slagboom, P Eline and Beekman, Marian and Deelen, Joris and Uh, Hae-Won and Lemmens, Robin and Brodaty, Henry and Wright, Margaret J and Ames, David and Boncoraglio, Giorgio B and Hopewell, Jemma C and Beecham, Ashley H and Blanton, Susan H and Wright, Clinton B and Sacco, Ralph L and Wen, Wei and Thalamuthu, Anbupalam and Armstrong, Nicola J and Chong, Elizabeth and Schofield, Peter R and Kwok, John B and van der Grond, Jeroen and Stott, David J and Ford, Ian and Jukema, J Wouter and Vernooij, Meike W and Hofman, Albert and Uitterlinden, André G and van der Lugt, Aad and Wittfeld, Katharina and Grabe, Hans J and Hosten, Norbert and von Sarnowski, Bettina and Völker, Uwe and Levi, Christopher and Jimenez-Conde, Jordi and ... and Stroke Genetics Network SiGN and CHARGE Consortium and ISGC and METASTROKE and ADGC and Stroke Genetics Network (SiGN), the International Stroke Genetics Consortium (ISGC), METASTROKE, Alzheimer's Disease Genetics Consortium (ADGC), and the Neurology Working Group of the Cohorts for Heart and Aging Research in Genomic Epidemiology (CHARGE) Consortium and Institutionen för biomedicin and Sahlgrenska akademin and Institute of Biomedicine and Göteborgs universitet and Gothenburg University and Sahlgrenska Academy
Neurology, ISSN 0028-3878, 01/2019, Volume 92, Issue 5, pp. e486 - e503
Journal Article
Medical Physics, ISSN 0094-2405, 02/2016, Volume 43, Issue 3, pp. 1249 - 1258
Journal Article
by Klionsky, Daniel J and Abdalla, Fabio C and Abeliovich, Hagai and Abraham, Robert T and Acevedo-Arozena, Abraham and Adeli, Khosrow and Agholme, Lotta and Agnello, Maria and Agostinis, Patrizia and Aguirre-Ghiso, Julio A and Ahn, Hyung Jun and Ait-Mohamed, Ouardia and Ait-Si-Ali, Slimane and Akematsu, Takahiko and Akira, Shizuo and Al-Younes, Hesham M and Al-Zeer, Munir A and Albert, Matthew L and Albin, Roger L and Alegre-Abarrategui, Javier and Aleo, Maria Francesca and Alirezaei, Mehrdad and Almasan, Alexandru and Almonte-Becerril, Maylin and Amano, Atsuo and Amaravadi, Ravi K and Amarnath, Shoba and Amer, Amal O and Andrieu-Abadie, Nathalie and Anantharam, Vellareddy and Ann, David K and Anoopkumar-Dukie, Shailendra and Aoki, Hiroshi and Apostolova, Nadezda and Arancia, Giuseppe and Aris, John P and Asanuma, Katsuhiko and Asare, Nana Y.O and Ashida, Hisashi and Askanas, Valerie and Askew, David S and Auberger, Patrick and Baba, Misuzu and Backues, Steven K and Baehrecke, Eric H and Bahr, Ben A and Bai, Xue-Yuan and Bailly, Yannick and Baiocchi, Robert and Baldini, Giulia and Balduini, Walter and Ballabio, Andrea and Bamber, Bruce A and Bampton, Edward T.W and Juhász, Gábor and Bartholomew, Clinton R and Bassham, Diane C and Bast, Robert C and Batoko, Henri and Bay, Boon-Huat and Beau, Isabelle and Béchet, Daniel M and Begley, Thomas J and Behl, Christian and Behrends, Christian and Bekri, Soumeya and Bellaire, Bryan and Bendall, Linda J and Benetti, Luca and Berliocchi, Laura and Bernardi, Henri and Bernassola, Francesca and Besteiro, Sébastien and Bhatia-Kissova, Ingrid and Bi, Xiaoning and Biard-Piechaczyk, Martine and Blum, Janice S and Boise, Lawrence H and Bonaldo, Paolo and Boone, David L and Bornhauser, Beat C and Bortoluci, Karina R and Bossis, Ioannis and Bost, Frédéric and Bourquin, Jean-Pierre and Boya, Patricia and Boyer-Guittaut, Michaël and Bozhkov, Peter V and Brady, Nathan R and Brancolini, Claudio and Brech, Andreas and Brenman, Jay E and Brennand, Ana and Bresnick, Emery H and Brest, Patrick and Bridges, Dave and Bristol, Molly L and Brookes, Paul S and Brown, Eric J and Brumell, John H and ... and Linköpings universitet and Institutionen för klinisk och experimentell medicin and Geriatrik and Institutionen för medicin och hälsa and Farmakologi and Experimentell patologi and Hälsouniversitetet and Cellbiologi
Autophagy, ISSN 1554-8627, 04/2012, Volume 8, Issue 4, pp. 445 - 544
Journal Article
Journal Article