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by Hoffman, L. M and Donson, A. M and Nakachi, I and Griesinger, A. M and Birks, D. K and Amani, V and Hemenway, M. S and Liu, A. K and Wang, M and Hankinson, T. C and Handler, M. H and Foreman, N. K and Zakrzewska, M and Zakrzewski, K and Fendler, W and Stefanczyk, L and Liberski, P. P and Massimino, M and Gandola, L and Ferroli, P and Valentini, L and Biassoni, V and Garre, M. L and Sardi, I and Genitori, L and Giussani, C and Massimi, L and Bertin, D and Mussano, A and Viscardi, E and Modena, P and Mastronuzzi, A and Barra, S and Scarzello, G and Cinalli, G and Peretta, P and Giangaspero, F and Boschetti, L and Schiavello, E and Calareso, G and Antonelli, M and Pecori, E and Di Meco, F and Migliorati, R and Taborelli, A and Witt, H and Sill, M and Wani, K and Mack, S. C and Capper, D and Pajtler, K and Lambert, S and Tzaridis, T and Milde, T and Northcott, P. A and Kulozik, A. E and Witt, O and Collins, V. P and Ellison, D. W and Taylor, M. D and Kool, M and Jones, D. T. W and Korshunov, A and Ken, A and Pfister, S. M and Makino, K and Nakamura, H and Kuroda, J.-i and Kuratsu, J.-i and Toledano, H and Margolin, Y and Ohali, A and Michowiz, S and Johann, P and Tabori, U and Walker, E and Hawkins, C and Taylor, M and Yaniv, I and Avigad, S and Hoffman, L and Plimpton, S. R and Stence, N. V and Vibhakar, R and Lourdusamy, A and Rahman, R and Ward, J and Rogers, H and Grundy, R and Punchihewa, C and Lee, R and Lin, T and Orisme, W and Dalton, J and Aronica, E and Smith, A and Gajjar, A and Onar, A and Pounds, S and Tatevossian, R and ...
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Journal Article
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Journal Article
by Rednam, S and Scheurer, M and Adesina, A and Lau, C and Okcu, M and Deatrick, J and Ogle, S and Fisher, M and Barakat, L and Hardie, T and Li, Y and Ginsberg, J and Ben-Arush, M and Krivoy, E and Rosenkranz, R and Peretz-Nahum, M and Brown, R. J and Love, J and Warburton, D and McBride, W. H and Bluml, S and Mueller, S and Sear, K and Hills, N and Chettout, N and Afghani, S and Lew, L and Tolentino, E and Haas-Kogan, D and Fullerton, H and Reddick, W and Palmer, S and Glass, J and Ogg, R and Gajjar, A and Omar, A and Perkins, S and Shinohara, E and Spoljaric, D and Isenberg, J and Whittington, M and Hauff, M and King, A and Litzelman, K and Barker, E and Catrine, K and Puccetti, D and Possin, P and Witt, W and Mallucci, C and Kumar, R and Pizer, B and Williams, D and Pettorini, B and Piscione, J and Bouffet, E and Shams, I and Kulkarni, A and Remes, T and Harila-Saari, A and Suo-Palosaari, M and Arikoski, P and Riikonen, P and Sutela, A and Koskenkorva, P and Ojaniemi, M and Rantala, H and Campen, C. J and Ashby, D and Fisher, P. G and Monje, M and Kulkarni, A. V and Nakamura, H and Makino, K and Yano, S and Kuratsu, J.-i and Jadrijevic-Cvrlje, F and Batinica, M and Toledano, H and Hoffman, T and Ezer-Cohen, Y and Michowiz, S and Yaniv, I and Cohen, I. J and Adler, I and Mindel, S and Gopalakrishnamoorthy, M and Saunders, D and Gaze, M and Spoudeas, H and Kieffer, V and Dellatolas, G and Chevignard, M and Puget, S and Dhermain, F and Grill, J and Dufour, C and Muir, R and Hunter, A and Latchman, A and ...
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by Gatta, G and Peris-Bonet, R and Visser, O and Stiller, C and Marcos-Gragera, R and Sánchez, M.-J and Lacour, B and Kaatsch, P and Berrino, F and Rutkowski, S and Botta, L and Hackl, M and Zielonke, N and Oberaigner, W and Van Eycken, E and Henau, K and Valerianova, Z and Dimitrova, N and Sekerija, M and Storm, H and Engholm, G and Mägi, M and Aareleid, T and Malila, N and Seppä, K and Faivre, J and Bossard, N and Uhry, Z and Colonna, M and Clavel, J and Lacour, B and Desandes, E and Brenner, H and Kaatsch, P and Katalinic, A and Garami, M and Jakab, Z and Comber, H and Mazzoleni, G and Bulatko, A and Buzzoni, C and Giacomin, A and Sutera Sardo, A and Mancuso, P and Ferretti, S and Barchielli, A and Caldarella, A and Gatta, G and Sant, M and Amash, H and Amati, C and Baili, P and Berrino, F and Bonfarnuzzo, S and Botta, L and Capocaccia, R and Di Salvo, F and Foschi, R and Margutti, C and Meneghini, E and Minicozzi, P and Trama, A and Serraino, D and Zucchetto, A and De Angelis, R and Caldora, M and Carrani, E and Francisci, S and Mallone, S and Pierannunzio, D and Roazzi, P and Rossi, S and Santaquilani, M and Tavilla, A and Pannozzo, F and Busco, S and Filiberti, R.A and Marani, E and Ricci, P and Pascucci, C and Autelitano, M and Spagnoli, G and Cirilli, C and Fusco, M and Vitale, M.F and Usala, M and Vitale, F and Ravazzolo, B and Michiara, M and Merletti, F and Maule, M and Tumino, R and Mangone, L and Di Felice, E and Falcini, F and Iannelli, A and Sechi, O and Cesaraccio, R and Piffer, S and Madeddu, A and ... and the EUROCARE-5 Working Group and EUROCARE-5 Working Grp and EUROCARE-5 Working Group
European journal of cancer (1990), ISSN 0959-8049, 09/2017, Volume 82, pp. 137 - 148
Journal Article