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by Marks, Florian, Dr and von Kalckreuth, Vera, MD and Aaby, Peter, DMSc and Adu-Sarkodie, Yaw, Prof and El Tayeb, Muna Ahmed, MD and Ali, Mohammad, PhD and Aseffa, Abraham, PhD and Baker, Stephen, Prof and Biggs, Holly M, MD and Bjerregaard-Andersen, Morten, PhD and Breiman, Robert F, MD and Campbell, James I, FIBMS and Cosmas, Leonard, MPH and Crump, John A, Prof and Espinoza, Ligia Maria Cruz, MD and Deerin, Jessica Fung, MPH and Dekker, Denise Myriam, PhD and Fields, Barry S, PhD and Gasmelseed, Nagla, Prof and Hertz, Julian T, MD and Van Minh Hoang, Nguyen, MSc and Im, Justin, MSc and Jaeger, Anna, BA and Jeon, Hyon Jin, BA and Kabore, Leon Parfait, MSc and Keddy, Karen H, MMed and Konings, Frank, PhD and Krumkamp, Ralf, DrPH and Ley, Benedikt, PhD and Løfberg, Sandra Valborg, MD and May, Jürgen, Prof and Meyer, Christian G, MD and Mintz, Eric D, MD and Montgomery, Joel M, PhD and Niang, Aissatou Ahmet, MSc and Nichols, Chelsea, MPH and Olack, Beatrice, MPHE and Pak, Gi Deok, MSc and Panzner, Ursula, MSc and Park, Jin Kyung, PhD and Park, Se Eun, MIS and Rabezanahary, Henintsoa, MD and Rakotozandrindrainy, Raphaël, MD and Raminosoa, Tiana Mirana, PhD and Razafindrabe, Tsiriniaina Jean Luco, PhD and Sampo, Emmanuel, MSc and Schütt-Gerowitt, Heidi, MD and Sow, Amy Gassama, Prof and Sarpong, Nimako, MD and Seo, Hye Jin, BA and Sooka, Arvinda, MSc and Soura, Abdramane Bassiahi, PhD and Tall, Adama, PhD and Teferi, Mekonnen, MSc and Thriemer, Kamala, PhD and Warren, Michelle R, MSc and Yeshitela, Biruk, MSc and Clemens, John D, Prof and Wierzba, Thomas F, PhD
Lancet Global Health, ISSN 2214-109X, 2017, Volume 5, Issue 3, pp. e310 - e323
Journal Article
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