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humans (25) 25
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middle aged (18) 18
rheumatology (18) 18
arthritis, rheumatoid - drug therapy (14) 14
treatment outcome (14) 14
adult (13) 13
index medicus (13) 13
rheumatoid arthritis (13) 13
double-blind method (12) 12
safety (12) 12
efficacy (11) 11
methotrexate (11) 11
aged (10) 10
antirheumatic agents - therapeutic use (10) 10
double-blind (9) 9
abridged index medicus (8) 8
therapy (6) 6
combination (5) 5
drug therapy, combination (5) 5
leflunomide (5) 5
methotrexate - therapeutic use (5) 5
abatacept (4) 4
administration, oral (4) 4
antirheumatic agents - administration & dosage (4) 4
arthritis (4) 4
arthritis, rheumatoid - physiopathology (4) 4
care and treatment (4) 4
clinical trials (4) 4
dose-response relationship, drug (4) 4
drug therapy (4) 4
etanercept (4) 4
inadequate response (4) 4
medicine, general & internal (4) 4
quality of life (4) 4
trial (4) 4
aged, 80 and over (3) 3
anti-inflammatory agents, non-steroidal - adverse effects (3) 3
anti-inflammatory agents, non-steroidal - therapeutic use (3) 3
antirheumatic agents - adverse effects (3) 3
arthritis, rheumatoid - immunology (3) 3
criteria (3) 3
cyclosporine (3) 3
disease (3) 3
drug administration schedule (3) 3
drug resistance (3) 3
education (3) 3
enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (3) 3
fk-506 (3) 3
immunosuppressive agents - administration & dosage (3) 3
immunosuppressive agents - adverse effects (3) 3
immunosuppressive agents - therapeutic use (3) 3
inflammation (3) 3
injections, subcutaneous (3) 3
methotrexate - administration & dosage (3) 3
methotrexate - adverse effects (3) 3
modifying antirheumatic drugs (3) 3
original (3) 3
patients (3) 3
placebo (3) 3
placebo-controlled trial (3) 3
research (3) 3
severity of illness index (3) 3
t-cell activation (3) 3
tacrolimus - administration & dosage (3) 3
tacrolimus - adverse effects (3) 3
tacrolimus - therapeutic use (3) 3
time factors (3) 3
1506 (2) 2
adalimumab (2) 2
adolescent (2) 2
advertising (2) 2
ankylosing-spondylitis (2) 2
antibodies, antinuclear - analysis (2) 2
antibodies, monoclonal - adverse effects (2) 2
antibodies, monoclonal - immunology (2) 2
antibodies, monoclonal - therapeutic use (2) 2
antibodies, monoclonal, humanized (2) 2
antibodies, monoclonal, humanized - therapeutic use (2) 2
antirheumatic agents - immunology (2) 2
arrangements or circuits for control of indicating devicesusing static means to present variable information (2) 2
arthritis, rheumatoid - blood (2) 2
australia (2) 2
calculating (2) 2
capillary obliteration (2) 2
children (2) 2
clinical and epidemiological research (2) 2
college-of-rheumatology (2) 2
combination therapy (2) 2
computing (2) 2
costimulation modulator abatacept (2) 2
counting (2) 2
creatinine - blood (2) 2
cryptography (2) 2
disease-activity (2) 2
display (2) 2
dosage and administration (2) 2
electric digital data processing (2) 2
evaluation (2) 2
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Journal Article
Journal Article
Journal Article
Current Therapeutic Research, ISSN 0011-393X, 2007, Volume 68, Issue 6, pp. 379 - 399
Abstract Background: Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a chronic, inflammatory disease affecting synovial joints. Patients with persistent, active disease have.