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by Ishigami, H and Yamaguchi, H and Yamashita, H and Emoto, S and Kitayama, J and Yuki, S and Komatsu, Y and Nakatsumi, H and Kobayashi, Y and Takeuchi, S and Sogabe, S and Miyagishima, T and Kato, T and Hatanaka, K and Nakamura, M and Kudo, M and Akakura, N and Sonoda, N and Munakata, M and Sakata, Y and Akagi, Y and Beppu, T and Emi, Y and Kakechi, Y and Saeki, H and Oki, E and Fujita, F and Inomata, M and Sawai, T and Samura, H and Baba, H and Natsugoe, S and Ogata, Y and Tokunaga, S and Maehara, Y and Yoshida, Y and Hoshino, S and Miyake, T and Aisu, N and Tanimura, S and Yamashita, Y and Jang, J. E and Hyun, S. Y and Hwang, D. Y and Yoon, S. H and Kim, Y. D and Kim, S. J and Kim, J. S and Cheong, J.- W and Min, Y. H and Takamatsu, Y and Sunami, K and Miyamoto, T and Hata, H and Muta, T and Tsukada, J and Uozumi, K and Tamura, K and Chim, C. S and Ito, S and Mine, T and Sugawara, T and Fujishima, Y and Sasaki, R and Oyake, T and Murai, K and Ishida, Y and Ri, M and Iida, S and Okamoto, W and Okamoto, I and Arao, T and Nishina, S.- i and Ueda, S and Kawakami, H and Yanagihara, K and Kurata, T and Nishio, K and Nakagawa, K and Sukawa, Y and Yamamoto, H and Kunimoto, H and Nosho, K and Suzuki, H and Adachi, Y and Nobuoka, T and Kawayama, M and Mikami, M and Matsuno, T and Hasegawa, T and Hirata, K and Shinomura, Y and Sugimoto, N and Yoshinami, T and Yamamoto, S and Yagi, T and Imamura, F and Arita, S and Makiyama, A and Oda, H and ... and The Japanese and Korean Bendamustine Lymphoma Study Group
Annals of Oncology, ISSN 0923-7534, 10/2012, Volume 23, Issue suppl 11, pp. xi82 - xi98
Journal Article
Annals of Oncology, ISSN 0923-7534, 10/2012, Volume 23, Issue suppl 11, pp. xi99 - xi131
Journal Article
Journal Article
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