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by Gibbs, Richard A and Weinstock, George M and Metzker, Michael L and Muzny, Donna M and Sodergren, Erica J and Scherer, Steven and Scott, Graham and Steffen, David and Worley, Kim C and Burch, Paula E and Okwuonu, Geoffrey and Hines, Sandra and Lewis, Lora and Deramo, Christine and Delgado, Oliver and Dugan-Rocha, Shannon and Miner, George and Morgan, Margaret and Hawes, Alicia and Gill, Rachel and Holt, Robert A and Adams, Mark D and Amanatides, Peter G and Baden-Tillson, Holly and Barnstead, Mary and Chin, Soo and Evans, Cheryl A and Ferriera, Steve and Fosler, Carl and Glodek, Anna and Gu, Zhiping and Jennings, Don and Kraft, Cheryl L and Nguyen, Trixie and Pfannkoch, Cynthia M and Sitter, Cynthia and Sutton, Granger G and Venter, J. Craig and Woodage, Trevor and Smith, Douglas and Lee, Hong-Mei and Gustafson, Erik and Cahill, Patrick and Kana, Arnold and Doucette-Stamm, Lynn and Weinstock, Keith and Fechtel, Kim and Weiss, Robert B and Dunn, Diane M and Green, Eric D and Blakesley, Robert W and Bouffard, Gerard G and de Jong, Pieter J and Osoegawa, Kazutoyo and Zhu, Baoli and Marra, Marco and Schein, Jacqueline and Bosdet, Ian and Fjell, Chris and Jones, Steven and Krzywinski, Martin and Mathewson, Carrie and Siddiqui, Asim and Wye, Natasja and McPherson, John and Zhao, Shaying and Fraser, Claire M and Shetty, Jyoti and Shatsman, Sofiya and Geer, Keita and Chen, Yixin and Abramzon, Sofyia and Nierman, William C and Gibbs, Richard A and Weinstock, George M and Havlak, Paul H and Chen, Rui and Durbin, K. James and Egan, Amy and Ren, Yanru and Song, Xing-Zhi and Li, Bingshan and Liu, Yue and Qin, Xiang and Cawley, Simon and Weinstock, George M and Worley, Kim C and Cooney, A.J and Gibbs, Richard A and D'Souza, Lisa M and Martin, Kirt and Wu, Jia Qian and Gonzalez-Garay, Manuel L and Jackson, Andrew R and Kalafus, Kenneth J and McLeod, Michael P and Milosavljevic, Aleksandar and Virk, Davinder and Volkov, Andrei and Wheeler, David A and ... and Rat Genome Sequencing Project Cons and Rat Genome Sequencing Project Consortium and Joint Genome Institute (JGI) and Naturvetenskapliga fakulteten and Department of Mathematical Statistics and Institutionen för matematisk statistik and Faculty of Sciences and Göteborgs universitet and Gothenburg University
Nature, ISSN 0028-0836, 04/2004, Volume 428, Issue 6982, pp. 493 - 521
Journal Article
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