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JAMA Ophthalmology, ISSN 2168-6165, 06/2017, Volume 135, Issue 6, p. 617
Importance β-zone parapapillary atrophy (βPPA) has been reported as a risk factor for glaucoma onset and progression. Previous studies have shown that the... 
Glaucoma | Hypertension | Atrophy | Optic neuropathy | Visual field | Eye diseases | Neuropathy | Ophthalmology | Eyes & eyesight
Journal Article
Journal Article
Canadian Journal of Surgery, ISSN 0008-428X, 2015, Volume 58, Issue 6, pp. 431 - 432
Summary The benefit of a laparoscopic approach to appendectomy continues to be debated. We compared laparoscopic (LA) with open appendectomy (OA) for... 
Journal Article
Canadian Journal of Surgery, ISSN 0008-428X, 2014, Volume 57, Issue 3, pp. 194 - 198
Background The natural evolution of an acute care surgery (ACS) service is to develop disease-specific care pathways aimed at quality improvement. Our primary... 
Journal Article
by Hageman, Michiel G.J.S and Döring, Anne-Carolin and Spit, Silke A and Guitton, Thierry G and Ring, David and Adams, Julie and Abzug, Joshua M and Akabudike, Ngozi M and Bainbridge, L.C and Balfour, George W and Bamberger, H. Brent and Barreto, Camilo Jose Romero and Baskies, Michael and Baxamusa, Taizoon and Behrman, Michael and Benhaim, Prosper and Blazar, Philip and Boler, James M and Boretto, Jorge G and Boyer, Martin and Calfee, Ryan P and Cassidy, Charles and Costanzo, Ralp M and Darowish, Michael and de Bedout, Ramon and Desilva, Gregroy and Di Giovanni, Jose Fernando and Dodds, Seth and Erickson, John M and Felipe, Naquira Escobar Luis and Fernandes, C.H and Fricker, Renato M and Frykman, Gary K and Garcia, Aida E and Gaston, R. Glenn and Gilbert, Richard S and Grafe, Michael W and Greenberg, Jeffrey A and Grunwald, H.W and Guidera, Paul and Hammert, Warren C and Hauck, Randy and Helgemo, Steve and Hernandez, German Ricardo and Hofmeister, Eric and Hutchison, Richard L and Ilyas, Asif and Jacoby, Sidney M and Jebson, Peter and Jones, Christopher M and Kakar, Sanjeev and Kaplan, F. Thomas D and Kaplan, Saul and Katolik, Leonid and Kennedy, Stephen A and Kessler, Michael W and Kimball, Hervey L and Kirkpatrick, D. Kay and Klinefelter, Ryan and Kraan, G.A and Lane, Lewis B and Lattanza, Lisa and Lee, Kendrick and Malone, Kevin J and Manke, Chad and Martineau, Paul A and Matiko, Jim and McAuliffe, John and McCabe, Steven J and McKee, Desirae M and Metzger, Charles and Mitchell, Scott and Wolf, Jennifer Moriatis and Nancollas, Michael and Nelson, David L and Nolla, Jose and Nyszkiewicz, Ralf and Ortiz, Jose A and Overbeck, Joachim P and Owens, Patrick W and Papandrea, Rick and Paz, Lior and Castillo, Alberto Pérez and Polatsch, Daniel and Press, Gary M and Richard, Marc J and Rizzo, Marco and Rozental, Rozental and Ruchelsman, David and Semenkin, Oleg M and Shatford, Russell and Sierra, Fransisco Javier Aguilar and Siff, Todd and Spath, Catherine and Spruijt, Sander and Sutker, Ben and Swigart, Carrie and Taras, John and Tavakolian, Jason D and Terrono, Andrew L and ...
Archives of Bone and Joint Surgery, ISSN 2345-4644, 2016, Volume 4, Issue 4, pp. 353 - 358
Background: As an early step in the development of a decision aid for idiopathic trigger finger (TF) we were interested in the level of decisional conflict... 
Shared decision making | Trigger finger | Assessment of needs | Decisional conflict scale | Assessment of Needs | Decisional Conflict Scale | Trigger Finger
Journal Article
Experimental and Therapeutic Medicine, ISSN 1792-0981, 05/2018, Volume 15, Issue 5, pp. 4205 - 4212
The aim of the present study was to investigate the effects of three different formulations of hyaluronic acid (HA): Low molecular weight (MW) Sinovial... 
Collagen type II | Chondroadherin | Hypoxia-inducible factor 1α | Hyaluronic acid | Chondrocytes | MEDICINE, RESEARCH & EXPERIMENTAL | chondrocytes | collagen type II | QUANTITATIVE PCR | INJECTIONS | chondroadherin | KNEE OSTEOARTHRITIS | hypoxia-inducible factor 1 alpha | hyaluronic acid
Journal Article
Gynecologic Oncology, ISSN 0090-8258, 1980, Volume 10, Issue 3, pp. 369 - 369
Journal Article
by Walsh, Tom and Gary, Sydney and Sutcliffe, James S and Addington, Anjene M and Chitkara, Nisha and Levy, Deborah L and Cichon, Sven and DeRosse, Pamela and Malhotra, Anil K and Leibenluft, Ellen and Dickel, Diane E and Lee, Yoon-ha and Zackai, Elaine H and Stroup, T Scott and McCarthy, Shane E and Crow, Timothy J and McMahon, Francis J and Lakshmi, B and Christian, Susan L and Malhotra, Dheeraj and McClellan, Jon and Goodell, Meredith and Spinner, Nancy B and Pearl, Justin and Wolff, Jessica and Bhandari, Abhishek and Iakoucheva, Lilia M and Deutsch, Curtis K and Pavon, Kevin and Nöthen, Markus M and Gallagher, Louise and Roccanova, Patricia and Lieberman, Jeffrey A and DeLisi, Lynn E and Puura, Kaija and Skuse, David and Rapoport, Judith and Willour, Virginia L and Kirov, George and Vacic, Vladimir and Makarov, Vladimir and Haldeman-Englert, Chad and Sullivan, Patrick F and Schulze, Thomas G and Craddock, Nick and Kendall, Jude and Perkins, Diana O and Kusenda, Mary and Lehtimäki, Terho and Kassem, Layla and Yoon, Seungtai and Krastoshevsky, Olga and Sebat, Jonathan and Owen, Michael J and Ganesh, Jaya and Gill, Michael and King, Mary-Claire and Steele, Jo and Krause, Verena and Susser, Ezra and Mendell, Nancy R and Leotta, Anthony and Shaikh, Tamim H and Kaplan, Paige and Potash, James B and Krantz, Ian D and Grozeva, Detelina and Lajonchere, Clara M and O'Donovan, Michael C and Kustanovich, Vlad and Rietschel, Marcella and Kumar, Ravinesh A and Wellcome Trust Case Control Consor and Wellcome Trust Case Control Consortium
Nature Genetics, ISSN 1061-4036, 11/2009, Volume 41, Issue 11, pp. 1223 - 1227
Journal Article
by Chong, Jessica X and McMillin, Margaret J and Shively, Kathryn M and Beck, Anita E and Marvin, Colby T and Armenteros, Jose R and Buckingham, Kati J and Nkinsi, Naomi T and Boyle, Evan A and Berry, Margaret N and Bocian, Maureen and Foulds, Nicola and Uzielli, Maria Luisa Giovannucci and Haldeman-Englert, Chad and Hennekam, Raoul C.M and Kaplan, Paige and Kline, Antonie D and Mercer, Catherine L and Nowaczyk, Malgorzata J.M and Klein Wassink-Ruiter, Jolien S and McPherson, Elizabeth W and Moreno, Regina A and Scheuerle, Angela E and Shashi, Vandana and Stevens, Cathy A and Carey, John C and Monteil, Arnaud and Lory, Philippe and Tabor, Holly K and Smith, Joshua D and Shendure, Jay and Nickerson, Deborah A and Bamshad, Michael J and Bamshad, Michael J and Abecasis, Gonçalo R and Anderson, Peter and Blue, Elizabeth Marchani and Annable, Marcus and Browning, Brian L and Chen, Christina and Chin, Jennifer and Cooper, Gregory M and Davis, Colleen P and Frazar, Christopher and Harrell, Tanya M and He, Zongxiao and Jain, Preti and Jarvik, Gail P and Jimenez, Guillaume and Johanson, Eric and Jun, Goo and Kircher, Martin and Kolar, Tom and Krauter, Stephanie A and Krumm, Niklas and Leal, Suzanne M and Luksic, Daniel and McGee, Sean and O’Reilly, Patrick and Paeper, Bryan and Patterson, Karynne and Perez, Marcos and Phillips, Sam W and Pijoan, Jessica and Poel, Christa and Reinier, Frederic and Robertson, Peggy D and Santos-Cortez, Regie and Shaffer, Tristan and Shephard, Cindy and Siegel, Deborah L and Staples, Jeffrey C and Tackett, Monica and Underwood, Jason G and Wegener, Marc and Wang, Gao and Wheeler, Marsha M and Yi, Qian and Univ Washington and University of Washington Center for Mendelian Genomics
The American Journal of Human Genetics, ISSN 0002-9297, 03/2015, Volume 96, Issue 3, pp. 462 - 473
Journal Article
by Howard, James F and Utsugisawa, Kimiaki and Benatar, Michael and Murai, Hiroyuki and Barohn, Richard J and Illa, Isabel and Jacob, Saiju and Vissing, John and Burns, Ted M and Kissel, John T and Muppidi, Srikanth and Nowak, Richard J and O'Brien, Fanny and Wang, Jing-Jing and Mantegazza, Renato and Mazia, Claudio Gabriel and Wilken, Miguel and Ortea, Carolina and Saba, Juliet and Rugiero, Marcelo and Bettini, Mariela and Vidal, Gonzalo and Vidal, Nuria and Garcia, Rebekah and Garcia, Sonia and Garcia, Alejandra Dalila and Lamont, Phillipa and Leong, Wai-Kuen and Boterhoven, Heidi and Fyfe, Beverly and Roberts, Leslie and Jasinarachchi, Mahi and Willlems, Natasha and Wanschitz, Julia and Löscher, Wolfgang and De Bleecker, Jan and Van den Abeele, Guy and de Koning, Kathy and De Mey, Katrien and Mercelis, Rudy and Wagemaekers, Linda and Mahieu, Delphine and Van Damme, Philip and Smetcoren, Charlotte and Stevens, Olivier and Verjans, Sarah and D'Hondt, Ann and Tilkin, Petra and Alves de Siqueira Carvalho, Alzira and Hasan, Rosa and Dias Brockhausen, Igor and Feder, David and Ambrosio, Daniel and Melo, Ana Paula and Rocha, Rosana and Rosa, Bruno and Veiga, Thabata and Augusto da Silva, Luiz and Gonçalves Geraldo, Jordana and da Penha Morita Ananias, Maria and Nogueira Coelho, Erica and Paiva, Gabriel and Pozo, Marina and Prando, Natalia and Dada Martineli Torres, Debora and Fernanda Butinhao, Cristiani and Coelho, Erica and Renata Cubas Volpe, Luciana and Duran, Gustavo and Gomes da Silva, Tamires Cristina and Otavio Maia Gonçalves, Luiz and Pazetto, Lucas Eduardo and Souza Duca, Luciana and Suriane Fialho, Tomás Augusto and Gheller Friedrich, Maurício André and Guerreiro, Alexandre and Mohr, Henrique and Pereira Martins, Maurer and da Cruz Pacheco, Daiane and Macagnan, Ana Paula and de Cassia Santos, Aline and Bulle Oliveira, Acary Souza and Amaral de Andrade, Ana Carolina and Annes, Marcelo and Cavalcante Lino, Valeria and Pinto, Wladimir and Miranda, Carolina and Carrara, Fernanda and Souza, Iandra and Genge, Angela and Massie, Rami and Campbell, Natasha and Bril, Vera and Katzberg, Hans and Soltani, Mehran and Ng, Eduardo and Siddiqi, Zaeem and Phan, Celile and Blackmore, Derrick and Vohanka, Stanislav and ... and REGAIN Study Grp and REGAIN Study Group
The Lancet Neurology, ISSN 1474-4422, 12/2017, Volume 16, Issue 12, pp. 976 - 986
Journal Article