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by Ghofrani, Hossein-Ardeschir and Simonneau, Gérald and D'Armini, Andrea M and Fedullo, Peter and Howard, Luke and Howard, Luke S and Jaïs, Xavier and Jenkins, David P and Jing, Zhi-Cheng and Madani, Michael M and Martin, Nicolas and Mayer, Eckhard and Papadakis, Kelly and Richard, Dominik and Kim, Nick H and Kim, Hyung-Kwan and Lang, Irene and Kähler, Christian and Delcroix, Marion and Bshouty, Zoheir and Varela, Pablo Sepulveda and Yang, Yuanhua and Liu, Jinming and Zhang, Nuofu and Zhang, Gangcheng and Mi, Yuhong and Zhu, Xianyang and Jansa, Pavel and Prévot, Grégoire and Bouvaist, Hélène and Sanchez, Carlos Jerjes and Sanchez, Olivier and Grimminger, Friedrich and Held, Matthias and Wilkens, Heinrike and Rosenkranz, Stephan and Grünig, Ekkehard and Karlócai, Kristóf and Temesvári, András and Edes, Istvan and Aidietienė, Sigita and Miliauskas, Skaidrius and Zamudio, Tomas Rene Pulido and Noordegraaf, Anton Vonk and Lewczuk, Jerzy and Podolec, Piotr and Kasprzak, Jarosław and Mularek-Kubzdela, Tatiana and Grzywna, Ryszard and Dheda, Keertan and Moiseeva, Olga and Chernyavskiy, Alexander and Shipulin, Vladimir and Barbarash, Olga and Martynyuk, Tamila and Park, Jun-Bean and Lee, Jae Seung and Speich, Rudolf and Ulrich, Silvia and Aubert, John-David and Phrommintikul, Arintaya and Jaimchariyatam, Nattapong and Sompradeekul, Suree and Onen, Zeynep Pinar and Okumus, Gulfer and Solovey, Lyubomyr and Gavrysyuk, Volodymyr and Pepke-Zaba, Joanna and Condliffe, Robin and McConnell, John and Kerr, Kim and Nguyen, Lan Hieu and Pham, Nguyen Vinh and MERIT Study Investigators and MERIT study investigators
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Macitentan is beneficial for long-term treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension. The microvasculopathy of chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension... 
RESPIRATORY SYSTEM | LESIONS | RIOCIGUAT | ENDARTERECTOMY | CRITICAL CARE MEDICINE | Care and treatment | Pulmonary hypertension | Diagnosis | Clinical trials | Usage
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Journal Article
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