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by Bertrand, P and Grieten, L and Smeets, C and Verbrugge, F and Mullens, W and Vrolix, M and Rivero-Ayerza, M and Verhaert, D and Vandervoort, P and Tong, L and Tortoli, P and D'hoge, J and Henein, M and Obremska, M and Boratynska, M and Zysko, D and Baran, T and Klinger, M and Mueller, H and Popova, N and Vallee, J.-P and Floria, M and Tinica, G and Grecu, M and Osa-Saez, A and Buendia-Fuentes, F and Domingo-Valero, D and Igual-Munoz, B and Alonso-Fernandez, P and Quesada-Carmona, A and Miro-Palau, V and Palencia-Perez, M and Bech-Hanssen, O and Lagerstrand, K and Janulewicz, M and Gao, S and Erdogan, E and Akkaya, M and Tasal, A and Sonmez, O and Turfan, M and Kul, S and Vatankulu, M and Uyarel, H and Goktekin, O and Mincu, R and Magda, L and Mihaila, S and Florescu, M and Enescu, O and Popescu, B and Broch, K and Massey, R and De Marchi, S and Aakhus, S and Urheim, S and Yuan, L and Feng, J and Jin, X and Bombardini, T and Casartelli, M and Simon, D and Gaspari, M and Procaccio, F and Hasselberg, N and Haugaa, K and Brunet, A and Kongsgaard, E and Donal, E and Edvardsen, T and Sahin, T and Yurdakul, S and Cengiz, B and Bozkurt, A and Aytekin, S and Santambrogio, G and Alloni, M and Salvetti, M and Gaibazzi, N and Rigo, F and Moreo, A and Wdowiak-Okrojek, K and Kasprzak, J and Lipiec, P and Generati, G and Pellegrino, M and Bandera, F and Donghi, V and Guazzi, M and Marcun, R and Stankovic, I and Kosnik, M and Neskovic, A and Lainscak, M and Iliuta, L and Szymanski, P and Lipczynska, M and Klisiewicz, A and Sobieszczanska-Malek, M and Hoffman, P and ... and Division of Cardiology, Department of Internal Medicine, St.Vincent's Hospital, The Catholic University of Korea, Suwon, Republic of Korea and Mashhad university of medical sciences,Preventive Cardiovascular care research center,Lupus Research center and APRES Collaborative Group and Research grant 112/2011 and CIBIS ELD study group
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Journal Article
by Bergerot, C and Thibault, H and Aussoleil, A and Skuldadt Davidsen, E and Barthelet, M and Derumeaux, G. A and Grapsa, J and Zimbarra Cabrita, I and Afilalo, J and Paschou, S and Dawson, D and Durighel, G and O'regan, D and Howard, L and Gibbs, J and Morenate Navio, M and Mesa Rubio, M and Ortega, M. D and Ruiz Ortiz, M and Castillo Bernal, F and Del Pino, C. L and Toledano, F and Alvarez-Ossorio, M. P and Ojeda Pineda, S and Lezo Cruz-Conde, J. S. D and Jasaityte, R and Claus, P and Teske, A and Herbots, L and Verheyden, B and Rademakers, F and D'hooge, J and Tocchetti, C. G and Coppola, C and Rea, D and Quintavalle, C and Guarino, L and Castaldo, N and De Lorenzo, C and Condorelli, G and Arra, C and Maurea, N and Voilliot, D and Huttin, O and Djaballah, W and Zinzius, P and Sellal, J and Angioi, M and Juilliere, Y and Selton-Suty, C and Dobrowolski, P and Florczak, E and Prejbisz, A and Szwench, E and Rybicka, J and Januszewicz, A and Hoffman, P and Jurado Roman, A and De Nicolas, J. M. M and Diaz Anton, B and Rubio Alonso, B and Martin Asenjo, R and Mayordomo Gomez, S and Villagraz Tecedor, L and Blazquez, L and De Meneses, R. T and Bernard, A and Hernandez, A. I and Reynaud, A and Lerclercq, C and Daubert, J and Lim, S and Azman, W and Almeida, M and Cardim, N and Fonseca, V and Carmelo, V and Santos, S and Santos, T and Toste, J and Kosmala, W and Orda, A and Karolko, B and Mysiak, A and Przewlocka-Kosmala, M and Farsalinos, K and Tsiapras, D and Kyrzopoulos, S and Avramidou, E and Vassilopoulou, D and Hayrapetyan, H and Montero Cabezas, J and Granda Nistal, C and Sanchez Sanchez, V and Sestito, A and Lamendola, P and Di Franco, A and Lauria, C and Lanza, G and Kukucka, M and ...
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Journal Article
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European Heart Journal - Cardiovascular Imaging, ISSN 2047-2404, 12/2012, Volume 13, Issue suppl 1, pp. i50 - i72
Journal Article
Polish Archives of Internal Medicine, ISSN 0032-3772, 2018, Volume 128, Issue 11, pp. 644 - 648
INTRODUCTION YKL-40 is a protein released locally by inflammatory cells. Thus, it may constitute a biomarker of inflammatory conditions, such as... 
Coronary artery disease | Biomarker | Atherosclerosis | atherosclerosis | coronary artery disease | MIGRATION | CELLS | MARKER | MATRIX PROTEIN | SERUM | biomarker | GRANULES | GP38K | MEDICINE, GENERAL & INTERNAL | INFLAMMATION | DISEASE
Journal Article
Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology, ISSN 0926-9959, 01/2019, Volume 33, Issue 1, pp. 136 - 142
Background Psoriasis has been shown to increase cardiovascular risk, and a contributor to this might be enhanced myocardial fibrosis promoted by the... 
Journal Article
European Heart Journal, ISSN 0195-668X, 10/2019, Volume 40, Issue Supplement_1
Abstract Background YKL-40 is a protein released locally by inflammatory cells. Since inflammation has been implicated in the pathogenesis of atherosclerosis,... 
Journal Article
Journal Article
by Ye, Z and Xia, M and Lee, E and Ionescu, A and Dwivedi, G and Frenneaux, M and Steeds, R and Jackson, K and Castellucci, J and Kisslo, J and Von Ramm, O and Zaca', V and Cameli, M and Lisi, M and Natali, B and Malandrino, A and Castiglioni, L and Nobili, E and Colazzo, F and Li Causi, T and Sironi, L and Tremoli, E and Clausen, H and Basaggianis, C and Newton, J and Bigio, E and Maccherini, M and Chiavarelli, M and Henein, M and Arsenescu Georgescu, C and Barbieri, A and Quaglia, M and Modena, M and Kutty, S and Gribben, P and Waiss, M and Danford, D and Bech-Hanssen, O and Schmiedel, L and Hohmann, C and Katzke, S and Haacke, K and Rauwolf, T and Strasser, R and Tumasyan, L. R and Adamyan, K and Kosmala, W and Przewlocka-Kosmala, M and Mysiak, A and Stachowska, B and Bednarek-Tupikowska, G and Chrzanowski, L and Kasprzak, J and Wojciechowska, C and Wita, K and Busz-Papiez, B and Gasior, Z and Mizia-Stec, K and Kukulski, T and Gosciniak, P and Sinkiewicz, W and Moelmen, H and Stoylen, A and Torp, H and Dalen, H and Nicholson, G and Goh, C.-W and Ahn, H and Kim, J and Park, J and Kim, K and Yoon, H and Hong, Y and Park, H and Ahn, Y and Jeong, M and Cho, J and Grapsa, J and Dawson, D and Karfopoulos, K and Jakaj, G and Punjabi, P and Nihoyannopoulos, P and Ruisanchez Villar, C and Lerena Saenz, P and Gonzalez Vilchez, F and Gonzalez Fernandez, C and Cifrian Martinez, J and Mons Lera, R and Ruano Calvo, J and Martin Duran, R and Vazquez De Prada Tiffe, J and Werner, B and Voillot, D and Huttin, O and Schwartz, J and Sellal, J and Lemoine, S and Popovic, B and Juilliere, Y and ...
European Journal of Echocardiography, ISSN 1525-2167, 12/2011, Volume 12, Issue suppl 2, pp. ii159 - ii190
Journal Article
HemaSphere, ISSN 2572-9241, 06/2019, Volume 3, pp. 682 - 683
Journal Article
by Watanabe, N and Taniguchi, M and Akagi, T and Sano, S and Orbovic, B and Obrenovic-Kircanski, B and Soskic, L. J and Alhabshan, F and Jijeh, A and Alkhaldi, A and Kulach, A and Wang, M and Siu, C. W and Lee, K and Yan, G. H and Lee, S and Lau, C. P and Rosca, M and Magne, J and Romano, G and Moonen, M and Lancellotti, P and Floria, M and De Roy, L and Blommaert, D and Jamart, J and Lacrosse, M and Arsenescu Georgescu, C and Bucyte, S and Bertasiute, A and Pociute, E and Zaliaduonyte-Peksiene, D and Baronaite-Dudoniene, K and Sileikiene, R and Wollmer, P and Colombo, E and De Giorgi, M and Cattaneo, M and Andreea Parv, P. A and Ober Mihai, O. M and Chmielecki, M and Fijalkowski, M and Galaska, R and Lewicki, L and Targonski, R and Ciecwierz, D and Koprowski, A and Hristova, K and La Gerche, A and Diller, G. P and Orwat, S and Kaleschke, G and Kerckhoff, G and Schmidt, R and Radke, R. M and Baumgartner, H and Jaxa-Chamiec, T and Maciejewski, P and Budaj, A and Gadiyaram, V and Moggridge, J. C and Gopal, A. S and Ramesh, S. S and Brodin, L. A and Saha, S. K and Ramzy, I. S and Lindqvist, P and Lam, Y. Y and Craciunescu, I. S and Serban, M and Iancu, M and Revnic, C and Rogoz, D and Uscatescu, V and Ginghina, C and Careri, G and Di Monaco, A and Tarzia, P and Lamendola, P and Sestito, A and Crea, F and Giannini, F and Perkan, A and Vitrella, G and Della Grazia, E and Salvi, A and Sinagra, G and Scislo, P and Kochanowski, J and Piatkowski, R and Postula, M and Castillo, J and Herszkowicz, N and Lonnebakken, M. T and Nordrehaug, J. E and Gerdts, E and Przewlocka-Kosmala, M and Orda, A and Karolko, B and Holmgren, A and ...
European Journal of Echocardiography, ISSN 1525-2167, 12/2010, Volume 11, Issue Supplement 2, pp. ii89 - ii119
Journal Article
Journal Article
Kardiologia polska, ISSN 0022-9032, 1991, Volume 35, Issue 11, p. 275
Journal Article
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