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cell biology (249) 249
science & technology - other topics (249) 249
treatment outcome (240) 240
adolescent (235) 235
transplantation (233) 233
multidisciplinary sciences (224) 224
applied sciences (222) 222
performing operations (210) 210
transporting (210) 210
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gastroenterology & hepatology (206) 206
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retrospective studies (192) 192
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genetics & heredity (191) 191
human necessities (190) 190
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optics (161) 161
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cardiac & cardiovascular systems (160) 160
mutation (158) 158
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organic chemistry (152) 152
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microbiology (140) 140
geology (136) 136
living donors (135) 135
compositions based thereon (133) 133
organic macromolecular compounds (133) 133
their preparation or chemical working-up (133) 133
cell line (131) 131
disease models, animal (129) 129
prognosis (128) 128
superconductivity (128) 128
basic electric elements (127) 127
immunohistochemistry (127) 127
materials science, multidisciplinary (127) 127
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cancer (126) 126
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Library Location Library Location
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by Michael, D.G and Adamson, P and Alexopoulos, T and Allison, W.W.M and Alner, G.J and Anderson, K and Andreopoulos, C and Andrews, M and Andrews, R and Arms, K.E and Armstrong, R and Arroyo, C and Auty, D.J and Avvakumov, S and Ayres, D.S and Baller, B and Barish, B and Barker, M.A and Barnes, P.D and Barr, G and Barrett, W.L and Beall, E and Becker, B.R and Belias, A and Bergfeld, T and Bernstein, R.H and Bhattacharya, D and Bishai, M and Blake, A and Bocean, V and Bock, B and Bock, G.J and Boehm, J and Boehnlein, D.J and Bogert, D and Border, P.M and Bower, C and Boyd, S and Buckley-Geer, E and Bungau, C and Byon-Wagner, A and Cabrera, A and Chapman, J.D and Chase, T.R and Cherdack, D and Chernichenko, S.K and Childress, S and Choudhary, B.C and Cobb, J.H and Cossairt, J.D and Courant, H and Crane, D.A and Culling, A.J and Dawson, J.W and de Jong, J.K and DeMuth, D.M and de Santo, A and Dierckxsens, M and Diwan, M.V and Dorman, M and Drake, G and Drakoulakos, D and Ducar, R and Durkin, T and Erwin, A.R and Escobar, C.O and Evans, J.J and Fackler, O.D and Falk Harris, E and Feldman, G.J and Felt, N and Fields, T.H and Ford, R and Frohne, M.V and Gallagher, H.R and Gebhard, M and Giurgiu, G.A and Godley, A and Gogos, J and Goodman, M.C and Gornushkin, Y and Gouffon, P and Gran, R and Grashorn, E and Grossman, N and Grudzinski, J.J and Grzelak, K and Guarino, V and Habig, A and Halsall, R and Hanson, J and Harris, D and Harris, P.G and Hartnell, J and Hartouni, E.P and Hatcher, R and Heller, K and Hill, N and Ho, Y and Holin, A and ... and MINOS Collaboration
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Journal Article
Journal Article