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by Ott, O J and Strnad, V and Pötter, R and Hammer, J and Hildebrandt, G and Resch, A and Kovács, G and Beckmann, M W and Sauer, R and Niehoff, P and Polgar, C and Ostertag, H and Major, T and Eidtmann, H and Jonat, W and Kimmig, B and Roddiger, S J and Kolotas, C and Kuner, R P and Martin, T and Kurek, R and Baltas, D and Rogge, B and Kautschur, H and Hoffmann, G and Pollow, B and Kontova, M and Zamboglou, N and Ott, O and Lotter, M and Gallino, A and Mahler, F and Niewald, M and Jafari, F and Hennen, B and Wisser, L and Fleckenstein, J and Rübe, Ch and Böhm, M and Micke, O and Wagner, W and Schäfer, U and Willich, N and Greiner, R H and Pallas, A and Pajic, B and Collen, T and Meurer, N and Töpfer, M and Ries, G and Leutloff, U and Frei, S and Warszawski, A and Baumann, R and Möller, T and Niedermeyer, J and Karstens, J H and Gripp, S and Muskalla, K and Pulte, T and Ohmann, C and Röddiger, S and Dannenberg, T and Tunn, U W and Dimopoulos, J and Schard, G and Kirisits, C and Lang, S and Goldner, G and Wachter, S and Wachter-Gerstner, N and Helbich, T and Weise, C and Bendel, M and Kocher, M and Müller, R.-P and Engelmann, U and Aebersold, D M and Isaak, B and Vetterli, D and Kemmerling, L and Thalmann, G and Behrensmeier, F and Mini, R and Baier, K and Wulf, J and Nürnberg, N and Egberts, J and Galalae, R and Maurer, U and Maurer, G and Lang, K and Zumbé, J and Block, T and Czempiel, H and Machtens, S and Ponholzer, A and Riedl, A and Oismüller, R and Somay, C and ...
Strahlentherapie und Onkologie, ISSN 0179-7158, 6/2004, Volume 180, Issue S1, pp. 109 - 128
Journal Article
Strahlentherapie und Onkologie, ISSN 0179-7158, 06/2004, Volume 180, Issue 1, p. 109
To access, purchase, authenticate, or subscribe to the full-text of this article, please visit this link: http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/BF03356736 
Journal Article
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