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adult (13) 13
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middle aged (11) 11
spondyloarthritis (11) 11
severity of illness index (10) 10
brazil (9) 9
epidemiology (9) 9
arthritis (8) 8
prospective studies (8) 8
quality of life (8) 8
epidemiologia (7) 7
rheumatoid arthritis (7) 7
systemic lupus erythematosus (7) 7
ankylosing spondylitis (6) 6
espondiloartrites (6) 6
methotrexate (6) 6
safety (6) 6
treatment outcome (6) 6
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disease (5) 5
disease activity (5) 5
double-blind (5) 5
double-blind method (5) 5
patients (5) 5
registries (5) 5
spondylarthritis - diagnosis (5) 5
tumor necrosis factor-tnf (5) 5
aged (4) 4
antirheumatic agents - therapeutic use (4) 4
basdai (4) 4
brazil - epidemiology (4) 4
brazilian population (4) 4
chronic arthritis in childhood (4) 4
enthesitis-related arthritis (4) 4
inadequate response (4) 4
inflammatory diseases (4) 4
juvenile-onset spondyloarthritis (4) 4
lúpus eritematoso sistêmico (4) 4
psoriatic-arthritis (4) 4
spondylarthritis - physiopathology (4) 4
surveys and questionnaires (4) 4
abatacept (3) 3
adolescent (3) 3
age of onset (3) 3
antiphospholipid antibodies (3) 3
arthritis, rheumatoid - drug therapy (3) 3
artrite crônica na infância (3) 3
artrite enteropática (3) 3
artrite relacionada à entesite (3) 3
asqol (3) 3
atividade de doença (3) 3
child (3) 3
classification (3) 3
clinical trials (3) 3
cohort studies (3) 3
criteria (3) 3
crohn's disease (3) 3
disease modifying drugs (3) 3
doença de crohn (3) 3
drogas modificadoras de doença (3) 3
drug therapy, combination (3) 3
enteropathic arthritis (3) 3
espondilite anquilosante (3) 3
espondiloartrite (3) 3
espondiloartrite de início juvenil (3) 3
estudos de registro (3) 3
index (3) 3
lupoid sclerosis (3) 3
methotrexate - therapeutic use (3) 3
metotrexato (3) 3
multiple sclerosis (3) 3
orthopedics (3) 3
população brasileira (3) 3
prevalence (3) 3
psoriatic arthritis (3) 3
qualidade de vida (3) 3
randomization (3) 3
registry studies (3) 3
retocolite ulcerativa (3) 3
rheumatoid-arthritis (3) 3
society classification criteria (3) 3
spondylarthritis - complications (3) 3
spondylarthritis - epidemiology (3) 3
spondylitis, ankylosing - diagnosis (3) 3
spondylitis, ankylosing - physiopathology (3) 3
sspondyloarthritides (3) 3
sulfasalazina (3) 3
sulfasalazine (3) 3
therapy (3) 3
tratamento (3) 3
treatment (3) 3
ulcerative rectocolitis (3) 3
young adult (3) 3
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by Clowse, Megan E. B and Wallace, Daniel J and Furie, Richard A and Petri, Michelle A and Pike, Marilyn C and Leszczyński, Piotr and Neuwelt, C. Michael and Hobbs, Kathryn and Keiserman, Mauro and Duca, Liliana and Kalunian, Kenneth C and Galateanu, Catrinel and Bongardt, Sabine and Stach, Christian and Beaudot, Carolyn and Kilgallen, Brian and Gordon, Caroline and Batalov, A and Bojinca, M and Djerassi, R and Duca, L and Horak, P and Kolarov, Z and Milasiene, R and Monova, D and Otsa, K and Pileckyte, M and Popova, T and Radulescu, F and Rashkov, R and Rednic, S and Repin, M and Stoilov, R and Tegzova, D and Vezikova, N and Vitek, P and Zainea, C and East, Far and Baek, H and Chen, Y and Chiu, Y and Cho, C and Chou, C and Choe, J and Huang, C and Kang, Y and Kang, S and Lai, N and Lee, S and Park, W and Shim, S and Suh, C and Yoo, W and Armengol, H. Avila and Zapata, F. Avila and Santiago, M. Barreto and Cavalcanti, F and Chahade, W and Costallat, L and Keiserman, M and Alcala, J. Orozco and Remus, C. Ramos and Roimicher, L and Abu‐Shakra, M and Agarwal, V and Agmon‐Levin, N and Kadel, J and Levy, Y and Mevorach, D and Paran, D and Reitblat, T and Rosner, I and Shobha, V and Sthoeger, Z and Zisman, D and Ayesu, K and Berney, S and Box, J and Busch, H and Buyon, J and Carter, J and Chi, J and Clowse, M and Collins, R and Dao, K and Diab, I and Dikranian, A and El‐Shahawy, M and Gaylis, N and Grossman, J and Halpert, E and Huff, J and Jarjour, W and Kao, A and Katz, R and Kennedy, A and Khan, M and Kivitz, A and Kohen, M and Lawrence‐Ford, T and ... and EMBODY Investigator Grp and EMBODY Investigator Group
Arthritis & Rheumatology, ISSN 2326-5191, 02/2017, Volume 69, Issue 2, pp. 362 - 375
Journal Article
by Deodhar, Atul and Poddubnyy, Denis and Pacheco‐Tena, Cesar and Salvarani, Carlo and Lespessailles, Eric and Rahman, Proton and Järvinen, Pentti and Sanchez‐Burson, Juan and Gaffney, Karl and Lee, Eun Bong and Krishnan, Eswar and Santisteban, Silvia and Li, Xiaoqi and Zhao, Fangyi and Carlier, Hilde and Reveille, John D and Antolini, Christopher and Azevedo, Valderilio and Barkham, Magnus and Rodriguez, Aaron Alejandro Barrera and Berman, Alberto and Blicharski, Tomasz and Brzezicki, Jan and Burmester, Gerd and Carrio, Judith and Collantes, Eduardo and Combe, Bernard and Cons‐Molina, Fidencio and Cortes‐Maisonet, Gregorio and Dudek, Anna and Barragan, Sergio Duran and Elkayam, Ori and Flint, Kathleen and Galeazzi, Mauro and Gaylis, Norman and Goddard, David and Fernandez, Carlos Gonzalez and Goupille, Philippe and Masmitja, Jordi Gratacos and Greenwald, Maria and Gremese, Elisa and Hong, Seung Jae and Howell, Mary and Hrycaj, Pawel and Ince, Akgun and Ju, Ji Hyeon and Kaine, Jeffrey and Kang, Seong Wook and Keiserman, Mauro and Kim, Tae‐Hwan and Kivitz, Alan and Klein, Steven and Kremer, Joel and Lee, Sang Heon and Lee, Chang Keun and Lee, Sang‐Hoon and Lidman, Roger and Loveless, James and Lucero, Eleonora and Cocco, Jose Maldonado and Marcolino, Flora and Mariette, Xavier and Mehta, Daksha and Morin, Frederic and Moscovici, Yolanda and Mueller, Eric and Mysler, Eduardo and Blasco, Francisco Navarro and Nguyen, Minh and Pantojas, Carlos and Park, Min‐Chan and Jesus, Amarilis Perez‐De and Peters, Eric and Plebanski, Rafal and Querubin, Roel and Remus, Cesar Ramos and Reitblat, Tatiana and Rivera, Tania and Rodriguez, Juan Cruz Rizo and Sayers, Michael and Scotton, Antonio and Scoville, Craig and Shaw, David and Shin, Kichul and Singhal, Atul and Skinner, Cassandra and Soto‐Raices, Oscar and Soubrier, Martin and Szymanska, Malgorzata and Thai, Christine and Sande, Marleen and Wells, Alvin and Wojciechowski, Rafal and Xavier, Ricardo and Ximenes, Antonio and Zisman, Devy and COAST-W Study Grp and COAST-W Study Group and the COAST‐W Study Group
Arthritis & Rheumatology, ISSN 2326-5191, 04/2019, Volume 71, Issue 4, pp. 599 - 611
Journal Article
The New England Journal of Medicine, ISSN 0028-4793, 10/2015, Volume 373, Issue 14, pp. 1329 - 1339
Journal Article
Journal Article
Expert Review of Clinical Immunology, ISSN 1744-666X, 08/2014, Volume 10, Issue 8, pp. 1049 - 1057
Biologic therapies, predominantly TNF-α inhibitors, have revolutionized the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis (RA). However, their clinical utility can be... 
TNF antagonists | biologic therapies | abatacept | etanercept | infliximab | rheumatoid arthritis | adalimumab | antidrug antibodies | immunogenicity | rituximab | INFLAMMATORY DISEASES | INADEQUATE RESPONSE | MONOCLONAL-ANTIBODY | IMMUNOLOGY | ANTITUMOR NECROSIS FACTOR | LONG-TERM SAFETY | DOUBLE-BLIND | ADALIMUMAB ANTIBODIES | INFLIXIMAB ANTIBODIES | CLINICAL-RESPONSE
Journal Article
by Deodhar, Atul and Gensler, Lianne S and Sieper, Joachim and Clark, Michael and Calderon, Cesar and Wang, Yuhua and Zhou, Yiying and Leu, Jocelyn H and Campbell, Kim and Sweet, Kristen and Harrison, Diane D and Hsia, Elizabeth C and Heijde, Désirée and Ariel, Frederico and Asnal, Cecilia Adma and Berman, Alberto and Citera, Gustavo and Rodriguez, Graciela and Savio, Veronica Gabriela and Bird, Paul and Griffiths, Hedley and Nicholls, David and Rischmueller, Maureen and Zochling, Jane and De Vlam, Kurt and Malaise, Michel and Toukap, Adrien Nzeusseu and Van den Bosch, Filip and Vanhoof, Johan and Bonfiglioli, Rubens and Keiserman, Mauro and Scotton, Antonio Scafuto and Xavier, Ricardo and Ximenes, Antonio Carlos and Atanasov, Assen and Goranov, Ivan and Kazmin, Ivan and Licheva, Rodina Nestorova and Nikolov, Nikolay and Oparanov, Boycho and Stoilov, Rumen and Bessette, Louis and Rodrigues, Jude and Bortilik, Ladislav and Dokoupilova, Eva and Dvoarak, Zdenek and Galatikova, Dagmar and Nemec, Petr and Podrazilova, Lucie and Simkova, Gabriela and Stejfova, Zuzana and Moravcova, Radka and Vitek, Petr and Cantagrel, Alain and Baillet, Athan and Banneville, Beatrice and Combe, Bernard and Breban, Maxime and Nguyen, Minh and Goupille, Philippe and Braun, Juergen and Everding, Andrea and Kekow, Joern and Koenig, Ramona and Rubbert‐Roth, Andrea and Witte, Torsten and Bartha, Attila and Drescher, Edit and Kerekes, Kata and Kovacs, Attila and Pulai, Judit and Rojkovich, Bernadette and Szanto, Sandor and Toth, Edit and Avila, Hilario and Torre, Igancio Garcia and Irazoque, Fedra and Maradiaga, Marco and Pacheco, Cesar and Brzosko, Marek and Dudek, Anna and Jeka, Slawomir and Krogulec, Marek and Kwiatkowska, Brygida and Wiland, Piotr and Wojciechowski, Rafal and Zielinska, Agnieszka and Santos, Helena and Bugrova, Olga and Christyakov, Valery and Gorbunov, Vladimir and Ilivanova, Elena and Zemerova, Elena and Kamalova, Rima and Kameneva, Tatyana and Macievskaya, Galina and Marusenko, Irina and Maslyansky, Alexey and Myasoedova, Svetlana and Myasoutova, Leisan and ...
Arthritis & Rheumatology, ISSN 2326-5191, 02/2019, Volume 71, Issue 2, pp. 258 - 270
Objective To evaluate the efficacy and safety of ustekinumab in 3 randomized, placebo‐controlled studies in patients with axial spondyloarthritis (SpA).... 
PATHOGENESIS | CRITERIA | CELLS | MAINTENANCE | THERAPY | ANKYLOSING-SPONDYLITIS | PHASE-3 | RHEUMATOLOGY | ASSOCIATION | ACTIVE PSORIATIC-ARTHRITIS | INTERLEUKIN-12/23 MONOCLONAL-ANTIBODY | Effectiveness | Safety measures | Rheumatic diseases | Clinical trials | Arthritis | Patients | Inflammatory diseases | Studies | Intolerance | Randomization | Tumor necrosis factor | Tumor necrosis factor-TNF | Safety
Journal Article
Journal of Rheumatology, ISSN 0315-162X, 08/2018, Volume 45, Issue 8, pp. 1085 - 1092
Objective. To assess 5-year safety, tolerability, and efficacy of subcutaneous (SC) abatacept (ABA) in methotrexate (MTX)-refractory patients with rheumatoid... 
Journal Article
by de Carvalho, Hellen M. S and de Carvalho, Hellen M. S and Bortoluzzo, Adriana B and Bortoluzzo, Adriana B and Gonçalves, Célio R and Gonçalves, Célio R and da Silva, José Antonio Braga and da Silva, José Antonio Braga and Ximenes, Antonio Carlos and Ximenes, Antonio Carlos and Bértolo, Manoel B and Bértolo, Manoel B and Ribeiro, Sandra L. E and Ribeiro, Sandra L. E and Keiserman, Mauro and Keiserman, Mauro and Menin, Rita and Menin, Rita and Skare, Thelma L and Skare, Thelma L and Carneiro, Sueli and Carneiro, Sueli and Azevedo, Valderílio F and Azevedo, Valderílio F and Vieira, Walber P and Vieira, Walber P and Albuquerque, Elisa N and Albuquerque, Elisa N and Bianchi, Washington A and Bianchi, Washington A and Bonfiglioli, Rubens and Bonfiglioli, Rubens and Campanholo, Cristiano and Campanholo, Cristiano and Costa, Izaias P and Costa, Izaias P and Duarte, Angela P and Duarte, Angela P and Gavi, Maria Bernadete O and Gavi, Maria Bernadete O and Kohem, Charles L and Kohem, Charles L and Leite, Nocy H and Leite, Nocy H and Lima, Sonia A. L and Lima, Sonia A. L and Meirelles, Eduardo S and Meirelles, Eduardo S and Pereira, Ivânio A and Pereira, Ivânio A and Pinheiro, Marcelo M and Pinheiro, Marcelo M and Polito, Elizandra and Polito, Elizandra and Resende, Gustavo G and Resende, Gustavo G and Rocha, Francisco Airton C and Rocha, Francisco Airton C and Santiago, Mittermayer B and Santiago, Mittermayer B and de Fátima L. C. Sauma, Maria and de Fátima L. C. Sauma, Maria and Sampaio-Barros, Percival D and Sampaio-Barros, Percival D and Brazilian Registry Spondyloarthrit and Brazilian Registry on Spondyloarthritis and from the Brazilian Registry on Spondyloarthritis
Clinical Rheumatology, ISSN 0770-3198, 4/2012, Volume 31, Issue 4, pp. 687 - 695
Journal Article
Journal of Rheumatology, ISSN 0315-162X, 2014, Volume 41, Issue 4, pp. 629 - 639
Journal Article