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Biologics: Targets and Therapy, ISSN 1177-5475, 2012, Volume 6, pp. 191 - 199
Assesses the efficacy of one course of rituximab (two 1-g doses) compared to an alternative tumor necrosis factor-α (TNFα) blocker in rheumatoid arthritis... 
Rituximab | Anti-cyclic citrullinated peptide antibodies | Rheumatoid factor | Rheumatoid arthritis | Treatment | Confidence intervals | Rheumatism | Tumor necrosis factor-TNF | Peptides | anti-cyclic citrullinated peptide antibodies | Original Research | rheumatoid arthritis | rheumatoid factor | rituximab
Journal Article
Journal Article
Arthritis Research and Therapy, ISSN 1478-6354, 05/2008, Volume 10, Issue 3, pp. R50 - R50
Introduction About 30% of rheumatoid arthritis patients fail to respond adequately to TNF alpha-blocking therapy. There is a medical and socioeconomic need to... 
CONTROLLED-TRIAL | RESPONSIVENESS | GENE | ALPHA THERAPY | DISEASE | DOUBLE-BLIND | METHOTREXATE | RHEUMATOLOGY | INFLIXIMAB | INTERLEUKIN-6 | LONG-TERM TREATMENT | Infliximab | Tumor necrosis factor | Rheumatoid arthritis | Dosage and administration | Research | Drug therapy | Health aspects
Journal Article
by Deodhar, Atul and Gensler, Lianne S and Sieper, Joachim and Clark, Michael and Calderon, Cesar and Wang, Yuhua and Zhou, Yiying and Leu, Jocelyn H and Campbell, Kim and Sweet, Kristen and Harrison, Diane D and Hsia, Elizabeth C and Heijde, Désirée and Ariel, Frederico and Asnal, Cecilia Adma and Berman, Alberto and Citera, Gustavo and Rodriguez, Graciela and Savio, Veronica Gabriela and Bird, Paul and Griffiths, Hedley and Nicholls, David and Rischmueller, Maureen and Zochling, Jane and De Vlam, Kurt and Malaise, Michel and Toukap, Adrien Nzeusseu and Van den Bosch, Filip and Vanhoof, Johan and Bonfiglioli, Rubens and Keiserman, Mauro and Scotton, Antonio Scafuto and Xavier, Ricardo and Ximenes, Antonio Carlos and Atanasov, Assen and Goranov, Ivan and Kazmin, Ivan and Licheva, Rodina Nestorova and Nikolov, Nikolay and Oparanov, Boycho and Stoilov, Rumen and Bessette, Louis and Rodrigues, Jude and Bortilik, Ladislav and Dokoupilova, Eva and Dvoarak, Zdenek and Galatikova, Dagmar and Nemec, Petr and Podrazilova, Lucie and Simkova, Gabriela and Stejfova, Zuzana and Moravcova, Radka and Vitek, Petr and Cantagrel, Alain and Baillet, Athan and Banneville, Beatrice and Combe, Bernard and Breban, Maxime and Nguyen, Minh and Goupille, Philippe and Braun, Juergen and Everding, Andrea and Kekow, Joern and Koenig, Ramona and Rubbert‐Roth, Andrea and Witte, Torsten and Bartha, Attila and Drescher, Edit and Kerekes, Kata and Kovacs, Attila and Pulai, Judit and Rojkovich, Bernadette and Szanto, Sandor and Toth, Edit and Avila, Hilario and Torre, Igancio Garcia and Irazoque, Fedra and Maradiaga, Marco and Pacheco, Cesar and Brzosko, Marek and Dudek, Anna and Jeka, Slawomir and Krogulec, Marek and Kwiatkowska, Brygida and Wiland, Piotr and Wojciechowski, Rafal and Zielinska, Agnieszka and Santos, Helena and Bugrova, Olga and Christyakov, Valery and Gorbunov, Vladimir and Ilivanova, Elena and Zemerova, Elena and Kamalova, Rima and Kameneva, Tatyana and Macievskaya, Galina and Marusenko, Irina and Maslyansky, Alexey and Myasoedova, Svetlana and Myasoutova, Leisan and ...
Arthritis & Rheumatology, ISSN 2326-5191, 02/2019, Volume 71, Issue 2, pp. 258 - 270
Objective To evaluate the efficacy and safety of ustekinumab in 3 randomized, placebo‐controlled studies in patients with axial spondyloarthritis (SpA).... 
PATHOGENESIS | CRITERIA | CELLS | MAINTENANCE | THERAPY | ANKYLOSING-SPONDYLITIS | PHASE-3 | RHEUMATOLOGY | ASSOCIATION | ACTIVE PSORIATIC-ARTHRITIS | INTERLEUKIN-12/23 MONOCLONAL-ANTIBODY | Effectiveness | Safety measures | Rheumatic diseases | Clinical trials | Arthritis | Patients | Inflammatory diseases | Studies | Intolerance | Randomization | Tumor necrosis factor | Tumor necrosis factor-TNF | Safety
Journal Article
Journal of Immunology, ISSN 0022-1767, 05/2005, Volume 174, Issue 10, pp. 6524 - 6531
Journal Article
BMC Rheumatology, ISSN 2520-1026, 12/2019, Volume 3, Issue 1, pp. 1 - 11
Abstract Background Signs and symptoms establish the diagnosis of adult onset Still’s disease (AOSD) as well as of systemic onset juvenile idiopathic arthritis... 
Adult onset Still’s disease (AOSD) | Disease activity | Systemic onset juvenile arthritis (sJIA) | Interleukin-18 (IL-18)
Journal Article
Journal Article
by F. De Benedetti and J. Anton and M. Gattorno and H. Lachmann and I. Kone-Paut and S. Ozen and J. Frenkel and A. Simon and A. Zeft and E. Ben-Chetrit and H. M. Hoffman and Y. Joubert and K. Lheritier and A. Speziale and J. Guido and Roberta Caorsi and Federica Penco and Alice Grossi and Antonella Insalaco and Maria Alessio and Giovanni Conti and Federico Marchetti and Alberto Tommasini and Silvana Martino and Romina Gallizzi and Annalisa Salis and Francesca Schena and Francesco Caroli and Alberto Martini and Gianluca Damonte and Isabella Ceccherini and Marco Gattorno and Marie-Louise Frémond and Carolina Uggenti and Lien Van Eyck and Isabelle Melki and Darragh Duffy and Vincent Bondet and Yoann Rose and Bénédicte Neven and Yanick Crow and Mathieu P. Rodero and Yvonne Kusche and Johannes Roth and Katarzyna Barczyk-Kahlert and Giovanna Ferrara and Annalisa Chiocchetti and Silvio Polizzi and Josef Vuch and Diego Vozzi and Anna Mondino and Erica Valencic and Serena Pastore and Andrea Taddio and Flavio Faletra and Umberto Dianzani and Ugo Ramenghi and Alberto Tommasini and Qing Zhou and Xiaomin Yu and Erkan Demirkaya and Natalie Deuitch and Deborah Stone and Wanxia Tsai and Amanda Ombrello and Tina Romeo and Elaine F. Remmers and JaeJin Chae and Massimo Gadina and Steven Welch and Seza Ozen and Rezan Topaloglu and Mario Abinun and Daniel L. Kastner and Ivona Aksentijevich and Donatella Vairo and Rosalba Monica Ferraro and Giulia Zani and Jessica Galli and Micaela De Simone and Marco Cattalini and Elisa Fazzi and Silvia Giliani and Ebun Omoyinmi and Ariane Standing and Dorota Rowczenio and Annette Keylock and Sonia Melo Gomes and Fiona Price-Kuehne and Sira Nanthapisal and Claire Murphy and Thomas Cullup and Lucy Jenkins and Kimberly Gilmour and Despina Eleftheriou and Helen Lachmann and Philip Hawkins and Nigel Klein and Paul Brogan and Anita Dhanrajani and ...
Pediatric Rheumatology Online Journal, 05/2017, Volume 15, Issue S1, pp. 1 - 104
Journal Article
by De Benedetti, F and Anton, J and Gattorno, M and Lachmann, H and Kone-Paut, I and Ozen, S and Frenkel, J and Simon, A and Zeft, A and Ben-Chetrit, E and Hoffman, H. M and Joubert, Y and Lheritier, K and Speziale, A and Guido, J and Caorsi, Roberta and Penco, Federica and Grossi, Alice and Insalaco, Antonella and Alessio, Maria and Conti, Giovanni and Marchetti, Federico and Tommasini, Alberto and Martino, Silvana and Gallizzi, Romina and Salis, Annalisa and Schena, Francesca and Caroli, Francesco and Martini, Alberto and Damonte, Gianluca and Ceccherini, Isabella and Gattorno, Marco and Frémond, Marie-Louise and Uggenti, Carolina and Van Eyck, Lien and Melki, Isabelle and Duffy, Darragh and Bondet, Vincent and Rose, Yoann and Neven, Bénédicte and Crow, Yanick and Rodero, Mathieu P and Kusche, Yvonne and Roth, Johannes and Barczyk-Kahlert, Katarzyna and Ferrara, Giovanna and Chiocchetti, Annalisa and Polizzi, Silvio and Vuch, Josef and Vozzi, Diego and Mondino, Anna and Valencic, Erica and Pastore, Serena and Taddio, Andrea and Faletra, Flavio and Dianzani, Umberto and Ramenghi, Ugo and Zhou, Qing and Yu, Xiaomin and Demirkaya, Erkan and Deuitch, Natalie and Stone, Deborah and Tsai, Wanxia and Ombrello, Amanda and Romeo, Tina and Remmers, Elaine F and Chae, JaeJin and Gadina, Massimo and Welch, Steven and Ozen, Seza and Topaloglu, Rezan and Abinun, Mario and Kastner, Daniel L and Aksentijevich, Ivona and Vairo, Donatella and Ferraro, Rosalba Monica and Zani, Giulia and Galli, Jessica and De Simone, Micaela and Cattalini, Marco and Fazzi, Elisa and Giliani, Silvia and Omoyinmi, Ebun and Standing, Ariane and Rowczenio, Dorota and Keylock, Annette and Gomes, Sonia Melo and Price-Kuehne, Fiona and Nanthapisal, Sira and Murphy, Claire and Cullup, Thomas and Jenkins, Lucy and Gilmour, Kimberly and Eleftheriou, Despina and Lachmann, Helen and Hawkins, Philip and Klein, Nigel and Brogan, Paul and Dhanrajani, Anita and Chan, Mercedes and ... and On Behalf of the British Society for Paediatric and Adolescent Rheumatology and For the FMF Arthritis Vasculitis and Orphan Disease Research in Paediatric Rheumatology (FAVOR) and on behalf of ENCA and on behalf of EUROFEVER PROJECT and Working Group “Juvenile Dermatomyositis” of the German Society for Paediatric and Adolescent Rheumatology (GKJR) and Acute-JIA Study Group and ReACCh-Out Investigators and on behalf of Eurofever Registry and EPOCA Study Group and Board of the Swedish Pediatric Rheumatology Registry and GRIP study group and on behalf of PRINTO and Eurofever registry and International Childhood Arthritis Genetics (INCHARGE) Consortium and PRINTO/PRCSG and For Pediatric Rheumatology International Trials Organization (PRINTO)/Pediatric Rheumatology Collaborative Study Group (PRCSG) and on behalf of Dutch JIA patient organization and Pediatric Allergy and Immunology Unit, PGIMER, Chandigarh and ICON study group and BIKER collaborative group and Working Group of Behçet’s Disease, Pediatric Rheumatology Association of Japan (PRAJ) and CAPS and on behalf of ReACCh-Out Investigators and GENIAL Investigators, UK JSLE Study Group and Juvenile Dermatomyositis Cohort and Biomarker Study (JCDBS) and Juvenile Dermatomyositis Research Group (JDRG)
Pediatric Rheumatology, ISSN 1546-0096, 05/2017, Volume 15, Issue S1
Journal Article
BMC rheumatology, 2019, Volume 3, p. 4
Signs and symptoms establish the diagnosis of adult onset Still's disease (AOSD) as well as of systemic onset juvenile idiopathic arthritis (sJIA). The... 
Journal Article
Journal of Immunology, ISSN 0022-1767, 05/2005, Volume 174, Issue 10, pp. 6524 - 6531
Apart from counteracting matrix metalloproteinases, tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinases-3 (TIMP-3) has proapoptotic properties. These features have been... 
Journal Article
DMW - Deutsche Medizinische Wochenschrift, ISSN 0012-0472, 04/2017, Volume 142, Issue 7, pp. 521 - 524
Was ist neu? Zulassung neuer TNF-Inhibitoren  Neben einer Vielzahl von Biologicals (monoklonale Antikörper oder Rezeptorfusionsproteine) der Originalhersteller... 
Klinischer Fortschritt
Journal Article
ChemInform, ISSN 0931-7597, 05/2006, Volume 37, Issue 18, pp. no - no
ChemInform is a weekly ing Service, delivering concise information at a glance that was extracted from about 200 leading journals. To access a ChemInform ,... 
biochemistry, review | pharmacology, medicinal chemistry, vaccines, serums
Journal Article
Deutsche medizinische Wochenschrift (1946), 04/2017, Volume 142, Issue 7, p. 521
Journal Article
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