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by Zaidan, Mohamad and Terrier, Benjamin and Pozdzik, Agnieszka and Frouget, Thierry and Rioux-Leclercq, Nathalie and Combe, Christian and Lepreux, Sébastien and Hummel, Aurélie and Noël, Laure-Hélène and Marie, Isabelle and Legallicier, Bruno and François, Arnaud and Huart, Antoine and Launay, David and Kaplanski, Gilles and Bridoux, Frank and Vanhille, Philippe and Makdassi, Raifah and Augusto, Jean-François and Rouvier, Philippe and Karras, Alexandre and Jouanneau, Chantal and Verpont, Marie-Christine and Callard, Patrice and Carrat, Fabrice and Hermine, Olivier and Léger, Jean-Marc and Mariette, Xavier and Senet, Patricia and Saadoun, David and Ronco, Pierre and Brochériou, Isabelle and Cacoub, Patrice and Plaisier, Emmanuelle and Aaron, Laurent and Abad, Sébastien and Bakir, Redouane and Belenotti, Pauline and Benarous, Lucas and Beneton, Nathalie and Blaison, Gilles and Blanchard-Delaunay, Claire and Bonnet, Fabrice and Cathébras, Pascal and Carrat, Fabrice and Chiche, Laurent and Chosidow, Olivier and Combe, Bernard and Cordonnier, Carole and Costedoat-Chalumeau, Nathalie and Cougoul, Pierre and Cribier, Bernard and Croue, Anne and Daniel, Laurent and Defuentes, Gilles and Desvaux, Dominique and Dijoud, Frédérique and Diot, Elisabeth and Doucet, Laurent and Duong Van Huyen, Jean-Paul and Durieu, Isabelle and Evon, Philippe and Felix, Sophie and Ferlicot, Sophie and Fraisse, Thibault and Francès, Camille and Francois, Hélène and Geffray, Loik and Gil, Helder and Goujon, Jean Michel and Guillaudeau, Angélique and Gutnecht, Jean and Hachulla, Eric and Hinschberger, Olivier and Hot, Arnaud and Jourde, Noémie and Kahn, Jean-Emmanuel and Kemmeny, Jean Louis and Lacraz, Adeline and Lambotte, Olivier and Larroche, Claire and Lazaro, Estibaliz and Le Guenno, Guillaume and Leblond, Véronique and Limal, Nicolas and Liozon, Eric and Lok, Catherine and Loustaud-Ratti, Véronique and Ly, Kim and Machet, Marie-Christine and Maillard, Hervé and Martin, Antoine and Matignon, Marie and Meyer, Olivier and Michel, Catherine and Modesto-Segonds, Anne and Modiano, Philippe and Nochy, Dominique and Noel, David and Nove-Josserand, Raphaele and ... and CryoVas Study Grp and CryoVas study group and the CryoVas study group
Journal of the American Society of Nephrology, ISSN 1046-6673, 2016, Volume 27, Issue 4, pp. 1213 - 1224
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