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by Garassino, Marina Chiara and Cho, Byoung-Chul and Kim, Dong-Wan and Kim, Joo-Hang and Kim, Sang-We and Kim, Young-Chul and Mazières, Julien and Vansteenkiste, Johan and Lena, Hervé and Corral Jaime, Jesus and Gray, Jhanelle E and Powderly, John and Chouaid, Christos and Bidoli, Paolo and Wheatley-Price, Paul and Park, Keunchil and Soo, Ross A and Huang, Yifan and Wadsworth, Catherine and Dennis, Phillip A and Rizvi, Naiyer A and Paz-Ares Rodriguez, Luis and Novello, Silvia and Hiret, Sandrine and Schmid, Peter and Laack, Eckart and Califano, Raffaele and Maemondo, Makoto and Chaft, Jamie and Vicente Baz, David and Berghmans, Thierry and Surmont, Veerle and Reck, Martin and Han, Ji-Youn and Holgado Martin, Esther and Belda Iniesta, Cristobal and Oe, Yuichiro and Chella, Antonio and Chopra, Akhil and Robinet, Gilles and Soto Parra, Hector and Thomas, Michael and Cheema, Parneet and Katakami, Nobuyuki and Su, Wu-Chou and Wolf, Juergen and Lee, Jong-Seok and Saka, Hideo and Milella, Michele and Ramos Garcia, Inmaculada and Sibille, Anne and Yokoi, Takashi and Kang, Eun Joo and Atagi, Shinji and Spaeth-Schwalbe, Ernst and Nishio, Makoto and Imamura, Fumio and Gabrail, Nashat and Veillon, Remi and Derijcke, Sofie and Maeda, Tadashi and Zylla, Dylan and Kubiak, Kendra and Santoro, Armando and Uy, Ma. Noemi and Lucien Geater, Sarayut and Italiano, Antoine and Kowalski, Dariusz and Barlesi, Fabrice and Chen, Yuh-Min and Spigel, David and Chewaskulyong, Busyamas and Garcia Gomez, Ramon and Alvarez Alvarez, Rosa and Yang, Chih-Hsin and Hsia, Te-Chun and Denis, Fabrice and Sakai, Hiroshi and Vincent, Mark and Goto, Koichi and Bosch-Barrera, Joaquim and Weiss, Glen and Canon, Jean-Luc and Scholz, Christian and Aglietta, Massimo and Kemmotsu, Hirotsugu and Azuma, Koichi and Bradbury, Penelope and Feld, Ronald and Chachoua, Abraham and Jassem, Jacek and Juergens, Rosalyn and Palmero Sanchez, Ramon and Malcolm, Albert and Vrindavanam, Nandagopal and Kubota, Kaoru and Waller, Cornelius and Waterhouse, David and Coudert, Bruno and Mark, Zsuzsanna and ... and ATLANTIC Investigators
The Lancet Oncology, ISSN 1470-2045, 04/2018, Volume 19, Issue 4, pp. 521 - 536
Immune checkpoint inhibitors are a new standard of care for patients with advanced non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC) without tyrosine kinase or anaplastic... 
Journal Article
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