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Discrete & Computational Geometry, ISSN 0179-5376, 3/2012, Volume 47, Issue 2, pp. 393 - 414
We use a distortion to define the dual complex of a cubical subdivision of ℝ n as an n-dimensional subcomplex of the nerve of the set of n-cubes. Motivated by... 
Freudenthal triangulation | Geometric realization | Computational Mathematics and Numerical Analysis | (Hierarchical) cubical subdivisions | Distortion | Mathematics | Simplicial complexes | Combinatorics | Counting | VISUALIZATION | MATHEMATICS | COMPUTER SCIENCE, THEORY & METHODS
Journal Article
by de Oliveira, CM and Ribeiro, T and Schoenell, W and Kanaan, A and Overzier, RA and Molino, A and Sampedro, L and Coelho, P and Barbosa, CE and Cortesi, A and Costa-Duarte, MV and Herpich, FR and Hernandez-Jimenez, JA and Placco, VM and Xavier, HS and Abramo, LR and Saito, RK and Chies-Santos, AL and Ederoclite, A and de Oliveira, RL and Goncalves, DR and Akras, S and Almeida, LA and Almeida-Fernandes, F and Beers, TC and Bonatto, C and Bonoli, S and Cypriano, ES and Vinicius-Lima, E and de Souza, RS and de Souza, GF and Ferrari, F and Goncalves, TS and Gonzalez, AH and Gutierrez-Soto, LA and Hartmann, EA and Jaffe, Y and Kerber, LO and Lima-Dias, C and Lopes, PAA and Menendez-Delmestre, K and Nakazono, LMI and Novais, PM and Ortega-Minakata, RA and Pereira, ES and Perottoni, HD and Queiroz, C and Reis, RRR and Santos, WA and Santos-Silva, T and Santucci, RM and Barbosa, CL and Siffert, BB and Sodre, L and Torres-Flores, S and Westera, P and Whitten, DD and Alcaniz, JS and Alonso-Garcia, J and Alencar, S and Alvarez-Candal, A and Amram, P and Azanha, L and Barba, RH and Bernardinelli, PH and Fernandes, MB and Branco, V and Brito-Silva, D and Buzzo, ML and Caffer, J and Campillay, A and Cano, Z and Carvano, JM and Castejon, M and Fernandes, RC and Dantas, MLL and Daflon, S and Damke, G and de la Reza, R and de Azevedo, LJD and De Paula, DF and Diem, KG and Donnerstein, R and Dors, OL and Dupke, R and Eikenberry, S and Escudero, CG and Faifer, FR and Farias, H and Fernandes, B and Fernandes, C and Fontes, S and Galarza, A and Hirata, NST and Katena, L and Gregorio-Hetem, J and Hernandez-Fernandez, JD and Izzo, L and Arancibia, MJ and Jatenco-Pereira, V and ...
MONTHLY NOTICES OF THE ROYAL ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY, ISSN 0035-8711, 10/2019, Volume 489, Issue 1, pp. 241 - 267
The Southern Photometric Local Universe Survey (S-PLUS) is imaging similar to 9300 deg(2) of the celestial sphere in 12 optical bands using a dedicated... 
Journal Article
Nature, ISSN 0028-0836, 11/2012, Volume 491, Issue 7425, pp. 566 - 569
Pluto and Eris are icy dwarf planets with nearly identical sizes, comparable densities and similar surface compositions as revealed by spectroscopic... 
KUIPER-BELT OBJECTS | VARIABILITY | PHOTOMETRIC-OBSERVATIONS | MULTIDISCIPLINARY SCIENCES | SIZE | ERIS | CENTAURS | SURFACE | ICE | TRANS-NEPTUNIAN OBJECTS | PLUTO | Minor planets | Albedo | Planets | Research | Atmosphere | Studies | Telescopes | Light | Pluto | Stellar occultation | Atmospheres | Barometric pressure | Dwarf planets | Density | Sun
Journal Article
Die Unterrichtspraxis/Teaching German, ISSN 0042-062X, 03/2016, Volume 49, Issue 1, p. 101
Journal Article
Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering, ISSN 0277-786X, 2016, Volume 9908
MICADO will equip the E-ELT with a first light capability for diffraction limited imaging at near-infrared wavelengths. The instrument's observing modes focus... 
Adaptive optics | Camera | ELT | Near-infrared | Physics - Instrumentation and Methods for Astrophysics
Conference Proceeding
Journal Article
Die Unterrichtspraxis/Teaching German, ISSN 0042-062X, 09/2015, Volume 48, Issue 2, p. 283
Journal Article
by K. J. Meech and N. Ageorges and M. F. A'Hearn and C. Arpigny and A. Ates and J. Aycock and S. Bagnulo and J. Bailey and R. Barber and L. Barrera and R. Barrena and J. M. Bauer and M. J. S. Belton and F. Bensch and B. Bhattacharya and N. Biver and G. Blake and D. Bockelée-Morvan and H. Boehnhardt and B. P. Bonev and T. Bonev and M. W. Buie and M. G. Burton and H. M. Butner and R. Cabanac and R. Campbell and H. Campins and M. T. Capria and T. Carroll and F. Chaffee and S. B. Charnley and R. Cleis and A. Coates and A. Cochran and P. Colom and A. Conrad and I. M. Coulson and J. Crovisier and J. deBuizer and R. Dekany and J. de Léon and N. Dello Russo and A. Delsanti and M. DiSanti and J. Drummond and L. Dundon and P. B. Etzel and T. L. Farnham and P. Feldman and Y. R. Fernández and M. D. Filipovic and S. Fisher and A. Fitzsimmons and D. Fong and R. Fugate and H. Fujiwara and T. Fujiyoshi and R. Furusho and T. Fuse and E. Gibb and O. Groussin and S. Gulkis and M. Gurwell and E. Hadamcik and O. Hainaut and D. Harker and D. Harrington and M. Harwit and S. Hasegawa and C. W. Hergenrother and P. Hirst and K. Hodapp and M. Honda and E. S. Howell and D. Hutsemékers and D. Iono and W. -H. Ip and W. Jackson and E. Jehin and Z. J. Jiang and G. H. Jones and P. A. Jones and T. Kadono and U. W. Kamath and H. U. Käufl and T. Kasuga and H. Kawakita and M. S. Kelley and F. Kerber and M. Kidger and D. Kinoshita and M. Knight and L. Lara and S. M. Larson and S. Lederer and C. -F. Lee and A. C. Levasseur-Regourd and J. Y. Li and Q. -S. Li and J. Licandro and ...
Science, ISSN 0036-8075, 10/2005, Volume 310, Issue 5746, pp. 265 - 269
Journal Article
by Leung, Wilson and Shaffer, Christopher D and Reed, Laura K and Smith, Sheryl T and Barshop, William and Dirkes, William and Dothager, Matthew and Lee, Paul and Wong, Jeannette and Xiong, David and Yuan, Han and Bedard, James E.J and Machone, Joshua F and Patterson, Seantay D and Price, Amber L and Turner, Bryce A and Robic, Srebrenka and Luippold, Erin K and McCartha, Shannon R and Walji, Tezin A and Walker, Chelsea A and Saville, Kenneth and Abrams, Marita K and Armstrong, Andrew R and Armstrong, William and Bailey, Robert J and Barberi, Chelsea R and Beck, Lauren R and Blaker, Amanda L and Blunden, Christopher E and Brand, Jordan P and Brock, Ethan J and Brooks, Dana W and Brown, Marie and Butzler, Sarah C and Clark, Eric M and Clark, Nicole B and Collins, Ashley A and Cotteleer, Rebecca J and Cullimore, Peterson R and Dawson, Seth G and Docking, Carter T and Dorsett, Sasha L and Dougherty, Grace A and Downey, Kaitlyn A and Drake, Andrew P and Earl, Erica K and Floyd, Trevor G and Forsyth, Joshua D and Foust, Jonathan D and Franchi, Spencer L and Geary, James F and Hanson, Cynthia K and Harding, Taylor S and Harris, Cameron B and Heckman, Jonathan M and Holderness, Heather L and Howey, Nicole A and Jacobs, Dontae A and Jewell, Elizabeth S and Kaisler, Maria and Karaska, Elizabeth A and Kehoe, James L and Koaches, Hannah C and Koehler, Jessica and Koenig, Dana and Kujawski, Alexander J and Kus, Jordan E and Lammers, Jennifer A and Leads, Rachel R and Leatherman, Emily C and Lippert, Rachel N and Messenger, Gregory S and Morrow, Adam T and NewcombVictoria, Haley J and Plasman, Plasman and Potocny, Stephanie J and Powers, Michelle K and Reem, Rachel M and Rennhack, Jonathan P and Reynolds, Katherine R and Reynolds, Lyndsey A and Rhee, Dong K and Rivard, Allyson B and Ronk, Adam J and Rooney, Meghan B and Rubin, Lainey S and Salbert, Luke R and Saluja, Rasleen K and Schauder, Taylor and Schneiter, Allison R and Schulz, Robert W and Smith, Karl E and Spencer, Sarah and Swanson, Bryant R and Tache, Melissa A and Tewilliager, Ashley A and Tilot, Amanda K and VanEck, Eve and Villerot, Matthew M and ... and Participating Students Fac Genomic
G3: Genes, Genomes, Genetics, ISSN 2160-1836, 2015, Volume 5, Issue 5, pp. 719 - 740
Journal Article
by Meech, K.J and Ageorges, N and A'Hearn, M.F and Arpigny, C and Ates, A and Aycock, J and Bagnulo, S and Bailey, J and Barber, R and Barrera, L and Barrena, R and Bauer, J.M and Belton, M.J.S and Bensch, F and Bhattacharya, B and Biver, N and Blake, G and Bockelée-Morvan, D and Boehnhardt, H and Bonev, B.P and Bonev, T and Buie, M.W and Burton, M.G and Butner, H.M and Cabanac, R and Campbell, R and Campins, H and Capria, M.T and Carroll, T and Chaffee, F and Charnley, S.B and Cleis, R and Coates, A and Cochran, A and Colom, P and Conrad, A and Coulson, I.M and Crovisier, J and DeBuizer, J and Dekany, R and De Léon, J and Dello Russo, N and Delsanti, A and DiSanti, M and Drummond, J and Dundon, L and Etzel, P.B and Farnham, T.L and Feldman, P and Fernández, Y.R and Filipovic, M.D and Fisher, S and Fitzsimmons, A and Fong, D and Fugate, R and Fujiwara, H and Fujiyoshi, T and Furusho, R and Fuse, T and Gibb, E and Groussin, O and Gulkis, S and Gurwell, M and Hadamcik, E and Hainaut, O and Harker, D and Harrington, D and Harwit, M and Hasegawa, S and Hergenrother, C.W and Hirst, P and Hodapp, K and Honda, M and Howell, E.S and Hutsemékers, D and Iono, O and Ip, W.-H and Jackson, W and Jehin, E and Jiang, Z.J and Jones, G.H and Jones, P.A and Kadono, T and Kamath, U.W and Käufl, H.U and Kasuga, T and Kawakita, H and Kelley, M.S and Kerber, F and Kidger, M and Kinoshita, D and Knight, M and Lara, L and Larson, S.M and Lederer, S and Lee, C.-F and Levasseur-Regourd, A.C and Li, J.Y and Li, Q.-S and Licandro, J and ...
Science, ISSN 0036-8075, 10/2005, Volume 310, Issue 5746, pp. 265 - 269
Journal Article
Astronomy and Astrophysics, ISSN 0004-6361, 2011, Volume 536, p. A105
X-shooter is the first 2nd generation instrument of the ESO Very Large Telescope (VLT). It is a very efficient, single-target, intermediate-resolution... 
Instrumentation: spectrographs | DWARF | SPECTROSCOPY | COMMON PIPELINE LIBRARY | VLT/X-SHOOTER | ASTRONOMY & ASTROPHYSICS | STELLAR | STARS | instrumentation: spectrographs | GALAXY | Physics - Instrumentation and Methods for Astrophysics | Sciences of the Universe | Astrophysics | Physics | Instrumentation and Methods for Astrophysic
Journal Article
by Sissoko, Daouda and Laouenan, Cedric and Folkesson, Elin and M’Lebing, Abdoul-Bing and Beavogui, Abdoul-Habib and Baize, Sylvain and Camara, Alseny-Modet and Maes, Piet and Shepherd, Susan and Danel, Christine and Carazo, Sara and Conde, Mamoudou N and Gala, Jean-Luc and Colin, Géraldine and Savini, Hélène and Bore, Joseph Akoi and Le Marcis, Frederic and Koundouno, Fara Raymond and Petitjean, Frédéric and Lamah, Marie-Claire and Diederich, Sandra and Tounkara, Alexis and Poelart, Geertrui and Berbain, Emmanuel and Dindart, Jean-Michel and Duraffour, Sophie and Lefevre, Annabelle and Leno, Tamba and Peyrouset, Olivier and Irenge, Léonid and Bangoura, N’Famara and Palich, Romain and Hinzmann, Julia and Kraus, Annette and Barry, Thierno Sadou and Berette, Sakoba and Bongono, André and Camara, Mohamed Seto and Chanfreau Munoz, Valérie and Doumbouya, Lanciné and Souley Harouna, Harouna and Kighoma, Patient Mumbere and Koundouno, Fara Roger and Réné Lolamou, Lolamou and Loua, Cécé Moriba and Massala, Vincent and Moumouni, Kinda and Provost, Célia and Samake, Nenefing and Sekou, Conde and Soumah, Abdoulaye and Arnould, Isabelle and Komano, Michel Saa and Gustin, Lina and Berutto, Carlotta and Camara, Diarra and Camara, Fodé Saydou and Colpaert, Joliene and Delamou, Léontine and Jansson, Lena and Kourouma, Etienne and Loua, Maurice and Malme, Kristian and Manfrin, Emma and Maomou, André and Milinouno, Adele and Ombelet, Sien and Sidiboun, Aboubacar Youla and Verreckt, Isabelle and Yombouno, Pauline and Bocquin, Anne and Carbonnelle, Caroline and Carmoi, Thierry and Frange, Pierre and Mely, Stéphane and Nguyen, Vinh-Kim and Pannetier, Delphine and Taburet, Anne-Marie and Treluyer, Jean-Marc and Kolie, Jacques and Moh, Raoul and Gonzalez, Minerva Cervantes and Kuisma, Eeva and Liedigk, Britta and Ngabo, Didier and Rudolf, Martin and Thom, Ruth and Kerber, Romy and Gabriel, Martin and Di Caro, Antonino and Wölfel, Roman and Badir, Jamal and Bentahir, Mostafa and Deccache, Yann and Dumont, Catherine and Durant, Jean-François and El Bakkouri, Karim and Gasasira Uwamahoro, Marie and Smits, Benjamin and Toufik, Nora and ... and JIKI Study Grp and JIKI Study Group
PLoS Medicine, ISSN 1549-1277, 03/2016, Volume 13, Issue 3, p. e1001967
Journal Article