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The lancet oncology, ISSN 1470-2045, 2014, Volume 15, Issue 11, pp. e484 - e492
Journal Article
by Scott, Robert A and Freitag, Daniel F and Li, Li and Chu, Audrey Y and Surendran, Praveen and Young, Robin and Grarup, Niels and Stancáková, Alena and Chen, Yuning and Varga, Tibor V and Yaghootkar, Hanieh and Luan, Jian’an and Zhao, Jing Hua and Willems, Sara M and Wessel, Jennifer and Wang, Shuai and Maruthur, Nisa and Michailidou, Kyriaki and Pirie, Ailith and van der Lee, Sven J and Gillson, Christopher and Al Olama, Ali Amin and Amouyel, Philippe and Arriola, Larraitz and Arveiler, Dominique and Aviles-Olmos, Iciar and Balkau, Beverley and Barricarte, Aurelio and Barroso, Inês and Garcia, Sara Benlloch and Bis, Joshua C and Blankenberg, Stefan and Boehnke, Michael and Boeing, Heiner and Boerwinkle, Eric and Borecki, Ingrid B and Bork-Jensen, Jette and Bowden, Sarah and Caldas, Carlos and Caslake, Muriel and Cupples, L. Adrienne and Cruchaga, Carlos and Czajkowski, Jacek and den Hoed, Marcel and Dunn, Janet A and Earl, Helena M and Ehret, Georg B and Ferrannini, Ele and Ferrieres, Jean and Foltynie, Thomas and Ford, Ian and Forouhi, Nita G and Gianfagna, Francesco and Gonzalez, Carlos and Grioni, Sara and Hiller, Louise and Jansson, Jan-Håkan and Jørgensen, Marit E and Jukema, J. Wouter and Kaaks, Rudolf and Kee, Frank and Kerrison, Nicola D and Key, Timothy J and Kontto, Jukka and Kote-Jarai, Zsofia and Kraja, Aldi T and Kuulasmaa, Kari and Kuusisto, Johanna and Linneberg, Allan and Liu, Chunyu and Marenne, Gaëlle and Mohlke, Karen L and Morris, Andrew P and Muir, Kenneth and Müller-Nurasyid, Martina and Munroe, Patricia B and Navarro, Carmen and Nielsen, Sune F and Nilsson, Peter M and Nordestgaard, Børge G and Packard, Chris J and Palli, Domenico and Panico, Salvatore and Peloso, Gina M and Perola, Markus and Peters, Annette and Poole, Christopher J and Quirós, J. Ramón and Rolandsson, Olov and Sacerdote, Carlotta and Salomaa, Veikko and Sánchez, María-José and Sattar, Naveed and Sharp, Stephen J and Sims, Rebecca and Slimani, Nadia and Smith, Jennifer A and Thompson, Deborah J and Trompet, Stella and Tumino, Rosario and ... and The CHD Exome+ Consortium and CARDIOGRAM Exome Consortium and CHARGE consortium and EPIC-InterAct and GERAD_EC Consortium and Aging Research in Genomic Epidemiology (CHARGE) and The CVD50 consortium and European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition–Cardiovascular Disease (EPIC-CVD) and Neurology Working Group of the Cohorts for Heart and Alzheimer’s Disease Genetics Consortium and Pancreatic Cancer Cohort Consortium and GERAD-EC Consortium and CHARGE Consortium and Neurology Working Grp and Alzheimer's Dis Genetics Consortiu and European Prospective Invest Into C and CVD50 Consortium and CHARGE and Pancreatic Canc Cohort Consortium and CHD Exome Consortium and CHD Exome+ Consortium and CVD50 consortium
Science translational medicine, ISSN 1946-6242, 2016, Volume 8, Issue 341, pp. 341ra76 - 341ra76
Journal Article
by Huyghe, Jeroen R and Bien, Stephanie A and Harrison, Tabitha A and Kang, Hyun Min and Chen, Sai and Schmit, Stephanie L and Conti, David V and Qu, Conghui and Jeon, Jihyoun and Edlund, Christopher K and Greenside, Peyton and Wainberg, Michael and Schumacher, Fredrick R and Smith, Joshua D and Levine, David M and Nelson, Sarah C and Sinnott-Armstrong, Nasa A and Albanes, Demetrius and Alonso, M. Henar and Anderson, Kristin and Arnau-Collell, Coral and Arndt, Volker and Bamia, Christina and Banbury, Barbara L and Baron, John A and Berndt, Sonja I and Bézieau, Stéphane and Bishop, D. Timothy and Boehm, Juergen and Boeing, Heiner and Brenner, Hermann and Brezina, Stefanie and Buch, Stephan and Buchanan, Daniel D and Burnett-Hartman, Andrea and Butterbach, Katja and Caan, Bette J and Campbell, Peter T and Carlson, Christopher S and Castellví-Bel, Sergi and Chan, Andrew T and Chang-Claude, Jenny and Chanock, Stephen J and Chirlaque, Maria-Dolores and Cho, Sang Hee and Connolly, Charles M and Cross, Amanda J and Cuk, Katarina and Curtis, Keith R and de la Chapelle, Albert and Doheny, Kimberly F and Duggan, David and Easton, Douglas F and Elias, Sjoerd G and Elliott, Faye and English, Dallas R and Feskens, Edith J. M and Figueiredo, Jane C and Fischer, Rocky and FitzGerald, Liesel M and Forman, David and Gala, Manish and Gallinger, Steven and Gauderman, W. James and Giles, Graham G and Gillanders, Elizabeth and Gong, Jian and Goodman, Phyllis J and Grady, William M and Grove, John S and Gsur, Andrea and Gunter, Marc J and Haile, Robert W and Hampe, Jochen and Hampel, Heather and Harlid, Sophia and Hayes, Richard B and Hofer, Philipp and Hoffmeister, Michael and Hopper, John L and Hsu, Wan-Ling and Huang, Wen-Yi and Hudson, Thomas J and Hunter, David J and Ibañez-Sanz, Gemma and Idos, Gregory E and Ingersoll, Roxann and Jackson, Rebecca D and Jacobs, Eric J and Jenkins, Mark A and Joshi, Amit D and Joshu, Corinne E and Keku, Temitope O and Key, Timothy J and Kim, Hyeong Rok and Kobayashi, Emiko and Kolonel, Laurence N and Kooperberg, Charles and Kühn, Tilman and Küry, Sébastien and ...
Nature genetics, ISSN 1546-1718, 2018, Volume 51, Issue 1, pp. 76 - 87
Journal Article
by McKay, James D and Truong, Therese and Gaborieau, Valerie and Chabrier, Amelie and Chuang, Shu-Chun and Byrnes, Graham and Zaridze, David and Shangina, Oxana and Szeszenia-Dabrowska, Neonila and Lissowska, Jolanta and Rudnai, Peter and Fabianova, Eleonora and Bucur, Alexandru and Bencko, Vladimir and Holcatova, Ivana and Janout, Vladimir and Foretova, Lenka and Lagiou, Pagona and Trichopoulos, Dimitrios and Benhamou, Simone and Bouchardy, Christine and Ahrens, Wolfgang and Merletti, Franco and Richiardi, Lorenzo and Talamini, Renato and Barzan, Luigi and Kjaerheim, Kristina and Macfarlane, Gary J and Macfarlane, Tatiana V and Simonato, Lorenzo and Canova, Cristina and Agudo, Antonio and Castellsagué, Xavier and Lowry, Ray and Conway, David I and McKinney, Patricia A and Healy, Claire M and Toner, Mary E and Znaor, Ariana and Curado, Maria Paula and Koifman, Sergio and Menezes, Ana and Wünsch-Filho, Victor and Neto, José Eluf and Garrote, Leticia Fernández and Boccia, Stefania and Cadoni, Gabriella and Arzani, Dario and Olshan, Andrew F and Weissler, Mark C and Funkhouser, William K and Luo, Jingchun and Lubiński, Jan and Trubicka, Joanna and Lener, Marcin and Oszutowska, Dorota and Schwartz, Stephen M and Chen, Chu and Fish, Sherianne and Doody, David R and Muscat, Joshua E and Lazarus, Philip and Gallagher, Carla J and Chang, Shen-Chih and Zhang, Zuo-Feng and Wei, Qingyi and Sturgis, Erich M and Wang, Li-E and Franceschi, Silvia and Herrero, Rolando and Kelsey, Karl T and McClean, Michael D and Marsit, Carmen J and Nelson, Heather H and Romkes, Marjorie and Buch, Shama and Nukui, Tomoko and Zhong, Shilong and Lacko, Martin and Manni, Johannes J and Peters, Wilbert H. M and Hung, Rayjean J and McLaughlin, John and Vatten, Lars and Njølstad, Inger and Goodman, Gary E and Field, John K and Liloglou, Triantafillos and Vineis, Paolo and Clavel-Chapelon, Francoise and Palli, Domenico and Tumino, Rosario and Krogh, Vittorio and Panico, Salvatore and González, Carlos A and Quirós, J. Ramón and Martínez, Carmen and Navarro, Carmen and Ardanaz, Eva and Larrañaga, Nerea and ...
PLoS genetics, ISSN 1553-7404, 2011, Volume 7, Issue 3, p. e1001333
Journal Article
Nature genetics, ISSN 1546-1718, 2016, Volume 49, Issue 1, pp. 17 - 26
Journal Article
The lancet oncology, ISSN 1470-2045, 2013, Volume 14, Issue 9, pp. 813 - 822
Journal Article
PLoS medicine, ISSN 1549-1676, 2016, Volume 13, Issue 7, p. e1002094
Journal Article