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Anticancer Research, ISSN 0250-7005, 09/2018, Volume 38, Issue 9, pp. 5363 - 5369
Journal Article
SAE technical paper series, Volume 720161.
The response of material to interfacial friction and abrasive slippage is discussed. Friction is divided into two factors: viscoelastic and adhesive. With... 
Tires and traction | Wear
SAE technical paper series, Volume 730281.
This paper explores some methods for circumventing the difficulties in interpretation of skid and traction tests caused by variations in speed, water depth,... 
Tires and traction
by Pinkney, T and Battersby, N and Chaudhri, S and Frasson, M and Vennix, S and Altomare, D and Morton, D and Rubbini, M and Perry, R and Patron Uriburu, J and Salomon, M and Makhmudov, A and Selnyahina, L and Varabei, A and Defoort, B and Debergh, I and Reusens, H and Jehaes, C and Monami, B and Weerts, J and Bouckaert, W and Houben, B and Sommeling, C and Castro, S and de Bruyn, H and Huyghe, M and Reynders, D and Wolthuis, A and Marchiori, M and Rocha de Moraes, C and Arabadjieva, E and Bulanov, D and Stoyanov, V and Angelov, K and Maslyankov, S and Sokolov, M and Toshev, S and Zafirov, G and Condic, D and Kraljik, D and Mrkovic, H and Pavkovic, V and Farkasova, M and Grolich, T and Antos, F and Chobola, M and Dusek, T and Orhalmi, J and Hoch, J and Kocian, P and Martinek, L and Bernstein, I and Sunesen, K. Gotschalck and Leunbach, J and Oveson, A. Uth and Krarup, P and Erritzoe, L and Lykke, J and Colov, E. Palmgren and Friis, T. Linde and Funder, J. Amstrup and Dich, R and Rasmussen, S and Qvist, N and Khalid, A and Kivela, A and Siironen, P and Kuusanmaki, P and Tomminen, T and Turunen, A and Karvonen, J and Lavonius, M and Rantala, A and Varpe, P and Francois, Y and Manceau, G and Panis, Y and Gout, M and Rullier, E and Chafai, N and Parc, Y and Duchalais, E and Hungbauer, A and Keller, M and Scherer, R and Boehm, G and Buhr, J and Hoffmann, M and Schoen, M and Baral, J and Pullig, F and Kienle, P and Magdeburg, J and Post, S and Germanos, S and Katsoulis, I. E and Korkolis, D and Akrida, I and Argentou, M and Kollatos, C and ... and Local Investigators and European Soc Coloproctology Collab and ESCP Res Comm and Writing Grp ESCP Cohort Studies and Audits Sub-Comm and Logistical Support Data Collation and 2015 European Society of Coloproctology collaborating group and The 2015 European Society of Coloproctology collaborating group
Colorectal disease, ISSN 1462-8910, 2017, Volume 19, Issue 8, pp. O296 - O311
Aim The anastomosis technique used following right-sided colonic resection is widely variable and may affect patient outcome. This study aimed to assess the... 
epidemiology | Crohn's disease | colorectal cancer | international | Anastomotic leak | LEAK | DEFINITION | MORTALITY | SURGERY | RISK-FACTORS | COMPLICATIONS | GASTROENTEROLOGY & HEPATOLOGY | Emergency procedures | Adjustment | Surgery | Anastomosis | Malignancy | Regression analysis | Patients | Cofactors
Journal Article
by Agakichiev, G and Agodi, C and Alvarez-Pol, H and Atkin, E and Badura, E and Balanda, A and Bassi, A and Bassini, R and Bellia, G and Belver, D and Belyaev, A.V and Benovic, M and Bertini, D and Bielcik, J and Böhmer, M and Boiano, C and Bokemeyer, H and Bartolotti, A and Boyard, J.L and Brambilla, S and Braun-Munzinger, P and Cabanelas, P and Castro, E and Chepurnov, V and Chernenko, S and Christ, T and Coniglione, R and Cosentino, L and Dahlinger, M and Daues, H.W and Destefanis, M and Díaz, J and Dohrmann, F and Dressler, R and Durán, I and Dybczak, A and Eberl, T and Enghardt, W and Fabbietti, L and Fateev, O.V and Fernández, C and Finocchiaro, P and Friese, J and Fröhlich, I and Fuentes, B and Galatyuk, T and Garabatos, C and Garzón, J.A and Genolini, B and Gernhäuser, R and Gilardi, C and Gilg, H and Golubeva, M and González-Díaz, D and Grosse, E and Guber, F and Hehner, J and Heidel, K and Heinz, T and Hennino, T and Hlavac, S and Hoffmann, J and Holzmann, R and Homolka, J and Hutsch, J and Ierusalimov, A.P and Iori, I and Ivashkin, A and Jaskula, M and Jourdain, J.C and Jurkovic, M and Kämpfer, B and Kajetanowicz, M and Kanaki, K and Karavicheva, T and Kastenmüller, A and Kidon, L and Kienle, P and Kirschner, D and Koenig, I and Koenig, W and Körner, H.J and Kolb, B.W and Kopf, U and Korcyl, K and Kotte, R and Kozuch, A and Krizek, F and Krücken, R and Kühn, W and Kugler, A and Kulessa, R and Kurepin, A and Kurtukian-Nieto, T and Lang, S and Lange, J.S and Lapidus, K and Lehnert, J and Leinberger, U and Lichtblau, C and ... and HADES Collaboration and The HADES Collaboration
European Physical Journal A, ISSN 1434-6001, 2009, Volume 41, Issue 2, pp. 243 - 277
Journal Article
by Bhangu, Aneel and Pinkney, Thomas and El‐Hussuna, Alaa and Battersby, Nick J and Buskens, Christianne and Frasson, Matteo and Gallo, Gaetano and Morton, Dion and Negoi, Ionut and Nepogodiev, Dmitri and Pata, Francesco and Sánchez‐Guillén, Luis and Magill, Laura and Brown, Steven and Denost, Quentin and Knowles, Charles and Vaizey, Carolynne and Ruiz, H and Farina, P and Nguyen, B and Warwick, A and Herbst, F and Dauser, B and Argeny, S and Unger, L and Makhmudov, A and Leupe, T and Van Langenhove, K and Markiewicz, S and Van Belle, K and Vertruyen, M and Defoort, B and Van Cleven, S and Vindevoghel, K and D'Hoore, A and Dabic, S and Kenjic, B and Lovric, S and Vidovic, J and Delibegovic, S and Tercioti, V and Dardanov, D and Yonkov, A and Lozev, I and Moshev, B and Slavchev, M and Ćosić, J and Previšić, A and Zelić, M and Lekić Vitlov, V and Maly, O and Sotona, O and Skrovina, M and Bencurik, V and Machackova, M and Farkašová, M and Procházka, V and Antos, F and Ceccotti, A and Straarup, D and Christensen, P and Edling, P and Elfeki, H and Krarup, PM and Krogh, A and Rolff, H‐C and Lykke, J and Marckmann, M and Madsen, A. H and Worsøe, J and Ugianskis, A and Khalid, A and Kristensen, M. H and Elgeidie, A and El Nakeeb, A and Sakr, A and Thabet, W and Awny, S and Metwally, I and Refky, B and Shams, N and Kivelä, A and Siironen, P and Ahonen‐Siirtola, M and Klintrup, K and Paarnio, K and Haukijärvi, E and Huhtinen, H and Carpelan, A and Karvonen, J and Varpe, P and Francois, Y and Chouillard, E and Etienne, J. C and Germain, A and Ayav, A and Lefevre, J. H and Parc, Y and Krones, C and Schön, M and ... and 2017 European Soc Coloproctology E and 2017 European Society of Coloproctology (ESCP) collaborating group and The 2017 European Society of Coloproctology (ESCP) collaborating group
Colorectal Disease, ISSN 1462-8910, 09/2018, Volume 20, Issue S6, pp. 15 - 32
Introduction The optimal bowel preparation strategy to minimise the risk of anastomotic leak is yet to be determined. This study aimed to determine whether... 
bowel preparation | colonic cancer | Colorectal surgery | laparoscopic surgery | anastomotic leak | SURGERY | METAANALYSIS | ILEUS | RANDOMIZED-TRIAL | COLECTOMY | PROPHYLAXIS | COLON SURGERY | SURGICAL SITE INFECTION | COMPLICATIONS | OUTCOMES | GASTROINTESTINAL SURGERY | GASTROENTEROLOGY & HEPATOLOGY | Regression models | Antibiotics | Intestine | Anastomosis | Rectum | Risk reduction | Risk | Regression analysis | Patients
Journal Article
Colorectal disease, ISSN 1462-8910, 2018, Volume 20, Issue S6, pp. 33 - 46
Journal Article
Colorectal disease, ISSN 1462-8910, 2018, Volume 20, Issue S6, pp. 69 - 89
Background: Laparoscopy has now been implemented as a standard of care for elective colonic resection around the world. During the adoption period, studies... 
Colon cancer | gastrointestinal surgery | laparoscopic surgery | rectal cancer | surgery | COLORECTAL SURGERY | SHORT-TERM OUTCOMES | CLINICAL-TRIAL | OPEN RESECTION | RANDOMIZED-TRIAL | RECTAL-CANCER | OPEN COLECTOMY | GASTROENTEROLOGY & HEPATOLOGY | Laparoscopy | Complications | Conversion | Patients | Surgery | Anastomosis
Journal Article
The European physical journal. A, Hadrons and nuclei, ISSN 1434-6001, 02/2013, Volume 49, Issue 2, p. 25
Journal Article
by Glasbey, James C and Bhangu, Aneel and Frasson, Matteo and Bhangu, Aneel and Buchs, Nicolas C and Gallo, Gaetano and Minaya‐Bravo, Ana María and Morton, Dion and Sánchez‐Guillén, Luis and Brown, Steven and Denost, Quentin and Knowles, Charles and Bilali, S and Cillo, M and Farina, P and Bui, A and Smart, P and Herbst, F and Hartig, N and Lahodzich, N and Feryn, T and Maes, L and Van Langenhove, K and Nachtergaele, M and Monami, B and Nijs, Y and Pletinckx, P and Claeys, D and Dabic, S and Mehmedovic, Z and Christiano, A and Lombardi, B and Marchiori, M and Simonova, L and Pavlov, V and Todorov, G and Belev, N and Penkov, R and Ćosić, J and Vukušić, L and Zukanović, G and Dusek, T and Bencurik, V and Kala, Z and Grolich, T and Hoch, J and Martinek, L and Madsbøll, T and Straarup, D and Uth Ovesen, A and Michelsen Bach, S and Krarup, PM and Rolff, H‐C and Lykke, J and Lóven, H. H. K and Marckmann, M and Osterkamp, J. T. F and Worsøe, J and Youn Cho Lee, B and Khalid, A and El Sorogy, M and Elhemaly, M and Emile, S and Shams, N and Zuhdy, M and Rautio, T and Ahonen‐Siirtola, M and Klintrup, K and Paarnio, K and Takala, H and Tomminen, T and Karvonen, J and Ghilles, E and Bresler, L and Didailler, R and Tiret, E and Chafai, N and Parc, Y and Bock, B and Baral, J and Möller, T and Schafmayer, C and Crescenti, F and Theodosopoulos, T and Vezakis, A and Stamou, K and Saridaki, A and Skroubis, G and Amanatidis, T and Germanos, S and Alexandrou, A and Karavokyros, I and Korkolis, D. P and Manatakis, D and Mamaloudis, I and Paszt, A and Tóth, I and Lakatos, M and Marton, J and Bursics, A and ... and 2017 European Soc Coloproctology E and 2017 European Society of Coloproctology (ESCP) collaborating group and The 2017 European Society of Coloproctology (ESCP) collaborating group
Colorectal Disease, ISSN 1462-8910, 09/2018, Volume 20, Issue S6, pp. 58 - 68
Journal Article