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The ISME Journal, ISSN 1751-7370, 01/2014, Volume 8, Issue 7, pp. 1464 - 1475
Journal Article
by Vogel, John P and Garvin, David F and Mockler, Todd C and Schmutz, Jeremy and Rokhsar, Dan and Bevan, Michael W and Barry, Kerrie and Lucas, Susan and Harmon-Smith, Miranda and Lail, Kathleen and Tice, Hope and Grimwood, Jane and McKenzie, Neil and Huo, Naxin and Gu, Yong Q and Lazo, Gerard R and Anderson, Olin D and You, Frank M and Luo, Ming-Cheng and Dvorak, Jan and Wright, Jonathan and Febrer, Melanie and Idziak, Dominika and Hasterok, Robert and Lindquist, Erika and Wang, Mei and Fox, Samuel E and Priest, Henry D and Filichkin, Sergei A and Givan, Scott A and Bryant, Douglas W and Chang, Jeff H and Wu, Haiyan and Wu, Wei and Hsia, An-Ping and Schnable, Patrick S and Kalyanaraman, Anantharaman and Barbazuk, Brad and Michael, Todd P and Hazen, Samuel P and Bragg, Jennifer N and Laudencia-Chingcuanco, Debbie and Weng, Yiqun and Haberer, Georg and Spannagl, Manuel and Mayer, Klaus and Rattei, Thomas and Mitros, Therese and Lee, Sang-Jik and Rose, Jocelyn K. C and Mueller, Lukas A and York, Thomas L and Wicker, Thomas and Buchmann, Jan P and Tanskanen, Jaakko and Schulman, Alan H and Gundlach, Heidrun and Beven, Michael and Costa De Oliveira, Antonio and Da C. Maia, Luciano and Belknap, William and Jiang, Ning and Lai, Jinsheng and Zhu, Liucun and Ma, Jianxin and Sun, Cheng and Pritham, Ellen and Salse, Jerome and Murat, Florent and Abrouk, Michael and Bruggmann, Remy and Messing, Joachim and Fahlgren, Noah and Sullivan, Christopher M and Carrington, James C and Chapman, Elisabeth J and May, Greg D and Zhai, Jixian and Ganssmann, Matthias and Gurazada, Sai Guna Ranjan and German, Marcelo and Meyers, Blake C and Green, Pamela J and Tyler, Ludmila and Wu, Jiajie and Thomson, James and Chen, Shan and Scheller, Henrik V and Harholt, Jesper and Ulvskov, Peter and Kimbrel, Jeffrey A and Bartley, Laura E and Cao, Peijian and Jung, Ki-Hong and Sharma, Manoj K and Vega-Sanchez, Miguel and Ronald, Pamela and Dardick, Christopher D and De Bodt, Stefanie and Verelst, Wim and ... and The International Brachypodium Initiative and Int Brachypodium Initiative and International Brachypodium Initiative and Oak Ridge National Lab. (ORNL), Oak Ridge, TN (United States). BioEnergy Science Center (BESC)
Nature (London), ISSN 1476-4687, 02/2010, Volume 463, Issue 7282, pp. 763 - 768
Journal Article
by Grasby, K.L and Jahanshad, N and Painter, J.N and Coloo-Conde, L and Bralten, J and Hibar, D.P and Lind, P.A and Pizzagalli, F and Ching, C.R and McMahon, M.A and Shatokhina, N and Zsembik, L.C.P and Thomopoulos, S.I and Zhu, A.H and Strike, L.T and Agartz, I and Alhusaini, S and Almeida, M.A. de and Alnaes, D and Amlien, I.K and Andersson, M and Ard, T and Armstrong, N.J and Ashley-Koch, A and Atkins, J.R and Bernard, M and Brouwer, R.M and Buimer, E.E.L and Bulow, R and Burger, C and Cannon, D.M and Chakravarty, M and Chen, Q and Cheung, J.W and Couvy-Duchesne, B and Dale, A.M and Dalvie, S and Araujo, T.K. de and Zubicaray, G.I. de and Zwarte, S.M.C. de and Braber, A and Doan, N.T and Dohm, K and Ehrlich, S and Engelbrecht, H.R and Erk, S and Fan, C.C and Fedko, I.O and Foley, S.F and Ford, J.M and Fukunaga, M and Garrett, M.E and Ge, T and Giddaluru, S and Goldman, A.L and Green, M.J and Groenewold, N.A and Grotegerd, D and Gurholt, T.P and Gutman, B.A and Hansell, N.K and Harris, Mark F and Harrison, M.B and Haswell, C.C and Hauser, M and Herms, S and Heslenfeld, D.J and Ho, N.F and Hoehn, D and Hoffmann, P and Holleran, L and Hoogman, M and Hottenga, J.J and Ikeda, M and Janowitz, D and Jansen, I.E and Jia, T and Jockwitz, C and Kanai, R and Karama, S and Kasperaviciute, D and Kaufmann, T and Kelly, S and Kikuchi, M and Klein, M and Knapp, M and Knodt, A.R and Kramer, B and Lam, M and Lancaster, T.M and Lee, P.H and Lett, T.A and Lewis, L.B and Lopes-Cendes, I and Luciano, M and Macciardi, F and Marquand, A.F and Mathias, S.R and Melzer, T.R and Milaneschi, Y and ...
Science (American Association for the Advancement of Science), ISSN 0036-8075, 2020, Volume 367
The cerebral cortex underlies our complex cognitive capabilities, yet little is known about the specific genetic loci that influence human cortical structure.... 
Journal Article
Journal Article
Journal Article