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by Mauschitz, Matthias M and Bonnemaijer, Pieter W.M and Diers, Kersten and Rauscher, Franziska G and Elze, Tobias and Engel, Christoph and Loeffler, Markus and Colijn, Johanna Maria and Ikram, M. Arfan and Vingerling, Johannes R and Williams, Katie M and Hammond, Christopher J and Creuzot-Garcher, Catherine and Bron, Alain M and Silva, Rufino and Nunes, Sandrina and Delcourt, Cécile and Cougnard-Grégoire, Audrey and Holz, Frank G and Klaver, Caroline C.W and Breteler, Monique M.B and Finger, Robert P and Acar, Niyazi and Anastosopoulos, Eleftherios and Azuara-Blanco, Augusto and Berendschot, Tos and Bergen, Arthur and Bertelsen, Geir and Binquet, Christine and Bird, Alan and Bobak, Martin and Larsen, Morten Bøgelund and Boon, Camiel and Bourne, Rupert and Brétillon, Lionel and Broe, Rebecca and Bron, Alain and Buitendijk, Gabrielle and Cachulo, Maria Luz and Capuano, Vittorio and Carrière, Isabelle and Chakravarthy, Usha and Chan, Michelle and Chang, Petrus and Colijn, Johanna and Cougnard-Grégoire, Audrey and Cree, Angela and Creuzot-Garcher, Catherine and Cumberland, Phillippa and Cunha-Vaz, José and Daien, Vincent and De Jong, Eiko and Deak, Gabor and Delcourt, Cécile and Delyfer, Marie-Noëlle and Hollander, Anneke den and Dietzel, Martha and Erke, Maja Gran and Faria, Pedro and Farinha, Claudia and Fauser, Sascha and Finger, Robert and Fletcher, Astrid and Foster, Paul and Founti, Panayiota and Gorgels, Theo and Grauslund, Jakob and Grus, Franz and Hammond, Christopher and Hense, Hans-Werner and Hermann, Manuel and Hoehn, René and Hogg, Ruth and Holz, Frank and Hoyng, Carel and Jansonius, Nomdo and Janssen, Sarah and Kersten, Eveline and Khawaja, Anthony and Klaver, Caroline and Korobelnik, Jean-François and Lamparter, Julia and Le Goff, Mélanie and Lechanteur, Yara and Lehtimäki, Terho and Leung, Irene and Lotery, Andrew and Mauschitz, Matthias and Meester, Magda and Merle, Bénédicte and Meyer zu Westrup, Verena and Midena, Edoardo and Miotto, Stefania and Mirshahi, Alireza and Mohan-Saïd, Sadek and Mueller, Michael and Muldrew, Alyson and Murta, Joaquim and Nickels, Stefan and Nunes, Sandrina and ... and European Eye Epidemiology (E3) Consortium and European Eye Epidemiology E3
Ophthalmology, ISSN 0161-6420, 10/2018, Volume 125, Issue 10, pp. 1526 - 1536
To investigate systemic and ocular determinants of peripapillary retinal nerve fiber layer thickness (pRNFLT) in the European population. Cross-sectional... 
Journal Article
by Fritsche, Lars and Igl, Wilmar and Cooke Bailey, Jessica N and Grassmann, Felix and Sengupta, Sebanti and Bragg-Gresham, Jennifer L and Burdon, K.P and Hebbring, Scott J and Wen, C and Gorski, Mathias and Kim, Ivana and Cho, D and Zack, D and Souied, Eric and Scholl, Henik and Bala, Elisa and ELee, K and Hunter, David and Sardell, R.J and Mitchell, Paul and Merriam, Joanna and Cipriani, Francesco and Hoffman, J.D and Schick, Tina and Lechanteur, Yara T. E and Guymer, Robyn and Johnson, Matthew and Jiang, Y and Stanton, Chloe and Buitendijk, Gabrielle and Zhan, Xiaowei and Kwong, A.M and Boleda, Alexis and Brooks, Matthew and Gieser, Linn and Ratna Priya, Rinki and Branham, Kari and Foerster, J.R and Heckenlively, John and Othman, Mohammad and Vote, Brendan J and Liang, H.H and Souzeau, Emmanuelle and McAllister, I.L and Isaacs, Timothy and Hall, J and Lake, S and Mackey, David and Constable, I.J and Craig, Jamie E and Kitchner, Terrie E and Yang, Z and Su, Z and Luo, H and Chen, D and Ouyang, H and Flagg, Ken and Lin, D and Mao, G and Ferreyra, Henry and Stark, Klaus and Strachwitz, Claudia and Wolf, A and Brandl, Caroline and Rudolph, G and Olden, Matthias and Morrison, Margaux and Morgan, Denise and Schu, Matthew and Ahn, J and Silvestri, Giuliana and Tsironi, Evangelia and Park, K.H and Farrer, Lindsay and Orlin, Anton and Brucker, A and Curcio, Christine A and Mohand-Sa'd, S and Sahel, José-Alain and Audo, Isabelle and Benchaboune, Mustapha and Cree, Angela and Rennie, C.A and Goverdhan, S.V and Grunin, Michelle and Hagbi-Levi, Shira and Campochiaro, Betsy and Katsanis, Nicholas and Holz, Frank and Blond, Frédéric and Blanché, H and Deleuze, J.-F and Igo, Robert and Truitt, Barbara and Peachey, Neal and Meuer, Stacy and Myers, Chelsea and Moore, E.L and Klein, Ronald and Hauser, Michael and ...
Nature Genetics, ISSN 1061-4036, 02/2016, Volume 48, Issue 2, pp. 134 - 143
Journal Article
Journal Article
Gut, ISSN 0017-5749, 01/2020, Volume 69, Issue 1, pp. 112 - 121
Journal Article
European Urology, ISSN 0302-2838, 2017, Volume 72, Issue 3, pp. 402 - 407
Journal Article
by Buitendijk, Gabriëlle H.S and Schauwvlieghe, Ann-Sofie M.E and Vingerling, Johannes R and Schlingemann, Reinier O and Klaver, Caroline C.W and Schlingemann, R.O and Verbraak, F.D and van Schooneveld, M and Wezel, M and Stam, H and Jansen-Kok, C and Althoff, A and Bakker, D and van der Zee, A and Stam, M and De Vries, D.J and Vingerling, J.R and Naus- Postema, N.C and De Roon Hertoge, K.L and Klaver, C.C.W and Kilic, E and Noordzij, Y and Noordzij, J and Vermij, A and Hooghart, A and Dijkman, G and Boesten, I and Kiewiet de Jonge, C and Kromhart- de Haas, M and Mollinger, C and Zwaan, J.W and Brink, L and Boolman, A and Hooymans, J.M.M and Kamminga, N and Huiskamp, A and Postma, G and Meinen, M and Uwantege, L and Luurtsema, H.R and Eisses, J.F and Ronardel de Lavalette, V.W and Van De Pol, J.P and Hoyng, C.B and de Vries, A and Huntink, E and Kalisingh, A and Hoeks, L and Hermans, H and Rotteveel, A and Weeda, J and Van Ast, C and van der Linden, M and Klaver, H and van Hierden, R and Coops, A and Corstanje, K and Jansen, M and van den Berg, N and Rulo, A and Gerbrandy, F and Tromp, A and Lopes Cardozol, O and Zola, E and Van Leeuwen, B and Dantuma, G and Koning, S and van Baekel, M and Selders, M and Zandee, M and Goudriaan, M and Langen, A and van de Mortel, R.W.H and Tetteroo, A and de Groot, Y and Schlingemann, R.O and Verbraak, F.D and Dijkgraaf, M.G.W and De Haan, R and Zwinderman, A.H and Schauwvlieghe, A.M.E and Mehmedovic, S and van Dalen, J.J.W and Corten, I and Veenstra, E and Strubel, Y and Verbraak, F.D and Schauwvlieghe, A.M.E and Bakker, D and Peto, T and Blows, P and Ringens, P.J and Geskus, R and van Leeuwen, R and comparing Bevacizumab to Ranibizumab in Age-related macular degeneration (BRAMD) Trial Research Group and Comparing Bevacizumab Ranibizumab
American Journal of Ophthalmology, ISSN 0002-9394, 03/2018, Volume 187, pp. 130 - 137
Journal Article
European Urology, ISSN 0302-2838, 2014, Volume 67, Issue 2, pp. 262 - 270
Abstract Background Short-term trials have demonstrated the efficacy and safety of combination therapy using antimuscarinics and α-blockers in men with lower... 
Urology | Muscarinic antagonist | Solifenacin | Benign prostatic hyperplasia | Clinical trial | Phase 3 | α-Adrenergic blocker | Tamsulosin OCAS | Lower urinary tract symptoms | TRIAL | OVERACTIVE BLADDER | UROLOGY & NEPHROLOGY | alpha-Adrenergic blocker | BLADDER OUTLET OBSTRUCTION | Tablets | Humans | Middle Aged | Muscarinic Antagonists - adverse effects | Urodynamics - drug effects | Male | Adrenergic alpha-1 Receptor Antagonists - administration & dosage | Urinary Retention - physiopathology | Urinary Bladder, Overactive - drug therapy | Urological Agents - adverse effects | Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms - drug therapy | Time Factors | Urinary Bladder, Overactive - physiopathology | Adrenergic alpha-1 Receptor Antagonists - adverse effects | Aged, 80 and over | Urological Agents - administration & dosage | Solifenacin Succinate - administration & dosage | Urinary Retention - drug therapy | Prostatic Hyperplasia - drug therapy | Urinary Bladder, Overactive - diagnosis | Double-Blind Method | Administration, Oral | Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms - physiopathology | Treatment Outcome | Chemistry, Pharmaceutical | Muscarinic Antagonists - administration & dosage | Prostatic Hyperplasia - diagnosis | Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms - diagnosis | Solifenacin Succinate - adverse effects | Sulfonamides - adverse effects | Urinary Bladder - physiopathology | Urinary Retention - diagnosis | Urinary Bladder - drug effects | Aged | Prostatic Hyperplasia - physiopathology | Drug Combinations | Sulfonamides - administration & dosage | Tamsulosin hydrochloride | Computer storage device industry
Journal Article
Journal Article
Journal Article