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by Li, Qin and Shanmugam, Raghuvaran and Young, Amy N and Gupte, Ankita and Keegan, Liam P and George, Cyril X and Ramu, Avinash and Huang, Ni and Leeman, Dena S and Goh, Y. P. Sharon and Cummings, Beryl B and Lek, Monkol and MacArthur, Daniel G and Nedzel, Jared L and Segrè, Ayellet V and Trowbridge, Casandra A and Tukiainen, Taru and Barshir, Ruth and Bogu, Gireesh K and Chiang, Colby and Cox, Nancy J and Delaneau, Olivier and Dermitzakis, Emmanouil T and Ferreira, Pedro G and Garrido-Martín, Diego and Gewirtz, Ariel D.H and Gliner, Genna and Gloudemans, Michael J and Guigo, Roderic and Hall, Ira M and Han, Buhm and He, Yuan and Im, Hae Kyung and Kang, Eun Yong and Lappalainen, Tuuli and Li, Gen and Mangul, Serghei and Monlong, Jean and Oliva, Meritxell and Papasaikas, Panagiotis and Park, Yoson and Peterson, Christine B and Quan, Jie and Sodaei, Reza and Strober, Benjamin J and Wright, Fred A and Xi, Hualin S and Zhou, Yi-Hui and Bates, Daniel and Claussnitzer, Melina and Demanelis, Kathryn and Halow, Jessica and Hansen, Kasper D and Jasmine, Farzana and Johnson, Audra and Lee, Kristen and Linder, Sandra and Linke, Caroline and Liu, Yaping and Molinie, Benoit and Nelson, Jemma and Rinaldi, Nicola J and Wang, Meng and Wu, Fan and Lockart, Nicole C and Brigham, Lori E and Johns, Christopher and Kopen, Gene and Leinweber, William F and McDonald, Alisa and Thomas, Jeffrey A and Washington, Michael and Kumar, Rachna and Miklos, Mark and Jewell, Scott D and Montroy, Robert G and Rohrer, Daniel C and Smith, Anna M and Tabor, David E and Roche, Nancy V and Barcus, Mary E and Qi, Liqun and Hunter, Steven and Hariharan, Pushpa and Um, Ki Sung and Tomaszewski, Maria M and Barker, Laura K and Mosavel, Maghboeba and Siminoff, Laura A and Taylor, Kieron and Goldman, Mary and Haeussler, Maximilian and Lee, Christopher M and Paten, Benedict and Rosenbloom, Kate R and Del Sal, Giannino and Peltz, Gary and Walkley, Carl R and Nishikura, Kazuko and Li, Jin Billy and Gtex Consortium and GTEx Consortium and Leidos Biomedical—Project Management and NIH/NCI and Laboratory, Data Analysis &Coordinating Center (LDACC)—Analysis Working Group and Statistical Methods groups—Analysis Working Group and Biospecimen Collection Source Site—NDRI and NIH/NHGRI and Brain Bank Repository—University of Miami Brain Endowment Bank and Genome Browser Data Integration &Visualization—UCSC Genomics Institute, University of California Santa Cruz and NIH Common Fund and Enhancing GTEx (eGTEx) groups and NIH/NIMH and Genome Browser Data Integration &Visualization—EBI and Biospecimen Collection Source Site—RPCI and Biospecimen Core Resource—VARI and ELSI Study and NIH/NIDA
Nature (London), ISSN 0028-0836, 10/2017, Volume 550, Issue 7675, pp. 249 - 254
Journal Article
Journal of inherited metabolic disease, ISSN 0141-8955, 11/2020, Volume 43, Issue 6, pp. 1333 - 1348
Journal Article
Human mutation, ISSN 1059-7794, 05/2018, Volume 39, Issue 5, pp. 666 - 675
Journal Article
by Wan, Ying-Wooi and Wangler, Michael F and Yamamoto, Shinya and Chao, Hsiao-Tuan and Mohr, Stephanie E and Adams, Christopher J and Allard, Patrick and Ashley, Euan A and Bacino, Carlos A and Barseghyan, Hayk and Beggs, Alan H and Bellen, Hugo J and Brown, Donna M and Burke, Elizabeth A and Burrage, Lindsay C and Chao, Katherine R and Cooper, Cynthia M and Craigen, William J and Dayal, Jyoti G and Donnell-Fink, Laurel A and Dorset, Daniel C and Draper, David D and Eckstein, David J and Emrick, Lisa T and Fisher, Paul G and Frisby, Trevor S and Gahl, William A and Godfrey, Rena A and Goheen, Mitchell and Goldstein, David B and Gordon, Mary G and Gourdine, Jean-Philippe F and Graham, Brett H and Groden, Catherine A and Gropman, Andrea L and Hamid, Rizwan and Hanchard, Neil A and Handley, Lori H and Hardee, Isabel and Holm, Ingrid A and Johnston, Jean M and Jones, Angela L and Koehler, Alanna E and Koeller, David M and Kohler, Jennefer N and Krasnewich, Donna M and Krier, Joel B and Latham, Lea and Lee, Brendan H and Levy, Shawn E and Levy, Denise J and Loomis, Carson R and Maas, Richard L and Macnamara, Ellen F and MacRae, Calum A and Maduro, Valerie V and Malicdan, May Christine V and Mamounas, Laura A and Manolio, Teri A and McCarty, Alexandra J and McConkie-Rosell, Allyn and McCray, Alexa T and Mulvihill, John J and Nehrebecky, Michele E and Nelson, Stan F and Newberry, J. Scott and Nicholas, Sarah K and Novacic, Donna and Orange, Jordan S and Palmer, Christina G.S and Papp, Jeanette C and Posey, Jennifer E and Potocki, Lorraine and Pusey, Barbara N and Robertson, Amy K and Rodan, Lance H and Schoch, Kelly and Scott, Daryl A and Sharma, Prashant and Soldatos, Ariane G and Splinter, Kimberly and Sweetser, David A and Thomas, Sara P and Tifft, Cynthia J and Tolman, Nathanial J and Toro, Camilo and Tran, Alyssa A and Vilain, Eric and Wahl, Colleen E and Wangler, Michael F and Ward, Patricia A and Waters, Katrina M and Westerfield, Monte and Wheeler, Matthew T and Worthey, Elizabeth A and Yamamoto, Shinya and Yang, Yaping and Zornio, Patricia A and Perrimon, Norbert and Bellen, Hugo J and UDN
American journal of human genetics, ISSN 0002-9297, 06/2017, Volume 100, Issue 6, pp. 843 - 853
Journal Article