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by Chan, J. S. d and Abdo, S and Ghosh, A and Alquier, T and Chenier, I and Filep, J. G and Ingelfinger, J. R and Zhang, S.-L and Ross, E. A and Willenberg, B. J and Oca-Cossio, J and Clapp, W. L and Terada, N and Abrahamson, D. R and Ellison, G. W and Matthews, C. E and Batich, C. D and Ihoriya, C and Satoh, M and Sasaki, T and Kashihara, N and Piwkowska, A and Rogacka, D and Angielski, S and Jankowski, M and Pontrelli, P and Conserva, F and Papale, M and Accetturo, M and Gigante, M and Vocino, G and Dipalma, A. M and Grandaliano, G and Di Paolo, S and Gesualdo, L and Franzen, S and Pihl, L and Khan, N and Gustafsson, H and Palm, F and Koszegi, S and Hodrea, J and Lenart, L and Hosszu, A and Wagner, L and Vannay, A and Tulassay, T and Szabo, A and Fekete, A and Aoki, R and Sekine, F and Kikuchi, K and Miyazaki, S and Yamashita, Y and Itoh, Y and Kolling, M and Park, J.-K and Haller, H and Thum, T and Lorenzen, J and Hirayama, A and Yoh, K and Ueda, A and Itoh, H and Owada, S and Kokeny, G and Szabo, L and Fazekas, K and Rosivall, L and Mozes, M. M and Kim, Y and Koh, E. S and Lim, J. H and Kim, M. Y and Chang, Y. S and Park, C. W and Kim, H. W and Shin, B. C and Kim, H. L and Chung, J. H and Chan, J.-S and Wu, T.-C and Chen, J.-W and Clotet, S and Soler, M. J and Rebull, M and Pascual, J and Riera, M and Patinha, D and Afonso, J and Sousa, T and Morato, M and Albino-Teixeira, A and Kim, H and Min, H. S and Kang, M.-J and Kim, J. E and Lee, J.-E and Kang, Y. S and Cha, D. R and ...
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Journal Article
by Inazu, T and Kawahara, T and Endou, H and Anzai, N and Sebesta, I and Stiburkova, B and Ichida, K and Hosoyamada, M and Testa, A and Leonardis, D and Catalano, F and Pisano, A and Mafrica, A and Spoto, B and Sanguedolce, M. C and Parlongo, R. M and Tripepi, G and Postorino, M and Enia, G and Zoccali, C and Mallamaci, F and Working Group, M and Luque de Pablos, A and Garcia-Nieto, V and Lopez-Menchero, J. C and Ramos-Trujillo, E and Gonzalez-Acosta, H and Claverie-Martin, F and Arsali, M and Demosthenous, P and Papazachariou, L and Athanasiou, Y and Voskarides, K and Deltas, C and Pierides, A and Lee, S and Jeong, K. H and Ihm, C and Lee, T. W and Lee, S. H and Moon, J. Y and Wi, J. G and Lee, H. J and Kim, E. Y and Rogacev, K and Friedrich, A and Hummel, B and Berg, J and Zawada, A and Fliser, D and Geisel, J and Heine, G. H and Brabcova, I and Dusilova-Sulkova, S and Krejcik, Z and Stranecky, V and Lipar, K and Marada, T and Stepankova, J and Viklicky, O and Buraczynska, M and Zukowski, P and Zaluska, W and Kuczmaszewska, A and Ksiazek, A and Gaggl, M and Weidner, S and Hofer, M and Kleinert, J and Fauler, G and Wallner, M and Kotanko, P and Sunder-Plassmann, G and Paschke, E and Heguilen, R and Albarracin, L and Politei, J and Liste, A. A and Bernasconi, A and Kusano, E and Russo, R and Pisani, A and Messalli, G and Imbriaco, M and Prikhodina, L and Ryzhkova, O and Polyakov, V and Lipkowska, K and Ostalska-Nowicka, D and Smiech, M and Jaroniec, M and Zaorska, K and Szaflarski, W and Nowicki, M and Zachwieja, J and D'arrigo, G and Moskowitz, J and Piret, S and Tashman, A and Velez, E and ...
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Journal Article
by Kobayashi, J and Yoshida, M and Tarui, S and Hirata, M and Takahashi, K and Naruse, K and Kasahara, S and Sano, S and Oh, H and Halbach, M and Peinkofer, G and Baumgartner, S and Krausgrill, B and Fatima, A and Hescheler, J and Saric, T and Mueller-Ehmsen, J and Kamakura, T and Makiyama, T and Sasaki, K and Hattori, T and Ohno, S and Yoshida, Y and Horie, M and Kimura, T and Guan, K and Streckfuss-Boemeke, K and Wolf, F and Azizian, A and Stauske, M and Tiburcy, M and Wagner, S and Maier, L. S and Zimmermann, W. H and Hasenfuss, G and Mehta, A and Sequiera, G. L and Sudibyo, Y and Jun, L and Wong, P and Liew, R and Shim, W and Dambrot, C and Braam, S. R and Freund, C. M. A. H and Van De Pas, S and Ward-Van Oostwaard, D and Atsma, D. E and Mummery, C. L and Shigeta, T and Kureishi Bando, Y and Aoyama, M and Monji, A and Mitsui, T and Cheng, X. W and Murohara, T and Saikawa, T and Nishio, S and Takahashi, N and Thuc, L. 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PD Dr. Harloff, Dr. Guenther and on behalf of Italian ClinicalService Project and on behalf of PL-ACS Invaestigators and on behalf of EmbraceAC Study Group and on behalf of CHFN and on behalf of The interventional working group of the lebanese society of cardiology and on behalf of SAFETY Investigators and on behalf of grant of IGA Ministry of health of the Czech Republic no. 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European Heart Journal, ISSN 0195-668X, 08/2012, Volume 33, Issue suppl 1, pp. 19 - 338
Journal Article
by Blanco-Gozalo, V and Blazquez-Medela, A and Garcia-Sanchez, O and Quiros, Y and Montero, M and Martinez-Salgado, C and Lopez-Hernandez, F and Lopez-Novoa, J and Yao, L and Qing, Z and Hua, X and Min, F and Fei, M and Ning, W and Cantaluppi, V and Figliolini, F and Delena, M and Beltramo, S and Medica, D and Tetta, C and Segoloni, G and Biancone, L and Camussi, G and Cunha, J. S and Ferreira, V. M and Naves, M. A and Boim, M. A and Zitman-Gal, T and Golan, E and Green, J and Pasmanik-Chor, M and Bernheim, J and Benchetrit, S and Riera, M and Clotet, S and Pascual, J and Soler, M and Nakai, K and Fujii, H and Kono, K and Goto, S and Hirata, M and Shinohara, M and Fukagawa, M and Nishi, S and Fan, Q and Du, S and Jiang, Y and Wang, L and Fang, L and Radovits, T and Mozes, M. M and Rosivall, L and Kokeny, G and Aoki, R and Tateoka, R and Sekine, F and Kikuchi, K and Yamashita, Y and Itoh, Y and Cappuccino, L and Garibotto, G and D'Amato, E and Villaggio, B and Gianiorio, F and Mij, M and Viazzi, F and Salvidio, G and Verzola, D and Piwkowska, A and Rogacka, D and Audzeyenka, I and Kasztan, M and Angielski, S and Jankowski, M and Gaber, E. W and El-Attar, H. A and Liu, J and Zhang, W and He, Y and Macsai, E and Takats, Z and Derzbach, L and Korner, A and Vasarhelyi, B and Huang, M. S and Bo, H and Liu, F and Fu, P and Tsotakos, N. E and Tsilibary, E. C and Drossopoulou, G. I and Thawho, N and Farid, N and Peleg, A and Levy, A and Nakhoul, N and Lenghel, A. R and Borza, G and Catoi, C and ...
Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation, ISSN 0931-0509, 05/2013, Volume 28, Issue suppl 1, pp. i374 - i384
Journal Article
by Shiohira, S and Yoshida, T and Sugiura, H and Nishida, M and Nitta, K and Tsuchiya, K and Grampp, S and Goppelt-Strube, M and Eckardt, K. U and Schodel, J and Kang, S. W and Kim, Y and Seo, S.-K and Kim, T and Ong, S and Yang, W. S and Han, N. J and Lee, J. M and Baek, C. H and Park, S.-K and Kemter, E and Aigner, B and Wanke, R and Troyano Suarez, N and Olmos Centenero, G and Mora, I and Griera, M and Cano, J. L and Martin, P and Zamora, J and Ruiz-Torres, M. P and Falke, L. L and Leask, A and Lyons, K and Nguyen, T. Q and Goldschmeding, R and Park, S. K and Kim, D and Lee, A. S and Jung, Y. J and Yang, K. H and Lee, S and Kim, W and Kang, K. P and Garcia-Jerez, A and Luengo-Rodriguez, A and Ramirez-Chamond, R and Carracedo, J and Medrano-Andres, D and Rodriguez-Puyol, D and Calleros, L and Kim, H. W and Lee, S. K and Chang, J. W and Seo, J. W and Lee, C.-T and Chou, C.-A and Lee, Y.-T and Ng, H.-Y and Sanchez-Nino, M. D and Fernandez-Fernandez, B and Perez-Gomez, M. V and Poveda, J and Sanz, A. B and Cannata-Ortiz, P and Egido, J and Selgas, R and Ortiz, A and Ma, S. K and Kim, I. J and Kim, C. S and Bae, E. H and Kim, S. W and Kokeny, G and Boo'Si, M and Fazekas, K and Rosivall, L and Mozes, M. M and Mijuskovic, M and Ulrich, C and Berger, H and Trojanowicz, B and Kohler, F and Wolf, A and Seibert, E and Fiedler, R and Markau, S and Glomb, M and Girndt, M and Lajdova, I and Spustova, V and Oksa, A and Chorvat, D and Marcek Chorvatova, A and Choi, S. O and Kim, J. S and Han, B. G and Yang, J. W and Liu, S and Lv, J and ... and Vojvodic Danilo Vojvodic.Danilo@gmail.Com and Milovic Novak Lazina@yubc.Net and Kovacevic Bozidar, Bozociti@yahoo.Com and Stanojevic Ivan, Drivanstanojevic@yahoo.Com and Cerovic Snezana Profajler@yahoo.Com
Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation, ISSN 0931-0509, 05/2014, Volume 29, Issue suppl 3, pp. iii330 - iii338
Journal Article
SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, ISSN 2045-2322, 09/2017, Volume 7
Decreased soluble guanylate cyclase activity and cGMP levels in diabetic kidneys were shown to influence the progression of nephropathy. The regulatory effects... 
Journal Article
AMERICAN JOURNAL OF RESPIRATORY CELL AND MOLECULAR BIOLOGY, ISSN 1044-1549, 07/2019, Volume 61, Issue 1, pp. 121 - 123
Journal Article
British Journal of Pharmacology, ISSN 0007-1188, 03/2009, Volume 156, Issue 6, pp. 909 - 919
Background and purpose:  Patients with diabetes mellitus exhibit generalized endothelial and cardiac dysfunction with decreased nitric oxide production.... 
vascular function | phosphodiesterase-5 | cGMP | cardiac function | diabetes | phosphodiesterase‐5 | CGMP | Diabetes | Phosphodiesterase-5 | Vascular function | Cardiac function | SILDENAFIL | ENDOTHELIAL DYSFUNCTION | HEART-FAILURE | DEPENDENT PROTEIN-KINASE | INDUCED OXIDATIVE STRESS | IN-VIVO | PHARMACOLOGY & PHARMACY | SMOOTH-MUSCLE-CELLS | GROWTH-FACTOR | EXPRESSION | Sulfones - therapeutic use | Triazines - therapeutic use | Vasodilator Agents - therapeutic use | Isometric Contraction - drug effects | Phosphodiesterase 5 Inhibitors | Myocardial Contraction - drug effects | Endothelium, Vascular - drug effects | Cyclic GMP - blood | Sulfones - pharmacology | Muscle, Smooth, Vascular - physiopathology | Myocardium - metabolism | Diabetes Mellitus, Experimental - complications | Aorta, Thoracic - drug effects | Imidazoles - therapeutic use | Diabetes Mellitus, Experimental - metabolism | Transforming Growth Factor beta1 - biosynthesis | Diabetes Mellitus, Experimental - physiopathology | Muscle, Smooth, Vascular - drug effects | Heart - physiopathology | Triazines - pharmacology | Vasodilator Agents - pharmacology | Endothelium, Vascular - physiopathology | Rats | Ventricular Dysfunction, Left - etiology | Imidazoles - pharmacology | Piperazines - therapeutic use | Aorta, Thoracic - physiopathology | Piperazines - pharmacology | Rats, Sprague-Dawley | Ventricular Dysfunction, Left - physiopathology | Animals | Ventricular Dysfunction, Left - drug therapy | Vardenafil Dihydrochloride | Heart - drug effects | Hemodynamics - drug effects | Vasodilation - drug effects | In Vitro Techniques | Research Papers
Journal Article
International Journal of Radiation Oncology, Biology, Physics, ISSN 0360-3016, 2015, Volume 93, Issue 5, pp. 1096 - 1103
Journal Article
Journal Article
Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation, ISSN 0931-0509, 07/2013, Volume 28, Issue 7, pp. 1751 - 1761
Background. Diabetic nephropathy (DN) is characterized by podocyte damage and increased phosphodiesterase-5 (PDE-5) activity-exacerbating nitric oxide... 
Podocyte | TGF-β | Type 1 diabetes | Cyclic GMP | Phoshopdiesterase-5 | type 1 diabetes | GLOMERULAR FUNCTION | OXIDATIVE STRESS | phoshopdiesterase-5 | cyclic GMP | MATRIX ACCUMULATION | NEPHROPATHY | TRANSPLANTATION | TGF-beta | GROWTH-FACTOR-BETA | podocyte | NITRIC-OXIDE | HIGH GLUCOSE | GENE-EXPRESSION | UROLOGY & NEPHROLOGY | KIDNEY | Oxidative Stress | Cyclic Nucleotide Phosphodiesterases, Type 5 - chemistry | Diabetic Nephropathies - etiology | Transforming Growth Factor beta1 - metabolism | Diabetes Mellitus, Type 1 - metabolism | Male | Intracellular Signaling Peptides and Proteins - metabolism | Sulfones - pharmacology | Proteinuria - prevention & control | Diabetes Mellitus, Experimental - complications | Membrane Proteins - metabolism | Nitric Oxide Synthase Type III - metabolism | Diabetes Mellitus, Experimental - metabolism | Phosphodiesterase 5 Inhibitors - pharmacology | Cyclic Nucleotide Phosphodiesterases, Type 5 - metabolism | Diabetic Nephropathies - prevention & control | Intracellular Signaling Peptides and Proteins - genetics | Real-Time Polymerase Chain Reaction | Proteinuria - etiology | Triazines - pharmacology | Podocytes - metabolism | Membrane Proteins - genetics | Diabetic Nephropathies - metabolism | RNA, Messenger - genetics | Cells, Cultured | Diabetes Mellitus, Type 1 - pathology | Proteinuria - metabolism | Rats | Imidazoles - pharmacology | Transforming Growth Factor beta1 - genetics | Podocytes - pathology | Reverse Transcriptase Polymerase Chain Reaction | Nitric Oxide Synthase Type III - genetics | Piperazines - pharmacology | Rats, Sprague-Dawley | Blotting, Western | Animals | Cyclic GMP - metabolism | Podocytes - drug effects | Vardenafil Dihydrochloride | Diabetes Mellitus, Experimental - pathology
Journal Article
BMC NEPHROLOGY, ISSN 1471-2369, 07/2017, Volume 18
Background: Although TGF-beta and the transcription factor Egr-1 play an important role in both kidney fibrosis and in response to acute changes of renal... 
Journal Article
JOURNAL OF CLINICAL ONCOLOGY, ISSN 0732-183X, 04/2018, Volume 36, Issue 10, pp. 1054 - 1054
Journal Article
PLoS ONE, ISSN 1932-6203, 06/2015, Volume 10, Issue 6, p. e0127090
Chronic renal fibrosis is the final common pathway of end stage renal disease caused by glomerular or tubular pathologies. Genetic background has a strong... 
ADRIAMYCIN-INDUCED GLOMERULOSCLEROSIS | OXIDATIVE STRESS | PODOCYTE INJURY | INDUCED NEPHROPATHY | MULTIDISCIPLINARY SCIENCES | SUSCEPTIBILITY | GENE-EXPRESSION | GELATINASE-ASSOCIATED LIPOCALIN | MODEL | CHRONIC KIDNEY-DISEASE | FOCAL SEGMENTAL GLOMERULOSCLEROSIS | Disease Resistance | Kidney - drug effects | Kidney - pathology | Species Specificity | Membrane Proteins - genetics | Reactive Nitrogen Species - metabolism | Body Weight - drug effects | Rats | Chemokine CCL2 - genetics | Male | Transforming Growth Factor beta1 - genetics | Aldehydes - metabolism | Tyrosine - analogs & derivatives | Disease Progression | Doxorubicin - toxicity | Dose-Response Relationship, Drug | Kidney - metabolism | Tyrosine - metabolism | Animals | Fibrosis | Connective Tissue Growth Factor - genetics | Oxidative Stress - drug effects | Proteinuria - complications | Oxidases | Immunohistochemistry | Fibronectins | Anthracyclines | Chronic kidney failure | RNA | Collagen | Bone morphogenetic proteins | Inflammation | B cells | Transforming growth factors | Oxidative stress | Collagen (type I) | 4-Hydroxynonenal | Disease | Laboratories | Transforming growth factor-b | Lipid peroxidation | mRNA | Biochemistry | Kinases | Experiments | Doxorubicin | NAD(P)H oxidase | Sclerosis | Fibronectin | Proteins | Connective tissues | Oxidation resistance | Rodents | Physiology | Drug dosages | Peroxidation | Stresses | Hypertension | Medical research | Damage assessment | Excretion | Cell survival | Lipocalin | Neutrophils | Connective tissue growth factor | Histology | Gelatinase | Gene expression | Strain | Monocytes | Nephropathy | Morphology | Nitrotyrosine | Diaphragm | Monocyte chemoattractant protein 1 | Proteinuria
Journal Article
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, ISSN 0027-8424, 10/2004, Volume 101, Issue 41, pp. 14883 - 14888
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Journal Article