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CIRCULATION, ISSN 0009-7322, 09/2007, Volume 116, Issue 12, pp. 1386 - 1395
Background - Transient limb ischemia administered before a prolonged ischemic insult has systemic protective effects against ischemia-reperfusion (IR) injury (... 
Journal Article
by Abbosh, Christopher and Birkbak, Nicolai J and Wilson, Gareth A and Jamal-Hanjani, Mariam and Constantin, Tudor and Salari, Raheleh and Le Quesne, John and Moore, David A and Veeriah, Selvaraju and Rosenthal, Rachel and Marafioti, Teresa and Kirkizlar, Eser and Watkins, Thomas B. K and McGranahan, Nicholas and Ward, Sophia and Martinson, Luke and Riley, Joan and Fraioli, Francesco and Al Bakir, Maise and Grönroos, Eva and Zambrana, Francisco and Endozo, Raymondo and Bi, Wenya Linda and Fennessy, Fiona M and Sponer, Nicole and Johnson, Diana and Laycock, Joanne and Shafi, Seema and Czyzewska-Khan, Justyna and Rowan, Andrew and Chambers, Tim and Matthews, Nik and Turajlic, Samra and Hiley, Crispin and Lee, Siow Ming and Forster, Martin D and Ahmad, Tanya and Falzon, Mary and Borg, Elaine and Lawrence, David and Hayward, Martin and Kolvekar, Shyam and Panagiotopoulos, Nikolaos and Janes, Sam M and Thakrar, Ricky and Ahmed, Asia and Blackhall, Fiona and Summers, Yvonne and Hafez, Dina and Naik, Ashwini and Ganguly, Apratim and Kareht, Stephanie and Shah, Rajesh and Joseph, Leena and Quinn, Anne Marie and Crosbie, Phil A and Naidu, Babu and Middleton, Gary and Langman, Gerald and Trotter, Simon and Nicolson, Marianne and Remmen, Hardy and Kerr, Keith and Chetty, Mahendran and Gomersall, Lesley and Fennell, Dean A and Nakas, Apostolos and Rathinam, Sridhar and Anand, Girija and Khan, Sajid and Russell, Peter and Ezhil, Veni and Ismail, Babikir and Irvin-Sellers, Melanie and Prakash, Vineet and Lester, Jason F and Kornaszewska, Malgorzata and Attanoos, Richard and Adams, Haydn and Davies, Helen and Oukrif, Dahmane and Akarca, Ayse U and Hartley, John A and Lowe, Helen L and Lock, Sara and Iles, Natasha and Bell, Harriet and Ngai, Yenting and Elgar, Greg and Szallasi, Zoltan and Schwarz, Roland F and Herrero, Javier and Stewart, Aengus and Quezada, Sergio A and Peggs, Karl S and Van Loo, Peter and Dive, Caroline and Lin, C. Jimmy and Rabinowitz, Matthew and Aerts, Hugo J. W. L and ... and TRACERx Consortium and The PEACE Consortium and TRACERx consortium and PEACE consortium and The PEACE consortium and The TRACERx consortium
Nature, ISSN 0028-0836, 04/2017, Volume 545, Issue 7655, pp. 446 - 451
Journal Article
by Arce Vargas, Frederick and Furness, Andrew J.S and Solomon, Isabelle and Joshi, Kroopa and Mekkaoui, Leila and Lesko, Marta H and Miranda Rota, Enrique and Dahan, Rony and Georgiou, Andrew and Sledzinska, Anna and Ben Aissa, Assma and Franz, Dafne and Werner Sunderland, Mariana and Wong, Yien Ning Sophia and Henry, Jake Y and O’Brien, Tim and Nicol, David and Challacombe, Ben and Beers, Stephen A and Spain, Lavinia and Wotherspoon, Andrew and Francis, Nicholas and Smith, Amy and Smith, Sean and Smith, Myles and Smith, Elaine and Strauss, Dirk and Hayes, Andrew and Soultati, Aspasia and Stares, Mark and Lynch, Joanna and Fotiadis, Nicos and Fernando, Archana and Hazell, Steve and Chandra, Ashish and Pickering, Lisa and Rudman, Sarah and Chowdhury, Simon and Swanton, Charles and Jamal-Hanjani, Mariam and Veeriah, Selvaraju and Shafi, Seema and Czyzewska-Khan, Justyna and Johnson, Benjamin and Johnson, Diana and Laycock, Joanne and Bosshard-Carter, Leticia and Goh, Gerald and Rosenthal, Rachel and Gorman, Pat and Murugaesu, Nirupa and Hynds, Robert E and Wilson, Gareth and Birkbak, Nicolai J and Watkins, Thomas B.K and McGranahan, Nicholas and Horswell, Stuart and Mitter, Richard and Escudero, Mickael and Stewart, Aengus and Van Loo, Peter and Rowan, Andrew and Xu, Hang and Turajlic, Samra and Hiley, Crispin and Abbosh, Christopher and Goldman, Jacki and Stone, Richard Kevin and Denner, Tamara and Matthews, Nik and Matthews, Sue and Elgar, Greg and Ward, Sophia and Biggs, Jennifer and Costa, Marta and Begum, Sharmin and Phillimore, Ben and Chambers, Tim and Nye, Emma and Graca, Sofia and Al Bakir, Maise and Hartley, John A and Lowe, Helen L and Herrero, Javier and Lawrence, David and Hayward, Martin and Panagiotopoulos, Nikolaos and Kolvekar, Shyam and Falzon, Mary and Borg, Elaine and Simeon, Celia and Hector, Gemma and Aranda, Marie and Novelli, Marco and Oukrif, Dahmane and Janes, Sam M and Thakrar, Ricky and Forster, Martin and Ahmad, Tanya and Lee, Siow Ming and ... and Melanoma TRACERx Consortium and Renal TRACERx Consortium and Lung TRACERx Consortium
Immunity, ISSN 1074-7613, 04/2017, Volume 46, Issue 4, pp. 577 - 586
CD25 is expressed at high levels on regulatory T (Treg) cells and was initially proposed as a target for cancer immunotherapy. However, anti-CD25 antibodies... 
regulatory T cells | tumor immunotherapy | anti-CD25 | Treg depletion | inhibitory Fc receptor | CD25 | tumor microenvironment | Fc gamma receptors | anti-PD-1 | EFFECTOR | RESPONSES | LYMPHOCYTE-ASSOCIATED ANTIGEN-4 | CANCER-PATIENTS | MELANOMA | MONOCLONAL-ANTIBODY | ANTI-CTLA-4 ANTIBODIES | IMMUNOLOGY | ANTITUMOR-ACTIVITY | COMBINATION | GAMMA-RS | T-Lymphocytes, Regulatory - metabolism | Immunotherapy - methods | Humans | Antibodies, Monoclonal - therapeutic use | Programmed Cell Death 1 Receptor - antagonists & inhibitors | Lymphocyte Depletion | Receptors, IgG - metabolism | T-Lymphocytes, Regulatory - immunology | Neoplasms - therapy | Flow Cytometry | Immunoglobulin Fc Fragments - immunology | Antibodies, Monoclonal - immunology | Interleukin-2 Receptor alpha Subunit - immunology | Kaplan-Meier Estimate | Programmed Cell Death 1 Receptor - metabolism | Receptors, IgG - immunology | Protein Binding - immunology | Animals | Neoplasms - immunology | K562 Cells | Cell Line, Tumor | Mice | Antibodies, Monoclonal - metabolism | Programmed Cell Death 1 Receptor - immunology | Neoplasms - pathology | Viral antibodies | Cell death | Analysis | Immunotherapy | Antibodies | T cells | Cancer | Fc receptors | Beer | Immunoglobulins | Lymphatic system | Immune response | Cytokines | Melanoma | Light emitting diodes | Lymphocytes T | Anticancer properties | Depletion | Lymphocytes | Tumors | Immune system | Report
Journal Article
by Abbosh, C and Birkbak, NJ and Wilson, GA and Jamal-Hanjani, M and Constantin, T and Salari, R and Le Quesne, J and Moore, DA and Veeriah, S and Rosenthal, R and Marafioti, T and Kirkizlar, E and Watkins, TBK and McGranahan, N and Ward, S and Martinson, L and Riley, J and Fraioli, F and Al Bakir, M and Gronroos, E and Zambrana, F and Endozo, R and Bi, WL and Fennessy, FM and Sponer, N and Johnson, D and Laycock, J and Shafi, S and Czyzewska-Khan, J and Rowan, A and Chambers, T and Matthews, N and Turajlic, S and Hiley, C and Lee, SM and Forster, MD and Ahmad, T and Falzon, M and Borg, E and Lawrence, D and Hayward, M and Kolvekar, S and Panagiotopoulos, N and Janes, SM and Thakrar, R and Ahmed, A and Blackhall, F and Summers, Y and Hafez, D and Naik, A and Ganguly, A and Kareht, S and Shah, R and Joseph, L and Quinn, AM and Crosbie, PA and Naidu, B and Middleton, G and Langman, G and Trotter, S and Nicolson, M and Remmen, H and Kerr, K and Chetty, M and Gomersall, L and Fennell, DA and Nakas, A and Rathinam, S and Anand, G and Khan, S and Russell, P and Ezhil, V and Ismail, B and Irvin-Sellers, M and Prakash, V and Lester, JF and Kornaszewska, M and Attanoos, R and Adams, H and Davies, H and Oukrif, D and Akarca, AU and Hartley, JA and Lowe, HL and Lock, S and Iles, N and Bell, H and Ngai, Y and Elgar, G and Szallasi, Z and Schwarz, RF and Herrero, J and Stewart, A and Quezada, SA and Peggs, KS and Van Loo, P and Dive, C and Lin, CJ and Rabinowitz, M and Aerts, HJWL and ... and TRACERx Consortium and PEACE Consortium
NATURE, ISSN 0028-0836, 02/2018, Volume 554, Issue 7691, pp. 264 - 264
Journal Article
by Nanka, O and Krejci, E and Pesevski, Z and Sedmera, D and Smart, N and Rossdeutsch, A and Dube, K. N and Riegler, J and Price, A. N and Taylor, A and Muthurangu, V and Turner, M and Lythgoe, M. F and Riley, P. R and Kryvorot, S and Vladimirskaya, T and Shved, I and Schwarzl, M and Seiler, S and Huber, S and Steendijk, P and Maechler, H and Truschnig-Wilders, M and Pieske, B and Post, H and Caprio, C and Baldini, A and Chiavacci, E and Dolfi, L and Verduci, L and Meghini, F and Cremisi, F and Pitto, L and Kuan, T.-C and Chen, M.-C and Yang, T.-H and Wu, W.-T and Lin, C. S and Rai, H and Kumar, S and Sharma, A. K and Mastana, S and Kapoor, A and Pandey, C. M and Agrawal, S and Sinha, N and Orlowska-Baranowska, E. H and Placha, G and Gora, J and Baranowski, R and Abramczuk, E and Hryniewiecki, T and Gaciong, Z and Verschuren, J. J. W and Wessels, J. A. M and Trompet, S and Stott, D. J and Sattar, N and Buckley, B and Guchelaar, H. J and Jukema, J. W and Gharanei, M and Hussain, A and Mee, C. J and Maddock, H. L and Wijnen, W. J and Van Den Oever, S and Van Der Made, I and Hiller, M and Tijsen, A. J and Pinto, Y. M and Creemers, E. E and Nikulina, S. U. Y and Chernova, A and Petry, A and Rzymski, T and Kracun, D and Riess, F and Pike, L and Harris, A. L and Gorlach, A and Katare, R and Oikawa, A and Riu, F and Beltrami, A. P and Cesseli, D and Emanueli, C and Madeddu, P and Zaglia, T and Milan, G and Franzoso, M and Pesce, P and Sarais, C and Sandri, M and Mongillo, M and Butler, T. J and Seymour, A.-M. L and Ashford, D and Jaffre, F and Bussen, M and ...
Cardiovascular Research, ISSN 0008-6363, 03/2012, Volume 93, Issue suppl 1, pp. S92 - S127
Journal Article
Heart, ISSN 1355-6037, 05/2013, Volume 99, Issue suppl 2, p. A74
Background Diabetic patients undergoing coronary artery bypass surgery (CABG) are at higher risk of peri-operative myocardial injury (PMI) with subsequent... 
Journal Article
Journal Article
The Annals of Thoracic Surgery, ISSN 0003-4975, 2001, Volume 72, Issue 3, pp. 925 - 927
A review of the literature shows that there are few reported cases of embolism or thrombus in a nonaneurysmal, effectively normal aorta with no other... 
Journal Article
The Annals of thoracic surgery, ISSN 0003-4975, 09/2001, Volume 72, Issue 3, p. 925
A review of the literature shows that there are few reported cases of embolism or thrombus in a nonaneurysmal, effectively normal aorta with no other... 
Aortic Diseases - surgery | Magnetic Resonance Imaging | Echocardiography, Transesophageal | Humans | Middle Aged | Aortic Diseases - diagnosis | Male | Thrombosis - surgery | Aorta, Thoracic | Thrombosis - diagnosis
Journal Article
The New England Journal of Medicine, ISSN 0028-4793, 10/2015, Volume 373, Issue 15, pp. 1408 - 1417
Journal Article
Journal Article