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Scientific reports, ISSN 2045-2322, 2019, Volume 9, Issue 1, pp. 1 - 13
Fever is the most common reason that children present to Emergency Departments. Clinical signs and symptoms suggestive of bacterial infection are often... 
yes | MENINGITIS | DIAGNOSIS | MULTIDISCIPLINARY SCIENCES | ACCURACY | Bacterial infections | Lipids | Infections | Bilirubin | Fatty acids | Lysophosphatidylcholine | Fever | Cholesterol | Antibiotics | Biomarkers | Sphingomyelin | Bacteria | Children | Sulfate | Viral infections
Journal Article
International Journal of Dermatology, ISSN 0011-9059, 03/2020, Volume 59, Issue 3, pp. 314 - 320
Background Mycosis fungoides (MF) accounts for the majority of cutaneous lymphomas. Apart from the predominant Alibert‐Bazin type, several clinicopathological... 
mycosis fungoides; CTCL (lymphoma) | cutaneous lymphoma | Mycosis | Mycosis fungoides | Fungal infections | Males | Lymphoma | Epidemiology | Latency | Alopecia | Diagnostic systems | Diagnosis | Lesions | Females | Keratosis
Journal Article
European Journal of Cancer, ISSN 0959-8049, 09/2018, Volume 101, pp. S19 - S19
Journal Article
by Martinón-Torres, Federico and Salas, Antonio and Rivero-Calle, Irene and Cebey-López, Miriam and Pardo-Seco, Jacobo and Herberg, Jethro A and Boeddha, Navin P and Klobassa, Daniela S and Secka, Fatou and Paulus, Stephane and de Groot, Ronald and Schlapbach, Luregn J and Driessen, Gertjan J and Anderson, Suzanne T and Emonts, Marieke and Zenz, Werner and Carrol, Enitan D and Van der Flier, Michiel and Levin, Michael and Levin, Michael and Coin, Lachlan and Gormley, Stuart and Hamilton, Shea and Herberg, Jethro and Hourmat, Bernardo and Hoggart, Clive and Kaforou, Myrsini and Sancho-Shimizu, Vanessa and Wright, Victoria and Abdulla, Amina and Agapow, Paul and Bartlett, Maeve and Bellos, Evangelos and Eleftherohorinou, Hariklia and Galassini, Rachel and Inwald, David and Mashbat, Meg and Menikou, Stefanie and Mustafa, Sobia and Nadel, Simon and Rahman, Rahmeen and Thakker, Clare and Bokhandi, Sumit and Power, Sue and Barham, Heather and Pathan, Nazima and Ridout, Jenna and White, Deborah and Thurston, Sarah and Faust, Saul and Patel, Sanjay and McCorkell, Jenni and Davies, Patrick and Crate, Lindsey and Navarra, Helen and Carter, Stephanie and Ramaiah, Raghu and Patel, Rekha and Tuffrey, Catherine and Gribbin, Andrew and McCready, Sharon and Peters, Mark and Hardy, Katie and Standing, Fran and O'Neill, Lauren and Abelake, Eugenia and Deep, Akash and Nsirim, Eniola and Pollard, Andrew and Willis, Louise and Young, Zoe and Royad, C and White, Sonia and Fortune, Peter Marc and Hudnott, Phil and Martinón-Torres, Federico and Salas Ellacuriaga, Antonio and Álvez González, Fernando and Barral-Arca, Ruth and Cebey-López, Miriam and Curras-Tuala, María José and García, Natalia and García Vicente, Luisa and Gómez-Carballa, Alberto and Gómez Rial, Jose and Grela Beiroa, Andrea and Justicia Grande, Antonio and Leboráns Iglesias, Pilar and Martínez Santos, Alba Elena and Martinón-Torres, Nazareth and Martinón Sánchez, José María and Morillo Gutiérrez, Beatriz and Mosquera Pérez, Belén and Obando Pacheco, Pablo and Pardo-Seco, Jacobo and Pischedda, Sara and Rivero-Calle, Irene and Rodríguez-Tenreiro, Carmen and Redondo-Collazo, Lorenzo and Serén Fernández, Sonia and ... and EUCLIDS Consortium
The Lancet Child and Adolescent Health, ISSN 2352-4642, 06/2018, Volume 2, Issue 6, pp. 404 - 414
Background: Sepsis and severe focal infections represent a substantial disease burden in children admitted to hospital. We aimed to understand the burden of... 
Journal Article
by Wang, X and Nijman, Ruud and Camuzeaux, S and Sands, C and Jackson, H and Kaforou, M and Emonts, Marieke and Herberg, J.A and MacOnochie, Ian and Carrol, Enitan and Paulus, S.C and Zenz, Werner and Flier, Michiel and Groot, Ronald and Martinon-Torres, F and Schlapbach, Luregn and Pollard, A.J and Fink, C and Kuijpers, T.T and Anderson, S and Lewis, M.R and Levin, Michael and McClure, M and Gormley, S and Hamilton, S and Hourmat, B and Hoggart, C and Sancho-Shimizu, V and Wright, Victoria and Abdulla, A and Agapow, P and Bartlett, M and Bellos, E and Eleftherohorinou, H and Galassini, R and Inwald, David and Mashbat, M and Menikou, S and Mustafa, S and Nadel, Simon and Rahman, R and Thakker, C and Coin, L.M.J and Bokhandi, S and Power, S and Barham, H and Pathan, D.N and Ridout, J and White, D and Thurston, S and Faust, Dominik and Patel, Smita Y and McCorkell, J and Davies, P and Crate, L and Navarra, H and Carter, S and Ramaiah, R and Patel, R and Tuffrey, C and Gribbin, A and McCready, S and Peters, Mark and Hardy, K and Standing, F and O’Neill, L and Abelake, E and Deep, A and Nsirim, E and Willis, L and Young, Z and Royad, C and White, S and Fortune, P.M and Hudnott, P and González, F.Á and Barral-Arca, R and Cebey-López, M and Curras-Tuala, M.J and García, N and Vicente, L.G and Gómez-Carballa, A and Rial, J.G and Beiroa, A.G and Grande, A.J and Iglesias, P.L and Santos, A.E.M and Martinón-Torres, F and MartinónTorres, N and Sánchez, J.M.M and Gutiérrez, B.M and Pérez, B.M and Pacheco, P.O and Pardo-Seco, J and Pischedda, S and RiveroCalle, I and Roíguez-Tenreiro, C and Redondo-Collazo, L and Ellacuriagal, A.S and Fernández, S.S and ... and EUCLIDS consortium
Scientific Reports, ISSN 2045-2322, 12/2019, Volume 9, Issue 1, p. 17714
textabstractFever is the most common reason that children present to Emergency Departments. Clinical signs and symptoms suggestive of bacterial infection are... 
Journal Article
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